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June 10, 2016

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Hegre Art Flora

Euro 2016 has kicked off! Get 50% off membership to Hegre Art for the entire duration of the tournament.
So when the final whistle blows on the 10th July it’s game over for this deal.

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June 20, 2016

Coralie by Erro

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This dusky Czech beauty is a pure and virtuous country girl. I think she is very sweet indeed and has a very pretty smile. She always exudes a sensous allure and I think you’ll agree this movie is no exception. This is just a sample of course but I hope you enjoy.

Her Profile: Coralie
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June 11, 2016

Anna AJ ‘Vacations’ Movie by Leonardo

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Anna AJ is a striking beauty from Ukraine. She always reminded me a little of Keira Knightley but is clearly unique and pretty in the extreme. I think this warrants two sample videos for you to tell me what you think!

If you’d like to read what I originally wrote about the full Met Art movie have a look at Vacations by Leonardo.

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June 6, 2016

Semmi A ‘Prokopi’ by Alex Iskan

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Semmi AProkopi‘ by Alex Iskan

I evaluated Semmi A’s very first Met Art erotic gallery. While the photographer’s approach to that set struck me as somewhat odd at the time, there was no doubt in my mind that this was a beautiful and talented model. When I had the opportunity to critique a subsequent series I was once again impressed by Semmi, but the gallery had a distinctly strange quality that was distracting, at the very least. Now I have the chance to comment on Semmi A’s debut Met Art HD erotic movie. I can’t help but wonder if it will share the curious qualities of the two sets I’ve seen.

The short answer, thankfully, is “no.” “Prokopi” was directed by Alex Iskan, who also shot the second set I mentioned, above, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. But from the moment it began I had a good feeling about this movie — and that feeling was confirmed throughout the production. Yes, the film does contain one completely inexplicable element, but it is brief, it doesn’t detract from the overall quality, and I will discuss it later in this critique.

With just over ten minutes to work with Alex Iskan doesn’t have time to waste. So, with remarkable skill and economy, he sets up the “story” of “Prokopi” very simply. Semmi A, wearing a matching bra and panties set, stands at a wall of windows and ties back the heavy curtains. The implication is that it’s morning and she’s getting ready to start her day. And this particular day is going to begin with a bit of leisurely auto-erotic pleasure, made even more pleasurable by a subtly implied act of exhibitionism.

As the title of this post suggests, “Prokopi” relies on the artful implication of things that can’t be captured on film or shown on the screen. The act of slowly stripping out of her lingerie is a beautifully lensed act of foreplay. Once she’s nude the sliding, caressing, exploring hands that Semmi sends across her flawless skin, and below her waist, do nothing less than suggest that she’s masturbating. Masturbating and enjoying every minute of it! And realize that she’s doing this on a sofa in front of windows facing out on another building. Who knows how many strangers have a view of her activities? The thought adds an undercurrent of highly charged exhibitionist/voyeuristic energy that gives the film real heat from beginning to end.

Before I run out of space let me make some points quickly and concisely. Semmi A is a physical delight. She moves with natural ease, she plays her role with skill and grace, and when she interacts with the camera (the smile at 2:42, for example) it’s entirely genuine. Alex Iskan’s lighting, art direction, concept, and camerawork are all exemplary — this is a beautiful piece of erotic film making. Oh, but what’s up with that can of whipped cream? I find it totally extraneous and totally unnecessary!

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June 5, 2016

Tantra Workshop

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Hegre Art Flora Would you like to experience Tantra Massage? We have arranged Tantra Workshops with with Tantric therapist, Charlotta, that are sure to enhance your sensual and sexual qualities.

Do you want to connect fully with other people? Would you like to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your partner? Do you want to experience life as vividly as possible?

Tantra can help you achieve any or all of these goals. And you can bring your partner too if you wish!

The Workshops will be held at the Tantric Temple in Sitges near Barcelona, Spain.

Tantric Massage

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June 1, 2016

Jennifer Mackay ‘Supro’ by Arkisi

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Jennifer Mackay Supro Met Art
Preview Gallery: Supro by Arkisi

Jennifer MackaySupro‘ by Arkisi

A pink leather sofa is the principle posing platform in “Supro,” and the Met Art model doing that posing definitely has star quality. If we think of that sofa as a “casting couch,” and the role in question required the skills and beauty of a bosomy, long-legged, doe-eyed, long-haired blonde, Jennifer Mackay would easily conquer the competition and win the part.

While the name Jennifer Mackay has a distinctly British flavor, this blonde nubile is from Ukraine, not the UK. There’s been some discussion in the comments on the unique beauty of models from this country, and Jennifer is certainly no exception. Absent biographical information or context, I might even have guessed she was American, but regardless of national origin, this is an impressively beautiful girl.

Arkisi‘s set design is colorful and relatively simple. The walls of the room are painted a bold blue/lavender and several red apples are placed on a glass coffee table in front of the couch. Jennifer’s costume consists of just two pieces — a colorful necklace and a pair of patterned pantyhose. Although there are relatively few elements, there’s a slightly “busy” look to the setting, but the colors somehow combine in a way that flatters the model.

Jennifer Mackay does tend to operate in a fairly narrow expressive range, but there’s something natural and unforced about her presentation despite this fact. And when she does choose to gift us with something slightly more spontaneous, as she does in #050, the result is subtle yet wonderfully engaging. Beyond her physical charms, and they are many and quite splendid, I think Ms. Mackay, a mere 19-year-old, has considerable potential as she experiments with and expands her emotional/expressive scope.

What follows is a small sample of superior images from “Supro.” Standing topless in her tights, on tiptoes, one hand in her long, wavy hair and one hand on her hip, in a tempting three-quarter profile shot. #016, a headshot that emphasizes the model’s youth along with her dark-eyed beauty. #038, a beautifully framed and lit shot of Jennifer’s intimate bits. #076, a painterly image of feet and toes against the grain of the hardwood floor. And for true painterly artistry, #095, which I’ve titled “Still Life with Apple and Peach.”

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May 30, 2016

Emily Hegre Art Shoots

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Ukrainian art nude model Emily Bloom. You asked for more of her so here you are!

Gallery Title: Bed Gymnastics
Hegre Art Emily

Gallery Title: Secret Garden

Hegre Art Emily

Gallery Title: Water Sex
Hegre Art Emily

Gallery Title: No Angel
Hegre Art Emily

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May 28, 2016

Betty D aka Femjoy Polly E

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Preview for 115614_oos143_ols853 Preview for 115447_wts468_wqs178Preview for 115369_phw673_pfw383 Preview for 115230_wxs068_wut678 Preview for 115202_lfv778_lcv488 Preview for 114876_vuu681_vru301 Preview for 114796_chu251_cfu861 Preview for 114771_aqc201_aoc811Preview for 114649_jpg546_jng256Preview for 114516_omd545_ojd255 Preview for 114255_rju506_rgu316 Preview for 114137_qtr480_qrs100

The photos above are of Polly E aka Betty D. She was very eager to remove her short secretary’s skirt and get on with some nude modelling. Fair enough! Apparently throughout the shooting of one of these sets Polly was playing chess with the crew and beating them thoroughly. A very smart and pretty girl to be sure.

Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

May 25, 2016

Nancy ‘True Love’ by Richard Murrian

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Met Art Nancy Murrian Met Art Nancy Murrian Met Art Nancy Murrian

It has it’s obvious perks and attractions but I wouldn’t say necessarily that being an photographer of the Art Nude was a romantic affair.

However, take a glance at the delightful nude model above from the Czech Republic. Her name is Nancy and she married the photographer of this set. His name is Richard Murrian and I have posted about him quite a bit on Art Nude Models. Nancy is a tremendous model but also has become a photographer in her own right at Met Art.

This was the second time Richard let us see his alluring teen wife. I look forward to seeing more of her photography aswell as her sumptous photo sets.

May 23, 2016

Emily ‘Bedtime Portraits’

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Hegre Art Emily

Hegre Art Emily

Art Nude Models Profile: Emily at Hegre Art
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Hegre Art Emily

Hegre Art Emily

Valerie ‘Sexy Venom’

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Hegre Art Valerie Alya

Valerie at Hegre-Art.
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May 15, 2016

Free Art Nude Previews

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Lavinia Chan:
By Zyr

By Rylsky

By Leocont

Irina D:
By Slastyonoff

Sima B:
By Angela Linin

Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon

Sonya H:
By A Vladimirov

By Oliver Nation

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Stunning 18 Eternal Desire

May 14, 2016

50% Off Hegre Art!

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Hegre Art

You asked for discounts and here is one! If you ever wanted to join Hegre Art, now is the perfect time. Get 50% off membership to this top erotic site (ends Sunday)

Natasha Schon’s Photography

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While many of Metart’s contributing artists have mastered what might be called the Metart style of photography, each photographer has his or her own unique stylistic signatures that identify and distinguish their work. Natasha Schon has one of the most distinctive styles out of the entire pool of Metart contributors. I haven’t critiqued one of Ms. Schon’s galleries for over a year, but only a blindfold could prevent me from instantly recognizing this artist’s trademark style.

Presenting Fresh is a studio production, highly styled, skillfully lighted, and artfully executed. It is also notable for the complete absence of explicit images, a significant omission. Schon does tend to operate at the tamer end of the spectrum, so this won’t surprise those who are familiar with her work, but those expecting a complete and detailed look at this model as she makes her Metart debut may be disappointed.

Fresh delivers a winning performance here. She’s wearing a dress made of silver metallic fabric, high heels, and a chunky silver metal necklace that serves as the set’s central prop. She’s shot against (and standing on) a textured black backdrop and subtle adjustments in lighting can make her slender frame stand out in bold relief, or let her long dark hair blend in with the inky background.

In the very first image Fresh raises a single finger to her lips in the universally understood ‘quiet please’ gesture, and when the set is silent she delivers a range of poses. There are shots here that look like an actor’s headshots, and the glam outfit and dramatic make-up contribute to the theatrical feel. Schon’s style and Fresh’s poses result in some creative figure studies #051 and #053, for example, as well as #077 and #079. And amid all the high style and moody attitude there are moments of spontaneity as in #031 where Fresh tugs at the hem of her dress or #032 where she shakes a fist at the camera. Presenting Fresh is an artistic and intriguing effort that makes up with style what it lacks in explicit heat.

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February 13, 2016

Hegre Art Valentine Discount!

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Join today and get 50% off! Improve your love with a membership. Our incredible models will help you connect your mind, body and soul for the ultimate in pleasure.

This special offer ends in 72 Hours

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October 26, 2015

Venus ‘Bathing Beauty’

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Hegre Art Venus

Hegre Art Venus

Name: Venus
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 40kg
Height: 155cm
Age: 18

I felt compelled to write about this girl. She is quite simply exquisite. Ukrainian beauty Venus is small but simply mesmerising. Early mornings, long days and a lot of routine jobs. Living and working on a farm is hard work. But this 18-year-old Ukrainian has a way to spice up life. She gets naked.

Meet the incredibly cute Venus. She’s a real country girl and just loves to model nude. She says stripping off for the camera is the perfect break from cattle breeding. After a hard day’s work, she likes to take a hot shower and wash off the dirt, pampering her body before a sexy photo shoot.

With those dark eyes, dark hair and tanned skin, she comes in a compelling package. Her little body is stunning. But you know what this cowgirl is missing? Her cowboy. She’s looking for a rugged country boy to ride off into the sunset with. Could that be you? Maybe.

But she has one demand from you. You’ll have to accept her passion for nude modelling. It will be tough, but you can do it, right?

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October 15, 2015

Victoria R ‘Optical Illusions’

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Hegre Art Victoria R

Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19

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October 11, 2015

Victoria R ‘Beach Classics’

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Hegre Art Victoria R

Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19

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September 11, 2015

Aya Beshen ‘On Vacation’

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Hegre Art Aya Beshen

Hegre Art Aya Beshen

Name: Aya Beshen
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18

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September 2, 2015

Victoria R ‘Stars and Stripes’

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Hegre Art Victoria R

Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19

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