Muse Inspiration Éternelle

EuroHotties introduces a new site of interest. Muse Inspiration Éternelle features the erotic art photography of Richard Murrian.

And they says kats don’t like water! Our Katka proves them wrong in these sensual and passionate erotic fine art nudes, shot in a Parisian "Salle de bains"... Everyone loves a clean kitty.View Gallery

International Playmate Sensation Rose De Jong poses for Richard Murrian in these gorgeous glamour images, shot in a luxury suite in Rotterdam! View Gallery

First Nudes. Just a week after turning 18, a new model undresses in front of the camera for the first time. Shyness, innocence, and undeniable excitement saturate these images, captured moments of this blonde beauty from the east revealing herself to us. True beauty! View Gallery

Womanly beauty in a construction zone. Edgy, razor-sharp black & white images of strong erotic poses intermixed with punchy color featuring a stunning blonde who combines beauty with strength. Erotic art photography at its finest. View Gallery

A darkened room, a beautiful young woman. She shyly smiles; it is the first time revealing her naked body to a man, revealing her most intimate of places. Uncertainty gives way to excitement. Her breath quickens; her pulse increases. Her body responds as nature intends; she is ready, and she is willing. Like Adam you are offered the fruit, and the question lies before you: Do you bite, or do you not? View Gallery

"Come Closer", she purrs, luring photographer and viewer nearer to her glistening body, her soft brown skin beckons a touch, a kiss, perhaps more… each tantalizing detail of her flesh revealed. Nelly is La Maitresse of seduction. And these images are proof. View Gallery

Girl-by-Girl eroticism drenches these images, in which photographer Nancy Murrian captures Zuzana in her most passionate moments, as she grinds against her wooden playtoy like a feline-in-heat. Romantic, earthy warm color and masterful use of light and shadow dominate these sensual images, which teasingly invite you in… View Gallery

Jana, also known as ‘Yanna’ on some sites, has become a web sensation in the past 2 years. But early on, she was a young fashion model who posed for her very first nudes with Richard Murrian in 2003 at the age of 19. These are those photographs: The ORIGIN of an Erotic Web Goddess. View Gallery

Eighteen-year-old Elina imagines an unknown lover touching her, feeling her, teaching her young body the secrets of pleasure. View Gallery

Beautiful Denisa, days after her 18th birthday, poses for studio nudes, wishing to capture her Emergence into ‘Womanhood’. A very elegant, highly artistic series of photos. View Gallery

Alone in her darkened room, Nelly enjoys a bit of… “Self Exploration”. Highly Erotic! View Gallery

Everyone loves her, everyone wants her… See one of Sexy Veronika’s first shoots! View Gallery

Super-Beauty Zuzana Z contemplates the end of the day, awash in golden glow. View Gallery

Innocent yet alluring Jana takes you on a erotic voyage in her 5-Star hotel room… View Gallery

Dec 2nd, 2006
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