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January 30, 2007


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This week and next we offer you “Met’s Most Famous.” We’ll profile three of our most popular models in each issue, though each is popular for different reasons and in different ways. Needless to say, all three are stunning and definitely tip the scales when it comes to offering individual pristine beauty on the Internet. With these girls, the purity and excellence of Met-Art comes front and center.

The first girl is, in many ways, an obvious choice. Her name is Koika, and she is Russian. If you were a Met-Art member over a year ago, but didn’t renew your membership, you might not know who Koika is. She’s relatively new to the site, but newness says nothing of the shock she has brought to the members. She is, without a doubt, one of the most sensational and beautiful models ever to grace these pages.

There’s something “je ne sans quoi” about Koika that lends to her erotic excellence. In one sense, she’s just a girl like any other. Blonde hair, shapely figure, pouty lips, eager eyes. But put altogether, and Koika almost seems otherworldly. Her beauty is so distinct, so sensuous, so captivating, one simply can’t turn away from her. If this is the “girl next door,” then we must be living next to heaven.

Of course, for all of Koika’s “natural qualities,” there are a few specific traits she has that no other model shares to her degree of perfection. There is, one must admit, something totally unique and compelling about Koika’s breasts, with their popped out bubble nipples, their long slope, their creamy demeanor. And then there is Koika’s face…something so cute about it, yet also something so mature and knowing of the “ways of the world.” Suffice to say, Koika seems to have something on her mind, and that something appears to be exactly what’s on the mind of those looking at her on the screen. This symmetry of model and viewer makes her images highly flammable.

More than anything, Koika combines innocence and experience in a way that no other model can touch. She seems to be virginal and natural, but at the same time she seems to be highly charged with sexual fantasy and delight. It’s this paradox that makes her the perfect woman, and, in many ways, Met’s most famous model. Here’s to Koika!

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