Femjoy – Alison, British Beauty


The Best of Femjoy – Alison, British Beauty

Like a fine distinguished British lady, Alison is sophisticated and elegant up front, but natural and powerful underneath.

Alison, our featured model this week, is a young British woman who’s just left college and is now pursuing her career in advertising in the city of London. Having done some modeling in college for art classes, she decided to respond to an ad placed by Femjoy, and hence she’s made her way to our site.

And our members have noticed. We get many emails claiming that Alison is a member’s favorite model, and when you read about her, and look at her pictures, it’s not hard to figure out who.

Alison is one of the more slender models on our site, delicate as a waif. Her small breasts are topped by perky little nipples. Her long, skinny legs and arms still have the gangly look of a teenager. But beaming from her face is the wisdom and sophistication of a fine British lady.

We have many sets of Alison posing fully nude in all sorts of natural situations. Come inside and see what’s making our members so crazy for lovely Alison.

Oct 18th, 2007
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