Femjoy – Erotic Music Videos


Femjoy – Erotic Music Videos
Almost three decades ago, the music video was invented. Now Femjoy has brought it to a whole new level.

Most of us remember when music videos first started appearing on television. It was truly a revolution. Music would never be heard…or seen…the same again.

But the one problem with music videos on the TV is that for the most part they lack what all of us so desire – beautiful female nudity. But now, thanks to Femjoy, you can enjoy music videos that not only include great music and awesome scenery, they also include gorgeous young women showing you every secret they have.

True, Femjoy doesn’t really make music videos. They make erotic videos with music. But in a way it’s two sides of the same coin. Watch a Femjoy video, and you’re certain to have the over-riding feeling that what you’re watching is a new revolution in video – it’s an erotic music video, and without question it’s a much-awaited step in the right direction for viewing pleasure.

Watching a Femjoy model move herself among the scenery – whether it be a sunny shoreline, an early-morning bed, or the porch of a rural cabin – is a true revelation as much as it’s a revolution. Can it be THIS exciting to watch a music video? Why didn’t someone think of this before?

Because Femjoy thought of it first.

Apr 27th, 2007
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