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July 1, 2007

Katya in “Vitality – The Movie” by Voronin

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Katya in “Vitality – The Movie” by Voronin

Katya is, without a doubt, a quite tender young thing. She is slim and slender, smooth and silky, sultry and sexy. She has a face that could launch a thousand ships. She has a smile that brightens the day. And she has a body that one would do well to obtain for the entirety of one’s pleasure-seeking life. In short, she is a dream girl.

And in this new movie, Vitality, you get to see as much of her as you could ever desire. Some sites give you gorgeous teens in skimpy little outfits, but those teens never really show you what it’s all about. Katya does, and in Vitality you get to not only see it, but you get to see her enjoy showing it to you, and that, my friends, makes all the difference in the world!

The movie starts with Katya in nothing more than a tiny pair of panties and a bronze hoop belt. She’s a little bit gypsy, she’s a little bit show girl. She is strutting about in a brightly lit room. It appears to be mid-day. The furniture is lush and fine. She looks happy to be there. And we are too, O we are too.

Soon, Katya is removing her panties and opening herself up on the couch. What a vision! This girl is so adorable and willing, you just want to jump through your computer and give her all she desires! She truly has the perfect little body, but the finest feature is her round little bottom, plump and full, ripe for the taking. And she knows it, too, because she loves to wiggle it at the lens!

As the movie progresses, we get to watch Katya really open up to us. It almost seems like this is her first time. She’s sucking on her fingers, pinching her nipples, rubbing the inside of her thigh, going through the “strokes” as it were, trying to give us just the perfect image of her. She really wants to be liked, which is not much of a problem for us, because she is so likeable!

At the end of the movie, she heads into the bright light behind the curtains and twirls about a little, showing us the entire picture. Then, she gives us a little look, as if to say, “Thanks for looking at me.” Our pleasure, Katya, all our pleasure!

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