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February 28, 2008

Katya P: “Moonlight” by Goncharov

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Katya P: “Moonlight” by Goncharov

The mystery, beauty, and power of the Moon have intrigued poets, philosophers, and artists since the beginning of time. Art Nude Models will present some updates featureing galleries inspired by this celestial body. The Moon is esoterically associated with feminine energy, creativity, primal emotions, and intuition.

The timeless allure of Katya’s beauty is highlighted in this gallery inspired by the Moon.

The timeless allure of Katya is highlighted in the gallery “Moonlight.” The brunette poses against a backdrop of soft lighting that mimics the gentleness of moon glow. The lighting underscores the auburn highlights in Katya’s smooth locks. It illuminates her delicate facial features and creates an ethereal ambiance for this entire collection.

Katya is innately creative. She enjoys writing songs and is an accomplished pianist. The model says one of her favorite times to compose lyrics is at nighttime when all is quiet. Katya claims the Moon’s energy gives her inspiration.

The model is dressed for the first part of this photo shoot in a pale blue gown embossed with a lacy floral pattern. Katya wears a pair of black sheer stockings with an attached garter belt beneath the gown. Goncharov provides Katya with an overstuffed armchair draped with deep blue fabric to lounge and preen upon. The backdrop is also a shade of blue. The palette is reminiscent of a night sky.

The latter photographs from this series pictures Katya clad in a bright orange crocheted spaghetti-strap dress. The attire clings to her generous bosom and feminine curves. The shade of orange compliments Katya’s tanned flesh.

The cover image introducing “Moonlight” presents Katya wearing only her stockings. One of the model’s arms is positioned behind her head while the other covers one of her breasts. Katya’s face is tilted to one side demurely. Her slender legs are parted enough to reveal the pinkness between them.

Katya’s facial beauty is the focal point of the next photograph featured from this gallery. The teen sits with her knees pulled close to her chest. Her large almond-shaped brown eyes are locked with Goncharov’s camera. There’s an element of vulnerability present in Katya’s youthful appearance.

Another photo that stands out from this collection is a picture that showcases Katya’s stunning derriere. Goncharov photographs the teen’s superbly shaped backside. Katya’s thick hair rests upon her back. Her arms are at her sides. The stockings with attached garters accentuate the curves of Katya’s buttocks.

The final picture featured from this gallery reveals the full impact of Katya’s striking physique. The model’s breasts are proportioned perfectly in relation to the rest of her fit form. Her abdomen is incredibly toned.

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