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April 30, 2008

Jane B: “Presenting Jane” by Gribanov

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Jane B: “Presenting Jane” by Gribanov

Jane is a striking model that is anything but a “plain Jane” in this seductive gallery.

The new Russian model, Jane, is anything but plain in her premier Met appearance. This fun-loving and down-to-earth girl adores the outdoors. She was thrilled when Gribanov suggested such a locale for her first nude modeling endeavor. She’s accustomed to the cold temperatures of the climate and didn’t hesitate to shed her clothing for this pictorial.

Jane is a student involved in her college’s cheerleading squad as well as gymnastics. Athletics have always been a part of Jane’s life. The model’s active lifestyle is reflected in her fit physique. Gribanov expertly integrates this facet of the teen’s personality into this series.

The introductory photograph for this collection pictures Jane posed in a crouched position with her hands carefully resting on one of her knees. The model’s thick auburn tresses freely cascade over her shoulders. A soft chilly breeze lifts loose tendrils of Jane’s bangs. The teen’s vibrant smile is dazzling. Her vivacious demeanor is palpable. Jane is definitely the kind of girl who would be fun to have a snowball fight with. She could undoubtedly hold her own – if she was wearing clothing for protection of course.

Jane opens her arms wide in the subsequent highlighted photo. This picture truly captures the model’s unbridled passion for life. Her pretty face is bright with vitality. The model’s voluptuous breasts are incredibly firm. Her taut abdomen is flat and toned. Jane’s white teeth are perfectly straight.

The model reveals the flawlessness of her form in the next picture. She eyes Gribanov’s camera with a sultry stare that’s laden with eroticism. Jane pulls her hair back from her face with one of her hands. The smoothness between her thighs is impossible not to take note of.

Several of the last photographs within this collection picture Jane wearing a long winter coat accented with fur. The showcased image presents the teen draped in this coat with her buttocks bared as well as a glimpse of her exceptional bosom revealed. Jane’s cheeks are pink from the briskness of the cold winds but her ever-present smile radiates cheerfulness.

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