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February 19, 2008

Goldie A: “Presenting Goldie” by Rylsky

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Goldie A: “Presenting Goldie” by Rylsky

Goldie is a stunning Russian model with flaxen hair, baby doll azure eyes, and a striking figure.

Goldie is a stunning Russian model with flaxen hair and baby doll azure eyes. The teen model appears at the outset of her debut series clad in a casual oversized denim shirt that keeps her amazing youthful physique somewhat of a secret. Goldie’s attire actually allows viewers to focus on her adorable facial beauty without being distracted by her other feminine assets.

Rylsky has chosen an imperfect and unpolished locale for this photo shoot that contrasts sharply against the flawlessness of this new model. The weathered and peeling walls in the backdrop underscore the smoothness of Goldie’s unblemished ivory flesh. The dim natural lighting and unusual camera angles utilized by Rylsky fit well with the ambiance of this series. Goldie’s innate allure is apparent from the first moment her image is presented.

The cover image for this collection presents a scintillating picture of Goldie baring her nude form without reserve. The blonde’s pert breasts and the smoothness between her parted legs are impossible not to take note of. Goldie’s silky straight hair frames her full pink lips and mesmerizing blue eyes. Pearls are knotted around her neck drawing attention back to the teen’s striking face.

The first showcased picture from this premier gallery offers a close-up photo of Goldie with her sweet face cocked to one side eyeing the camera intently. She’s dressed at this point in the photo shoot but she doesn’t stay that way for long. There are only four photographs picturing the teen in clothing. The remainder of the gallery consists of tasteful erotic nudes.

The next image features a photo of Goldie posing demurely. The angelic-faced teen folds her shoulders inward though her amazing bosom is still discernable. Her bubblegum pink lips are slightly parted and her eyes are penetrating.

The focal point of the final photo highlighted from this collection is Goldie’s exquisite backside. The model poses with her derriere facing Rylsky’s camera. She maintains eye contact by stealing a glance over one of her shoulders. It’s no surprise that Goldie’s buttocks are as perfect as the rest of her beautiful form.

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