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September 14, 2007

Jade: “Miseos” by Gubin

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Jade: “Miseos” by Gubin

Jade is a model whose presence embodies supreme femininity. Her long straight silky hair frames the refined features of her face. The auburn hue of her tresses contrasts vividly against her creamy ivory complexion and the paleness of her mesmerizing eyes. Jade’s voluptuous physique is proportioned in a way that meets the most stringent standards of female beauty.

Gubin has chosen to present this heavenly creature bathing herself. The bathtub Jade wades in throughout this photo shoot is surrounded by shiny ivory tiles embellished with earthy colors and artistic shapes. A large inlaid circle is a centerpiece behind Jade that adds interest to the photographs within “Miseos.” Strips of coordinating tiles line the edges of the white bathtub. The texture of the bathroom tile compliments the smoothness of Jade’s flesh.

The cover photograph for this series offers a scintillating image of Jade posing with one of her delicate feet resting on a ledge that extends from the tiled wall. The model’s parted legs openly reveal a thin strip of darkness between her thighs. One of Jade’s hands is positioned along her finely sculptured jaw line. The other rests upon one of her hips. A necklace of ivory peals encircles Jade’s graceful neck. This is the only accessory worn by the model throughout the entire series. Jade possesses a timeless beauty that doesn’t require embellishment. This is perhaps why she appears from the outset of the series completely nude.

Jade is pictured with one of her arms crossed over her buxom breasts in the next showcased photo. Her other arm covers her toned abdomen. The auburn-haired seductress holds a sponge in one of her hands that’s an integral part of this photo shoot. Jade’s body is turned at an angle that highlights one of her prominent hips. Her icy gaze is direct and oozes with sultriness. One feels as if the redhead is beckoning with her amazing eyes for someone to assist her with her bath.

The next picture from “Miseos” is an image of Jade with one of her feet perched at the edge of a white bathtub. The model’s precious face is cast slightly downward. The positioning of Jade’s lithe form in this particular photo draws attention to the curves and contours of her physique. Jade’s full and pert breasts are impossible to ignore.

Gubin gives viewers the opportunity to admire Jade’s backside in the final featured picture from this gallery. The model is photographed from an angle that captures her intriguing facial profile as well as the roundness of her derriere. The expression on Jade’s lovely face is thoughtful and contemplative.

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