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July 6, 2010

“Tatyana The Movie” by Slastyonoff

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“Tatyana The Movie” by Slastyonoff

A visitor saw my new Model Directory on and requested I add an old favourite today. So we have just added Tatyana A.

It was quite a few years ago now that a photo series entitled “Tatyana” speared on Met-Art, posted by the incredible Russian master, Slastyonoff. Later, in honor of the amazing reception that photo series received, Slastyonoff provided us with an 11-minute erotic movie of the same title, starring the same delicious beauty. And this movie was unquestionably one of the finest ever to appear on the site at that time. Of course these days the quality is much higher.

It all starts as all good things do – simply. We see a bed, in mellow morning light, with white sheets upon it. Then, into the frame from the side walks our starlet. She is wearing a tiny black dress and black high heels. She sits down upon the bed, looks longingly into the camera, and the show begins. Slowly, sweetly, teasingly, off comes the dress.

Soon, she is naked before us. Leaning back on the bed (in typical Slastyonoff slow motion, with repeat shots to accent the movements) she begins to run her hands tenderly over her naked body. Her fingertips pass down her neck, linger over her nipples, circle around her belly, and then move into the soft dark area between her thighs. The camera offers us an up-close and down-low angle, heightening the sense that we are “in the room.”

Next comes an incredible moment when she rolls over and crawls up the bed. As the camera is at bed level, we are given a “lover’s eye view” of this motion, and Tatyana soon ends up by the pillows on all fours stretching and opening and simulating love-making with her physical thrusts and gyrations.

After this we are treated with a host of positions and movements by the model that only increase our sense of actually being there with this stunning creature. Tatyana is unparalleled among the Met models for simulating passion with another though she is in bed by herself. Her hands run up and down her legs. She spreads herself and moves her hips in slow, supple motions. Soon her fingers are passing in and out of her mouth, all of it with a deep sense of passion and partnership.

We do not exaggerate when we say that this very well may be the most erotic movie Met-Art had ever posted at that time. Tatyana is a consummate performer, capable of making the viewer feel intimate with her in every way. Watch this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Join Met-Art now to see this amazing film.

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