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May 19, 2008

Dido A: “Platina” by Luca Helios

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Dido A: “Platina” by Luca Helios

The platinum-haired bewitching teen model Dido is featured.

Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you – Marsha Norman

Dido’s images in the series “Platina” are intoxicating. The platinum-haired teen makes a return appearance in a collection photographed by master photographer Luca Helios. A silver belt encircles Dido’s slim hips. Sterling high-heeled sandals are also part of the model’s scant ensemble. Hoop earrings and studs adorn the model’s earlobes.

This model has a versatile presence. She is at times the epitome of innocence with her fresh, youthful face and body. Alternately, Dido exudes a sophisticated beauty that’s beyond her chronological age. The setting for this gallery is dominated by natural lighting and a bed fitted with pristine white linens. Bright peach hues are woven into the photos via accent pillows and drapes. These colors aesthetically compliment the model’s skin tones. There’s a casual ambiance created by the scenery that’s inviting and unpretentious.

Helios assumes a camera angle that boldly showcases Dido’s most private treasures. The smoothness of this teen’s flesh is titillating. Breathlessness is suggested by the model’s facial expression. Passion and interest are stirred immediately by the introductory offering. Dido’s sleepy eyes create the illusion that she’s ready to slip away to a slumber of erotic dreams. This image certainly has the power to incite erogenous fantasies in those viewing the photograph. The model’s lips glisten with gloss.

The highlight head shot of Dido underscores the supreme attractiveness of this adorable blonde. The model’s chocolate eyes contrast drastically against the fairness of teen’s flaxen hair. Lush dark lashes line the perfect shape of her eyes. Dido’s brilliant white teeth are revealed by her parted lips. Her hands are gracefully placed around her face as if her stunning features are being framed for the camera.

Dido is photographed kneeling on her hands and knees in a position that stirs naughty imaginings. The model gazes over her shoulder with a countenance imbued with silent suggestion. Dido’s sultry eyes convey an unmistakable come-hither look. The teen’s stiletto heels elevate the sexiness of the photograph to a level that’s heart-stopping. The contours of Dido’s buttocks accentuate the firmness of her physique.

The last picture featured from this gallery explicitly details the flesh between Dido’s thighs. The clarity of this image is startling and bold. The photographer manages to tastefully capture Dido’s ultimate femininity in an artistic capacity.

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