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December 14, 2007

Iveta B: “Splendis” by Slastyonoff

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Iveta B: “Splendis” by Slastyonoff

The splendid allure of Met Art’s most popular model is showcased.

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Iveta and the experienced photographer Slastyonoff have a special rapport that’s reflected throughout the images of this series. Iveta was introduced to Met Art subscribers by this photographer though she has worked with some of the most legendary fine nude art photographers since her debut. The model asserts that she’s still most comfortable working with Slastyonoff since he is the first photographer to introduce her to the world of erotic photography.

Slastyonoff and Iveta spent the day together reminiscing before they settled into a photo shoot that yielded some of the most flattering photos found at Met Art of this fair-haired vixen. Evening seemed to arrive far too quickly for these friends who sincerely enjoy the company of one another.

The lighting in the series "Splendis" is soft and subdued. A lamp emits warmth and gentle illumination to showcase the innate charms of Met Art’s most popular model. Met Art boasts over 1300 different models … so Iveta’s steady positioning as “most popular” on a global level is a notable achievement. She has an appeal that exemplifies the standard for female beauty yet she retains elements of uniqueness that set her apart from the wide variety of girls highlighted at Met. Slastyonoff is dedicated to his profession and passion. The photographer is a regular contributor of high-quality series.

Iveta is nude from the beginning of this photo session though she wears a pair of ebony high heels embellished with rhinestones shaped like hearts. The model’s hair is styled into an up-do of sweet curls. She’s photographed studying the pages of a magazine in the beginning photos. Slastyonoff offers Iveta’s audience a voyeuristic viewing experience. The stunning blonde’s cosmetics are unobtrusive and truly complimentary.

The introductory image for “Splendis” depicts a casual and natural picture of Iveta smiling directly at the camera. The model’s hair is untamed. Her nude form is bared. Shadows between Iveta’s thighs are riveting. The coloring of the model’s eyes waver between blue and green.

The next featured photo pictures Iveta in a reclining position. The model covers her bosom with one of her professionally manicured hands. Her countenance is pensive. The flesh between Iveta’s parted legs is at the forefront of this image, but is only a portion of the dynamic photograph.

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