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July 19, 2012

Holy Nature in Russia

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I didn’t know until today that Met Art has photos from Russia’s nude colony Holy Nature.

This may be a slight detour for Art Nude Models but it is relevent to those who like the site or Russian nude girls generally.

Previously, these images were only known by those who had found the obscure site for this bastion of young feminine nudity and spiritualism. Now, with recurrent updates, millions enjoy what are arguably some of the most pristine and perfect erotic nude photos ever taken outdoors.

And now for all the fans of Holy Nature, there’s a book celebrating the beauty of this amazing movement. Holy Nature is based on a group of people in St. Petersburg, Russia, who call themselves "The Free Body Culture Society." This book, filled with large color photographs of the people who make up this "Society," brings the unique group to life for the reader.

Concerned with the health of their environment, the Free Body Culture Society Members are also the founders of the Russian Green Party. They spend their social time enjoying ancient ‘Rus’ festivals, sunny days at the beach and Russia’s famous ‘white nights’ around the bonfire. There are extensive photos of the naturists and interviews of the photographer, Mikhail Rusinov.

The philosophy of Holy Nature is that nudity is always beautiful and never dirty or shameful. They practice what they preach, living year round in a natural pure setting without any clothes, even in the harsh Russian winters.

According to the book itself, "Holy Nature is a ‘healing force’, a revitalized and intelligent movement that looks backwards for its roots while looking forward toward its independence. And who would not wish to share in that? What could be better than to bask beneath the warm summer sun among friends and neighbors, share a family picnic and watch children at play, the long somber night far behind and cool, refreshing waves of a crystal clear lake lapping at one’s feet? We should all be so lucky.”

And Met Art members can be that lucky, because inside there are hundreds and hundreds of photos of the Holy Nature movement, with emphasis on the young female members. Yet if you are longing for a total look at this incredible place and movement, there’s no better way to get it than through this book. Buy it, live it, love it.

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