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November 30, 2007

Demi A: “Rivela” by Tim Fox

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Demi A: “Rivela” by Tim Fox

Demi‘s girl-next-door appeal is on display in her latest Met appearance.

Demi made her first appearance at Met Art at the beginning of this year, but this remarkable model has quickly positioned herself as one of the most popular divas at Met. There is a girl-next-door appeal about Demi that reminds one of the cute college girl that comes home to visit next door during the summers. She’s the one that drives the guys in the neighborhood crazy when she sunbathes by her parent’s pool in a thong bikini and barely there top that consistently comes off to avoid pesky tan lines.

Demi actually chose the locale for her latest photo shoot with Tim Fox. The model grew up playing on several acres of her parent’s wooded acreage. Demi invited Fox to photograph her in her natural habitat close to home. The unspoiled land and sunny lighting emphasize the best attributes of this new Met sensation. The pictures within this series are crisp and vibrant at an amazing 5000 pixels. Met consistently pushes the boundaries for quality digital photography.

The introductory photo for "Rivela" offers a modest image of Demi dressed in a casual sleeveless striped turtleneck and low-rise white shorts. The model’s dark hair is styled into long layers that frame her ivory complexion and distinct facial features. Demi‘s lips are accented with a deep hue of scarlet. Her cat-like eyes peek out from beneath long bangs.

Tim Fox chronicles Demi‘s scintillating strip tease as this photo series unfolds. The model slides her shirt up over her breasts in the next highlighted photograph. She tilts her head to the side and eyes the camera steadily. This positioning emphasizes the angles and contours of Demi‘s lovely face. A delicate cleft in the model’s chin adds a uniqueness to her particular beauty.

Demi‘s shorts are unbuttoned and part way off in the next photograph. White thong panties cling to the model’s voluptuous hips. She’s topless at this point in the photo session. Colorful fauna fills the backdrop of this image. Demi‘s expression is one of comfort and tranquility. The model’s form is posed in a way that emphasizes her lithe physique.

The last photograph showcased from "Rivela" pictures Demi seated upon a blanket that covers the grassy ground. The model is completely nude at this point. She poses with her legs raised and extended in front of her. This positioning offers a titillating explicit view of her buttocks as well as the dark softness between her thighs. Demi‘s sweet face rests on one of her shoulders.

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