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December 3, 2007

Eufrat A: “Eklas” by Tim Fox

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Eufrat A: “Eklas” by Tim Fox

MET favorite Eufrat reveals her most personal assets in this series.

Tim Fox announces with the introductory photo from this series that Eufrat‘s most personal assets will be revealed in "Eklas." The model wears only a pair of gold high heels and a locket around her graceful neck. Eufrat‘s status as a top ten Met Art model is noted on the cover picture. The astounding clarity of this photo is a precursor to the impressive pictures contained within the rest of the gallery.

Eufrat is seated on the floor with her knees pulled close to her chest. This positioning of the model’s legs offers an explicit view of the plump flesh between her thighs. Eufrat flashes a smile in the direction of Fox‘s camera. A feeling of sinful sweetness radiates from the model’s face. The dark-haired girl’s tresses are untamed. They curl and cascade in large loose curls around Eufrat‘s pretty face. The way the model wears her hair mirrors the wild side of this young girl’s personality.

The model appears wearing ebony lingerie embellished with gold accents, coordinating panties, a metallic belt, and a pair of elegant high heel shoes as the photo session opens. Eufrat stands in an open doorway as if she’s preparing for a grand entrance. The initial photograph sets the stage for a fantasy in which the raven-haired damsel shows up unannounced for a surprise visit. The seductive enchantress asks if you’re in the mood for a little company. There are few who would turn away the sultry Eufrat.

Photographer Fox presents a close range photograph that highlights the exquisite facial features of this young model. Eufrat‘s smile lights the shadows that compose the background of this photograph. The model’s sienna eyes are lined to emphasize their intensity. Her succulent lips shimmer with a hue of crimson. Eufrat presses her shoulders against the frame of the doorway. Her jovial demeanor showcases the model’s fun-loving nature.

The model is photographed in a standing position against a backdrop of black in the next picture. Eufrat‘s silky blouse encircles her slender waist as she holds her upper body with her arms. Panties cover the intimate area between the young woman’s thighs. The model’s gaze is cast downward while a playful smile plays across her luscious lips. The dark beauty’s buxom chest is bared and commands the attention.

Eufrat‘s smooth and curvaceous backside is the focal point of the final picture featured from this collection. Fox uses an unusual camera angle to add interest to an already intriguing photograph. The model leans her upper body against the doorway that is such an integral part of this gallery. A gold belt is secured around Eufrat‘s waist and emphasizes her voluptuous figure. The model’s chin rests on her shoulder and offers viewers the chance to admire her pretty face as they survey the back of her form.

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