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May 30, 2008

Eufrat A: “City” by Slastyonoff

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Eufrat A: “City” by Slastyonoff

The unforgettable beauty, Eufrat A, shows off her sweet and feminine side in a subtle, golden-hued series.

Few models attain the versatility and self-possession demonstrated by Eufrat A. A gifted model and extraordinarily beautiful woman, Eufrat aptly changes moods and personalities depending on the day, the photographer, her clothes, and the setting. From kittenish and playful, to sultry and smoldering, Eufrat has appeared in Met Art magazine more than twenty-five times, and she never fails to deliver an original, interesting, and unforgettable version of herself.

In “City,” Eufrat is extraordinarily natural and unadorned, showing the most feminine and graceful side of her personality. While Eufrat’s photo shoots are often quite steamy, she is actually a very sweet and tender young woman, as “City” amply illustrates. For this attractive series, veteran photographer Slastyyonoff captures Eufrat with little makeup and with her auburn hair simply styled. The model is barefoot and wears her own silky, taupe kimono.

To show off Eufrat’s warm complexion, photographer Slastyonoff chose to photograph her beneath yellow studio lights with a changing backdrop of European city scenes behind her. The overall palette is subdued yet striking; it compliments Eufrat’s naturally bronzed skin and rusty brown hair. In the first feature image, Eufrat is seated sweetly, caressing a bouquet of yellow tulips between her thighs. Behind her, a blurry cityscape frames her figure. Her kimono has fallen away from her shoulders to reveal the top curve of her beautiful breasts, and she tilts her head softly downward.

Throughout the series, Eufrat shows off the shapely figure that has made her famous at Met Art. Framed by blue sky, Eufrat is photographed looking down at the camera, as a slight smile crosses her shiny lips. Her kimono has slipped away and she stands bare and beautiful, her full breast curving softly upwards. The supple lines of her body are emphasized by the dark shadows created by the spotlight. Again, she gathers the yellow tulips in her arms, and the soft petals of the follows graze her soft belly, creating a beautiful compliment to Eufrat’s classic features.

In the final image, Eufrat stands sweetly in front of the camera, clutching the bouquet between her breasts. Her chestnut hair and light green eyes are particularly stunning against the subdued urban background. Again, the studio lights create a dramatic shadow across her chest and between her thighs, which add an air of seduction and intrigue to this pretty and natural shoot.

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