Presenting Alysha by Rylsky

Alysha A Met Art

Alysha APresenting’ by Rylsky

This was Alysha’s erotic movie debut. We’ve seen how she amazes in her photo sets but it’s good to remind oneself now and again how she opens up and blossoms in a movie set aswell.

This movie is certainly sexy and seductive in her special way. She begins wearing a glittering dress and high heels. Here she presents herself alluringly entering the bathroom and her slowly disrobing and bending over as she gets into the tub. She playfully turns knowingly showing off her wet derriere and labia.

I love to watch her movements as her petite breasts, slender body and long blond braided hair provide alternative focal points. Her long braids do nicely frame and accentuate her lissome physique. She knows how to strut and preen but this svelte blond knows how to take us along for the ride.

Her profile: Alysha A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 2nd, 2012
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