Ilze A ‘Virtue’ by Rylsky

Ilze A Virtue Met Art

Ilze AVirtue’ by Rylsky

Ilze is a pretty Russian girl who has dainty and lovely facial features aswell as a lithe sensual body. In addition to this she seems to have no overtly distinctive strong looks. This is a plus point and makes her a much more versatile model in my opinion.

Yes there are sumptious luxurious drapery and furniture in the background but I’m not sure all of that was required in this case. I say that as Ilze is already fairly pronounced and striking in her scarlet lingerie and small jewellery accoutrements. It does seem this is overly produced in a way and that, to an extent, she is being over directed in terms of poses struck. I do not wish to complain though, she is lovely and the photography good. Her beauty certainly eliminates any real criticisms I may have. The set is erotic and a good addition to her profile in any case.

Her profile: Ilze A
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Mar 23rd, 2012
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