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June 19, 2012

Irina J, Paloma B & Liv A ‘Coresmos’ by Rylsky

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Jenya D Coresmos by Rylsky Met Art

Irina J, Paloma B & Liv ACoresmos‘ by Rylsky

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to spend time with these three girls? If their personalities are even half as engaging as they appear to be, even mundane activities in their company would certainly become fun-filled, memorable events. Or spend some time considering the erotic possibilities. Yes, it’s almost overwhelming, but just think how much pleasure would be possible with these three vixens offering themselves for your personal enjoyment. Finally, picture what would ensue if this trio were to engage in explicit Sapphic sex acts for their own gratification – and for your viewing pleasure.

The strengths of this erotic gallery are its three stars. In their own right, each of these models are delicious, delightful individuals. Irina J has perhaps received the most extensive blog coverage. But Paloma B and Liv A, have also earned favorable mentions.

But when frequent and talented contributing visual artist Rylsky takes on the triumvirate he may have bitten off more than he can successfully masticate. And when intimate sexual contact is not permissible his hands are tied. So he tries a variety of approaches, some are more successful than others. But the overall effect is a bit of a jumble and doesn’t come close to matching the potential these models present.

There are odd bits. Several images of Paloma B, fully dressed, are included in the series, for no discernable reason. There are a few outdoor, fully dressed shots of Irina J and Liv A, but there is no logic to their inclusion here.

The bulk of “Coresmos” finds the trio posing and preening in geometric and faux-erotic tableaux. Not a lot of this makes much sense. Individual bodies and faces are appealing, and there are pleasing images sprinkled here and there, but nothing truly compelling. My favorite shots are probably those that present the threesome seated at a coffee table, topless, like three giddy girlfriends staging a sexy tea party (see #021 through #025). Cute? Oh, yes! Erotic? Not so much this time apparently.

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