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August 27, 2012

Mary C ‘Carriera’ by Leonardo

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Mary C Carriera by Leonardo Met Art

Mary CCarriera‘ by Leonardo

The Met Art HD erotic movie titled “Carriera” was lensed at the same time as a still photo set called “Volico.” Enough time has passed since I critiqued the pictorial that I’d forgotten my reaction to it. So I was able to watch the movie with “fresh” eyes.

And I must say I found it enjoyable. It is short, just over six minutes, but that seems to be about the perfect length for this very simple production. Mary C is quite beautiful, and her slim, curvy body is displayed from nearly every possible angle as the film progresses.

Mary C is nearly or totally nude for the entire production, and she is not in the least inhibited. She does, however, seem ever so slightly nervous or ill at ease. I have two thoughts about that. One, it can’t be easy staying in constant motion while playing to the camera for even this brief span of time, so I’m inclined to give her a pass on this point. Also, if she is unsure or uncertain, she attempts to mask it by smiling. And the smile can appear stiff or forced after a while. However, it is such a beautiful smile, I will give her a pass for that, as well! This type of beauty is a delight to view, and it makes it easy to excuse what faults I might find with the performance.

Now, after rereading my review of “Volico,” I’m reminded that I found similar faults in the pictorial. For some reason those faults appeared more glaring in the photo series when compared to the movie. Working with the same photographer/director, Leonardo, on the same set and almost certainly on the same day, the two creations are still different.

I tend to think that, even if Mary C is a somewhat tentative performer, and even if she does have a somewhat limited expressive range, the video format is more forgiving. She’s beautiful in pictures and she’s beautiful in motion pictures, but more of her personality comes across in the latter format.

I wonder how those among Mary C’s admirers who have viewed both “Volico” and “Carriera” feel? With luck, some of them will offer their thoughts in the comments, below.

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