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August 31, 2012

Alysha A ‘Pareo’ by Rylsky

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Alysha A Met Art

Alysha APareo‘ by Rylsky

I’ve mentioned, several times, the unique restrictions faced by the artists who create Met Art HD erotic movies. I also have the privilege of doing a bit of blogging over at the sister site, SexArt, and the movies I review there are an entirely different species of erotica. They’re hard-core, to state the most obvious distinction. And they’re much longer. “Pareo,” the Met Art movie I’ve just viewed, is a bit over 6 minutes in length. “The Score,” which I wrote about before, is over three times longer – that’s a substantial difference. And it puts substantial limits on MetArt filmmakers.

In the case of “Pareo,” director Rylsky isn’t content simply to record a still photo session and present it as cinema. Here he’s created a prologue and an epilogue to bookend the primary “action” of his video vignette. While the beginning and ending segments consume a portion of the relatively brief amount of time he has to work with, they succeed in giving “Pareo” a bit of whimsical mystery and added to my enjoyment of the production.

Apart from narrative structure and time constraints, the most outstanding element of “Pareo” is without question its star, the luminous Alysha A. This platinum blonde made her Met Art debut in another motion picture (which I commented on here). And I also wrote a post about the photo series, “Pareo” that was shot at the same time as “Pareo.” In pictorials or in movies, Alysha A is a delight.

That’s certainly the case in “Pareo.” The opening segment finds Alysha indoors. She pages through a book, discovers a blank sheet of paper, and then writes out her name in fanciful script. This triggers what may be some type of fantasy. Now, in a flowing white dress, Alysha A is on a rooftop, her long hair blowing in the wind. She lays out a blanket, slowly disrobes, and relaxes as muted sunlight and gusts of wind play across her beautiful body. Although that body is fully and explicitly displayed here, Alysha’s sweet, angelic face is equally deserving of attention – you’ll see exactly what I mean right around the 3:45 mark.

When her outdoor interlude ends (all too soon, due to the time limits mentioned above), Alysha returns to her book, replaces the paper between randomly selected pages, and “Pareo” winds to its conclusion. It is brief, to be sure, but even a few minutes in the company of Alysha A is time to be savored, and “Pareo” provides a pleasing erotic interlude.

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