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October 5, 2012

Alisa G ‘Morgen’ by Max Asolo

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Alisa G Morgen by Max Asolo Met Art

Alisa GMorgen‘ by Max Asolo

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating a Met Art erotic photo series by Max Asolo. I reviewed three of his sets early in my tenure here, but it was so long ago his style and my opinions of his work had faded from memory. “Morgen” provides a happy and welcome reminder.

It’s also been a while since I’ve set eyes on Alisa G, so this pictorial allows me to revisit two talents I’ve enjoyed in the past (you can find my first and only critique of the model here).

Alisa G, wearing a casual dress in what might be termed a primitive or tribal print (it’s her only bit of clothing) stands in a forest. The rustic setting makes a fine backdrop for this cream-complected blonde. And Alisa G — thanks, in part, to her hairdo — has a glamorous quality in many shots that sets up a nice contrast with the location. What is this glamorous beauty — see #013 — doing in this bit of wilderness? I don’t need an answer, by the way, I’m just happy to have the chance to see her there!

The set falls into several sections. The first takes place on or around a tree stump that makes a nice platform for posing. The tree-filtered natural lighting in this section is challenging and results in some interesting effects. In #006, for example, standing topless, Alisa’s torso is brightly lit while her lower body nearly disappears in the shadows.

The second section takes place on a dirt road running through the forest and provides a significant change of place while clearly belonging to the pictorial. I have a lot of favorites in this set, but #082, totally nude, back to the camera, with a hands in her hair and looking back at us over her shoulder is certainly a representative example.

The final section finds Alisa sitting in a plot of tall, dark green grasses and Asolo handles the lighting and composition here beautifully, while Alisa delivers some delightful poses. #097 is one of my picks from this group. Additional favorites from “Morgen” include #123 for the pose, that pretty face, and the way her golden hair is lighted from behind. Alisa’s smile and easy confidence in #028. And her muted, intriguing expression and relaxed pose in #126.

Alisa G Morgen by Max Asolo Met Art

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