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October 31, 2012

Kira J ‘Krinos’ by Rylsky

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Kira J Krinos by Rylsky Met Art

Kira JKrinos‘ by Rylsky

Don’t allow the title of this post cause you to jump to any conclusions about the model’s state of mind. Based solely on this set I can say that Kira J has a lively, warm, and engaging personality and I have no doubt it’s a delight to spend time in her company. Rather, the “split personality” I’m referring to is the nature of the erotic pictorial itself.

“Krinos” falls into two distinct parts. In the first 31 images we’re outdoors, on the street with cars passing by, and in a green, leafy park. In this section Kira J is wearing a short, figure-flattering dress in a vivid shade of French blue. She’s also wearing a necklace and a pair of black, open-toed, stiletto-heeled pumps. And we soon learn, thanks to a handful of up-skirt shots, that her outfit does not include panties.

While several shots in this first section don’t include any nudity, they are still extremely sexy and enjoyable. I get a real sense of how exciting it must have been — for both photographer Rylsky and his subject — to be shooting these erotic images “on the fly” and right out in the public eye. Non-nude favorites include #002 for Kira’s legs, ass and spontaneous smile; #010, a real traffic-stopper; #007, a playful breast-flash; and #026, an up-skirt shot, that’s beautifully lit, framed, posed, and which is brimming with the model’s sunny spirit.

The remainder of “Krinos” takes place indoors. Here the clothing, color scheme, and style are entirely different. While Kira J’s personality successfully makes the transition, these photos are far more “posey” than those in the opening group. They are, thanks to the privacy of the setting, considerable more explicit, as well. Lucky passersby on the street could only dream of getting a glimpse like those provided in #074 and #083 from the indoor session, for example.

Favorites from Part 2 of “Krinos” include #044 and #045, rear and front views of Kira J’s lean, toned, and shapely physique; #085, eyes closed and thinking happy thoughts; and #109, posed, yes, and somewhat formal, but very pretty nonetheless. What part of this gallery’s “split personality” to you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

Kira J Krinos by Rylsky Met Art

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