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March 10, 2006

Geisha by A. Slastyonov

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Geisha by A. Slastyonov

Geisha is a gentle, ancient art of seduction and female companionship perfected over the centuries in Japan. Geisha has always been linked with dancing and it most probably began in various ancient religious practices. In the nineteenth century, most of the commonly used Geisha dances that one finds today, like the cherry dance, were developed.

Red is an important element in Geisha art. The women will wear bright red lipstick, or a red kimono, or red shoes. There is in fact a word in Japanese, ko itten, which means “touch of scarlet.” And this word is used as an affectionate name for a young woman in whom a man has a romantic interest. Red is therefore a color of beauty and happiness. Men find red erotic, especially when it is worn on the undergarments of a beautiful young Geisha. It is a goal, a desire, a place of passion.

The Geisha girls wear very distinctive dress. In the early years, the Geisha wore garments that were almost warrior-like, as their customers were mostly shoguns. Then, the kimono became traditional, with the color, pattern, and style dependent on the season. Nevertheless, no matter the season, the kimono has three layers – a decorative outer layer, and two under layers, the outer more coveted than the inner. On her feet, a Geisha wears the traditional wooden clog.

The Geisha also has a special hairstyle. It is worn up, with a fastener in the back that keeps it in place, encircling the face. Elaborate hairpieces and hair combs also adorn the hair. On the face, the white make up with red markings is worn. Each Geisha has her own distinct make up, and it speaks very much of her creative spirit. Most important is the bright red lipstick, which expresses a Geisha’s femininity. It emphasizes delicacy, girlishness, and the desired miniature effect.

This series by Slastyonov is a kind of “spoof” on the Geisha tradition. The model is white, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is clearly less made up than an average Japanese Geisha. But she is beautiful nonetheless. She loves to serve, to please her man. She is as much about entertainment as she is about companionship. Her pleasure is the pleasure of her customer. She is a lady of the night, but a respectful one. If you treat her right, she will give you all that you desire.

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