Narkiss: “Geisha” by Slastyonoff

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Narkiss: “Geisha” by Slastyonoff

Narkiss is a model who adores dressing up and exploring different personas. This series by Slastyonoff was an opportunity for the young blonde model to explore the make-believe world of a Japanese geisha girl. The traditional geisha is a woman trained since girlhood in conversation, dancing, and singing for the sole purpose of entertaining gatherings of men. Narkiss is adept in all of these areas despite her absence of Japanese heritage, so this series truly compliments all of the aspects of who she is.

The photograph selected by Slastyonoff for the cover of this series highlights the hallmarks of Narkiss’ appeal that regular Met-Art readers have come to appreciate. Narkiss has large blue eyes that reveal a hint of eroticism and untold secrets. Her generous ivory bosom compliments her slender physique and gives her the voluptuous figure associated since the beginning of time with feminine mystique. There is a naturalness to Narkiss’ beauty that can’t be replicated or faked – it’s something she achieves each time her image is immortalized through film. The model poses with her ebony polka-dotted robe opened to reveal her womanly physique. Her blonde tresses are secured with Japanese-inspired adornments. She holds a bamboo fan in one of her hands as an accent piece.

Slastyonoff offers a unique artistic photograph comprised of the most intimate aspect of Narkiss’ body. The model holds her fan to add interest to the photograph. The polka-dots that adorn the model’s robe add texture to the picture. The lighting chosen by Slastyonoff gives the explicit content of the photo a tasteful sense of softness.

The next photograph featured from this collection is composed of Narkiss posing upon bended knees. Her expression is one of reserve but her eyes rarely shy from the inspection of Slastyonoff’s camera lens. Narkiss’ exceptionally flat abdomen is unmistakable as the model is captured in this position. Her firm breasts are also a focal point of the photograph. Slastyonoff has chosen a neutral background for this photo shoot. The walls and flooring are an unobtrusive shade of beige. The effect results in Narkiss’ presence as the dominating factor throughout the gallery.

The last photo selected for review from this series gives viewers the opportunity to admire the smooth exquisiteness of Narkiss’ bottom. She lays upon her side with her derriere at the forefront of the photograph. Her robe is draped around the middle of her torso and the model maintains her eye contact with the camera. The classic beauty of Narkiss’ facial features commands the attention as much as the temptation to focus on her backside. This is the power of the allure this Click here To join Met-Art and become part of this exclusive world of timeless beauty

Mar 14th, 2006
  1. Geoff Hale
    Oct 19th, 2008 at 12:26 | #1

    Gorgeous and very very sexy mmmmmmmh

  2. Quizno
    Nov 2nd, 2008 at 15:50 | #2



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