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August 17, 2005

Icona by Jacques Bourboulon

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Icona" by Jacques Bourboulon

Bourboulon’s latest contribution to the Met Art galleries ranks among one of our most wide-ranging and hottest galleries yet. His tawny blond models might have stepped from the pages of a travel brochure. You’ll be stunned at their perfection.

This series is so expansive, and so incredibly erotic, that it could have easily been divided into five separate galleries. Photographer Bourboulon has gathered a few of the most lithe and attractive models available, and has shot them in scenes ranging from posed studio settings to groups relaxing on the beach. The long and slender bodies of his blonde goddesses are some of the finest we’ve seen yet, and it’s hard to find a shot in the series in which any are wearing more than the briefest of outfits.

It’s obvious why this is true. These women’s bodies are works of art in themselves. Bourboulon might have been photographing some of the most revered statues of antiquity, such is the beauty of these models and the ease with which they relax into the tropical environments around them. It’s difficult to say which element highlights their beauty most: is it the heat and light of the powerful equatorial sun, bronzing their skin and tearing all shadows from their bodies? Is it the sparkling ocean, leaving dewy highlights on their flat bellies and breasts? It’s hard to imagine a setting in which these women would not be stunning: the whole world seems designed to set off their beauty.

From scenes on the beach, in which an incredible blonde figure seems to rise, sculpted, her bare chest and impossibly long legs as tawny as the sand, from the earth, to the impromptu shots of two girls sharing drinks on a rocky outcropping, this series captures it all. There are images of a lean and naked – and there are no tan lines on these girls! – model floating blissfully in a pool, the water lapping at her breasts and chin. There are pictures more reminiscent of a fashion shoot than standard high art, images in which a gorgeous girl flexes backward over steps, or arches one stocking-sheathed leg against her otherwise bare body. There are photographs of a gorgeous athletic blonde limberly stretching: it could be a scene from any yoga class, save the fact that she’s wearing only sneakers and slouch socks. From the shadows displayed in the studio scenes to the blinding beauty of the sun-worshippers, Bourboulon explores a world of icons. Need we say more? This gallery has it all.

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