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May 30, 2008

Nina B: “Lania” by Goncharov

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Nina B: “Lania” by Goncharov

The cherubic young model Nina poses for cameraman Goncharov, who brings a pretty and feminine appeal to this erotic gallery.

As an artist, Goncharov is adept at drawing out every woman’s most sweet and feminine qualities. A lover of pastel shades, pink and white, flowers, pairs of models, and platinum blonds, this skilled photographer has become one of Met Art’s most cherished artists. In his latest series with Nina, Goncharov draws out this cherubic model’s most delicate and youthful qualities, bringing both an erotic sensibility and innocent charm to this lovely gallery.

As his extensive portfolio at Met Art illustrates, Goncharov’s favorite locations are pretty and intimate settings, where a woman’s natural charms seem to easily reveal themselves. He may choose to photograph a woman in a field of flowers or a sun-filled parlor. He favors gauzy shirts and fishnet stockings, flowing hair, and flower petals. In addition to the hundreds of photo galleries that Goncharov has contributed to Met Art, the photographer also is prolific in his contribution to Met Art’s collection of movies starring met models, through which he captures each woman’s unique movements and grace.

“Lania” is a quintessential photo gallery from Goncharov, combining feminine charms with unabashedly explicit imagery. In this old-fashioned photo shoot, the photographer does not skimp on erotic images of the model’s most private areas; his touch, however, is light and unobtrusive, creating a very intimate and tender feeling throughout the gallery.

Lovely Nina is a relative newcomer to Met Art, having appeared in the magazine just twice before. While learning the tricks of the trade, Nina has been mentored by the veteran photographer, who has years of experience teaching new models to relax and open up for the camera. In the first feature image, Nina stands simply against a white column, her hand lifted to her platinum blond tresses. Bathed in white light, the model’s body and white bodice seem to glow with an ethereal quality.

In the second image from the series, Nina is crouched on the floor, sensuously untying the ribbons that hold her bustier. The bright white light that illuminates the model’s platinum hair and pale complexion gives the model the look and feel of an angel. The final image featured from this series shows Nina seated atop a wooden tabletop, her thighs spread and her right knee lifted. She looks down and away from the camera, her cherubic face framed by her flaxen hair. Her bustier has come loose to reveal the form of her breasts and taught pink nipples. Looking down, her round and angelic face appears entirely serene and demure, despite the explicit nature of this pose.

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