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August 9, 2008

Robin A: “Presenting Spark” by Spark

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Robin A: “Presenting Spark” by Spark

A late night tryst with Robin, a laid-back beauty with an astonishingly sensuous figure.

Unassuming, unpretentious, and totally comfortable in her own skin, Robin’s is a laid-back girl who easily gives herself over to raw sensuality. An all-American beauty with a slender but curvaceous figure, Robin is astonishingly warm and womanly. In this explicit and arousing gallery, new photographer Spark introduces his unique artistry in a late-night tryst with this sumptuous young model.

Skilled photographer Spark debuts his work in this erotic series. At the same time, the lovely Robin makes her sophomore appearance at Met Art. These two talented personalities exemplify the quality artists and models that consistently join the Met Art team, and the explosive results of their collaboration are sure to be appreciated by the Met Art audience.

Robin is dressed in nothing more than an oversized men’s button-down throughout this erotic series. Her suggestive clothes bring a definitive fantasy element to the gallery, as if the young model were posing alongside her lover during a late-night rendezvous. Likewise, her surroundings are simple but mysterious. Standing in front of a darkened window with the curtains slightly drawn, the setting creates a sharp contrast between the brightness of the room and the darkness outside.

Robin is soft and simple in the first feature image. In this sweet and intimate portrait, Robin looks downward, tugging simply on the collar of her blue button-down shirt. A neat silver necklace provides a simple highlight to her slender neck, drawing the eye towards the swell of her chest and stirring the imagination. From behind, the model’s shadowy reflection in a posterior window provides a subtle backdrop to her figure.

Robin’s incredibly sensuous bosom is the undeniable feature of the second feature photo. With her shirt shrugged off her shoulders, Robin’s round, pert, and voluptuous breasts hang from her tiny frame with surprising shape and firmness. The camera angle and direct lighting offer a detailed look at every turn of flesh on her large nipples. Robin maintains her cool exterior in this pretty image, her large and dark eyes staring simply at the camera with a doe-like innocence.

This gallery features many explicit portraits of Robin in various positions. The final feature photo shows this tender nymph in one of those highly revealing poses. Her shirt opened to reveal her large bosom and slender stomach, Robin looks away from the camera, showing off her cute profile and soft brown tresses. A knee raised and her hand placed on her thigh, pretty Robin is casually seductive and utterly sexy.

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