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October 28, 2008

Demi A: “Cavalli” by Luca Helios

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Demi A: “Cavalli” by Luca Helios

Down-to-earth and kittenishly sweet, Demi is cowgirl gorgeous in this bucolic gallery.

Stirring up fantasies of an erotic romp in the country, Demi’s earthy beauty is showcased in “Cavalli,” a sweet and outdoorsy new series. Shot on a rustic farm near the outskirts of Prague, this bucolic gallery highlights Demi’s understated personality and chocolate-covered beauty. Ruffled by wind and bathed in soft afternoon light, Demi is kittenishly flirtatious, down-to-earth sweet, and cowgirl gorgeous.

Demi is an incredibly intelligent and graceful young woman, displaying surprising elegance and sophistication at just 21 years of age. Physically, she is a natural stunner, needing little makeup or adornment to look utterly ravishing in every gallery at Met. Demi has deep and dark brown eyes, thick and chocolate-colored hair, and warm, sun-kissed skin.

For this pastoral gallery, Luca Helios photographs Demi on the grounds of a ranch in Bohemia, frolicking amongst the animals and trees. Dressed the part, Demi dons a pair of knee-high boots, a wide leather belt, and a wooden bead necklace. For those who know the model well, they will also notice that Demi is debuting her new short haircut, which frames her face with a casually tousled cuteness.

Using her creativity, Demi romps about the farm, playing with animals and petting the horses. In the first photo from this series, Demi cuddles with a tiny striped kitten. Holding the furry creature to her chest, Demi locks eyes with the camera and lets a soft smile dance across her lips. Her slender frame and gently browned skin are highlighted by the soft green surroundings. At the same time, Demi’s sweet and tender personality radiate through this lovely portrait.

In the next photo, Demi poses astride a large brown horse. Leaning toward the animal and placing her hand gently on the horse’s neck, Demi flashes a lovely, lighthearted smile at the camera. The long and graceful lines of her slender figure are highlighted in this attractive portrait, which captures her svelte body from top to bottom. While the model’s mood is upbeat, there is something undeniably sensuous about a beautiful woman atop such a large and powerful animal, adding a zing of erotic zest to this pretty portrait.

While undeniably cute, this outdoor series is also highly erotic. Photographer Luca Helios has never been afraid of capturing a woman’s most intimate curves, and this gallery is no exception. In the final featured photograph, Demi crouches by the stable door, lifting her hips and opening her thighs to reveal the feminine flower of flesh between her legs. Placing a hand on her stomach in a sensuous gesture, Demi dips her chin and once again lifts her dark eyes to the camera.

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