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November 3, 2008

Melany A: “Presenting Melany” by Oleg Morenko

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Melany A: “Presenting Melany” by Oleg Morenko

Melany makes a powerful debut in a provocative little black dress.

A well-tailored black dress is the paragon of feminine sophistication. In her debut at Met Art, pretty model Melany wears a little black dress to womanly perfection, imbuing this powerful symbol with a touch of girlish eroticism. While Melany’s classic outfit may appear conservatively elegant at the beginning of the photo shoot, this freshman model sheds her prim exterior to reveal her raw beauty and passion.

Melany is a classic Met Art beauty. Her wide-set almond eyes and luxurious chestnut curls are what first caught photographer Oleg Morenko’s attention. Her exotically beautiful face is complimented by a perfect figure. Slender, willowy, and temptingly curvaceous, this young model’s figure is highlighted in her fitted black dress.

The tailored perfection of Melany’s little black dress is complimented by the stately structure of a large, sandstone building behind her. This setting suggests the power and splendor of a large bank downtown. As such, this gallery stirs up fantasies of an erotic romance with a high-powered female executive or a sexy secretary, who always drops a knowing smile as you pass her desk.

In the first feature image, Melany stands in front of a row of stately sandstone buildings. Her legs demurely crossed at the heels, she lifts a hand to her head while the other rests gently on her hip. Her thick curly hair hangs down her back and the folds of her dress gather softly around the curve of her shapely waist and bosom. Lifting her chin, she looks at the camera with a provocative intensity.

Melany sheds her black frock, revealing a teensy black thong. Without removing her black pumps, Melany poses in her mini undergarments. In the second feature image, Melanie stretches her perfect body against a sandstone column, showing off the smooth lines of her slender legs, the beautiful curve of her derriere, and her attractively tiny waist. Arching her back, her alabaster skin glows gently beneath the white light of the afternoon.

The final feature image is raw and erotic. Melany is totally nude, opening her legs and lifting her hands above her head. Photographer Oleg Morenko moves in closely to capture the subtle curves of her stomach, ribcage, tender bosom, and narrow hips. Her figure is surprisingly willowy and trim. At the same time, Melany is womanly rather than girlish. Her narrow hips and even narrower waist give this model a womanly grace. Her body, her face, and her demeanor suggest a knowing maturity, ready to play adult games.

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