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November 13, 2006

Lidiya & Ksucha A: “Panta” by Goncharov

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Lidiya & Ksucha A: “Panta” by Goncharov

Lidiya and Ksucha are two youthful teen models who together manage to create a fabulous gallery with their appearance and the intimacy conveyed between the duo. Goncharov includes a variety of landscape and portrait style pictures that frame perfectly the cuteness and prettiness of these two models.

The series begins with Lidiya and Ksucha posing in front of a floor-to-ceiling set of spacious windows. The girls are dressed in sheer and iridescent lingerie. The photo shoot quickly progresses to the more intimate setting of a bed where the teens begin to explore the geography of each others bodies. The effect is intriguing. It is if Lidiya and Ksucha are inviting viewers to join them in their private play date.

Lidiya and Ksucha are pictured seated on a bed side by side in the cover photograph from “Panta.” Ksucha, with her dark hair and sweet angelic face, is pictured with her head resting on Lidiya’s shoulder. Lidiya crimped red tresses frame the model’s flawless facial beauty. The auburn-haired model poses with her legs bent so that the darkness between her thighs is exposed. The photograph is an interesting mixture of vulnerability and sensuality. There is a distinct ambiance of both emotions despite the normally contrasting nature of the emotions. Natural wood paneling provides a backdrop against which the two teen models lean. Teal blue sheets cover the bed upon which the young women lounge on.

Ksucha displays her fondness for Lidiya in the next picture featuring the raven-haired teen holding Lidiya gently in her embrace. Lidiya crouches on bended knees with her backside angled toward Goncharov’s camera. One of Lidiya’s arms encircles Ksucha’s tiny waist and it’s evident that Lidiya is returning Ksucha’s affections. Ksucha’s countenance is one of deep thought while the expression conveyed by Lidiya is one of playfulness. The red haired model flashes her brilliant smile.

A close up picture of the two models is offered in the following picture highlighted from “Panta.” Soft shadows wash over the flesh and the faces of the young women as they lay in each other’s arms. Ksucha’s most private area is openly revealed as the model spreads her legs within a very short distance of Goncharov’s camera. Lidiya rests one of her hands in the crevice of one of Kscucha’s parted thighs. The picture is scintillatingly suggestive. This is the overall feeling evoked by this gallery that boasts 120 pictures.

Another suggestive photograph included in this series is showcased with the last selection reviewed. Lidiya is pictured with her back pressed against a wall and with her pert breasts bared. Ksucha kneels in front of Lidiya with her buttocks and with the flesh between her thighs pointed directly at the viewer. Again, subdued lighting is a definite part of the photograph and manages to lend a sense of intimacy to the picture.

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