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July 6, 2009

Erotic Destinations

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Erotic Destinations

Erotic Destinations: Have you ever heard of a photographer who has revealed the beauty of his models in an abandoned oil mill in the Provence or in a village of ruins in Calabria? Who has filmed a striptease at a waterfall in the mountains of Sardinia?

Martin Krake does such things. Join him on his trips to extraordinary outdoor locations, accompanied by the most beautiful girls you have ever seen!

Martin Krake never works in a studio. He doesn’t even own one. And why should he, for, isn’t it much more exciting when the warm southern sun plays off the girls on a wild beach or in a lovely forest?

On extensive, carefully-planned trips, he discovers enchanted places where he later returns with the most beautiful girls he can win over for his work: lonesome, wild beaches on southern seas; ruins, forgotten for decades or even centuries; crystal clear creeks and lakes in secluded mountains and forests. The photos and videos are always set in unusual, exclusive places that perfectly underscore the warm, youthful beauty of his models.

Martin Krake has been active as a professional photographer of nudes since 1998. During this time, he developed his love of nude photography at outdoor locations, a sure sense for informal, natural eroticism and the sophisticated craftsmanship to produce absolutely perfect photos under these complicated circumstances.

Along with all current and future photo sets and video clips, the members’ area contains Martin Krake‘s archive, with all photos from 1998 onward, documenting the development of his extraordinary style.

Since 2003, Martin Krake has been accompanied by a professional video team on all of his trips, transferring his style and quality into moving pictures.

All the scenes to be viewed on the website as video clips have been staged only for the video production. It’s not about photo shoots, filmed secondarily on the side, but rather actual little films in which the models can summon up all their skills of persuasion strictly for the film camera!

The journeys on which Martin Krake produces his photos and videos are long and of great expense. They are planned and carried out with years of experience. In spite of this, not everything works out as planned!

Detailed coverage allows you to be there, up close and personal. In addition, Martin Krake reveals many details about his work.

Two times a week, a new photo set or a new video clip will be presented on this site, always on Sunday und Wednesday. Each photo set has between 20 and 80 pictures, each clip a duration between 3 and 8 minutes.

Photo and video are two completely different types of media. Each has its own appeal! That’s why we offer photos and videos alike, side by side.

All photos and videos made after 2001 have been produced exclusively for Erotic Destinations and – with the exception of a few promotion photos – can be seen nowhere else on the internet!

All photos are available in a small format with 400×600 pixels for conveniently leafing through, and the original camera resolution of up to 3300×5000 pixels for printing out! All videos are available in the large format of up to 1280×720 pixels! You can even watch them in full screen mode!

All pictures are available online as thumbnail views and can be conveniently viewed individually or leafed through. If you like a set, you can download it completely in three resolutions as a zip-pack. This way you can view the photos most conveniently offline with your preferred photo viewing software without having to call up each picture individually and save it!

The video clips can also be downloaded and viewed offline as WMV- and DivX-files. You can view the clips as often as you want, even after the expiration of your membership. We don’t use DRM or other technologies which might restrict your pleasure.

Erotic Destinations Martin Krake

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