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May 20, 2010

Woodland Nymph

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Hegre-Art Nude Girls
Woodland Nymph
If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise!
For the ultimate erotic journey join Hegre Art!

Hegre Update

Hegre Update

Hegre Update

Silvie – Self Pleasing
Silvie is in the mood for some sexy fun. Come and watch.
Gabriella – Statue
Curvy Gabriella’s gravity defying body is a work of art.
Olena O – Octopus
Naughty Olena O just loves to play. Why not join her?

August 26, 2009

Nymph First Nudes

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Nymph x artFirst Nudes x art

While hiking in the forest, you come upon a naughty little nude nymph.

First Nudes
18 year old Becka graces us with her very first nude photos!

July 27, 2009

Water Nymph

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Hegre-Art Nude Girls
Water Nymph
Experience a sensual adventure with water nymph Muriel down at the green lagoon…
For the ultimate erotic journey join Hegre Art!

Hegre Update

Hegre Update

Hegre Update

NEW Gallery: Suzie Carina – Mermaid
Join Suzie Carina in the pool for some sexy and wet fun!
NEW Film: Evi – Bubble Chair
Sexy blonde Evi is in a playful mood. Come and watch!
NEW Gallery: Christiana – White Bikini
Christina shows off her tiny white bikini. Not to be missed!

March 27, 2009

Beautiful Nymph

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naked teen photo
sexy teenager
beauty teen art

Warm water of the sea and beautiful view of sunset make sweet mermaid expose her irresistible body for you.

June 20, 2008


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November 29, 2006

“Three Nymphs” by Sergey Goncharov

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

“Three Nymphs” by Sergey Goncharov

In Sergey Goncharov’s “Three Nymphs,” we are given what seems to be a forbidden peek into a private carnival. Three young women are seated on a green sofa. There is a mirror behind them, and the room opens up around them. In the frame, however, are the leaves of a thick curtain, almost like in a theater. Fortunately for us, the curtains are open and our nymphs are without clothes.

As we look in, the three nymphs begin to perform for us. To keep things full of variety, there is a blonde, a brunette, and one with brown hair. All the spectra of pleasure are here. The young women are incredibly fit, sensuous, and elegant. They have dancer’s bodies, yet they are also succulent and full-bodied. One imagines that they are the gymnasts in the circus act that just finished, and they are “warming down” in preparation for their evening.

And in a sense, they are performing for us. What follows as the viewer browses through these 120 photos is a kind of acrobatic spectacle. The young women turn and intertwine in each image, offering us almost every imaginable perspective on their delicate young bodies. Sometimes they are seated in a symmetrical row, their legs prudishly closed, their eyes looking away from the camera. And sometimes they are bolder, lying on top of each other, holding each other’s breasts, opening their legs, staring defiantly, seductively into the lens. They know we are watching them and they are happy to perform for us.

Soon, the models have moved from the couch and are using their “environment’ to enhance the show. We see one seated on a chair, with the other two dangling off the arms. We see them on the bed, in compromising positions. And near the end, we see them straddling each other, like butterflies on the wing. All in all, it is a very alluring production.

For those who have followed the work of Goncharov, the models and the scenario depicted in this photo shoot are very much what we’ve come to expect. Goncharov has a tendency to cast “powerful women.” He also tends to use romantic, somewhat mystical settings, always with an aim of calling attention to the “artistry” of the nude. In this case, he achieves this by placing the models in a faux-performance type setting. The result is magical. We are seduced. We are drawn in. We want to watch.

Click here To join Met-Art and become part of this exclusive world of timeless beauty

May 29, 2015

Salomja A by Marlene

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Altea B Met Art

Presenting Salomja A

New models don’t often make their first appearance at Metart in an erotic movie, but the short film format provides a particularly enticing introduction to willowy beauty Salomja A in “Presenting.”

Every detail of director Marlene‘s creation is perfect — the location, costuming, accessories, the camera work, editing, and the soundtrack combine to create an extremely alluring cinematic interlude. I’ve only critiqued one of Marlene’s previous contributions to Metart — a still photo series (and her debut as a Metart photographer), and here she proves equally adept with motion pictures.

The film was shot in a particularly scenic location, on the banks and in the rushing waters of a stream. Salomja A, clad only in a gauzy white blouse and a few well chosen pieces of jewelry — most notably a delicate anklet — is dipping her pretty feet in the water as the film opens. As “Presenting” unfolds Salomja presents more and more of her lean, lithe, and beautiful body. She takes a dip in the stream, eventually discards her top, and moves gracefully through a wide variety of pleasing poses.

There’s a soothing quality present throughout the film, underscored by the relaxing tones of the ambient soundtrack, the flowing water, and the natural beauty of the landscape. And Salomja, exquisitely beautiful and at ease, displays not only all of her delicious physical attributes, but also a sweet, sultry, sincere, and irresistible sexuality.

If you’ve ever imagined stumbling across a magical water nymph — or simply happening upon a gorgeous young girl skinny-dipping in a mountain stream — “Presenting” Salomja A is an extremely enjoyable erotic dream come true.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information

February 24, 2015

Zafira ‘Renle’ by Ken Tavos

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 Zafira  Zafira  Zafira  Zafira  Zafira
 Zafira  Zafira  Zafira  Zafira  

Zafira by Ken Tavos

Thirty years old at the time the erotic photo series titled “Renle” was shot, Zafira A is a little bit older than the typical Metart model. And in physical terms she’s far more voluptuous and curvy than the more typical slender and nubile nymphets that populate the site. But while she’s more mature and boasts a notably buxom physique Zafira A’s appeal is undeniable.

Photographer Ken Tavos has crafted a flattering and understatedly stylish showcase for this amply endowed subject. The setting is a large, sparsely furnished room — indeed, the only piece of furniture is a squat, blocky leather upholstered sofa. “Renle” opens with a few fully clothed shots and Zafira’s knit mini-dress shows off her spectacular shape in a pleasing but somewhat modest manner. The rich colors of the setting and Zafira’s pose and pensive expression in #002 provide a pleasing and intriguing introduction to the series.

If voluptuous models are to the viewer’s taste “Renle” offers one tantalizing image after the next. Zafira’s heavy breasts are the focus of numerous shots, naturally, but her ample rump and strong, sculpted legs are not ignored. Coupled with her facial features Zafira A is, physically, a superb emblem of the power of ripe, luscious femininity in full, vigorous flower.


There are several enjoyable headshots of the green-eyed Zafira here, and numerous stylish figure studies. And the pose in an image like #083, while somewhat studied, delivers both the beauty of her breasts as well as expressive and alluring aspects of her personality. In other images she projects sheer joy, moody introspection, smoldering sensuality, as well as a playful, energetic, even kittenish essence.

With all that “Renle” doesn’t stint on explicit images. Of the numerous shots of Zafira’s intimate anatomy the group including #075 through $079 are truly eye-opening, and then some. In physical, emotional, and purely erotic terms, Zafira A has got a lot to offer, and “Renle” does an excellent job of presenting her extremely appealing abundance.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 5, 2014

Hegre Art Nataly N

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Skinny, blond 24 year-old Belarusian Nataly N has ravishing milky white skin. And somehow her posture and body speak with attitude. You can tell she is one street savvy bombshell.

Gallery Title: Leopard Woman

Hegre Art Nataly N

Gallery Title: Pink Panties

Hegre Art Nataly N

Gallery Title: Bed Nymph

Hegre Art Nataly N

Gallery Title: White Russian

Hegre Art Nataly N

Hegre Art Nataly N

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

December 13, 2013

Nude Girls from MPL Studios

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Feminine Beauty 2

 MPL Studios Model

Marta Inside

Caprice MPL Studios Model

Caprice Legend of Lust

Anya MPL Studios Model

Anya Collectors Cut: 22

Caprice MPL Studios Model

Caprice Knee High

 MPL Studios Model

Maya Postcard from Crimea

Tara MPL Studios Model

Tara Glisten

KarissaMPL Studios Model

Karissa Ascent

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia True Romantic

Zsanett MPL Studios Model

Zsanett Postcard St. Petersburg

Zsanett MPL Studios Model

Zsanett Postcard St. Petersburg

Rihanna MPL Studios Model

Rihanna Route 66

Tessa MPL Studios Model

Tessa Sugar & Spice

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Pure Joy

Kalena MPL Studios Model

Kalena Apertif

Rihanna MPL Studios Model

Rihanna Suggestive

Alisha MPL Studios Model

Alisha Birdcage

Kalena MPL Studios Model

Kalena Dressed to Thrill

Antonia MPL Studios Model

Antonia Call To Arms

Aaliyah MPL Studios Model

Aaliyah Forma

Olesya MPL Studios Model

Olesya Deep, Dark Forest

Maria MPL Studios Model

Maria Nightingale

Tessa MPL Studios Model

Tessa Nymph

Dominika MPL Studios Model

Dominika Its Personal

Dina MPL Studios Model

Dina Discovery

Maria MPL Studios Model

Tessa At Home

Valentina MPL Studios Model

Tessa Discovery

Karmen MPL Studios Model

Karmen Reason to Smile

Evita MPL Studios Model

Evita Canopy

Summer MPL Studios Model

Summer Derrier

Lana MPL Studios Model

Lana Illume

 MPL Studios Model

Zelda B Dream Girl


Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

September 2, 2013

David Nudes Girls

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David NudesSkye: Blossoming Nudist

David NudesOlya: Young Nymph

David Nudes Vitalia
Vitalia: Filthy Nature Nudes

Art Nude Models: David Nudes information.

January 20, 2013

Lily C ‘Deniz’ by Luca Helios

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Lily C Oasie by Leonardo Met Art

Lily COasie‘ by Leonardo

It was love at first sight. Actually, it was also love at first set. I was lucky enough to review Lily C’s debut Met Art erotic gallery, and I’ve been assigned several of her subsequent series, as well as two of her Met Art HD erotic movies, and I’ve loved them all. This is one model who never disappoints. I love, love, love, love, love this model! And, clearly, I’m not the only one who loves her — at this moment Lily C is sitting at #10 on Met Art‘s Top Model rankings. This girl is beautiful, talented, and justifiably popular.

Here this adorable and alluring nymph is teamed with Luca Helios. Wearing a pareu over her bikini, and carrying a bag of beach supplies, Lily C. walks along the broad, flat rocks at the seaside. She spreads out a blanket, quickly disrobes, applies glistening oil to her bronzed body, and generally enjoys a bright and sunshiny day at the seaside.

Really, that’s pretty much it in the way of story or narrative, but Lily C is so pleasing to the eye and has such a lively and engaging personality that every second of the viewing experience is pleasurable. Helios has no need for dramatics or flashy technique, he records the unfolding action from a variety of distances and makes sure to include enough explicit revelations to satisfy that particular craving.

Lily C’s long hair, which she usually wears in a wavy style, is worn straight in “Deniz” and it’s particularly flattering. Her body is as toned and shapely as ever, and perhaps a bit leaner, and when she applies oil to that glorious shape the effect is mesmerizing. Whether she’s squeezing her pert breasts, kicking her feet in the water, tiptoeing gracefully at the water’s edge, rinsing her torso with water, or splashing playfully at the camera, Lily C is a delight. In a final teasing and sexy touch, when the film approaches its conclusion Lily C puts her blanket and clothing back in the bag and walks away completely and totally nude. Any bystanders in the parking lot have a real treat in store. But Met Art members can enjoy that treat immediately by screening “Deniz” as soon as possible!

Her profile: Lily C
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

November 23, 2012

Skokoff Nude Girls

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Leka C Skokoff Arina Skokoff

Vika Skokoff

Vera Skokoff

Arina Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

October 15, 2012

Altea B ‘Ortancia’ by Erro

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Met Art Altea

Altea BOrtancia‘ by Erro

Today we celebrate the unexpected but welcome reunion and return of two individuals with a long and prolific connection to Met Art . The star of “Ortancia” has posed in 56 erotic pictorials on the site, but her last appearance was almost exactly two years ago. And the photographer is a living legend in the field of erotic art photography with a particularly grand total of 370 photo sets and movies at Met Art — not to mention the vast catalog of his work presented at the site he founded, which is also a member of the MetArt Network.

So, the arrival of a set created by Altea B and Erro is a notable occasion and worthy of celebration. And, as one might rightly expect, “Ortancia” doesn’t disappoint. Because the model’s MetArt contributions ended not long after I came aboard this is the first time I’ve seen her. But, now that I have, I can — and will — go back and savor the many sets she appeared in between 2006 and 2010. Petite, with dark hair and eyes, Altea B is a delicate nymph with a kittenish spirit. And she’s more than willing to offer inviting explicit views.

Erro takes full advantage of his willing subject and several eye-pleasing extreme close-ups are among the standout images in the collection. And the master stylist also includes detail shots that are delicately beautiful — I’m thinking of #090, a close shot of Altea’s feet, and #112, a portrait of her toes. More conventional portraits, like #084, effortlessly create an intimacy between model and viewer.

That effortless quality extends to the design and execution of the entire series. The model poses on two simple white tables, backed on one side by a white wall, and on the other by the landscape. The lighting is natural, soft, slightly diffused. When he frames his subject against the white wall it’s almost as if she’s posing against a seamless backdrop in an artfully lighted studio setting (see #047 for an example of this effect). But, overall, the mood is casual and relaxed — a seasoned artist working with a beautiful and cooperative model.

There’s much to enjoy here, but I can’t resist calling out some additional images: #076 (adorable sideways headshot), #037 (close, really close), #098 (on all fours, beaming – a irresistible centerpiece), and #095 (beautiful, intimate headshot).

Whether you’re already a fan of the model or artist, or if this is your first exposure to either one, “Ortancia” offers an unexpected opportunity to experience two uniquely talented Met Art contributors.

Her Profile: Altea B
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

September 6, 2012

Nichole A ‘Pefko’ by Arkisi

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Nichole A Pefko by Arkisi Met Art

Nichole APefko‘ by Arkisi

Met Art contributing photographer Arkisi has chosen a particularly striking location for this erotic pictorial. It’s a small, flat area high on a mountainside. If he pans to his right a lush, gnarled conifer blocks the view. But when he swings his camera to the left we see a vast expanse of azure ocean and the coastline, far below. It’s a setting that is both dramatic and versatile. And an unseen element, the gusting coastal breeze, adds further drama when it plays, quite vigorously, with the model’s long, dark hair.

Nichole A is the maiden on this mountain, and she seems at home and at ease in the rustic setting. She stands, barefoot, on a soft carpet of pine needles, her sole piece of clothing a floral print sarong that rides low on her slim hips and flutters prettily in the wind. When the skirt comes off it does double duty, providing a comfortable place to recline and relax.

Perhaps it’s the setting, and it may have something to do with Nichole’s appearance and attitude, but there’s a suggestion, the merest hint, of classical mythology in these images. She’s not a siren on a wave-splashed rock, luring mariners to their doom. And she’s not a wood nymph doing whatever it is that wood nymphs do, but there’s a bit of inexplicable flavor that makes “Pefko” particularly enjoyable.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Nichole A is as expressive as she is physically appealing. There’s real depth here, and as her expressions change from image to image one thing remains consistent: Nichole’s relaxed sincerity. Although she strikes a multitude of interesting poses, her emotions are never put-on, stiff or false-seeming.

As mentioned, the wind figures prominently in many of these photos and it contributes energy and spontaneity to three of my favorite shots, #005, #009, and #015. Although it’s rather modest, in #002 we can clearly see the thoughtful beauty of the model and the natural splendor of the location. #020, a rear three-quarter view, showcases Nichole’s slender, elegant build. There’s an earthy/arty drama to #093, and I love the easy, natural smile in #073. “Pefko” is packed with particularly pleasing pictures.

Nichole A Pefko by Luca Helios Met Art
Her profile: Nichole A
Preview Gallery: Pefko by Arkisi
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 16, 2012

Pretty Erotic Nude from Two Sites

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By Leocont

Milena B:
By Oleg Morenko

By Slastyonoff

Chiara M:
By Dmitry Maslof

Subil A:
By Albert Varin

Beata B:
By Paul Black

Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon

Monta A:
By Higinio Domingo

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

August 12, 2012

Indiana A ‘Actina’ by Luca Helios

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Indiana A Actina by Luca Helios Met Art

Indiana AActina‘ by Luca Helios

Indiana is quite breathtaking. I’ve mentioned her exquisite body and sweet facial features a few times now but again I feel I have to!

One of the less obvious pleasures that Met Art provides me are the numerous opportunities to view distant and varied locations. And the fact that these locations are generally not identified or recognizable only adds to their allure. Put an appealing young girl in a shadowy forest, on a windswept dune, or on a country road and the actual geographic location doesn’t matter — I take in the beauty of the subject and scene and my imagination takes flight.

“Actina” perfectly illustrates my point. Indiana A, wearing only a metallic belt around her trim waist and a wisp of sheer yellow fabric (an improvised bikini top), stands barefoot among gnarled conifers. She appears to be on a cliff top or promontory and the still blue waters of a lake or inlet provide a truly picturesque backdrop. Is she a wood nymph, a water sprite, a siren? The combination of the setting and the model’s lively and energetic spirit invites this type of fanciful speculation, and this only adds pleasure and enjoyment to the pictorial as it unfolds.

While I always strive to maintain some sense of objectivity, this model obliterates it. I love this girl! She’s something approaching physical perfection – her complexion, her proportions, her lithe yet shapely physique. And her face is exceptionally attractive, and is made more so by the lively, kittenish spirit that animates it. The plump-lipped pout, those glittering, toying, eyes, her waist-length hair, a subtle spray of freckles across the bridge of her adorable nose. Yeah, I’m a fan of Indiana A.

And it appears that photographer Luca Helios is, too. He uses the rustic, natural setting in wonderful ways that accent the model’s natural, earthy beauty while also imparting an undeniable glamour (see #028 for a wonderful example). As is to be expected in a series in which the model is virtually nude throughout, there are numerous shots of Indiana’s intimate bits, and some impressive figure studies (#048 is one particularly nice one), but I find myself drawn to the exceptional headshots in the collection (#026 is a gem, as is #067, and #090, as well). Then again, #058 is great, I love both smiles in #042, the light on her breasts and the look on her face in #114, and the wild hair and single visible eye adds magic to #117, another headshot.

Indiana A Actina by Luca Helios Met Art

Preview Gallery: Actina by Luca Helios
Her profile: Indiana A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 10, 2012

Presenting Nastya by Catherine

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Nastya K Presenting Met Art

Nastya KPresenting‘ by Catherine

When I saw this pictorial the day it debuted I was extremely impressed. The photography is flawless, as is the subject. The youth and beauty of this young thing is breathtaking and her maturity and composure is amazing for a model so young. Photo #57 is a favorite where every aspect of this lovely creature is displayed to perfection and for intimate closeups #67 and 76 have got to be two of the most breathtaking studies of femininity that I have ever seen. At medium setting it is so close and so perfectly focused that you can almost smell it. I am totally amazed at the openness and serenity that this dream come true displays throughout this set. My only con and it’s a small one is that the model over uses the closed eyes in her poses. Not that it isn’t lovely it is just over used but then this is a first time series. When I look into my crystal ball I see many more opportunities for us to view this sweet bit of perfection in the near future.

Of all the many decisions facing an artist preparing for an outdoor photo shoot, the choice of location may be the most important. No matter how skilled the photographer, and no matter how beautiful and talented the model, the wrong setting can ruin a pictorial before the first click of the shutter. I’m not suggesting the location must be beautiful -some wonderful art has been created in challenging and unlikely locations, but a beautiful setting never hurts – and in the case of this new model debut, it’s an absolute blessing.

Met Art contributing photographer Catherine has chosen a simply beautiful location for this series, and Mother Nature has been a particularly helpful assistant. She’s bathed a sprawling meadow crowded with blooming dandelions with warm, bright sunlight, a barely perceptible breeze blows lightly across the verdant landscape, and she’s dotted the sky with puffy clouds. What could possibly improve this bucolic, pastoral environment? A beautiful young girl, of course!

And in that role first-time Met Art model Nastya K is perfectly cast. Positioned on a cream-colored sheepskin throw and wearing a lacy, frilly summer dress, this dark-haired nymphet fairly glows with youthful vitality. I’m immediately struck by the radiant beauty of her skin. Just 18 years old, Nastya has a dewy, glowing complexion that, as we eventually discover, is virtually flawless. And these photos capture the soft, warm texture of that smooth skin brilliantly.

A beautiful location, on a beautiful day, with a beautiful nude girl – that’s a winning combination, and Catherine takes full advantage of it. We find a range of stylish figure studies (#020 and #089 to cite a representative pair); joyous, youthful exuberance (#056); images that are both explicit and thoughtful at once (#057 and #059); and a range of creative and boldly erotic poses that reveal this 18-year-old in gorgeous, thrilling, graphic detail (#065 through #074). The sun isn’t the only thing that shines in “Presenting” Nastya K — the artist and model do, as well.

Overall this set is one of the best I have seen. Lovely model, wonderful setting and some of the best photography I have seen. This type of setting is so hard to get right but every shot is perfectly focused, perfectly exposed and the color balance is spot on. This is the mark of a true artist.

Nastya K Presenting Met Art

Preview Gallery: Presnting Nastya by Catherine.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

June 29, 2012

Corinna ‘Blonde Innocence’

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Corinna Femjoy
Corinna Femjoy

CorinnaBlonde Innocence

One of my all time favorites is back and better than ever. When it comes to favorites, Corinna is certainly among the top of many lists, including mine. In all the time I have had the pleasure of working with this extraordinary beauty, I have always been overjoyed with the results. Corinna is not only exceptionally beautiful and sexy, but a pleasure to be around and work with. Corinna is indeed the entire package, all, and more, than anyone could ever dream of.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in our feelings. Here’s what some other happy members had to say about one of their Femjoy favorites;

"Simple and beautiful. She fits right in among the trees and leaves. As if she lives there… floats around there… merely stopping to be captured… how beautiful she is. And what wonderful photographs of her. So well done. Thank you all for this beautiful set."

"Welcome, Corinna. You are a welcome Sunday Surprise, dear! You will always be one of my favorite Femjoy Ladies!!! "

"Perfect. A perfect expression of beauty, tenderness, fragility, innocence. Thank you Stefan. And I love you, Corinna."

"Lucky me!! My favorite tree nymph…."

"I can only imagine how beautiful the babies would be, wow. The evolution of love."

‘An erotic place to share love with a beautiful lady.. Wow, deep in the woods with Corinna."

"A delightful, simple set of images. Beauty abounds."

"I LOVE this look!! I don’t believe I’ve seen this expression before. VERY sexy. Beautiful."

"Corinna is perfect in every way, the setting compliments her beauty as well as any that she appears in, and Stefan captures the experience like no other photographer could."

"Welcome back Corinna!! I’m totally in love with you!! :)"

"The goddess Corinna is back! She is always a treasure to see! A truly amazing body that is a joy to behold, it is a work of art to study and enjoy in such a beautiful setting."

"Thank goodness Corinna is back – my favorite of all the beauties!"

"Lovely. Perfect. Naked. Nothing else to say."

Wow. Well said, and thanks for all the comments. We know Corinna appreciates them all, as do we. We’re so glad to be able to share this extrodinary beauty with you and we hope to continue to do so for a long time. Until next time, please enjoy this wonderful set with one of my favorite all time Femjoy Beauties? enjoy!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

May 24, 2012

Caesaria A ‘Arkada’ by Rylsky

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Caesaria A Arkada by Rylsky Met Art

Caesaria AArkada‘ by Rylsky

Here is another Russian nude model who, quite rightly, gets much praise from her admirers. She is very expressive and therefore versatile as an art nude model. Her flawless body captivates and enthralls as she makes her way through a plethora of erotic poses from full length glamour shot to the more close up explicit pictures.

Her sprightly cute and sexy demeanour is prominent throughout and explains her very obvious popularity.

In “Arkada” an upright piano, with a hippie paint job, has somehow been deposited on a beach. How did it get there? And why? I might devote some time to answering these questions if it were not for the presence of Caesaria A. This breathtaking nubile is such a treat that she renders any incongruities or curiosities completely irrelevant.

I’ve experienced Caesaria A. once before, in a studio session also created by Rylsky. I was impressed, to say the very least. And I like this gallery even more. The first sitting was somewhat formal and the model’s presentation polished. In “Arkata” all she has in the way of a costume is a camisole, no shoes, no panties, no skirt or pants, no jewelry — just the sand beneath her feet, the wind in her long hair, and the sun on her skin. And that is enough! Less is more! And the more I look, the more I love. In pose after pose Caesaria delivers an impressively broad and endlessly intriguing range of moods, expressions, and moments to be savored.

That little body is flawless, and the natural light and Rylsky‘s varied compositions capture all the vitality and physical beauty of this exquisite nymph. And the face that so intrigued me the first go ’round is even more mesmerizing here. I was going to call out a handful of noteworthy images but I’m faced with far too many diverse and exemplary choices.

Splendid model. Entertaining and enjoyable photography. What piano?

Caesaria has been one of my absolute favorite models from the first time she appeared here in July of 2009. The first gallery also by Rylsky who has done every one of her 20 galleries was enough to sell me on this angel. She appeared on a stark white background which was devoid of detail. No walls, ceiling or floor detail could be seen. In only a white man’s shirt. Nothing else to work with but her talent, a gauzy white piece of cloth and that lovely body. It was spectacular! He couldn’t have chosen a more perfect showcase for her talent and wonderful presence.

Preview Gallery: Arkada
Her profile: Caesaria A

Caesaria A Arkada by Rylsky Met Art
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

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