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Nude Model - Iveta B

Also known as: Iveta B - Met-Art, Iveta B - Watch 4 Beauty, Iveta - APD Nudes, Iveta - Met Models, Yana - Met Models, Sarah - Evas Garden, Iveta - Errotica

Iveta B

Iveta B

Country of Origin: Czech Republic flag of Czech Republic
Birth Year: 1987
Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 86/60/89
Weight: 52 kg
Aliases: Iveta Vale, Iveta Vodáková, Ivetta, Jolana, Sarah
Pages: APD Nudes, Evas Garden, Pretty 4 Ever , Watch 4 Beauty.

Blog Posts, News and Info about Iveta B

'Hektian' by Halik
Iveta is a very smart and intellectual girl with a big self confidence. She likes to talk about arts and hilosophy, but she´s also very sociable and cheerful, so she likes spending time with her friends, visiting exhibitions, theatres and movies.
"Rainy Days" by MarK
"January" by MarK
"Scenic" by Luca Helios
"Sanikan" by Luca Helios
"Quendam" by MarK
"Elatis" by Luca Helios
"Mallorca" by Erro
"A Morning With Iveta B" by Slastyonoff
"Infinia" by Luca Helios
"Yenisia" by Giovanni Nova
"Splendis" by Slastyonoff
"Superbe" by Giovanni Nova
"Jacolias" by Slastyonoff
"Alone With Iveta" by Slastyonoff
"A Day With Iveta" by Slastyonoff
"Sognare" by Slastyonoff

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Simply Precious 

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