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Nude Model - Koika

Also known as: Koika - Met-Art, Koika - Met Models, Koika - Just Teen Site, Barbara - MPL Studios



Country of Origin: Russia flag of Russia
Birth Year: 1985
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 91/60/91
Weight: 55kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Breast Size: Large
Aliases: Ellie

Pages: MPL Studios

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Made famous by Met Art, which interestingly also owns the trademark of her name.
Every girl has her own unique features. Every model has her own sense of style. Combine the two and you can create pure magic. With Ellie, it's her bright blue eyes, soft pillowy lips, full succulent breasts, and smile that lights up the northern Russian sky. Ellie is a truly unique girl. She's easygoing, sensual, and innocent, yet sexually seductive and alluring.

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