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July 7, 2009

Morey Studio

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Morey Studio

Morey Studio

Morey Studio is the website of world famous erotic photographer, Craig Morey. Based in San Francisco, Morey’s work is so eclectic that it almost defies categorization. Working far beyond the scope of traditional “nude photography,” Morey’s nudes branch out in all directions, encompassing glamour, amateur, fetish, bondage and more. With thousands of photos and no two exactly alike, Morey Studio is a wonderland of imagery that will interest almost any purveyor of quality nudes. Updated frequently and always surprising, Morey Studio is the cutting edge of erotica.

Are you tired of the same old Euro Nude? A bored looking woman walking through the woods or striking some ridiculous pose? Are you sick of the same old standard erotica that never seems to ask much of the model except that she stand there or assume a look of fake ecstasy? Then come to Morey Studio, where erotic photography is practiced with artistry, innovation, and daring. Presenting the life’s work of American master photographer, Craig Morey, Morey Studio features a diverse offering of nude images, with everything from Caucasion and Asian nudes to fetish, bondage, and couples. If you’re looking for something different and exciting, there’s better place to start than Morey Studio.

Craig Morey of Morey Studio is known world-wide for his creative nude black & white photos. Also shooting in color, his work with female nudes has been published in hundreds of books, magazines and web sites devoted to erotic art. The collection presented on Morey Studio is Morey’s own selection of his nude and erotic work, which is continually updated and growing every day. Morey Studio was one of the first single photographer erotica sites on the web, and many feel it’s among the best. Come to and discover the both the history and the future of quality nude photography.

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