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Chantel A:
By Sasha Zabelina
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By Leonardo
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Nika M:
By Bragin
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By Rylsky
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Ellin A:
By Aleksandr Obyknovennyj
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Connie Smith:
By Mac
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Nika J:
By Shane Shadow
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By Angela Linin

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Stunning 18 Eternal Desire

Flora & Zaika ‘Sandy Seduction’

Hegre Art Valerie Alya

Gallery: Sandy Seduction
Girls Art Nude Models profiles: Zaika &amp Flora.
Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Sep 17th, 2013

Free Month at Hegre Art!

Hegre Art

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Sep 17th, 2013

Presenting Ruzanna A by Paramov

Ruzanna A Met Art

Presenting Ruzanna A by Paromov

This is the first Met Art appearance by 19-year-old Ruzanna A. And, after consulting my records, I realize this is only the second erotic gallery photographed by Paramov that I’ve ever reviewed — and the first one was well over two years ago. So I have no experience of the model, and very little of the artist — not precisely a double-debut, but not far off, either.

And right out of the gate I’m very nearly at a loss for words. There is a lot going on in this pictorial — the first frame is packed to the very rafters visually and literally. Ruzanna A makes an excellent first impression, by the way, but it’s the art direction and execution of the photography that has me both dazzled and dumbfounded.

“Painterly” is the first word that comes to mind — and that impression is sustained throughout the set. And this isn’t at all a minimalist or spare style artistic idiom, these images are loaded and layered with detail. In less gifted hands I might describe the costuming and set decoration as cluttered, even chaotic, but Paramov has full control of his concept and executes it with rare skill.

The costuming, alone, offers a welter of fabrics, accessories, and embellishments — layer upon layer of richly textured skirts, a lace wristlet (only one), ribbon, pieces of fur, thick tassels, and what are those on the model’s head? Could they be welder’s goggles? Antique expedition gear? I have no idea, but somehow it works wonderfully together.

And that room? A rusty bed frame, a feathered carnival mask, tapestries on the floor, a mirror leaning against a wall, an empty picture frame, a rickety ladder, a bunch of tall twigs. And smoke? Yes, clouds of smoke drift into the space through the windows along one wall. So much stuff! And yet it all fits, somehow.

Painterly, there’s no better word. If these images were finely wrought in oils on canvas they wouldn’t be at all out of place in a gallery or museum.

Yes, yes — Ruzanna! A plush, curvaceous body, thick, rich, flowing red hair, a fine spray of freckles across her face. Young, yes, but a wonderful effort rising to the challenge of modeling in such a complex tableaux. I’m eager to see more of her, and perhaps a closer view of the details, but, really — this is a most impressive debut and an outright artistic triumph for Paramov. Whether readers agree or disagree, I’d be most interested in hearing your reactions — comments invited.

Ruzanna A Onoma Met Art
Ruzanna A Preview Galleries: Presenting Ruzanna A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Sep 17th, 2013

Valerie ‘Sun Licked’

Hegre Art Valerie

Her Art Nude Models profile: Valerie. Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Sep 16th, 2013

Private Sauna with Booboo

Met Art Booboo Met Art Booboo Met Art Booboo

After a long hard day a relaxing time in the sauna might sound like the perfect ending to an otherwise hectic day.

I would argue that if you add Booboo to the equation this would be an infinitely more enjoyable private occasion. Relish every moment of time close to this pretty young thing.

She is wearing your favorite outfit – a slinky silk shirt with spaghetti-string straps and her see-through lace panties. Her girlish breasts look so delicious in the shirt, and her sex beneath those panties, peaking out like a naughty girl, drives you absolutely wild. Can you sense the seduction in her eyes?

Ah, young and precious Booboo! She loves to play in the sauna, all sweaty and hot. She loves to tease your deep animal urges with her coquettish glances. The smell of the redwood and hot rocks arouse her beyond belief. O, it is too hot for clothes! Let Booboo take them off for you.

Staring at you with her dark Mediterranean eyes, she slips off her shirt, revealing her tender little breasts. O she is a goddess come down from heaven to show you her celestial beauty! Look at her fine, round, petite melons! Those succulent pink nipples! So fresh, so virgin, so sweet! She wants you to suckle on her, to excite her with your tongue. Yes, Booboo, yes, you comply. Find her at Met Art.

Sep 16th, 2013

MetArt Special Offer

Sep 15th, 2013

MPL Studios Free Nude Galleries

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Monte Carlo

 MPL Studios Model

Emily Essentially Nude

Maya MPL Studios Model

Maya Free Spirit

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Blondie

 MPL Studios Model

Marta Rojo

Anya MPL Studios Model

Anya Watching You

 MPL Studios Model

Maria Watching You

Tara MPL Studios Model

Tara The Beat Goes On

Kalena MPL Studios Model

Kalena Kalena’s Touch

Zsanett MPL Studios Model

Zsanett Spread Your Wings

Karissa MPL Studios Model

Karissa Garden Flowers

Vlada MPL Studios Model

Vlada Captive Audience

Selena MPL Studios Model

Selena Corset

Zsanett MPL Studios Model

Zsanett Seashell

Vicca MPL Studios Model

Vicca Afternoon Tea

Tessa MPL Studios Model

Tessa The Boathouse

Lilya MPL Studios Model

Lilya Lusha

Lilya MPL Studios Model

Lilya Patina

Lilya MPL Studios Model

Lilya Chalk Hills

Lilya MPL Studios Model

Lilya Genteel


Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Hegre Art Nude Free Previews

Hegre Art Zaika

Alya & Valerie Attraction

Valerie Hegre Art

Valerie Agent Provocateur by Alya

Valerie Hegre Art

Valerie Sun Godess

 Hegre Art

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Hegre Art Zaika

Zaika Hot Sheets by Alya

Hegre Art Flora

Flora Body Sculpting

Hegre Art Flora

Flora Fantasy

 Hegre Art

Thea Jungle

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Noody Slender Silhouette

Noody Hegre Art

Noody Bath Tub 2

Purr Hegre Art

Purr Little Cat

Coxy Hegre Art

Coxy Mermaid

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Free Art Nudes at MetArt

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Milena D:
By Erik Latika
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Candy Rose:
By Rylsky
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Milagres A:
By Alex Sironi
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Kristel A:
By Alex Sironi
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Kira J:
By Rylsky
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Night A:
By Rylsky
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Zhanna B:
By Alex Sironi
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Olivia F:
By Matiss
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Zsanett Tormay:
By Arkisi
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Mia D:
By Leonardo
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Nastya K:
By Catherine
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Zelda B:
By Arkisi

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Lithe Nude Beauties Preview Galleries

April E Femjoy

Laura J Femjoy

Sabine Femjoy

Johanna D Femjoy

Josephine Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Blonde Provocation 2

Blonde Provocation Blonde Provocation Blonde Provocation

Recently I was reviewing older Art Nude movies online and made a post Blonde Provocation. Now let’s look at the second part of this amazing film.

Blonde Provocation was as I mentioned undoubtedly one of the most popular movies of it’s time. Its popularity comes from its incredibly beautiful model and its sensual cinematography, showing her dancing and moving on the bed in just the right ways. Now, I think having reviewed them, Blonde Provocation 2 is better than the original!

Inna, the starlet, is back for this one, sporting a sleek and tiny lime-green teddy. She starts out at the window (like in the first one) and slowly makes her way to the bed (like in the last one). Then she ever so gingerly and temptingly removes her teddy and her panties, giving us all of her wonder (like in the last one!)

But part 2 is different than part 1 in all the right ways. Inna seems more relaxed, more in command of her powers. She also, if you can believe it, looks more beautiful than ever. At the time it seemed this girl has the absolutely most perfect body ever created. She really knows how to move her body in the most natural, tempting ways!

This movie will not disappoint. It is long, it is clear, and it is super sexy. Check Met Art today and see part 2 of this amazing movie series!

Sep 11th, 2013

Hegre Art Melinda

Hegre Art Milena

Hegre Art now featuring Melinda

Thank God, Thank Mother Nature. Man, thank Santa Claus if you think he was responsible. Because someone with some serious magic must have created our latest ravishing model – 22 year old Melinda.

Pure. Untouched. Immaculate Melinda. She doesn’t work out, she doesn’t diet, and she eats what she wants. But look at the result! She is gift-wrapped just as nature intended.

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Hegre Art Melinda

Sep 10th, 2013

Vanda B ‘Rio’ by Catherine

Vanda B Rio by Catherine Met Art

Vanda BRio’ by Catherine

It is a rather simple piece of furniture. A red leather side chair with a chrome steel base. Its lines are clean and angular, very much in the modern idiom. But in Catherine’s “Rio” this piece of furniture becomes a platform, a stage, and very nearly a gymnastic apparatus!

The model, Vanda B, never once leaves the chair. She moves around on it, certainly. She adjusts and alters her position in a multitude of ways, almost as if her photographer has dared her to invent as many different poses as she can possibly imagine.

The result is not only a huge variety of poses, but also a huge number of distinctly different images. And that variety ranges from demure and appealing headshots to bold and unashamedly sexual postures. As plainly inviting as the more explicit images are, if I could pick but one image from the series, I would have to choose #0107, an elegant and stylish pin-up. I give this set a standing ovation!

Vanda B Rio by Catherine Met Art

Preview Gallery: Rio
Her profile: Vanda B
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Sep 9th, 2013

Nude Girls from Femjoy

Alice V Femjoy

Yarina P Femjoy

Alice V Femjoy Sarah, Mariella Femjoy    

Carisha Femjoy Miela Ariel Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. Have a look at the above movies with Carisha, Miela & Ariel

Sapphira A ‘Semejanza’ by Luca Helios

Sapphira A Semejanza Met Art

Sapphira ASemejanza’ by Luca Helios

There may be, somewhere, somebody who isn’t moved by Sapphira A‘s stunning beauty. Perhaps this individual — I find it difficult to believe that there could be more than one — is obsessed exclusively with blondes. Or perhaps they’re simply perverse and are attracted to ugly women. But if you share even a sliver of my aesthetic sensibility — and a large and vocal group of MetArt members seem to — you can’t help but be impressed by this girl. And by “impressed” I mean to have your breath taken and your mind boggled. Wow, what a truly extraordinary specimen we have in Sapphira A!

Of course, like so many others, I’ve been thoroughly “impressed” by Sapphira A’s four MetArt erotic photo galleries. That handful of pictorials landed her in the Top Ten of the Top Models list, after all. But the transition to motion pictures isn’t necessarily easy, and not every Met Art HD erotic movie is an instant hit. Even so, it will come as happy, if not unexpected, news that Sapphira A’s movie debut, “Semejanza,” is an unqualified success.

A good portion of that success is clearly due to director Luca Helios. Here he employs a clean, fluid style that allows Sapphira to show off her physical assets at the same time she shares aspects of her personality and temperament that can only be hinted at in still photos. For example, periodically, throughout the film’s duration Sapphira shoots a smile at an off-camera spectator, her director, or directly at the viewer. That smile is bright, playful, sly, engaging, intriguing, and addictive. That smile, the twinkle in her eyes, the subtle nuance, helps illuminate Sapphira A’s personality and keeps the viewer riveted to the screen in hopes she’ll smile once more. And she doesn’t disappoint.

“Semejanza” isn’t at all complicated — it certainly doesn’t need to be when the subject is so physically and emotionally appealing. Wearing a little black dress and strappy stiletto heels Sapphira enters a glass-walled room where a clean-lined, cream-colored sofa awaits. Before a minute has passed she’s topless and exposing the pert perfection of her breasts. Her frilly panties start to come off before two minutes have elapsed and she proceeds to offer her charms to the camera without reservation and with quite a good deal of enthusiasm and teasing spirit — this model knows exactly what she’s doing, and she does it exceedingly well!

After viewing of “Semejanza” my mind is boggled and I’ve been entranced and beguiled by Sapphira A. Yes, I’m “impressed.” I’m also ready for more!

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Sep 7th, 2013

Anton Volkov Presents Russian Nudes

Tracy avErotica Sandra avErotica
Gloria avErotica Jackie avErotica
Amy avErotica  

Art Nude Models: avErotica information.

Sep 6th, 2013

Alina F ‘Treat’ by Antonio Clemens

Alina F Treat

Alina FTreat

I have written elsewhere on her profile that she is sweet and inherently shy and I believe this comes through in this photo set by Antonio Clemens. This palpable innocent aura lends a certain piquancy to her photographs.

Her face is highly expressive which is frequently delightful as she runs the gamut from serious through impish, pensive, excited, kittenish to funny but always seductive and beautiful.

This set is reminiscent of a Wild West saloon bar although it rather more lavish. Amongst such luxurious surrounding it is a visual treat indeed to see this Russian girl in basque, fishnet stockings, suspenders and high heels. Of course these are gradually shed but not without tease and allure. Her delicately rounded derriere is a joy to behold with suspender straps over her firm bottom cheeks as she gazes at you through the camera lens.

Her profile: Alina F
Preview Gallery: Treat
Art Nude Models: Met Art information

Sep 5th, 2013

Bogdana B ‘Sensuality’ by Catherine

Bogdana B Met Art

Bogdana BSensuality’ by Catherine

Perhaps in some cases only a female photographer can quite capture the pure feminity of the naked female subject by keeping her totally at ease and through pure empathy.

At the time this set was taken Bogdana was 19 years old and she is blossoming. For her, this is pivotal time in which she is betwixt girl and woman. A metamorphosis of exquisite beauty in her personal development and through her photographer Catherine we are privy to this marvel of nature.

The playful glances are pure innocence and allure yet at other times she appears more knowing and sophisticated and this shows us both sides of her fluctuating nature which is wonderful. Part girl, part woman and one beautiful artistic nude muse.

Gallery: Sensuality
Her profile: Bogdana B
Art Nude Models: Met Art information

Sep 5th, 2013

Sweet Nature Nudes by David Weisenbarger

Tatyana David Nudes

Tatyana: You Found Me

Tatyana David Nudes

Tatyana: In the Meadow

David Nudes Tatyana
Tatyana: Feeling the Breeze on My Breasts
Amanda David Nudes
Amanda: Skinny Dipping

Art Nude Models: David Nudes information.

468x80 02 Sweet Nature Nudes by David Weisenbarger

Sep 5th, 2013