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August 14, 2015

Lorena at Viv Thomas

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Lorena: red hot new girl/girl movie from Viv Thomas

Lorena is one of the most spectacularly gorgeous girls ever to grace MetArt – her radiant smile, effervescent personality and lust for life have made her a firm favorite right across the  MetArt Network. If you enjoy your girl/girl action a little spicier than you’ll find here at  MetArt, you might like to know about Lorena’s brand new movie, ‘After Hours,’ which launched on VivThomas.

If you’re not a VivThomas member, why not take advantage of the new Pay Per Scene feature to check out this awesome new film? Packed with super-hot action and intense oral coupling, it pairs Lorena with three hot new girls; the cherry on the cake is a mindblowing encounter with blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay!

The premise of ‘After Hours’ is simple – it’s all about what happens when work is done and it’s time to enjoy a little fun. Shot in a fresh, raw style that captures the urgency of mutual desire by new VivThomas director Guy Ranieri Sblattero, it lets us see Lorena’s voracious sexuality in full effect. She’s supremely confident, at times even dominant, and refreshingly uninhibited when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. It’s all part of her irresistible charm. I’m particularly proud of this movie because I wrote the script – my first ever movie, and Guy allowed me to pick Lorena as the star! If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up…

August 13, 2015

Victoria R ‘Pearls Part II’

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Hegre Art Victoria R

Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

August 12, 2015

Sabrisse A ‘Difuma’ by Dave Lee

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Sabrisse A Met Art

Sabrisse A Difuma by Dave Lee

Erotic fiction inspired by Sabrisse.

You stand there, perfectly composed, on the wooden staircase. On your tiptoes, knowing the arch of your pretty feet will stoke the surge of desire swelling inside me. Your white lace bodysuit is cut high over your hips, emphasizing your fine bones and giving a tantalising hint of what lies beneath. The swell of your cleavage, hair sweeping silkily across it, invites my touch. But not yet…

Confident you have my full attention, you bend over, wiggle your hips at me. Then you sit, lifting your toes high so I get a flash of white fabric between your sweet thighs. You slide one strap down over your shoulder, cupping your hand beneath your breast with a naughty smile. I let out an involuntary gasp… I want to touch you, I want to touch myself, but that would spoil your game.

Now you spread your legs and snap open the poppers at the crotch of your bodysuit, moving it aside so I can see your beautiful pussy. Your fingers brush downwards, grazing the fluffy line of hair that leads to those delicate pink folds. I inch closer, breathing more heavily, all my willpower focused on restraining the urge to reach out and touch your shiny hair, kiss those parted lips.

With a naughty giggle, you shimmy out of the bodysuit altogether and stand there naked, high on your pointed toes again, letting me feast my eyes on your smooth skin. You blush a little under the heat of my gaze, but you don’t look away. Instead you sink gracefully down again, spreading your legs wider, letting me see the full glory of that sweet pink haven. Is that a hint of moisture I see glistening within? My mouth waters at the thought.

You turn away, showing me your firm bottom, the curves daring me to move closer still. Your strong, slender frame excites me more than I can say. Teasing me now, you sink to your knees, legs spread, pussy gently opening like a flower. You laugh delightedly at the expression of naked hunger on my face.

Rising to your feet, you begin to sashay up the stairs, your hips swaying. Halfway up, you turn to beckon me. Is there any doubt I will follow?

Sabrisse A Met Art







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August 11, 2015

Aya Beshen ‘Bath’

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Hegre Art Aya Beshen

Hegre Art Aya Beshen

Name: Aya Beshen
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18

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July 12, 2015

White Cotton Panties

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Erotic fiction inspired by Audrey

I was pretty excited – although I tried not to show it – when Audrey asked me to go into the store changing room with her to give my opinion on the outfit she was trying on. We’d been casual friends for a while, and I’d always admired her cool, edgy style. She was the girl everyone wanted to get close to, and I was thrilled she’d picked me to help her choose the dress for her date that night. I was also quite curious to find out what she was wearing under her tight black pants!

What I wasn’t expecting was a pair of plain white cotton panties under those sexy pants. I couldn’t help staring at the way they clung to the curves of Audrey’s peachy behind like a second skin. I watched, enthralled, as she bent over to remove her boots and pants, and I saw the crotch of the panties pulled tight against her pussy. I felt my own panties start to get damp as I looked.

Audrey seemed totally unaware of the effect she was having on me as she pulled off her sweater, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. She turned around and I could clearly see the outline of her big, puffy clit through the thin fabric of her panties. I watched in a haze of arousal as she tried on the dress she’d selected and asked what I thought, my replies to her questions monosyllabic. Disappointed with my unenthusiastic reaction to the dress, she took it off again.

“Maybe I should just go like this, huh?” she asked, looking at me very boldly. I felt myself blush, and she laughed… but she looked pleased too. She hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties and eased them down, so they barely covered her pussy mound. “How about this?” she murmured, not laughing now. I nodded, unable to tear my gaze away from her crotch. Was she really going to show me her pussy?

Slowly and tantalizingly, she pushed her panties down around her thighs, tilting her hips forward so I got the full effect of her pussy, with that big, puffy, protruding clit. I wanted to touch it so badly, to peel her lips apart and thrust my tongue inside… I was shaking as I looked up at her face and realized she wasn’t teasing any more. She wanted me to do it.

I knew if I hesitated I would lose my nerve, so I immediately knelt between Audrey’s parted legs and pressed my face against her crotch, grabbing her clit between my lips and sucking. She jumped and started trembling, hard – maybe she hadn’t expected me to take it so far, or maybe it was just her first time with another girl? Whatever, I was determined to make sure it was also her best.

Flicking her clit with my tongue as I sucked it, I ran a finger along the cleft of her pussy lips, discovering how wet she was. I pushed my finger into her slippery hole, adding a second and hooking them so they found her G-spot. Then I started to slide them in and out with a steady rhythm, sucking her clit a little harder as I did so. Two minutes of that and she was quaking like jello, her juice running down into the palm of my hand.

I felt supremely confident now as I bent her over, her hands supporting her on the bench as I thrust my tongue into her hot, sweet hole from behind. My wet fingers stroked her clit as I ate her voraciously, and before long she was drenching my lips with her cream, thrusting back against me and then covering her own mouth with her hand to stifle her moans as she came.

Still shaking, she pulled her panties up, a wet patch immediately appearing on the front as her juice soaked through them. She looked dazed as she slowly dressed and we left the store together without saying much. But when we reached her car and instead of driving me home she took me straight back to her place, I knew she’d be cancelling her date for that night…

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July 11, 2015

Aya Beshen ‘Jeans’

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Hegre Art Aya Beshen

Hegre Art Alma

Name: Aya Beshen
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

July 10, 2015

Victoria R ‘Aquarium Part II’

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Hegre Art Victoria R

Hegre Art Victoria R

Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19

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July 9, 2015

Candice B ‘Efula’ by Leonardo

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Candice B Met Art

After viewing and critiquing I don’t know how many Metart HD erotic movies I’ve come to appreciate the format. The very best ones are no-excuses works of cinematic art delivered in a compact and easily enjoyed package. But many of my personal favorites are notable not simply for their cinematic excellence, but for how they show off and showcase Metart models in a way that still photos simply are not capable of. “Efula” perfectly illustrates my point. Although skillfully crafted and artfully assembled, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the technical or creative elements of the film. It’s professional and polished, too be sure, but what makes the film so enjoyable is the way it presents and captures aspects of its stunning star.

Candice B is among my favorite Metart models. Her body is breathtaking. She’s stunningly sculpted, supremely shapely, and enticing in every last physical detail – from those generous breasts to her intimate bits Candice B is simply delectable, and I mean that in the literal sense. But beyond her obvious physical charms, Candice B has an absolutely irresistible personality that she’s eager and able to share with the camera. And it’s something beyond simply being “photogenic.” With a smile or a glance Candice captures the eye and the imagination. She does it wonderfully in still photos, and it’s something I’ve been aware of since her very first appearance at Metart. But her personality really shines in movies. Everything I love about Candice in still photos is amplified and expanded in movies. A still photo is made in fractions of a second. A film knits those seconds together into minutes, and in those extended moments there is depth, detail, nuance, and enticing energy.

Leonardo has shot Candice B many times before, both in still galleries and films, and he’s clearly aware of her all her talents, physical and emotional. In “Efula” he starts on Candice’s face, specifically her warm, playful, engaging smile. This girl is so sexy that, even fully clothed, she can melt your heart and make your pulse race with just the smile on her lips and the look in her eyes. After this introduction Candice opens her blue silk kimono to expose her breasts, and the slow reveal is followed by extended display and breast-play. The kimono eventually goes away and Candice shows off every inch of her body, moving with ease and grace and radiating sexy, playful, tantalizing energy. She also, if briefly, spreads her legs wide and pushes her feminine perfection towards the viewer as a vixenish light dances in her eyes.

I’ve you’ve only experienced Candice B in still photos you owe it to yourself to experience her in a movie, and this film an excellent choice. Under the direction of a masterful artist in “Efula,” Candice B is nothing less than motion picture perfection.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

July 7, 2015

Una Piccola

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Sabrisse A Met Art

I haven’t had an opportunity to critique a set by the gifted and prolific artist Rylsky for far too long. He’s got his own domain in the Metart Network, of course — — and that’s where the bulk of his new work now appears. But the Metart archives contain no fewer than 1,330 photo sets by Rylsky, dating back nearly a decade, and he continues to contribute new work to Metart, of which “Presenting” Una Piccola is one impressive recent example.

Rylsky isn’t simply a gifted artist and technician, he’s also something of a “model whisperer,” with a practiced ability to coax layers of emotion and expression out of his subjects. And, on top of that, he’s also gifted with an eye for new talent — numerous Top Models have been discovered and first photographed by Rylsky over the course of his lengthy career. Una Piccola is Rylsky’s latest discovery, and she is a delight.

Una Piccola swings from sweetly innocent to searingly sexual with ease. She’s completely comfortable in the most explicit poses (of which there are many), and every image — whether she’s pensive or passionate — is brimming with charming aspects of her alluring and inviting personality. Her natural, unshaven, state will elicit the usual range of reactions, but nobody can argue that this girl is a scrumptious physical confection from head to toe, and everywhere in between.

So, a gorgeous new model, with an engaging personality and a mouthwatering little body, photographed by a seasoned and gifted erotic artist. If that was all “Presenting” Una Piccola had to offer it would be enough. It would be great, in fact. But there’s something more to this set, something unique and wonderful. As I selected favorites from the batch of 120 images I started to notice patterns, clusters of shots that formed sequences and suggested flowing, natural movement. This wasn’t simply a model “hitting her marks” as the photographer called out poses, theres a fluidity, an almost filmic quality to numerous groups of images here. Take the sequence beginning with #007 and ending with #011. She’s on her back on a bed, shot from above, her legs are parted, she touches her right breasts, then she squeezes both, then she pinches and pulls on her plump nipples while subtly lifting her butt off the bed. In a flip book or zoetrope the images would flow together logically and seamlessly. And this magical sense of movement is prevalent throughout the set.

Of course there are numerous individual images in the series that impress and intrigue. #106 (eyes open) and #107 (eyes closed) are two similar variations on a cleverly posed headshot. The spontaneous and genuine autoerotic joy captured in #048. The dreamy and steamy explicit invitation of #022. And the playful, candid, cuteness of Una Piccola’s lips pursed in a kiss with her hands reaching toward the camera ends “Presenting” on a perfectly playful note. Simply put: a wonderful new model wonderfully shot by an inventive master photographer.

Sabrisse A Met Art

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July 5, 2015

Pandora B from Macedonia ‘Calita’

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Sabrisse A Met Art

Metart is a many splendored thing. It offers inspiration, entertainment, spiritual uplift, and erotic stimulation. And, as I’ve been vividly reminded today, Metart also serves as a window on the world that allows people all over the globe to experience models from a dizzying array of different countries and regions. Last week I wrote about a French girl. Next week I’ll be discussing a young woman from the Russian Federation. And today, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Metart Blog, I have the pleasure of experiencing a model from Macedonia. This girl is a many splendored thing in her own right, and I’ll sing her praises in a moment, but her Macedonian origin inspired me to learn a little about her homeland, and now I’m not only dazzled by her beauty and talent, but also a bit more informed about an intriguing land I never knew much about. Metart — where flawless beauty meets art, and where a member can get thought provoking lessons to international geography.

This is Pandora B’s third Metart erotic photo series, and the first one I’ve seen. All I can say is better late than never! In “Calita,” Pandora B can do no wrong. What few tiny gripes I might have with the set — not her fault, by the way — are trivial and easily ignored. In every way Pandora B is utterly charming, breathtakingly beautiful, and overwhelmingly appealing. She is as cute as the proverbial button (#008), as pretty as a pin-up (#062), and as steamily, sweetly, explicitly and deliciously sexy as can be (#016). Face, eyes, mouth, breasts, legs, feet, hands, hair, and that tantalizing butterfly spreading its luscious wings — Pandora B is a banquet of beauty for the eyes and mind.

Even if Pandora B is only half as charming and personable as she appears in these photos I’d have to guess that the photographer, Fabrice, found her a delight to work with. The set takes place around an indoor swimming pool, and the artist makes good use of the space. Pandora poses on and near a comfortable “papasan” chair that affords numerous opportunities for eye-opening (and that ain’t all!) explicit poses. The windows provide a mirror to showcase the lithe and curvaceous beauty of Pandora’s body (see #062). Then, after taking her long hair out of a high ponytail, Pandora dons a white blouse and slides into the pool for another assortment of images. And “Calita” also makes excellent use of a tiled shower for another group of shots at the end of the series (#130 is my favorite).

So, what have I learned today? That Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation bordered on the south by Greece. That “Calita” is filled with beautiful and explicit erotic art images of a stunning girl. And that Pandora B is a truly magnificent Metart model!

Pandora B Met Art

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July 3, 2015

Mia Sollis Interview

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Mia Solis opens up to MetArt

Mia Solis is a girl I could never grow tired of looking at, a delicate redhead with a host of adorable freckles and an absolutely incredible body. She’s a girl of contradictions, seemingly reserved and a little shy, but with a devastating way of looking into the camera that suggests an inner confidence. And then there’s that huge tattoo on her back, rarely seen, that hints at a more edgy side to her personality.

Mia is also incredibly funny and self-effacing, genuinely surprised that MetArt members would want to hear more about her! With nearly fifty sets of her published here already, including today’s welcome addition from Luca Helios, I thought it was time we got to know her a little better.

Mia, please tell us a little about yourself.

MS: Hi everybody. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself. I had no idea that anyone actually cared about me and my life! I’m 24 years old, and I’m from Czech Republic – specifically from South of Bohemia. After finishing university I moved to London, where I’ve been living for the past year and a half. My biggest hobby is traveling, that’s the main reason why I do what I do. Of course I’m also into photography, but if you want me to be 100 percent honest, traveling is the part of my life I enjoy the most; and of course everything else around it – meeting new people, discovering new places and cultures, foreign languages, anything new that can make my experience, soul or personality grow. I’m not saying I always like what I explore though!

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

MS: When I realized I really liked photography, I wasn’t exactly sure which genre was my favorite. I was just randomly checking pictures online, and after a while I found out that every time I saw a photo of a naked woman I felt ‘something,’ and tried to figure out what the hell it was. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I could be horny, it’s not the fact that there is a naked girl in the picture, it’s something else that I’m not able to explain yet. I just like to be a part of it.

Do you do mainstream modeling as well?

MS: Yes, I have done quite a lot of non-nude shoots in the past few years and I enjoy it as well. It’s different – in a good way. I like the fact there are usually more people involved, which makes it even more interesting and exciting.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to for work?

MS: I’m probably going to seem strange right now but I have no favorite place so far. The fact I was born as a Libra doesn’t help at all. I’m just not able to make a decision… but that’s another story – and a long one!

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

MS: Nothing! I’m trying hard, but every part of me needs at least a small (usually huge) improvement. Yes, and people say I’m kind of self-critical… another long story, I’m afraid!

Do you have a favorite photoset?

MS: Hard to say, but probably Voyeur or Gusta on SexArt. For MetArt – this is really hard as there are so many of them. I’m afraid you would need to narrow the selection criteria at least a little bit. If someone put a knife to my throat and said “Pick one, Mia!” I would answer Eleyi.

Would you ever consider making more movies for Met Art, or even Sex Art?

MS: Actually yes. I don’t see the idea as so unbelievable, as I did a few years ago when I said to myself just “Jeez, no way man!” As you already know, I’m not able to make a decision, and if I do I change it every second, so I will see. I’m sure now is not a good time for me to start doing that, but never say never… especially in my case!

Please tell us about your tattoo – does it have a meaning?

MS: Sure it has. It’s just difficult to explain and I’m not even sure if I’m able to do so. However I’m not going to try right now, sorry!

In your photos you often look very thoughtful, calm and serene. How would you describe yourself?

MS: I hear this really often and it always confirms the fact that people don’t know me at all! I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as calm, serene and so on. The main reason is that I only really open up when I’m surrounded by people I know really well. Otherwise I feel and behave differently. I’m not saying I don’t feel comfortable, it’s just not me. Or maybe it is and I’m schizophrenic, haha! I think you have noticed I usually don’t smile, jump or do ‘funny’ stuff in the pictures like some other models do. Now you know the reason. It’s a pity, isn’t it? (laughing)

What are your ambitions?

MS: That’s the question! My ambitions are not really material though. I just want to beat every challenge appearing around me and get better in each aspect of myself – skills, personality, knowledge. No matter how hard it is… I kind of like to fight with myself.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

MS: I know it’s getting annoying, but thank you again for such support from all the Met Art and Sex Art members, the team and last but not least all the amazing photographers and models I’ve had the chance to work with. You have all been helping me to develop myself and I can’t thank you enough. I wish you guys success and happiness! Anyway I’m preparing my personal blog where you can find other information as I still have so much more to say. If you want to stay in touch you can follow my FB fan page and I will meet you there!

Cheers and Kisses,

Your Mia!

Thank you to DeltaGamma and Frank for helping to make this interview happen!

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June 29, 2015

Jezabel Vessir by Charles Lightfoot

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Jezabel Vessir Met Art

This Metart erotic photo series is notable for a variety of reasons. It’s a new model’s first appearance on the site, and it’s also the photographer’s first contribution to Metart. These “double debuts” are not unprecedented, but they are unusual. But beyond the new model and artist, “Presenting” is also very much a story told in pictures – it’s got a simple narrative and an “arc” that that gives it a pleasing cohesion. This certainly isn’t the first Metart set with a distinct beginning, middle, and end, but it is notable, and enjoyable.

In the first few shots Jezabel Vessir is shown emerging from her home. She’s got a yoga mat slung over one shoulder and a bottle of water in her hand. She pauses in the doorway, surveys the patio and the landscape beyond, and takes a drink of water. The model’s serene temperament is presented here every bit as effectively as her refined beauty and lean – yet exceptionally curvy – body, a tribute not only to the model’s ease in front of the camera, but also to photographer Charles Lightfoot‘s skill.

Dressed in a cropped top that emphasizes her large breasts and baggy white pants, Jezabel rolls out her mat, clears her mind, and puts herself through a variety of yoga postures. Although she remains fully clothed for a sizable number of images early in the series, the beauty of her body – particularly her ample breasts – is obvious. Eventually that flattering top comes off, and the pants come down – while she’s executing the plow pose. As in an actual yoga practice, the pace is slow, relaxed, and measured. Just when I was beginning to feel as if the set was too tame…along came the explicit shots I’d been craving.

And Jezabel doesn’t only reveal every aspect of her physique as “Presenting” unfolds, she also reveals varied aspects of her personality. She can be thoughtful, even meditative. She can be focused, clearly concentrating, and then lost in the moment, feeling her body as she poses, breathing in the warm mountain air, going through her relaxing, invigorating motions. But she also has a lively, energetic aspect, and when she smiles it’s radiant, spontaneous, warm, and genuine (see #016, #036, and #059 for a few examples). Additional favorites include #003, fully clothed but with a hint of treats to come, as well as Jezebel’s refined features and relaxed demeanor. #071, top down, feet and hands on the ground. #092, relaxed into the plow pose. #113, eyes closed for an image that’s part headshot, part figure study. And #118, an enticing explicit shot that captures the beauty of the model’s erotic architecture.

And then “Presenting” Jezabel Vessir reaches its satisfying conclusion. The model scoops up her clothes, takes a final drink of water, and heads back into the house. I hope we’ll be seeing more from her, and Charles Lightfoot, soon.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information

June 25, 2015

Alex Lynn Interview

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Serena Wood Met Art

Alex Lynn is one of Met Art‘s most elegant and sensual artists, bringing a stylish fashion sensibility and a feeling of intimacy to every photoset. Having shot such favorites as Adel C, Sapphira, Michaela Isizzu and Malinda to great effect, and grabbing the attention again with today’s terrific new photoset of Stephie Love, Alex was kind enough to share a few secrets in response to my questions…

Alex, are you male or female? (your name could be either!)

AL: I could give an outstanding answer to this question, such as, only a man can properly reveal the woman’s beauty, curves and so on, and that just a few women can really compete with male photographers in this genre – but I’d better refuse these typical men’s thoughts and simply give the answer that I’m a male photographer! (laughing)

Where are you from?

AL: At this point of my life the question “Where do I want to be?” is more important. That is what motivates me to move forward. I do believe that only this can lead us to something greater; not where we are right now, or where we come from. I say so because my native country is now overcoming a harsh journey to development, which made me leave it, in order not to lose that impulse for creating something big and fresh. That’s why I’m sure that ‘Where we want to be’ matters more than ‘Where we’re from.’

What is your background in photography?

AL: I’ve been doing photography for a pretty long time, but I’m definitely not like many of my colleagues, who got acquainted with their first camera in early childhood. As a rule their creative development would start from childhood, but that’s not how it was for me. Before I became a photographer, I had no clue what I would do in the future. I went through many jobs – boring and grey, bright and unusual, but still office jobs – to get to this point. And I quit as soon as I realized the speed with which my life was passing me by. Someone else’s projects, someone else’s customers. Nothing special. It was killing me. It became clear that it wasn’t my choice for life. And I’m pretty sure that many clerks visiting Met Art would rather pick my present job than theirs! As for photography, I’d better say nothing about my experience in magazines and with commercial clients, because I hate self-advertisement.

How long have you been taking erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

AL: It is strange but my first set was an erotic one. At that time I was a desk jockey, not a photographer and didn’t even know what ‘set’ meant or how to become a professional. I used to dream about something different. And only a few years later, I’ve become utterly absorbed by the erotic genre. I’ve got carried away, as every normal man would, who by mutual and silent consent can guide a completely unknown woman – and at the same time share that something special that you’ve found in that woman with the whole world. It’s damn inspiring. Women are so much the same and so different! The search for those distinctions is my precise inspiration. To find something totally different in every woman is eternal!

Which model most inspires you?

AL: There isn’t a particular one. Man can’t get inspiration from only one woman. Everything’s got its limits. For me personally, the everlasting search for perfection is the best way to rise.

You seem to prefer location shoots and natural light to working in a studio – why is that?

AL: So true. I love everything real and natural. If I don’t have it I try to recreate it in the studio, which takes a lot of time. I guess no one wants to see the girl-next-door against a boring and grey studio background. Besides, every new location can inspire me for a new fiction, since every girl should have her own story. Otherwise they can’t look real. So, yes, I like natural light and scenery because it creates the reality.

You have been shooting photosets for MetArt since 2013 – is there one you are particularly proud of?

AL: Oh, no. Of course I’ve got photosets I like more than others, but my real hit is still in the future. The one I’m aiming towards is going to be the best!

Can you tell us a little bit about your recent shoot with Serena Wood, which was extremely well received by MetArt members?

AL: Yeah, that was the set! It turned out pretty easy. Serena is so talented and the truth is that she is incredibly easy to collaborate with. Her special skill is to understand. She never brushed aside any direction, and did her job till the end and very well. After all, I’m damn demanding. That’s why working with me is not so easy for every model, but only for those who really love their job – for models who wait to see the result and story, not just get paid for the set. I can say confidently that Serena Wood is one of the girls I would like to work with again and again. With her the outcome is predictably excellent. She’s unforgettable. And thank you for reminding me of that awesome time, I’m really anxious to work with Serena again!

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June 23, 2015

Why Met Art?

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Ever since I first discovered Met-Art 16 years ago I have been such an extremely passionate fan. I have devoted countless days & hours taking in all of the wonder & joy it provides. Very few things are perfect in life but Met-Art is one of them. It has become one of the greatest pleasures in my life to see the truly breathtaking work done by the models & photographers. It must be said as many times as possible: Met-Art is the zenith of erotic/nude photography!

I am just astounded by the uncompromising beauty of the girls, their willingness to share their flawless bodies with us, and the astonishing quality of the photography! The ethereal lighting in the photo shoots makes me happier than you can possibly imagine! The settings & clothing/fashion choices send me over the edge by the fantasies they inspire! Every single aspect about the photography is beyond exquisite! I am simply overjoyed & euphoric at the fact that Met-Art has become one of the primary pleasures in my life! Every time I browse a set of pictures I become so elated by its divine elegance & stunning beauty. It honestly just makes my life so blissful & happy that I had to take my devotion to the next level.

I don’t know how common it is for Met-Art fans to frame the art, but it was the next logical step for me. There is a technique named “rasterbation” that helps print out life sized posters at home! (Rasterbating involves printing out small portions of the image to put together as one.) Of course seeing the art on display inspires another word too, haha.

I am an amateur photographer myself. I do it as a hobby. I understand things like framing, color, lighting, center of interest, bodily position, & so on. Another reason I became so helplessly delirious & succumbed to Met-Art‘s entrancing spell is the way in which the photographers’ & models’ artistry synchronize together as one to produce something of deep affectionate value to me.

Met-Art is the only nude site where I am made to feel personally welcome. It’s the only content I have ever found in which the collaborations of the model/photographer make it feel as if they created the shoot with me personally in mind, it’s eerie. I am overwhelmed by the photographers ability to exploit photographic techniques to bolster such unadulterated lucid sensuality. There is a mad genius at work when the photography can bring out such strong and powerful emotions of infatuation & ardor in you. Because that is exactly how it feels like.

The models seem to have this uncanny ability to connect with you on an personal level via the shoot. Their devastating beauty along with their non-judgmental, easy-going, unrestrained, and cheerful attitudes makes losing yourself to them effortless. The way the models pose, with that tantalizing sweet purity & innocence of theirs, paradoxically mixed with outright generosity allowing their perfect bodies to be captured in the most explicit intimate detail, always manages to leave me in a state of bewildering trance. In the end the work they produce elicits feelings of tender caress, considering my emotions as well as my libido. Met-Art has forever changed my life. It is directly responsible for leaving me in a state blissful euphoria more times than I can remember.

Thank you to all of the AMAZING, AMAZING models & the equally beyond-talented photographers for their life-changing work! I lovingly have these on display in my own private home. I cannot say thank you enough to those at Met-Art! THANK YOU!

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June 21, 2015

Paula Shy: ‘Jardyne’ by Dave Lee

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Sabrisse A Met Art

Yoga always makes me horny. I’m sure that’s not an appropriate reaction, but I can’t help it! Maybe it’s something to do with the deep breathing and all that focusing on the pelvic area… I usually walk out of class buzzing with arousal, and with a telltale damp patch on the crotch of my tight yoga pants. Then a friend told me about the naked yoga craze; I knew there was no way I could trust myself in a class surrounded by acres of bare flesh, but there was nothing to stop me trying it on my own…

I was lucky enough to be housesitting for a friend with a secluded back yard, and the sunny poolside terrace seemed like the ideal spot to get in touch with my inner goddess. I was sitting drinking my morning coffee when the idea struck me, so I just grabbed a mat and headed out in my vest top and panties, confident there was nobody around to spot me. As I warmed up with some deep stretches, I began to feel an intense throbbing sensation radiating throughout my body. I raised my hips up into bridge position, knees open and pussy pointed directly at the sun. Heat flared through my crotch at once, and I could feel wetness start to trickle between my pussy lips. I slid down the straps of my vest and pushed it down to my waist, my nipples immediately stiffening in the slight hint of breeze. Trying to find my balance, I moved through tree pose and dancer pose, but it was no good – my attention was concentrated on my pulsing pussy, not my perfect posture!

Moving into a forward bend, I eased my panties down, exposing my pussy to the air as I got deeper into the stretch. That felt good! I moved into a full back bend, my slit splaying open as I arched up and back. Suddenly my mind was filled with the idea of getting banged in that position, some strong guy grasping my waist as he plunged into me. The thought made me shiver with pleasure, and my legs nearly gave way. I sank down into a shoulder stand, legs wide, pussy open to the sky… and that’s when all my yoga composure completely deserted me and I knew I absolutely, positively had to rub myself off immediately!

I got on my hand and knees, my fingers sliding straight into my slick pussy with no resistance. Thumb grinding on my clit, I pumped rhythmically, juice trickling out with each stroke. My pussy walls twitched spasmodically around my fingers, waves of sensation flooding over me. Collapsing down onto the ground, I humped my hand frantically, my free hand reaching over to rub between my ass cheeks as I shuddered to a huge orgasm.

I wish I could tell you the pool guy came by and caught me in this compromising position, but no such luck. However, I did invite a couple of open-minded girlfriends to join me for the following morning’s naked yoga session…

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June 20, 2015

Presenting Vienna by Slastyonoff

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Vienna Met Art

It’s easy to think of erotic photography as a collaboration between two people – artist and model. But it’s often not that simple. Many photographers employ one, or more, assistants to help set up, arrange, and manage equipment and props, for example. And, for true professional level, commercial quality photography, a stylist is an absolute essential. The term is something of an umbrella, and stylists often have expertise in make-up, hair, costuming, and art direction. I mention this because Vienna, the first-time Metart model who stars in “Presenting,” is training to become a professional stylist, and was inspired to try modeling after helping prepare model friends for their own photo shoots. So “Presenting” is notable not simply because it’s our first exposure to a new model, but also because we get to see a “behind the scenes” professional step into the spotlight.

I have no way of knowing if Vienna had any input on the style or design of Slastyonoff‘s work here, however. Vienna’s make-up is simple and natural, she’s dressed in nothing more than a gauzy dress and a pair of simple flat sandals, and she poses on a sofa that’s been draped and dressed in fluffy layers of white tulle fabric. In close shots Vienna looks like a stylized angel floating on a cloud, but when the camera pulls back and we can see the legs and outline of the sofa the illusion is less effective.

In physical and emotional terms Vienna is pure pleasure. She’s got a shapely physique, exceptionally beautiful breasts, and she’s equally beautiful below the belt – I, for one, would have enjoyed a few more explicit shots, and at least a couple of close-ups, but the set is far from tame even in their absence. Vienna does exhibit a couple of what I consider “new model” qualities. In several shots her hands seem a bit stiff, for example. And she has a habit of tilting her head to her left. But it’s a pretty head (and face) so this is a minor quibble. And she does display some pleasing versatility here. She can deliver formal, stylish poses like #051, with her eyes to the side. She’s got a sultry, bedroom allure in shots like #045. And when she’s relaxed and simply “being herself,” as she is (to one degree or another) in #007, #011, or #012, she displays a spontaneous, natural, approachable charm.

Vienna may well have a bright future ahead of her as a photo stylist, but, as she demonstrates in “Presenting,” she’s also got the skills and beauty to pursue a career as an erotic photo model. I look forward to seeing more of what she has to offer in future Metart photo galleries.

June 19, 2015

Luca Helios Interview

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Sabrisse A Met Art

Luca Helios needs no introduction to MetArt members. A magnificent artist with a superb eye for female sensuality, he has created some of the most memorable images of the past few years, and photographed some of our most iconic beauties. Today’s new photoset of Adel C displays the restrained elegance we have come to expect from this master of eroticism. I invited him to share a little of his world with you…

What is your background in photography?

LH: I started when I was young with an old reflex I had at home, just for fun. With time it became an important hobby for me. At the age of 25 I went to photography school to learn fashion photography, the use of light… After that I started working professionally, way before I started with art nudes and later with erotica for MetArt.

What inspired you to start shooting erotica?

LH: I was always attracted to the beauty of the female body, and to portraying the art of the female form. I still try to combine explicit and sensual photos with showing simple artistic nudes the best way I can.

Which model most inspires you?

LH: Lorena B. Over the last six years we have developed a close friendship and I have a special feeling for her. Also Iveta, Eufrat, Lilly A, and Indiana are great models to collaborate with.

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

LH: Yes – Helmut Newton, David Hamilton, Steven Meisel, Jeanloup Sieff and Marco Glaviano, among many others.

You seem to prefer shooting outdoors – why is that?

LH: I like nature, the vividness of the colors and natural light. For most models it is more difficult to pose outdoors, so now I try to combine my outdoor shoots with indoor sets, to make them feel more confortable and to get a wide variety of poses from the model. I have to get 120 good shots instead of just a single shot, as I would for a calendar.

You have been shooting photosets for MetArt since 2007 – which are you particularly proud of?

LH: Iveta B – Venice, Lilly A- Padrona, Lorena B – Pyrenees, Caprice A – Cesaret, Eufrat A – Litorali, and Lily C – Sunsubiro.

We also see the occasional movie from you – what inspires you to do this?

LH: I am always looking for new challenges and I never tried it before, I wanted to do something different apart from just photography.

Can you tell us about your latest movie, starring Mango playing the piano? It was very popular with MetArt members.

LH: When we arrived at the location she liked the piano and began to play a little bit. She was inspired and we simply decided it was the best place for her to shoot her video. It was very easy to work with her!

What are your ambitions for your work with MetArt?

LH: To improve my work, to get better with each shoot and to present the best models I can find.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

LH: Thank you to the whole MetArt family, the members and every model I have worked with. It is an honor to be part of MetArt!

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June 18, 2015

Presenting Katia by DeltaGamma

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Katia Met Art

Critiquing a new model’s debut in a Metart erotic photo gallery is one of the highlights of my job. Although Metart sets the bar exceptionally high in terms of beauty and talent, there’s really no way to anticipate what’s in store when digging into a model’s first Metart series. Will she be a girl next door type, lacking in experience, but making up for it with beauty and enthusiasm? Will she be beautiful but “rough around the edges,” and shy, tentative, or even somewhat inhibited while sharing herself with the camera? Will she be a true newcomer to modeling, a girl who is only just now learning the skills and techniques that professional photo models employ to maximize their on-camera impact? In the case of first time Metart model Katia the answer to those three questions is: no, no, and no, once more. This is an exceptionally beautiful girl who is confident, self-assured, completely uninhibited, and a polished and talented professional who does a wonderful job of presenting both her beauty and her personality in “Presenting.”

Only after I’d examined the entire set did I learn that Katia has appeared in numerous photo sets elsewhere on the Internet. And that previous experience pays real dividends — there isn’t a moment of hesitation on display here, from the first image to the last (and there are 186 photos in the collection!) she delivers the goods. And those goods are truly exceptional. Her blue eyes radiate smokey sexuality, her lips are almost impossibly plump and luscious, her hair is thick and a bit unruly, projecting a raw sensuality of its own, her body is lean, but shapely, and brazenly enticing. And the little gap between her front teeth adds an extra bit of distinctive charm to an already pleasing package.

Deltagamma, ever the inventive artist, has chosen a subtly decorated room in muted neutral shades to showcase this uniquely French and uniquely sultry beauty. There is a bed, of course — with a face and eyes so dramatically “bedroomy” how could there not be? — and the diffused light in the room seems to reflect off the tiled floor that gives the entire series a pronounced and cohesive style. The photographer also skillfully (and playfully) includes colorful (green, specifically) accents throughout the set. There is a ficus tree that remains largely out of sight in the foreground of the room, but its leaves appear in the upper right corner of many images, adding a bit of color to the otherwise pale neutrals of the décor. And the green of the leaves is subtly repeated in the two glass sconces on the wall behind the bed (see #047). That kind of attention to detail is as impressive as it is effective.

Deltagamma’s subtle style keeps the emphasis where it belongs: on the model. And in “Presenting” Katia does not disappoint. From the “nothing showing” introduction in #001, clad only in a white tank top; to the open mouth (and two additional parted lips) in #039; to the simple beauty of #095; to the teasing invitation of #125 (on tiptoe, squatting and spreading); the cute spontaneity of #170; to the final BIG smile in #186, new Metart model Katia is one fine (and fiery) French femme.

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June 17, 2015

Real World by Roy Stuart

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Here at Art Nude Models I am not a great fan of the amateur niche so to speak but I must confess there are a few appealing girls at Met Art by Roy Stuart whose speciality is the amateur model. Again, he is not a favourite photographer of mine on that site but he has discovered a few models that I would like to see a little more of in other settings outdoors.

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