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September 3, 2007

Eufrat A: “Cotton” by Tim Fox

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Eufrat A: “Cotton – Real World” by Tim Fox

Eufrat’s latest film appearance reveals the teen’s playful spirit.

Tim Fox is a photographer with a very distinctive style. His galleries are consistently glamorous and feature some of Met’s most stunning models. The artist’s approach to film production is just as distinctive as the series he submits to Met.

Fox integrates still photographs of Eufrat throughout “Cotton.” He also uses flash frames to add interest to this erogenous and entertaining movie. The soundtrack accompanying the film is modern and sets an upbeat tone for the film.

The setting for “Cotton” is a well-appointed kitchen decorated in hues of ivory, gray, and greenish blue. Fox uses lighting that compliments the extreme allure of this popular Met model. Eufrat is clad in a shimmering form-fitting strapless champagne-colored dress. The dress is embellished with a large silver buckle at Eufrat’s waist. Black high heels upon the teen’s feet accentuate the model’s long and slender legs.

The voice of Eufrat’s best friend can be heard in the background of this film’s soundtrack. Eufrat’s level of comfort is evident as she interacts with her friend and with the photographer. Eufrat is confident and doesn’t hesitate to reveal the treasures of her nude flesh beneath her sexy dress.

The teen offers a glimpse of her playful disposition by teasing viewers with an edge of her dress. Eufrat plays a game of peek-a-boo as she reveals the flesh between her parted legs. This teen’s vivacious smile sparkles. Her thick dark hair frames her pretty face eloquently.

The cover photograph introducing this movie presents an image of Eufrat bending over a kitchen counter with her backside positioned toward the camera. The model’s adorable face is discernable as she looks over her shoulder in the direction of Fox’s camera. The shapeliness of Eufrat’s legs and derriere are heart-stopping. Eufrat’s flesh is taut and toned.

Fans of this gorgeous model will be impressed with her latest film appearance. This medium of erotic artistry lends an unparalleled look at every facet of the teen’s attractiveness. Tim Fox’s talent of showcasing timeless beauty can be appreciated on a fresh and exciting level with his offering of this film. His creativity and vision stands apart as unique and original.

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Femjoy – Miette and Avida in ‘Back and Forth’

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Femjoy – Miette and Avida in ‘Back and Forth’

Two beautiful young women, two dazzling naked bodies, and one absolutely sensual moving picture experience.

This moving picture is called "Back and Forth," but you’ll have to download it to really get a sense for what that phrase means. Suffice to say that the "back and forth" we’re speaking of involves the adorable Miette and the sizzling Avida, and that going "back and forth" between the two models is about as alluring an experience as a man could have.

This video is staged largely as a photo shoot, though it’s one that takes place in the world of fantasy…your fantasy, that is, and your fantasy’s desire to see Miette and Avida strutting their stuff and showing off what is so excellent about them – their young, beautiful, naked bodies.

As the camera hones in on Miette, she bites her lip and stares into the lens. Running her hands through her hair, then over her breasts, she seduces the viewer with her girlish innocence masked by womanly eroticism. You cannot look away. Then comes Avida, the sassier of the two, striking a pose, facing forward and letting her female flower come in full view, then turning quickly and giving her ass a slap.

Back and forth is where your desire will be going after you view this incredible moving picture.

Lucina A: “Arakis” by Erro

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Lucina A: “Arakis” by Erro

The presence of Lucina is an enigma of innocence and seduction.

This bright series features the unsettling beauty of a twenty-one-year-old model hailing from the Czech Republic. Lucina is a voluptuous blonde enchantress who first appears dressed in a black baby doll top slit open to reveal her abdomen and cut low enough to show her buxom cleavage. Coordinating bikini panties cover the model’s bottom. Glittery high-heeled shoes adorn Lucina’s delicate feet. The scintillating lingerie compliments the youthfulness of this angel-faced beauty’s curvaceous figure.

The backdrop for “Arakis” is composed of ivory hues and vibrant lighting. Lucina’s vitality and vivaciousness translates through the medium of still photography with the expertise of Erro. The ornate spindles of the balcony present in many of the pictures accentuate the classic charms of Lucina.

The cover photograph for this series pictures Lucina crouched next to the spindles of the balcony. She is nude yet she still retains her sexy shoes. The model’s blonde hair falls in soft waves around her pretty face. A precious smile is set upon her lovely face as she eyes the camera. This photo showcases the full round curves of Lucina’s derriere.

Lucina’s refined facial features and generous bosom are the focal points of the next picture. The model poses with her arms crossed beneath her large breasts. She smiles sweetly. The edges of her black baby doll top edge the curves of her bosom. Lucina’s eyes are vibrant and lively.

As the photo shoot progresses, Lucina teasingly removes her baby doll top and bikini panties. Erros chronicles each step of the process in his unique photographic style. The picture showcased reveals a titillating image of Lucina pushing her panties down to her ankles. Her torso is bent over and one of her breasts has fallen out of the bodice of her lingerie top. The model looks upward at the camera with an expression that seems to communicate a coy “oops.”

Lucina’s Rubenesque physique is fully revealed in the final picture showcased from this collection. The model is photographed in a standing pose with one of her manicured hands resting beneath a breast and the other positioned atop her other breast. The smoothness between Lucina’s tender thighs is irresistible. The model’s precious face is turned at a slight angle so that she appears demure and innocent. The ripe form of the young woman, however, betrays these nonverbal innuendos.

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September 2, 2007

Carre and New Nude City

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Hegre Art
Denni Dancing
Curvaceous Deni just loves getting naked for the camera!

Hegre Art
Anastasia is waiting for you to come and enjoy her!

Hegre Art
Yasmina on the table
Yasmina is wearing only black stockings, come and meet her!

Hegre Art
Alina Lingerie
Busty Alina is unafraid to show off all she’s got to offer!

Hegre Art
Lona Foot Fetish
Come and enjoy some fun with this naughty blonde!

Hegre Art
Barbara Tied Up
Barbara is a bit tied up right now! Come and enjoy what she has for you!


Nikol in Every Weekend

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Exclusive Moving Picture – Nikol in ‘Every Weekend

Every weekend Nikol goes to the gardens and poses…but this weekend you get to join her.

The garden behind Nikol‘s house is, by her own admission, somewhat more than a garden. In fact, there’s almost 400 acres back there, some of which is gardened, but most of which is wild. It’s her family’s land, it means the world to her.

Every weekend, when Nikol isn’t working (she’s a nurse during the week) she likes to go out to the garden and relax. And becuase it’s private land, when the weather is warm, she often finds herself taking off her clothes and "getting into it."

It’s a way for her to go natural and escape from the every day. And that’s exactly what you’ll feel when you watch this video. Nikol is such a stunningly beautiful young blonde woman. At 20, she’s just ripening into her prime, and you get to be here to see it all. Every curve, every soft spot, every delicious secret is opened to your eyes.

Want to go for a walk in Nikol‘s garden? Find it at Femjoy

September 1, 2007

Babes of Met Art

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August 31, 2007

Natasha R: “Presenting Natasha” by Razin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Natasha R: “Presenting Natasha” by Razin

Natasha’s debut showcases this model’s haunting timeless beauty.

Razin presents a model that exemplifies the natural beauty Met-Art has built its reputation upon. The sultry vixen making her debut in this collection possesses a refined charm that’s riveting from the moment her image is glimpsed. Razin has chosen to use elements of soft lighting, shades of gray and black, and geometric patterns in this sampling of fine nude art photography. The effect is incredible.

The model’s countenance is one of seriousness and contemplation throughout the photo shoot. Upon reviewing the entirety of the gallery, one is left with a feeling of mystery about who this breathtakingly gorgeous woman is and what she is about. She reveals little of her multi-faceted personality. Perhaps a return appearance will offer the opportunity to better understand the innate charisma of Natasha.

Natasha’s ultra-feminine form is outfitted in a tight long-sleeved shirt, boy-cut panties, long sheer stockings, and high-heeled shoes. She is dressed from head to toe in black though there is plenty of her smooth, taut flesh exposed. A solid silver bracelet encircles one of the model’s slight wrists and adds a statement of simple elegance which is such a dominant part of the ambiance of this entire series.

The cover photo introducing this gallery presents an image of Natasha kneeling upon one bended knee. One of her hands rests upon a hardwood floor and assists in balancing Natasha’s positioning. The model’s other hand rests at the side of her head upon her silky blonde tresses. This pose offers a tastefully explicit view of Natasha’s most intimate feminine area. The model’s name is boldly emblazed across the photo. The image accompanied by this newcomers name make an impression that is memorable.

A close-up photograph of Natasha is reminiscent of a high-fashion magazine cover photo. The model’s long blonde hair curls over her shoulders and trails over her bosom. The lightness of her tresses contrasts sharply against the onyx-colored shirt worn by Natasha. Her clear eyes are perfectly framed by sweeping dark brows. A slight cleft adds character to Natasha’s defined chin. There is an amazing sense of symmetry and artistry present in this model’s facial composition.

Razin provides several pictures that showcase this model’s well-formed derriere. The photo highlighted pictures Natasha posed with her arms stretched above her head and with her backside facing the camera. The model’s long wavy hair tickles the small of Natasha’s back. Shadows cradle her silhouette.

The final photographs of Natasha’s debut culminate in the total undressing of the model save for her stockings and shoes. The selected picture representing this part of the series presents an image of Natasha standing with both of her hands situated upon her slim hips. The model’s hair hangs in long layers and reveals only the slightest view of Natasha’s lovely face. A tiny strip of darkness is visible between the model’s stocking clad thighs. Natasha’s stomach is tight and undeniably fit.

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Katya V: “Minarcos” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Katya V: “Minarcos” by Voronin

Katya is a creature of divinity and magnetism.

Katya is a popular Met model who once again manages to stand apart from the myriad of superb feminine beauty preserved within the pages of Met Art. This temptress is dressed for this photo shoot in a black mesh tank that clings to her buxom breasts. Thigh-high ebony stockings cling to the model’s shapely legs. These sparse lingerie items are just enough to add a heightened sense of eroticism to this collection.

The backdrop for "Minarcos" is comprised of ivory hues and various pastel shades of green. It’s an unusual choice of colors to use with the dark lingerie worn by Katya, but typical of Voronin, the photographer manages to create an aesthetically pleasing collection. A centerpiece of this gallery is a plush green-blue sofa that often provides a foundation upon which Katya spreads her impeccable physique.

The cover picture for this gallery is an example of Katya making use of this prop. The model is photographed nestled into the softness of the sofa. Her long platinum hair frames the glowing face of the twenty-year-old model. Katya’s slender arms are crossed over her abundant breasts. The curves of the seductress’ form are emphasized by the way the picture is presented and the way in which Katya is positioned.

Katya and Voronin offer a peek-a-boo look at the model’s flawless breasts in a close range picture. The model poses with one of her arms folded behind her head and the other pressed against a wall for support. Katya’s magnetic eyes and pretty pink lips are also the lotus of attention in this photograph. The model’s creamy complexion is smooth and beckons to be caressed with gentle hands.

Voronin presents an artistic photograph that focuses on the perfection of this model’s feminine form in the next showcased picture. Katya’s tank rests above her bosom so that her breasts are completely exposed. The model retains her thigh-high stockings and stands with one of her legs propped in a bent position. This photo accentuates vividly each line and curve of Katya’s superb figure without any distractions.

Katya is pictured posing with her body reclined on a window sill in the last picture reviewed from "Minarcos.” Voronin shoots the photograph at an angle that offers a definitive view of the darkness between Katya’s parted thighs. Gauzy ivory drapes are the backdrop against which this siren’s presence is captured. The background is an ingenius canvas against which to showcase the intensity of Katya’s magnetism.

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Hegre Art Models

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Hegre Art

Veronika – Red Panties
Dressed in her red panties Veronika is sure to raise your temperature. Come and feel the heat!

Hegre Art

Ira D – Gold on Gold
Sweet teen Ira D is waiting for you. You’d be crazy to miss her!

Hegre Art

Gislane – Brazilian Bamboo
Gorgeous Gislane is hiding in the bamboo shoots. Come and find her!

Hegre Art

Tatina – In Bed
Blonde teen Tatina loves getting naked for the camera. Dont miss her!

Femjoy – Valerie in ‘Virtual Twins’

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Femjoy – Valerie in ‘Virtual Twins’

In this incredible photo set, Valerie appears with her reflection, and the results are doubly arousing.

If there’s one thing better than one naked Valerie, it’s two naked Valeries, and that is what you get in this incredible photo series. It’s incredible not only for the beauty of its model and the cleverness of its conception, but also because the way in which the mirrors are used literally produces a "virtual twin" (hence the name) of Valerie, and you get to experience just what it might be like if not just one but two of this amazing brunette appeared nude in your bedroom one day. Totally stunning to say the least.

Valerie is just one of those unbelievably beautfiul models that seem to only appear on Femjoy. She is young, fresh, sexy, and eager to open up for the camera. How do we find them? Hard work, and a great reputation for treating our models with respect and producing photo sets that show them in the most flattering light.

Come inside and watch as Valerie makes love to her image as only a coy, sexy young nymphette can. Peering into her own eyes, enjoying the vision of stroking her own breasts, tenderly pressing her buttocks against the mirror, she plays with herself and the camera, producing a mesmerizing collection of erotic postures.

August 30, 2007

Dasha Posts on

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Dasha Writes:

My name is Dasha. I am from Kiev. I enjoy very much to read, to listen to music, and to swim in the lakes near my family cabin.

How did I choose to be posing naked, you may ask? After a day at the beach on my vacation, I decided to go for a walk alone in the town. The villages of Ukraine make me feel so romantic.

As I passed by a café, a young man caught my eye. I knew he was looking at me with desire, so I decided to meet him. We started talking and I got a funny feeling in my stomach.

You must understand. I am not every experienced in the ways of men. Where I am from girls are taught to be very shy and selective. I also want to save it for a special moment.

Well, my special moment was near. As we were talking, this young man told me he was a photographer. He said he took beautiful pictures of models with girlish beauty. He wanted to take pictures of me!

O, I was so scared! But I was also so excited. So I told him I was willing to go, but that I would not take my clothes off for him. He said that was fine, and we went.

Well, as you can see, I was not good to my word. When we got to his apartment, he gave me some wine and we talked. Then he invited me to his room. There were colorful silks on a beautiful bed. He asked me to get on the bed and, before I knew it, I was becoming naked! He truly teased my clothes off with his camera.

He had me show my breasts to the camera. He had me pull off my panties. And he had me show my entire nakedness. O I felt so free and I wanted to make love with him!

But I will tell you no more. The pictures say for themselves. I hope you enjoy looking at my body as much as he did. When I think about that day, I get that funny feeling in my stomach again. I am still young and my body is still maturing, but I feel that something changed in me that day. I feel ready now for love.

Dasha wanted to share with readers why she decided to pose nude, and hopes you will forgive her for being so shy.

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Hegre Art Galleries

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Hegre Art
Olga D – Oily Blondy
Lubricated and silky smooth, new model Olga D makes a slick debut you wont want to miss!
Hegre Art
Lana – Lanky
Blonde teen Lana loves to get naked for the camera. Come
and see for yourself!
Hegre Art
Amandine – Allure
French Amandine performs a seductive striptease that is sure to blow you away!
Hegre Art
Yanna – Sun Chair
Uninhibited Yanna lounges lazily in the sun. Why dont you join her?
Hegre Art
Caro – Privacy
Petite teen Caro enjoys a private moment. Come and take a look!

New Femjoy Beauties

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Kalinka and Olivia

August 29, 2007

Vika in “Dream Field” by Pasha

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Vika in “Dream Field” by Pasha

Vika feels the sea tugging at her. Come inside and share her discovery of its incredibly sensual power to transform a young woman’s desires into reality.

Vika feels the lure of the sea in her sweet young belly. She follows this feeling to the beach near her house. There, alone, she plays in the sand, naked and aroused. It is a primal event for this young beauty. She discovers things, feelings about herself that she didn’t know she had. She feels like the woman she soon will be.

To Vika, the sea is the man of her dreams. She has never known the love of a man, but she has known the love of the sea. He has enticed her into such wonderful ecstasy, she lives to please his passions. She understands his need for her, and she is happy to satisfy him.

The smell of the sea is the smell of her man. It is the smell of salt and open sky and adventure. When Vika smells the sea, her untouched body trembles. She feels it in her secret places where she grows all full of new desires. The smell of the sea excites Vika to enact her fantasies.

The sands of the sea are the hands of her man. She loves to rub her body in those wet, warm hands. They tingle on her pert nipples. They tickle her round, firm buttocks. They slip into her cozy sex and she washes them out with the sea. The hands of her man are welcome in her every sensitive part. Vika is deeply stimulated by the sands.

The waves of the sea are the passion of her man. His lusty surges thrash against her tender, shivering breasts. His eager foam flows and laps between her desperate thighs. Vika gives her virgin body to the urges of the sea and she accepts his every liquid eruption into her girlish innocence.

Swimming in the sea, she feels her lover’s wet embrace. This is what she lives for. These moments of rapture with the sea. This is her dream life, as she moves to and fro among her passionate mate.

Vika is dancing naked for the sea. She is giving her body to its incredible power, and letting it teach her the sensual methods. Is there anything more pure and beautiful? These are the thrills of teen desire. Come, and share Vika by the sea.

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MET Art Beauty

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Liza B: “Melange” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Liza B: “Melange” by Voronin

Liza is a statuesque blonde-haired enchantress dressed in a black v-necked form-fitting blouse that exposes a glimpse of her smooth shoulders. Sexy black panties adorned with a silver-accented belt complete the model’s tempting attire. A simple silver chain with an elegant charm and silver-hoop earrings are worn by Liza.

Voronin creates a pleasing setting of textures and neutral colors against which to showcase the magnetic appeal of Liza. Soft camel and olive pillows and ivory furry rugs are part of the elements that surround the model. The walls are ivory and accented with hanging greenery.

Liza’s nude form is pictured perched on the back of wooden chair in the cover photograph introducing this series. The model’s torso is slightly bent over and she pulls her long blonde bangs back away from her face as she poses. Vibrant yellow flowers and red tulle bows add a splash of color to the picture.

A close-up photograph of Liza presents an image of the model’s sculpted facial features. Liza rests one of her hands upon her temple and gazes intently into the camera. The plunging neckline of the model’s ebony shirt reveals a tantalizing view of her cleavage. The dark hue of Liza’s blouse contrasts starkly against the lightness of her long straight hair.

Liza poses in a way that is suggestive of shyness. The gorgeous blonde stands with her back against the wall. Her lovely hands are positioned between her closed thighs and her shoulders are pulled inward. The model’s blouse clings to her hips. Liza’s hair covers one of her breasts while the other is exposed. The model turns her face to the side so that her charming facial profile can be surveyed.

The talented model offers a view of her well-formed derriere in the final picture selected for review from the series. Liza drapes one of her thighs over the back of a wooden chair. Voronin photographs the model from behind. Liza pulls her long bangs and the sides of her hair away from her face so that her extreme facial beauty is visible. The ivory walls are like a canvas upon which the flawless image of Liza is emblazed upon. Voronin’s and Liza’s work together consistently results in the type of fine nude art photography that has made Met Art the leader in this arena.

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August 28, 2007

FEMJOY – Viewing Nude Art

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FEMJOY – Viewing Options

At Femjoy, choosing how you want to view the amazing photos and movies is half the fun. Come inside to read about the unique viewing options.

At Femjoy, you can always count on beautiful young naked models posing in impeccably composed photo sets and moving pictures. But you can also count on some viewing options that make looking at those photo sets and moving pictures even more enjoyable than it might be otherwise.

With the photo sets, they are always presented with three sizes for every photo – small, medium, and large, with the small being 800 pixels, the medium 1200 pixels, and the large 3000 pixels. You can view the size of photo that’s right for your connection and screen size. You can also view the different sizes by clicking on different parts of the thumb, a feature that no other site has.

With our moving pictures, they offer you five different formats to help you choose what’s right for your connection speed and movie viewer. If you have a Windows machine, you can view their super Hi Def videos or our mid-level Med Def videos in .wmv format. If you have a Mac, you can view them in Hi Def Quicktime or Med Def Quicktime. And if you have an iPod, they also offer iPod-ready video formats.

At Femjoy, choosing HOW to view the content is half the fun. And that’s the Femjoy difference.

Carina A: “Splendia” by Giovanni Nova

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Carina A: “Splendia” by Giovanni Nova

Carina’s brand of splendid beauty is displayed in this intriguing series.

Carina first appears wearing a pair of black leather thigh high boots that emphasize the slenderness and shapeliness of her long legs. Two pastel green belts embellished with sequins encircle aspects of the teen’s form. The first is secured between Carina’s natural breasts and the other hugs her curvaceous hips. The horizontal placement of these belts boldly contrasts against the contours of Carina’s amazing figure.

Carina’s long chestnut tresses are untamed and casually styled. Blonde highlights are interspersed throughout her locks complimenting her tanned skin tones. The teen wears various pieces of diamond jewelry. Earrings, a bracelet, a ring, and a belly button charm are worn by Carina.

The backdrop for this photo shoot is a well-lit kitchen dominated by hues of white. Giovanni Nova makes expert use of the light and the setting to showcase the splendid charms of this top Met Art model.

The cover image introducing this gallery presents a smiling Carina posed nude in a crouching position. Her sweet smile beckons her audience to view the rest of the pictures contained within “Splendia.” The flesh between the teen’s thighs is clearly visible and without question tantalizing.

The first photograph contained within this collection is a close up shot of Carina. There’s a definite sense of innocence and youthfulness captured in this picture. The model pulls her long hair off her shoulders and eyes the camera openly. Her arms are extended above her head. A belt clasped between Carina’s breasts partially occludes them.

Carina’s voluptuous derriere is the focal point of the next photograph. The model’s stance emphasizes its fullness and firmness. Carina’s tresses graze the small of her back and draw the eye to her exposed buttocks.

The model is seated on a stool in the final picture from this collection. A countenance of defiance is set upon Carina’s expressive face. The sense of innocence evoked in the first photograph in the series is replaced by a more mature and provocative essence. One of Carina’s feet is perched at the edge of her seat while the other steadies her on the stool. The result of this positioning reveals the pinkness between her parted thighs.

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Femjoy – Eva in ‘finca’

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FEMJOY – Eva in ‘finca

Basking nude on her finca, Eva is the perfect image of elegant Spanish royalty – sophisticated, olive-skinned, and sublimely sensual.

A finca is defined as a rural property, especially a large farm or ranch, in Spanish America. And the location for the shoot called finca, starring the inestimable Eva, is an excellent example of what it might be like to be on a finca. But this is even better, because this fantasy finca contains a naked Eva, whose beauty has won her an ever-increasing popularity with our members.

Eva is unedeniably luscious, cute, and alluring. Every set we post of her is an instant masterpiece, heavily downloaded and chosen by our members for their personal collection. It all starts with Eva‘s elegant dark hair, belying her Spanish upbringing. Then, with her perfectly petite breasts and curvaceous figure, she hovers before you like the image of the perfect budding teen. And with smooth creamy slightly brown skin, Eva is like an angel come down to earth for our enjoyment.

Isn’t it time you spent some heavenly hours with Eva on her finca?

August 27, 2007

Alena I & Katya Ab: “Thamis” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Alena I & Katya AB: ‘Thamis‘ by Voronin

Alena and Katya are the two dark-haired models featured in intimate and sensual series. The photo shoot is conducted within a large sauna. Natural wood and subdued lighting are elements that dominate the setting of “Thamis.”

The two teen models are nude from the outset of the gallery. Colorful necklaces are the only accessories worn by the girls. The physiques’ of Alena and Katya are very similar. Both of the girls are naturally tall and thin. The pairing of these two beauties is aesthetically pleasing. The personal chemistry and attraction between Alena and Katya is apparent throughout the series. Voronin has a unique way of making the models he works with feel totally comfortable and at ease with his professionalism and creative vision.

The cover picture for this gallery presents an image of the brunette teens seconds away from engaging in a tender kiss. Alena is seated on her bottom while Katya kneels on one of kneels at Alena’s side. Alena’s youthful face is upturned a bit as she awaits the wetness of Katya’s full lips. Katya absently fingers her brightly-colored necklace as she comes close enough to Alena to feel her quickened breath. The eroticism of this photograph is visceral.

Voronin frames the youthful allure of these two teens in the subsequent featured picture. The girls are photographed smiling at the camera. The models’ lips glisten with a hint of gloss. Their cheeks glow with the liveliness of youth. Alena and Katya embody the qualities of innocence as well as seduction. It is perhaps their sense of innocence that evokes the imaginings of seduction. The pairing of the two only intensifies these qualities.

Voronin displays his artistic flair in the next sample from "Thamis.” Katya’s vulnerable face and blossoming bosom is pictured in the shadow of Alena’s physique. The curve of Alena’s waist, hip, and thigh are pictured at the edge of the photograph. This unusual picture is innovative and creative. Elements like these are part of the genius of Voronin.

Alena and Katya are photographed standing side by side in the last photo showcased. It is this positioning of the models that reveals blatantly the similarities between their forms’. This picture showcases the sinuous stretch of the girls’ arms and legs and the flatness of their abdomens’. The pert bosoms’ of the teen girls are also notable. The darkness of the background of the picture ensures that Alena and Katya are the focal point of the picture.

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