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September 8, 2007

Sharon and Vika in “Teaser” by Rigin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Sharon and Vika in “Teaser” by Rigin

When one is photographing two women together, and yet one is not putting on airs about their being “lesbians” or “lovers,” then the goal is the erotica of contrast. Two women must elicit a multitude of differences, and each difference must be exciting and contribute “something extra” to the entire viewing experience as an erotic event. In this particular series, Rigin has achieved this differentiating effect by casting Sharon and Vika together, two models who, on the face of it, might seem similar, but who in fact offer a perfect example of the way in which contrast can contribute to sensual heightening.

There are several different contrasting forces occurring in this gallery. The first that’s most apparent is the visual one. Sharon is darker, Vika is lighter. Sharon is the brunette, Vika the blonde. Sharon’s eyes are brown, Vika’s are blue. Sharon is also considerably tanner, while Vika maintains a deep winter pale. A number of associations can be dreamt up given these contrasts – chocolate and vanilla, dark and light, night and day, south and north, etc…placing each of the girls on a distant axis of desire that opens up interpretive room for the viewer to enter into the scenario.

Another contrast exists in the attitudes, or what one might call the “esprit,” of the models. In line with the darker/lighter dichotomy, Sharon appears to be the “stronger” and the more “aggressive” of the two, while Vika remains on the more “tender” and “passive” side of the posing relationship. To highlight this difference, one could point out that it is more often Sharon that is “on top” or “taking the initiative,” by, for instance, whispering into Vika’s ear or curling her legs around her waist. Vika, on the other hand, seems to be in the recipient position. This contrast is most evident in the fact that Vika spends a lot of time looking at the camera, while Sharon spends her time looking at Vika. The “desire” in the series clearly lies with Sharon FOR Vika, while Vika’s desire is pointing out of the photos, at the viewer.

Of course, the exception always makes the rule. We do see Vika on top of Sharon now and then, but when Sharon is on top of Vika, she is looking “menacing” and “seductive,” whereas, while Vika is on top of Sharon, she is smiling and laughing, almost embarrassed at being ‘in the on top position.” All in all, the effect is two young women at play in bed, and their personalities emerge in the contrasts. And it is these contrasts that give their play so much enjoyment for the viewer who, through their difference, is able to imagine himself playing between the two sensual opposites.

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September 7, 2007

More MET Euro Models

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Dasha G & Angelina A: “Sisters” by Giovanni Nova

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Dasha G & Angelina A: “Sisters” by Giovanni Nova

Nova displays his ability to work with and pair two lovely models together in an outstanding photographic presentation. He manages to communicate the intimacy and affection these two models share with and for each other through the medium of still photography. The loveliness of Dasha and Angelina compliment one another. This is another aspect of Nova’s visionary talent.

Dasha and Angelina are first make their appearance wearing only colorful form-fitting wraps. Dasha’s sarong is dominated by hues of fuchsia and blue that fade into each other. Angelina’s garb is solid yellow. Both of the scarves are embellished with fringe that reaches the models’ ankles. Dasha and Angelina are topless from the outset of the photo shoot. Classic pearl necklaces adorn the graceful necks of the duo. The lithe ultra-feminine physiques of the two models immediately capture the attention.

The setting for the gallery “Sisters” is prevalent with wood accents. The walls shimmer with honey-colored paneling. A wooden armoire is glimpsed in the background of several of the photos. The bedding upon which the models explore each others bodies is dominated with an earthy masculine print. The culmination of these elements is quite masculine and balances the overwhelming femininity embodied by these two young women.

Early into the course of the photo shoot, Dasha and Angelina undress one another. The cover photo for this series pictures Dasha beginning to remove the butter-colored wrap that encircles Angelina’s svelte hips. The two vixens eye the camera with wide-eyed mischievous expressions that welcome voyeurs. Nova chronicles their mutual disrobement unobtrusively. The photographer integrates many unusual camera angles into this collection. This may be due in part to the fast-moving action between the two models. Dasha and Angelina are pictured in a variety of positions that stir the erotic imagination.

Nova presents an engaging image of the two models open-mouthed, ready to partake in the wetness of each others lips. The likenesses of the two women are so similar in this photograph that it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. Angelina lies on her side with her wondrous bosom facing in the direction of the camera. Dasha embraces the auburn-haired beauty as she presses her face close to Angelina.

Another stunning photograph from “Sisters” pictures the models lying side by side. Angelina is positioned with her backside exposed. Dasha’s own derriere is pressed against one of Angelina’s thighs. The contours and curves of their nude forms seem to mirror each other. Their similarities are unsettling in an intriguing way. This is perhaps the effect that Nova strived for when presenting this image. The last picture showcased from this collection pushes the boundaries of fine nude art photography. The close up photograph of Dasha and Angelina’s most private feminine areas is intense and bold. Nova’s expert use of lighting and his handle on composition maintain the tastefulness and integrity of this photo.

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New Femjoy HD Movies

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Femjoy HD Movies
Femjoy HD Movies

2 New Femjoy Movies

Angelina in "Time Stands"
Miette and Avida in "Back and Forth"

Paris A: “Presenting Paris” by Giovanni Nova

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Paris A: “Presenting Paris” by Giovanni Nova

This gallery doesn’t contain images of the Hilton heiress but the Paris pictured is just as dazzling. This leggy vixen begins her debut photo shoot with Nova dressed in a black bra and panty set and a denim jacket. A pair of white high heel sandals completes the model’s risqué ensemble.

Peach walls, a colorful tile floor, and silver textured round tables are the main elements that make up the setting against which Paris is photographed. The cover picture for this gallery captures an image of the model seated on one of the tables. Paris is nude though she retains her sexy high heel shoes. The model’s long straight tresses cover most of her chest leaving one on the verge of breathlessness waiting to see a full view of her bosom. A hint of a smile is discernable on the model’s sweet pink lips.

Giovanni Nova provides several opportunities to admire the flawless facial beauty of the newcomer in close up photos. One example of Nova’s close range shots of Sybille pictures her precious face surrounded by soft lighting and shadows. The model rests one of her well-manicured hands at the edge of her face. A definite sense of vulnerability and innocence is evoked by this photograph of Paris. One of the model’s pert breasts is pictured also included in the composition of this enthralling picture.

The next photograph reveals a more seductive and mature image of Paris. The model is pictured sitting upon one of her hips with her toned legs parted. The blonde-haired enchantress with beguiling eyes is topless. The firmness of her breasts emphasizes the youthfulness of her physique. Bikini-style black panties cover the femininity between Paris’ opened thighs. The model rests one of her elbows on her leg and again rests one of her hands at the side of her delicate face. The positioning of Paris’ hand next to her gorgeous face draws attention to the supreme natural beauty this model possesses. A dainty golden bracelet encircles one of the model’s wrists. Nova is a photographer who pays attention to details. This series is a testament to this quality inherent in his work.

Paris is pictured with her backside in full view in the last photo featured from this model’s debut appearance. Her flowing highlighted blonde tresses brush the tops of her buttocks. This part of Paris’ form is truly one of her most ravishing physical features. The vantage point of Nova’s camera offers a glimpse of the treasure that lies between Paris’ lean thighs. Erotic fantasies are fueled by this picture.

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September 6, 2007

Sybille A: “Inertia” by Giovanni Nova

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Sybille A: “Inertia” by Giovanni Nova

Sybille is photographed against a black backdrop of yellow-orange light. This selection of coloring accentuates the vitality of this stunning blonde. Sybille is dressed casually for this photo shoot. She wears a white blouse styled with openings in the long sleeves. These openings reveal a glimpse of the model’s tanned flesh. Sybille is also dressed in a pair of short denim shorts that showcase her long shapely legs. Cute wedge shoes adorn the model’s feet. A wide belt embellished with a striking butterfly encircles Sybille’s waist and is an accessory present in several of the pictures within this collection.

The photograph introducing “Inertia” offers a scintillating image of Sybille reclining on a black and white pedestal. The model is nude except for an ornamental butterfly belt fastened around her slender waist. A necklace made of beads and animal-charms also rests in the space between Sybille’s breasts. The smoothness between this seductress’ parted thighs is impossible not to notice.

Nova incorporates images of Sybille posing with a juicy pink slice of watermelon in several photos within this series. The result is erotically suggestive. The close up photograph highlighted pictures Sybille tasting the ripe succulent piece of fruit with her tongue. The model’s bright eyes are focused on Nova’s camera which underscores the innuendo communicated by this composition. Sybille’s complexion glows with youthfulness.

Sybille is photographed with her exquisite bosom exposed in the next photograph. The model is clad in denim shorts and the butterfly belt that is so often present during the opening of this photo shoot. Sybille leans to one side with one of her arms bent and the other resting at her side. The model’s glistening blue eyes are extraordinary. They grab the attention immediately. Sybille’s pink lips are opened just enough to reveal her brilliant white teeth. The model’s loveliness is undeniable and truly showcased in this photo.

The final picture highlighted from “Inertia” reveals an image of Sybille photographed from behind. The model is posed with her torso bent and with her hands resting on a black and white platform. Sybille’s perfectly round sweetheart-shaped bottom is the obvious focus of this bold photograph. The model wears a pair of wedge shoes accented with pink bows at the heels. The shoes emphasize Sybille’s toned and curvaceous legs.

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New From Femjoy

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Juman in “Absolute” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Juman in “Absolute” by Voronin

In this inspiring new series from Voronin, we are given over 150 photos of the incomparable model, Juman. Met-Art members have come to know Juman through a variety of photo galleries and videos, yet she never ceases to dazzle and amaze with her exotic, decidedly sensual style. Her brunette, gypsy-like appearance draws the viewer into a world perhaps long gone, yet imminently available through the power of Met-Art’s continuing dedication to the daily experience of savoring beauty.

And it is to the unique and compelling persona of Juman that we turn in this essay, extracting from these images what we can in order to “get to know” this delightful young woman. In many ways, Juman has become the Cleopatra of Met-Art. She has the same power and mystique as the ancient queen of Egypt, and one can certainly imagine Roman warriors throwing away their military duties to spend “luxurious moments” in her presence. Yet what, specifically, is it about Juman that makes her so capable of drawing in our gaze?

One could say without any irony that Juman possesses all the qualities of the classic “Dark Lady.” We have come to know this entity through the works of Shakespeare specifically, but it has been a device of poets since the Middle Ages. The “Dark Lady” is a tempting, mysterious, and, of course, “dark” young woman who comes to possess a certain power over her admirers due primarily to the apparent difficulty at “getting to know her.” She does not readily submit to analysis. There is a power behind her stare, emanating from the glorious image of her naked body, that cannot be named and yet can also not be avoided.

Juman has such a power. She seems to function best in shadow, turning her body at all angles, taking advantage of the light. In her eyes one beholds a deep knowledge of her seductive capabilities, yet at the same time there is a certain tenderness, or innocence, that shimmers from those brown pupils. She is letting us in, but not too quickly. We must work, and wait, and then we will arrive at her heart.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the master craft of Voronin, particularly on display in this stunning, large series of photos. Inside we get Juman in every sense. From the front, from the side, from behind, always with that same “come hither” stare. To view this photo series of Juman is to experience a young woman in all her entirety. And that, in a sense, is the true gift of Met-Art and its brilliant photographers and models.

Met Art Met Art

Juman is youthful and unpretentious in this latest offering by Voronin. The model wears only a hint of cosmetics and her hair is simply pulled away from her face with a barrette. She wears no jewelry except for her trademark belly button charm – she is rarely photographed without this adornment. This film provides a very natural and intimate look at one of the absolute beauties of Met-Art.

Voronin uses a mirror shrouded in shadows to create some stunning visual effects throughout this film and the still series that accompanies the movie. The presence of Juman is often doubled as she moves throughout an intimate setting of a sitting room. This is a photographic device that Voronin is a master at using in his work.

Juman poses with a long black net scarf. She is nude from the opening of the film so that her exquisite flesh can be surveyed. She sits upon the floor in front of a mirror. This gives viewers the chance to admire her gorgeous buttocks as she smoothly lunges on her hands and knees towards Voronin’s camera. Juman’s countenance is very expressive throughout the film. She is sensual and confident.

The soundtrack of this movie is very soft and unobtrusive. It compliments the gentle charm that Juman exudes throughout the film. The music is like a whisper cradling the model as she performs for Voronin’s camera – and for Met-Art viewers.

Juman moves to a sofa as the film progresses. She uses the ebony scarf to accentuate the curves and lines of her body. The model reclines along the top of the sofa, stretching out the full length of her body. Her perfectly manicured hands caress every aspect of her unblemished physique. Voronin offers a myriad of angles and views of Juman as she writhes passionately upon the couch.

The lighting used by Voronin is bright. This provides a crisp and vivid view of Juman’s youthful allure. Powder blue walls provide a colorful backdrop for the majority of the movie. The sofa is a patchwork of blues, lavenders, and other muted colors. This subtle pallet adds to the gentle ambiance of the entire movie.

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September 5, 2007

Femjoy Improvements

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One of the sites that EuroHotties feels strives to continually improve we’d like to draw your attention to today. You will only find beautiful and natural girls on Femjoy. And all our images and videos are bright, clear and wonderfully composed. Not wasting your time on sub-par quality! Femjoy is the only site to post HDV videos along with poster-size photo sets. So you can look at the photos first, and then watch the video. The sensation is incredibly thrilling, and one we strongly recommend. Femjoy stands for premium quality and real girls – expect more than a nice cover!

September 4, 2007

Mili Jay: “Presenting Mili Jay” by Mark

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Mili Jay: “Presenting Mili Jay” by Mark

Mark has chosen a seascape setting against which to showcase the unspoiled innate beauty of newcomer Mili Jay. The model is nude from the opening of the photo shoot. Mili Jay’s confidence is tangible as she unabashedly climbs at the edge of clusters of sand-colored rocks and ventures into shallow shoreline waters. Mark does an expert job of chronicling the model’s exploration of her natural surroundings. The photographer manages to remain unobtrusive with his camera while providing an up close look at Mili Jay’s unique loveliness.

The raven-haired model poses with her hands clasped behind her head in the cover photograph announcing this gallery. A gentle breeze drifts through the tendrils of the model’s hair as she poses against a backdrop of rock formations. Grains of sand cling to Mili Jay’s thighs that are slightly overlapped in the stance she holds. A thin line of darkness is still visible in the space between her legs.

Mili Jay’s legs are submerged in water in the next picture showcased. The focal points of this photograph are the model’s refined facial features and her round pert breasts. Mili Jay’s torso is cocked slightly and underscores her tapered waist and the prominent bone structure of her upper body. The model’s long hair is wet and sleek. This allows for an unobstructed view of Mili Jay’s shimmering cat-like eyes, smooth cheeks, and pink succulent lips. The lighting in this photo creates the illusion that Mili Jay is standing in the center of aqua swirls.

Mark offers a tastefully explicit image of Mili Jay seated at the edge of the water with her most intimate area openly visible. The model’s legs are opened and her knees slightly bent while shallow waters cover her buttocks and the backs of her thighs. Mili Jay grasps a strand of her long damp hair while glancing to her side. There’s a sense of reserve suggested by the model’s body language despite the undeniable eroticism conjured by her image.

Mili Jay’s voluptuous derriere is showcased in the final photograph featured from this model’s debut appearance. The model is pictured leaning against an expansive wall of rocks. Her long black tresses are adhered to her shoulders and back. Mili Jay’s gorgeous face is turned to the side so that a partial view of her stunning profile is visible. Grainy sand clings to the small of the model’s back just above the beginning curves of her buttocks.

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Nikky Case: “Aminias” by Mark

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Nikky Case: “Aminias” by Mark

Nikky Case is a twenty-two-year-old grad student who is a native of the Czech Republic. This gorgeous model has made several appearances at Met working exclusively with seasoned photographer Mark. Nikky has found her way to the United States to continue her studies in Law at a university in the State of Georgia. Obviously, this pretty gal has a superior intellect that matches her extraordinary good looks.

A huge red tractor is an integral part of this photo shoot. This is a truly unique setting that speaks to the originality of the photographer Mark. Nikky first appears dressed in a halter-style gray mesh top that clings to the contours of her full bosom. A vibrant multi-colored wrap is tied at the side of Nikky’s hip. The model’s long dark blonde hair flows freely over her shoulders and trails down her back.

Nikky is pictured inside the cab of the tractor in the cover photograph introducing "Aminias.”

The wrap that once covered the model’s bottom is now spread over the seat she poses upon. Part of the scarf rests on one of her slender thighs. Nikky’s legs are parted enough to reveal an explicit view of pink flesh between them. The model’s face is tilted slightly downward resulting in a clear view of its definitive lines and contours. Nikky’s facial features are delicate and refined.

Another featured photo from this series presents a memorable image of Nikky leaning against the oversized hub of a tractor tire. The model’s filmy tank top is hiked just above her breasts resulting in their exposure. Nikky’s slender arms are extended above her head as she presses her back against the metallic part of the tire wheel. This pose results in the feeling that Nikky is somewhat vulnerable and perhaps offering herself to the viewer. The model’s sensual prowess is reflected in her unflinching gaze captured by Mark’s camera.

The photographer offers the opportunity to appreciate the magnitude of Nikky’s charms in the next photograph. The model has shed her clothing and is photographed standing next to the tractor. Nikky holds onto the piece of machinery with one hand and grasps her pink, orange, and ivory scarf with the other. The gauzy material is draped around the model’s neck and its silkiness brushes against one of Nikky’s bared breasts.

Nikky stands virtually in the same location in the final picture highlighted from "Aminias,” but it’s her backside that garners the attention of the eye. Her buttocks are round and perfectly proportioned with the rest of the model’s physique. Nikky confidently maintains eye contact with the camera.

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Femjoy – Octavia in ‘Ethnos’

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Femjoy – Octavia in ‘Ethnos

In an innocent and pure vision of natural nudity, Octavia is our choice for Best Of photo series this week for one reason – she typifies so simply what Femjoy does best.

There is, in a sense, not much to this photo series. No props, no striking poses, no camera tricks. And yet, for all its simplicity, there is something truly amazing about Octavia in "Ethnos." And what that amazing something is cuts to the heart of what is so special about Femjoy.

Here she is, 19 years old, fully naked with nothing but a subtle native rustic tiara on her head. Around her is a stand of Aspen trees, and the grass in the field looks to be in late Fall. There’s a strong sun in the sky, and Octavia glistens with brown and white, the result of a tan (and tan lines) recently acquired.

She looks into the camera. She touches a tree. She shows us something under her skirt, under her shirt. She gets down on all fours and peers longingly into the lens. Simple moves, but so much happens. This girl is budding right before our eyes, and she blends so perfectly into the landscape that you’d swear she was a natural emanation of the forest itself. A naked, beautiful, innocent forest nymph come to fill your fantasies with joy.

September 3, 2007

Olga M: “Tantrika” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Olga M: “Tantrika” by Voronin

Olga is a bewitching exotic beauty in this shadowy series.

The ambiance for this photo shoot is dark and mysterious yet somehow retains a sense of inviting intimacy. The invitation, however, is laden with a sense of dangerous intrigue. Olga, with her onyx-colored eyes framed by definitive arched brows owns her femininity. Her carnal prowess is palpable as Voronin captures her cat-like presence in this collection composed of over 140 photographs.

The introductory picture for “Tantrika” announces immediately the high-quality of the photography contained within the complete gallery. Olga stands with her hands resting upon her slender hips. She is clad only in a pair of embellished black stockings that cling to each curve of her long toned legs. Olga’s full pert bosom is bared. A sprawling foggy coastline is visible behind Olga through several panoramic windows.

The next photograph presents the opportunity to appreciate the beguiling facial beauty of this gorgeous model. Olga’s face is turned in such a way that accentuates the strong lines of her nose and jaw line. The model’s full lips are slightly opened and tinted subtly with a shade of pastel pink. Her pink manicured nails shimmer against the darkness of her ebony tresses upswept at the back of her head. One of Olga’s flawless breasts is also visible in this head shot, but the focal point of the photo is clearly the exotic facial beauty of the model.

Olga is dressed in a lacy ebony bra and coordinating black stockings attached to a black garter belt for this photo shoot. The darkness between the model’s thighs is exposed from the opening of “Tantrika" because she wears no panties. The subsequent picture highlighted from this series offers an image of Olga kneeling at the edge of her bed. The model’s arms are positioned behind her back. Her bra is only partially covering her exquisite breasts. Olga’s tapered waist and flat abdomen are clearly highlighted by this pose. Nebulous lighting surrounds the image of Olga and underscores the dark attractiveness of this model.

The final photograph featured from "Tantrika" is a sexy image of Olga seated upon her bed. The bed is covered with a white bedspread embellished with Oriental writings. A grey sky dimly illuminates the room. Tendrils of the model’s long dark hair partially cover her breasts and shoulders. Olgais positioned in a way that accentuates the natural curve of her ultra-feminine physique. The prominent bone structure of her torso is unmistakable in this picture. The dark coloring of Olga’s skin is also notable and appealing.

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Hegre Sites

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what’s NEW this week

Film: Linda Indian Ocean
Imagine yourself transported to an exotic location. A beach
somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean with warm sunshine,
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FM Teens:
Featured Films
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Carre: Monica
Check out this gorgeous new gallery as Monica shows off
her delicate lace panties. Pulling them tight so you get a perfect
view – this
is another high quality erotic photo set from Didier Carre.

Eufrat A: “Cotton” by Tim Fox

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Met Art
Met Art
Met Art

Eufrat A: “Cotton – Real World” by Tim Fox

Eufrat’s latest film appearance reveals the teen’s playful spirit.

Tim Fox is a photographer with a very distinctive style. His galleries are consistently glamorous and feature some of Met’s most stunning models. The artist’s approach to film production is just as distinctive as the series he submits to Met.

Fox integrates still photographs of Eufrat throughout “Cotton.” He also uses flash frames to add interest to this erogenous and entertaining movie. The soundtrack accompanying the film is modern and sets an upbeat tone for the film.

The setting for “Cotton” is a well-appointed kitchen decorated in hues of ivory, gray, and greenish blue. Fox uses lighting that compliments the extreme allure of this popular Met model. Eufrat is clad in a shimmering form-fitting strapless champagne-colored dress. The dress is embellished with a large silver buckle at Eufrat’s waist. Black high heels upon the teen’s feet accentuate the model’s long and slender legs.

The voice of Eufrat’s best friend can be heard in the background of this film’s soundtrack. Eufrat’s level of comfort is evident as she interacts with her friend and with the photographer. Eufrat is confident and doesn’t hesitate to reveal the treasures of her nude flesh beneath her sexy dress.

The teen offers a glimpse of her playful disposition by teasing viewers with an edge of her dress. Eufrat plays a game of peek-a-boo as she reveals the flesh between her parted legs. This teen’s vivacious smile sparkles. Her thick dark hair frames her pretty face eloquently.

The cover photograph introducing this movie presents an image of Eufrat bending over a kitchen counter with her backside positioned toward the camera. The model’s adorable face is discernable as she looks over her shoulder in the direction of Fox’s camera. The shapeliness of Eufrat’s legs and derriere are heart-stopping. Eufrat’s flesh is taut and toned.

Fans of this gorgeous model will be impressed with her latest film appearance. This medium of erotic artistry lends an unparalleled look at every facet of the teen’s attractiveness. Tim Fox’s talent of showcasing timeless beauty can be appreciated on a fresh and exciting level with his offering of this film. His creativity and vision stands apart as unique and original.

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Femjoy – Miette and Avida in ‘Back and Forth’

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Femjoy – Miette and Avida in ‘Back and Forth’

Two beautiful young women, two dazzling naked bodies, and one absolutely sensual moving picture experience.

This moving picture is called "Back and Forth," but you’ll have to download it to really get a sense for what that phrase means. Suffice to say that the "back and forth" we’re speaking of involves the adorable Miette and the sizzling Avida, and that going "back and forth" between the two models is about as alluring an experience as a man could have.

This video is staged largely as a photo shoot, though it’s one that takes place in the world of fantasy…your fantasy, that is, and your fantasy’s desire to see Miette and Avida strutting their stuff and showing off what is so excellent about them – their young, beautiful, naked bodies.

As the camera hones in on Miette, she bites her lip and stares into the lens. Running her hands through her hair, then over her breasts, she seduces the viewer with her girlish innocence masked by womanly eroticism. You cannot look away. Then comes Avida, the sassier of the two, striking a pose, facing forward and letting her female flower come in full view, then turning quickly and giving her ass a slap.

Back and forth is where your desire will be going after you view this incredible moving picture.

Lucina A: “Arakis” by Erro

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Lucina A: “Arakis” by Erro

The presence of Lucina is an enigma of innocence and seduction.

This bright series features the unsettling beauty of a twenty-one-year-old model hailing from the Czech Republic. Lucina is a voluptuous blonde enchantress who first appears dressed in a black baby doll top slit open to reveal her abdomen and cut low enough to show her buxom cleavage. Coordinating bikini panties cover the model’s bottom. Glittery high-heeled shoes adorn Lucina’s delicate feet. The scintillating lingerie compliments the youthfulness of this angel-faced beauty’s curvaceous figure.

The backdrop for “Arakis” is composed of ivory hues and vibrant lighting. Lucina’s vitality and vivaciousness translates through the medium of still photography with the expertise of Erro. The ornate spindles of the balcony present in many of the pictures accentuate the classic charms of Lucina.

The cover photograph for this series pictures Lucina crouched next to the spindles of the balcony. She is nude yet she still retains her sexy shoes. The model’s blonde hair falls in soft waves around her pretty face. A precious smile is set upon her lovely face as she eyes the camera. This photo showcases the full round curves of Lucina’s derriere.

Lucina’s refined facial features and generous bosom are the focal points of the next picture. The model poses with her arms crossed beneath her large breasts. She smiles sweetly. The edges of her black baby doll top edge the curves of her bosom. Lucina’s eyes are vibrant and lively.

As the photo shoot progresses, Lucina teasingly removes her baby doll top and bikini panties. Erros chronicles each step of the process in his unique photographic style. The picture showcased reveals a titillating image of Lucina pushing her panties down to her ankles. Her torso is bent over and one of her breasts has fallen out of the bodice of her lingerie top. The model looks upward at the camera with an expression that seems to communicate a coy “oops.”

Lucina’s Rubenesque physique is fully revealed in the final picture showcased from this collection. The model is photographed in a standing pose with one of her manicured hands resting beneath a breast and the other positioned atop her other breast. The smoothness between Lucina’s tender thighs is irresistible. The model’s precious face is turned at a slight angle so that she appears demure and innocent. The ripe form of the young woman, however, betrays these nonverbal innuendos.

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September 2, 2007

Carre and New Nude City

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Hegre Art
Denni Dancing
Curvaceous Deni just loves getting naked for the camera!

Hegre Art
Anastasia is waiting for you to come and enjoy her!

Hegre Art
Yasmina on the table
Yasmina is wearing only black stockings, come and meet her!

Hegre Art
Alina Lingerie
Busty Alina is unafraid to show off all she’s got to offer!

Hegre Art
Lona Foot Fetish
Come and enjoy some fun with this naughty blonde!

Hegre Art
Barbara Tied Up
Barbara is a bit tied up right now! Come and enjoy what she has for you!


Nikol in Every Weekend

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Exclusive Moving Picture – Nikol in ‘Every Weekend

Every weekend Nikol goes to the gardens and poses…but this weekend you get to join her.

The garden behind Nikol‘s house is, by her own admission, somewhat more than a garden. In fact, there’s almost 400 acres back there, some of which is gardened, but most of which is wild. It’s her family’s land, it means the world to her.

Every weekend, when Nikol isn’t working (she’s a nurse during the week) she likes to go out to the garden and relax. And becuase it’s private land, when the weather is warm, she often finds herself taking off her clothes and "getting into it."

It’s a way for her to go natural and escape from the every day. And that’s exactly what you’ll feel when you watch this video. Nikol is such a stunningly beautiful young blonde woman. At 20, she’s just ripening into her prime, and you get to be here to see it all. Every curve, every soft spot, every delicious secret is opened to your eyes.

Want to go for a walk in Nikol‘s garden? Find it at Femjoy

September 1, 2007

Babes of Met Art

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