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November 27, 2006

FEMJOY – Size Matters!

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The FEMJOY DIfference – Size Matters

Don’t let other, smaller sites fool you – it matters how many photos and videos and which variety a pay site has, and FEMJOY, with daily updates (now twice a day!) for is one of the biggest.

When you’re deciding whether or not to join a site, you no doubt consider a number of variables – how do the girls look, do they have photos and videos, do they seem reliable, how often do they update, and, of course, how much content they have. Sometimes from the free side of a site it can be difficult to tell. That’s why we’re here to tell you that FEMJOY has been updating every day for nearly 2 1/2 years, and that means we have A LOT of content inside our site for our members. Since beginning of november we add new content even 2 or 3 times per day!

Especially now that we’ve redesigned the site and we’re putting up a video at least every week, if not more. Also our videos are getting longer and longer so you can enjoy them even more.

We have been posting a photo set every day for 2 1/2 years as well, and our photo sets are getting larger. Many have well over 100 photos in each set. And we are constantly adding new models AND new photographers to diversify your viewing pleasures.

Size matters. FEMJOY has the size.

New Nudes

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Hegre Archives

Try and picture this; you’ve finished a long day of work, you park your car at the end of a long commute, walk to the front porch, and find Dasha there waiting for you. Slowly she begins a special strip tease just for you, marking the perfect end of a long day. At this isn’t just a fantasy, Dasha is waiting for you right now.

The New Nude

New Nude Mag: Elena Vasileva
The Staff of THE NEW NUDE Magazine is proud to announce the shipment of our special swinging 4th issue. Packed cover to cover with exclusive interviews, masterful nudes, and insightful commentary this is easily our best issue yet! Check out our website and become a subscriber today!

Gallery Carre

Carre: Lia May
Tall, blonde, and elegant, Lia May is the perfect girl next door, and a whole lot more! Captured with expert precision by Didier Carre, Lia May has the kind of curves most women would kill for, and most men only see in their wildest fantasies. Don’t miss this special collection at

November 26, 2006

Dasha H: “Presenting Dasha” by Rigin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Dasha H: “Presenting Dasha” by Rigin

Dasha embodies femininity and grace in this stunning series by Rigin

The outset of the shoot features Dasha in all white, which causes an electrifying contrast to her unique coloring. She consistently lets the camera capture the feeling of the fun she is having; she clearly enjoys what she is doing.

Leaning against the white banister, Dasha is relaxed and at ease. She wastes no time in revealing to the camera what previously was hidden beneath her skirt. The darkness of her pert nipples shows through the soft material of her thin shirt, and she is anything but shy judging by the bold and seductive look on her face while she graces us with her secret. The gold jewelry adorning Dasha is delicate and complimentary to her fair skin tone and golden red hair.

Another photo selected from the series presents Dasha’s cream colored skin from behind. The sheer skirt is once again lifted to allow a generous glimpse of her spread legs from a rear angle. Her lips are parted, and her perfect, white teeth compliment the serene, angelic features on her face. She graciously bends down a little further, to entice us with a gorgeous and arousing view. Rigin has created a feast for the eyes with his carefully chosen coloring. The light greenery in the background of the photo accentuates the rare coloring of Dasha. The clean white of her clothing, as well as the building and banister which she is leaning over in many of the photos, also add to the overall ethereal effect.

The last photo featured from “Presenting Dasha” gracefully illustrates further her desire to tease and play with the camera. She lifts the sheer material of her white skirt to allow full access to the spectacular treasure between her legs, where the flesh is a pale and creamy white when compared to the tawny color of the rest of her sun kissed skin. In the process of granting the camera an unencumbered glimpse of her most intimate parts, she teasingly covers her breasts from view. Her nipples are barely discernable through the delicate material, and her look is flirtatious as she bites down on the garment with her teeth. Dasha’s perfectly shaped eyebrows match the color of her hair, and the well groomed hair between her legs lends proof that she is natural in her ravishing beauty.

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Femjoy Corinna in ‘Perfect Waves’

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Exclusive Moving Picture – Corinna in ‘Perfect Waves’

It’s always exciting to have a new Corinna video posted on the site. She is such a wonder to behold, and as time goes on she gets more and more lovely. There’s an intimacy between Corinna and the camera that few other models can achieve, and when you let it take you away, you are transported to a place of beauty and grace and sensual powers.

And it doesn’t get much lovelier than the spot in which this new Corinna video was shot. In a blue lagoon in southern France, you can almost feel the cool waters coming out of the computer screen. Tiny white sailboats bobble in the background. Corinna moves in and out of the water, her pale naked body one with the perfect waves. Indeed, the waves are made more perfect by her ravishing yet calm presence.

If the value of an erotic video is making it so the viewer can imagine himself in the situation that the model presents, then this is clearly a perfect movie.
Go there with Corinna. Your spirit will thank you.

November 24, 2006

Pretty Nude Art

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“Renee” by Victor Lindenborn

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Renee A

“Renee” by Victor Lindenborn

If you ever needed any proof that Victor Lindenborn is taking “Playboy style” photography to the next level, then this series is bound to do it for you. Featuring stunningly sharp and sensual images of a very beautiful young German Fraulein named Renee, this series is a real treat for the eyes, if only because it transports you into a world that is MORE perfect than ours. Some photographers claim to “capture nature” with their shoots. Lindenborn wants nothing to do with that. Yes, his girls are natural, but his composition is pure fantasy, and we are happier for it.

Lindenborn belongs to that group of photographers who feel that a photo should be a prepared artistic event that the photographer captures, manipulates, and perfects, in order to give the viewer the most “beautiful” sensation possible. To this end, Lindenborn spends a lot of time on elements like costume, setting, and lighting…elements that many other photographers leave “up to nature,” which often leaves their photos looking boring, dark, and not very sexy.

Not so for Victor Lindenborn. Every detail in his photos are planned out carefully, ponderously worked over to the last item, and then his photos are nurtured and corrected in order to bring out the freshest, finest product anywhere. And what’s so great about this elaborate process is that it usually ends up generating pictures that are better than nature, but that are not artificial or staged looking. Such is the genius of a master!

Let’s take Renee for example. All the elements are there for a perfect shoot. Lindenborn has her posing in front of an almost unnaturally beautiful natural scene…an open plain, green and verdant, that appears to house a vineyard. The light is perfect…the kind of day you’d want to go picnicking in. And Renee herself supremely fine creation, because Lindenborn would never settle for less.

Her breasts are absolutely delicious, round and tanned. Her body is muscular, toned, and moist. And anything she puts on her body – a sexy blue sarong, a pair of flower-printed bra and panties, or just her dear old birthday suit, makes her look MORE sexy than she ever could. Not to mention the extremely sensual poses Lindenborn has her doing, each of them bringing out her finest features.

So, here’s to art for art’s sake. Sometimes, you can have enough of nature, and you want something better. Come into Victor Lindenborn’s fantasy world, starring the heavenly Renee.

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FEMJOY – Inez in ‘Debut’

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FEMJOY – Inez in ‘Debut’

We are proud to welcome the lovely Italian model, Inez, to our FEMJOY family, in a highly sensual nude photo set entitled, appropriately, “Debut.”

It’s always a joy to welcome a new model, but it’s especially joyful when that new model is as sexy, cute, and adorable as Inez. Inez is Italian, coming from Tuscany, though her set was shot in Spain, her new home and a place she’s moved to pursue her passion – chamber music. See, Inez is an accomplished violinist in her own right, so we’re lucky to have her posing nude on the site.

Inez’s set was done in the Pyrenees, in southern Spain, though she is currently living in Madrid, playing there for the city orchestra. The trip itself was quite a journey, driving for hours and hours, camping out near the spot, getting up good and early so the photographer could get the light just right. But Inez was a trooper all the way through.

What do we love about Inez? We love her youthful looks. We love her sassy way of posing. We love her tight, perky, young body. We love the brilliance and temptation in her eyes. And we love that she’s willing to show herself completely to us.

Welcome, Inez!

November 22, 2006

Liza & Alena: “Veleno” by Voronin

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Liza & Alena: “Veleno” by Voronin

Liza is a statuesque blonde seductress with a flawless physique and stunning facial beauty. Alena is a dark-haired enchantress with a slender and petite form. Liza first appears in “Veleno” dressed in a black bra and a fishnet body stocking that clings to each line and curve of her toned body. Alena’s attire is similar but she wears hues of vibrant red.

Liza’s platinum locks are styled in two ponytails and secured with black ribbons. Alena’s chestnut tresses are braided into a single braid and adorned with a red satin tie. Both women wear high heels that accentuate their long slender legs.

The background for this photo shoot is a casual and contemporary apartment setting. Neutral walls with an oversized mirror, an ivory sofa, linen upholstered chairs, and dark hardwood floors are part of the setting. This environment creates the illusion that Liza and Alena are two roommates at home sharing and exploring the secrets that each possess.

The cover picture from “Veleno” is an image of Liza and Alena entwined in an intimate embrace. Alena gently holds Liza’s finely sculpted face with one of her graceful hands. The dark-haired model’s legs are spread enough to reveal the pinkness between her thighs. Alena’s exquisitely firm buttocks are prominent in this enticing photograph. Liza’s lips are parted and a glimpse of her brilliant white smile is visible. Her vibrant eyes are relaxed and focused in the direction of Voronin’s camera. Both of the women are topless and a first glimpse of their breasts’ are irresistibly enthralling.

A photograph of the two beauties standing side-by-side is the next featured picture. Alena stands sideways while Liza faces the camera straight on. Liza wraps one of her arms around Alena in an endearing pose. The facial beauty of the two models is striking in this close-up picture.

Alena’s superb derriere is showcased as she poses with her arms stretched above her head. Her dark wavy hair flows down her bare back and skims the small of her smooth back. Liza leans into Alena’s toned body and hugs Alena’s thighs. Liza’s flat abdomen is clearly visible above the waistband of her black stockings. This picture is charged with electricity. Soft lighting provide shadows that wrap around the presence of the two women.

The final picture from this collection reveals a completely nude view of Liza and Alena. The full power of their bare flesh is riveting and holds the attention of the viewer as every aspect of the models’ fineness is surveyed. The most intimate spaces of Liza and Alena’s bodies are offered.

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New Nudes by Hegre

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Hegre Archives

Hegre: Fourplay
What could be better then four women posing naked together on film? How about four women posing naked at 6000 pixels!! At these sizes our four luscious ladies quite literally jump out of the screen. This is Petter Hegre’s photography at its finest and you won’t want to miss it.
Seize your dreams at Hegre-Art!

The New Nude

New Nude Magazine: Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon has a very scientific approach to photographing the nude but that doesn’t mean his images are any less breathtaking. Working with some of the most exquisite models in the world his photographs can take ones breath away. The New Nude Magazine is proud to present selections from his portfolio.

Gallery Carre

Carre: Katy
If one were to gaze upon Katy all day they would probably consider it a day well spent. Her body is so perfectly shaped, her eyes so mysterious that it’s difficult not to stare – especially when she is standing naked before you. Katy’s voluptuous figure and Didier Carre’s careful eye make a wonderful combination. Check out GalleryCarre today and experience ultimate beauty!


Anna Ar: “Nassar” by Giovanni Nova

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Anna Ar: “Nassar” by Giovanni Nova

Anna is an exotic model whose attractiveness is hallmarked by her large dark eyes, full lips, and untamed ebony tresses. She wears a green bra and panty set that cling to the lissome form. Silver hoop earrings dangle from beneath Anna’s loosely styled hair.

The backdrop setting for most of this photo shoot is a bedroom dominated by muted charcoal and blue hues. The walls are a mix of soft colors that relax and suggest a sense of comfortableness. Anna has an easy way of supporting this ambiance with her presence.

Giovanni Nova reveals the visceral intensity of Anna’s fascinating allure with his selection of the picture that introduces “Nassar.” The model’s completely nude physique is bared as Anna spreads her form out upon the bed that’s such an integral part of this gallery. Her gaze is set intently in the direction of the camera. The finely sculpted bone structure of Anna’s nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin are captured beautifully in this photograph.

The next picture further showcases the innate artistry of Anna’s captivating face. The flawlessness of her complexion is amazing. Nova frames the model’s face as she lies on her back with her arms extended above her head. Anna’s countenance is heavy with the essence of tranquility. A glimpse of the gentle slopes of Anna’s breasts adds sensuality to this unusual close up photograph.

There’s a certain enticement inherent in a lover who is confident enough to be aggressive in the bedroom. The third photo featured from this portfolio pictures an image of Anna with a challenging expression reflected in her hypnotic dark eyes. The model is wearing panties but her superb bosom is exposed. Anna seems to be daring with her eyes someone to attempt to satiate all of her desires.

Nova chose for the composition of the final highlighted picture to isolate a portion of Anna’s pleasing form. The subdued lighting present in this photograph softens the explicitness of the erogenous content. Anna’s voluptuous derriere is the focus of the photograph. The flesh between her legs is partly shrouded in shadows – but still apparent. This picture is a study in subtlety. This is an approach that Giovanni Nova has clearly mastered as illustrated by this impressive series.

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New MET Art Galleries

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November 21, 2006

MPL Studios Update

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Few can deny the hypnotic effect of Anya’s soft, sleek lines and long, sensual curves. All it takes is one look from her sultry brown eyes and you’re quickly put under a spell…a spell of beauty and romance that’s impossible to get out of your mind. Both innocent and erotic, Anya has you begging for more. View Gallery

It’s easy to understand why falling for a girl like Nina would be so easy to do, and so much fun! She has the kind of girl-next-door personality everyone loves. Her natural, free-spirited style compliments her soft luscious curves perfectly…and then there’s that playful smile and those bright blue eyes 😉 View Gallery

An intimate erotic experience awaits you in this personal tribute to the ever-beautiful Anna. Gently, seductively, she moves with the grace of a swan. She is tall, tempestuous, soft, and sultry. Anna’s an erotic angel like no other. Make no mistake about her, she is here to indulge your deepest desires. View Gallery

More Galleries

FEMJOY – Jenni in ‘Open Beauty’

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FEMJOY – Jenni in ‘Open Beauty’

Here’s a beautiful, uplifting video featuring Jenni, whose smile could warm any heart, playing around on a bike.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea. And this moving picture is testament to that. The simplicity involves the sunset, a bike, and a naked blonde. The sunset is the setting, blazing down in streaks of orange and red, bathing everything with its light. The bike is the prop. And the blonde is Jenni, a beautiful Austrian model with now two moving pictures on the site.

Jenni isn’t actually riding the bike – she’s more just posing with it. Climbing on and off, straddling the seat, sometimes even falling off and arousing a fit of giggles. It’s a real treat to watch her playing around on the bike, because you can see that she’s having a great time while also acting a little nervous about what to do with her "prop."

But no matter what Jenni does, it’s pure elegance. The beauty of this girl is classic and direct. She’s a blonde with straight hair and a lovely firm body. She seems to truly be enjoying herself as she poses. And from her toes to her nose, Jenni is total feminine perfection.

Download this video and see what feminine joy is all about.

November 20, 2006

New Movie on Location: “Prague” by Richard Murrian

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In Part III of Met Art’s “On Location” Movie Series, Richard Murrian takes us to Prague and introduces us not only to this beautiful city, but also to eight beautiful young Czech women who are happy to show him around and then show a bit of themselves as well. One can’t help but think, in watching this very long movie (23 minutes), that Mr. Murrian has made quite a life for himself, giving new credence to the statement, “Some guys have all the luck.”

The eight models we meet are: Katka, Radka, Kristy, Eliska, two Veronikas and two Monikas. Several of these young beauties have already appeared on the site, and several are new to Met. All are as lovely as a spring day in Europe.

After the girls are introduced, one of the Veronikas (seen to the left), and probably Murrian’s most popular model, takes us on a short tour of the city. She shows us Prague Castle, the famous bridge, and pokes fun at Richard’s broken Czech. To see her in her “street clothes” touring us around is enough to cause any man to buy a plane ticket and head for Bohemia and its many delights.

Next, we are treated to a quite informative lesson from Mr. Murrian himself on the various types of regional beers brewed in the Czech Republic. This is important, he points out, because if you plan on going to the CR and you want to meet a young lady, you need to be sure that when she asks you what your favorite beer is that you tell her it’s the one from her region, because apparently “regional tensions” run high and young women are very proud of the beers from their region.

It is during this lesson that the first nude appears. The lovely Katka, who “pops” onto Richard’s lap and treats him (and us) to a sampling of the beers on the table. Following this, we are brought “into the gym” with Katka, who does a nude workout followed by a session on the bed, all the while showing off her incredible young body.

Next we get to visit with Kristy, who gives us a show in a mellow-lit room. This segues into Monika giving us a tour of the Museum of Communism, a grim reminder kept by the Czechs of their troubled past. Cutting from here, we see Monika in the studio, posing nude for Richard. And this studio work leads us to an insider’s look at Richard’s studio, where we get to watch the other models doing a shoot.

At 23 minutes, this movie is an incredible erotic adventure that can be enjoyed on many levels – as a travel diary, as a history lesson, as a cultural escapade, and as an erotic portfolio. But the best part of all is getting to see these young women open themselves to Mr. Murrian’s lens. Exquisite young beauty captured in an exquisite new movie. It doesn’t get any better than this.

View Met Art

Dasha B : “Presenting Dasha” by Goncharov

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Dasha B : “Presenting Dasha” by Goncharov

Goncharov creates a sense of intimacy and drama with the use of setting, costuming, and lighting while photographing Dasha. The youthful blonde-haired enchantress is clad in a champagne-colored corset and nude fishnet thigh high stockings. The corset is secured by a zipper that the model has partially unzipped to reveal a hint of her cleavage. Dasha noticeably appears without panties from the outset of the gallery.

Coordinating champagne-hued drapes edged with tassles, ivory sheers, and white bed lines provide princess-like surroundings in the opening pictures. Goncharov includes landscape and portrait style photographs throughout the series to frame the graceful beauty of Dasha. The photographer captures an astounding array of intriguing poses of Dasha.

The model’s shoulder-length blonde hair is styled naturally and very few cosmetic enhancements are used on the model’s face. The subdued color palette and the innate prettiness of Dasha are part of the appeal of this debut appearance by the model.

The cover picture of this gallery is an image of Dasha nestled amidst the folds of cascading curtains. The model is looking downward with a gentle countenance upon her face barely discernable beneath wispy blonde bangs. The smoothness of Dasha’s bottom and the space between her thighs is visible as the model shifts her slight weight on her arms positioned behind her. Dasha lowers the zipper on her corset even further in the next showcased photo. The blonde’s natural breasts with delicate nipples are the focal point of this shot. Dasha is seated at the edge of the bed with drapes flowing behind her.

The model’s attractive facial profile is captured in this picture. Goncharov offers sensual views of Dasha’s bottom in many of these debut photographs. The selected picture from these shots show Dasha laying on her stomach at the edge of the bed with her backside at the forefront of the picture.

The model leans into the gossamer white sheets and offers a partial view of her face. The latter part of this gallery features Dasha in a variety of poses with a black leather sofa. The fairness of the youthful model contrasts starkly against the darkness of the furniture. Dasha sits on the arm of the couch with one of her feet touching a hardwood floor and the other resting on the sofa. The model’s gaze is direct and teasing. Dasha pulls at the zipper at the center of her lingerie as if she is ready to reveal what lies beneath.

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MET ART Hotties

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Hegre Art Hotties

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Hegre-Art Nude Girls
Hegre-Art – Join the Fun!
Unlike other sites on the net, with listless models out for a quick buck, the girls of Hegre-Art actually love shedding their clothes for the camera!Visit Hegre-Art today and seize your dreams!
Hegre Update

Helena Karel – Pink Passion
Even tough girls like Helena Karel like to show off their sensual sides every now and then. It’s time to get intimate with everyone’s favorite French idol!

Hegre Update

Alice – Sweet Dreams
When Alice arrived at the studio she proclaimed, "clothes are a mess!" opting to pose completely nude. Say hello to our brand new Hegre girl!

Hegre Update

Sofie – Naked in the Kitchen
After a long and fruitful photo shoot, Sofie decided it was time to make herself a little snack. Shall we make it a table for two?

November 16, 2006

Julia in “Strawberry” by Slastyonoff

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

Julia in “Strawberry” by Slastyonoff

A beautiful young woman, dressed in nothing but tight cut red panties, poses with a tiny red strawberry. Sometimes it is on the table beside her. Sometimes it is passing in and out of her red full lips. Sometimes it is being tenderly brushed against her erect nipples. Sometimes it is rolling down her belly toward paradise. Ah, the sensuality of the strawberry!

How many of you remember when Natasha Kinski was fed a strawberry by her cousin in the movie “Tess”? For a certain generation, seeing the young nymph Natasha bite into that strawberry after it is so subtly inserted into her virginal lips was a rite of passage into manly lust. There was something so serene and sensual about it, and anyone who saw it never forgot it.

The strawberry, of course, holds its place as the supreme erotic fruit. What about this darling little red bulb of seeds and sweetness makes it perfect sensual fodder? Well, to begin with, its size is just right. It fits into a woman’s mouth just perfectly. A blueberry is too small and an apple is too large. Yes, the apple is used as the “fruit of knowledge” in the story of Eden, but in fact the Bible never mentions an apple, so we like to believe it was a strawberry.

The strawberry is also perfect for its likeness to the female sex. It is succulent, red, and juicy. It has a slight tang on the lips (the strawberry, like it or not, is never completely sweet…always bearing a tinge of sour…much like a woman). The seeds are a delight as well. Tiny and intrusive, they can get caught in the teeth. And its pith is piercing and fibrous, yet also mooshy and tender. All in all, it’s a unique fruit to bite into and savor on one’s tongue.

The strawberry also has the advantage, along with the pomegranate, or producing a juice that appears the color of blood. Thus, when a young woman bites into it, a red liquid flows down her lips and chin and dribbles onto her breasts and down the rivulet in her belly. The result is, to say the least, somewhat sublime and macabre, combining sensuality and violence in an innocent, alluring way.

All in all, the strawberry is the fruit of passion. And Julia means to show you why. So if our words have in any way left you wanting, come inside. Julia is placing a dainty strawberry into her lips as we speak…

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FEMJOY – A Better World

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FEMJOY – A Better World

If there’s one thing that sets FEMJOY apart from the competition it’s that our content evokes and points to a better world.

Sure, there are a lot of sites out there that put up photos of beautiful nude models. But FEMJOY has gone one better, and FEMJOY has dedicated itself to something beyond beauty. We call it "pure nudes," but you can think of it as a better world. Allow us to explain.

If you look at a FEMJOY photo, you’re not going to see a piece of porn. You’re not going to see a bland photo shot in a bland place. You’re not even going to see a simple artistic construct. What you’re going to see is a better world. A world that is brighter, lovelier, more intimate, and more thrilling than the one we live in. FEMJOY captures those heightened moments of aesthetic bliss most of us only get to experience once or twice in our life.

But FEMJOY does more than just depict a better world in its photos. We also point to a better world through our aesthetic philosophy. Our models are so respected, so happy, so overjoyed to be posing with us, FEMJOY is literally creating a world of nudes where there is no cruelty, exploitation, or corruption. It’s all pure, all good, all beautiful.

And that is the FEMJOY difference.

“Lucie” by Richard Murrian

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Met Art Met Art Met Art

“Lucie” by Richard Murrian

For those of you who have been reading updates over the last couple years, you’ve come to appreciate the insight our articles offer into the many photos, models, photographers and movies that one finds inside Met-Art. The aim is to provide you with aesthetic analysis and behind-the-scenes commentary that can help you better appreciate the vast multitude of amazing content. In that sense, we serve as “the voice” of an otherwise “visual” experience.

My goal will be to bring a respectable approach to the incredible diversity of material on Met-Art. I want to help you think about and enjoy our content to a greater degree. I want to help you feel more intimate with the models. In short, I want to enhance your Met-Art experience.

And in a sense, this approach is what Met-Art deserves. If one spends even a small amount of time looking around the web, one quickly sees how unique Met-Art is. Like no other collection of images and movies in the world, it walks the line between art and erotica. Every series that Met-Art posts is aesthetically advanced and alluring. Every video is a sensual manifesto to the power of intimate portrayal. Every model, and every photographer, is at the top of their profession. It is this message that I hope to convey with every article.

And how better to begin than by calling your attention to our newest photography series by master photographer, Richard Murrian, entitled “Lucie” after its young star. Lucie is the very image of the luscious and inviting young model that you’ve come to expect from Met-Art. And Murrian has captured her essence perfectly. When you open this photo series, you will see what makes Met-Art so unique. You will see why we are beyond all equivocation the finest erotic art nude site on the web.

So, join me each week as I take you on a journey through the magic of Met-Art. I will introduce you to the models, I will help you see the photos in new and exciting ways, and I will review the movies for you in order that you might know better what you’ll get should you join. There really is no place like Met-Art anywhere for experiencing the elegance of the sensual nude. Together, we will share in this amazing website.

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