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August 19, 2012

Met Art Discount & Free Cam Show

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Free Met Art Cam ShowFree Met Art Cam Show

33% Off Met Art & Free Cam Show

Art Nude Models readers will hardly need me to extol the virtues of Met Art again.

However, whenever such a great Art Nude site is offering any membership deals or special offers I shall bring them to your attention. Thank you for your feedback about this – I shall continue to post them for you.

The cam show stars Jasmine & Charlotte starts at 12.00 Noon PST on Tuesday 21st August. Don’t want to wait? Get $5 Free Cam Credits.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Kitty B ‘Reddit’ by Giovanni Galio

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Kitty B Reddit Met Art

Kitty BReddit‘ by Giovanni Galio

Described by another member as a perfect looking teenage girl with a beautiful body, her lovely brown eyes and just everything about her is striking. Giovanni Galio and Leonardo are doing well bringing amazing sets of this luscious creature to admirers of the art nude model.

When Kitty B. first appears in “Reddit,” she’s in front of a red brick building wearing a big, floppy hat and a super-short mini-dress. Five images later she’s totally nude, and posing all around the partially (and picturesquely) demolished structure. The setting is brimming with potential, a wide variety of textures, and visual opportunities abound.

Placing such a fetching female in this cool environment filled with broken bricks and slabs of hard concrete sets up a fascinating study in contrasts. And Kitty rises to the task with serene confidence. She seems completely at ease throughout the set, and delivers pose after pose after pose — yes, there is a stunning amount of variety here — with a relaxed and expressive enthusiasm.

Image #0069 is an easy choice, with the model on her back on a stairway, hanging her head off the edge. And another, considerably more revealing image, #0096, has her sprawling on rough concrete, intriguingly posed and totally exposed. A splendid model in a superior series.

Kitty B Reddit by Giovanni Galio Met Art

Her profile: Kitty B
Preview Gallery: Reddit
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 18, 2012

Sharon ‘Wild Cat’

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Met Art Sharon E Met Art Sharon E Met Art Sharon E

Sharon E has graced the pages a number of times on Met Art, but this was her premier movie at the time. And it could not be hotter. Here you can see this incredibly gorgeous model naked on a bed, dancing like a gypsy, and tempting the viewer to join her in erotic pleasure. It couldn’t be better.

This movie, like all movies you will find on Met Art, is at the cutting edge of online digital technology. Crystal clear, sound-tracked with sensuous music, and very long, it’s the perfect viewing experience. And it comes in many formats to fit your viewing needs.

And, of course, it comes with Sharon. This movie is called Wild Cat because that’s what Sharon seems like in this one. The walls are hung with pink silk curtains. Sharon is on the bed, wearing nothing but a white belt and pearls. Coyly, she plays with white silks, rubbing them on and off her body, dancing for viewer and urging him to take his time with her.

What’s so special about this movie, and all the movies on Met Art, is that while they are erotic and nude, and the girls are perfect specimens of feminine perfection, there is nothing dirty or pornographic about them. Sharon is having a wonderful time being wild before the camera. She seems completely natural and aroused by the experience. She is happy to be showing herself to the camera, and her movements and style are a tribute to her innocent integrity and beauty.

I suppose that’s what you can expect in all Met Art movies – beautiful girls in long movies enjoying the act of sharing their innocence.

Susann ‘Whisper of Truth’

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Susann Femjoy
Susann Femjoy

The one and only Susann is back with a ‘Whisper of Truth’.

This week’s Best of Femjoy features the one, the only, Susann in "Whisper Of Truth". What can be said about this voluptuous beauty that hasn’t already been said? She is a true natural beauty and seems to get more and more radiant every time we photograph her. A pleasure to work with and always 100% ready and willing to do her best for us, and you. We love Susann, and based on all of the comments over the years, so do our members. So rather than go on with what we think of her, here’s what some of them had to say about one of our – and their – favorite Femjoy Beauties;

"Beautiful set. Beautiful woman. You don’t need much to make her look beautiful but placing her in nature is the perfect way to do it. She fits right in. her beautiful creamy milky white skin and dark brown hair are perfectly complimented by the natural green back round. It looks as if she is emerging from it. Just beautiful. Thank you and well done to all involved."

"More pictures please!!!!!She’s simply wonderful!!!"

"Great set of photo’s. She is my favorite model here."

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!" Stefan has delivered another beautiful vision of Susann. She is gloriously sensual and at ease in this natural environment, a goddess of all she surveys. More Susann soon!"

"Godess.. totally entranced! What a beautiful pussy."

"A quiet afternoon out on a lake somewhere in southern Germany, some wilderness so lush and green that it seems to have been forgotten by time. Calm waters, a warm day and all of the time in the world to spend with my so beautiful, so beloved Susann. No place where I’d rather be. And no one, with whom I’d rather share the time."

"Beauty, grace and intimacy personified. Susann, photographed by Stefan Soell. This is Femjoy at its best."

"One of the nicest models on femjoy! I wish more photographers would take more photographs of all the models in everyday normal poses and let the natural beauty of models speak for themselves."

"always classy susan – love her."

"Wonderful pictures of a beautiful girl. Nice to have Susann back after long time."

"Glorious. Enchanting. Candent. Angelic."

"Susann hard at work—enchanting and magnificant."

"Susann is always a joy to behold. Her body is so beautiful. She is truly a nude work of art."

"With her piercing blue eyes main of tousled hair and that fantastic figure, Susann is the best and THIS is why I joined femjoy great thing to see on a Sunday morning."

I know that she appreciates these comments. I’m glad you like her as much as we do. That’s why I keep bring her to you, and will keep doing so as long as I can. For now, please enjoy the latest set of this stunning beauty and look forward to more in the future. Enjoy!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

August 17, 2012

Met-Art Nude Models

Katya AC:
By Leonardo

Taini A:
By Rylsky

Milana F:
By Antonio Clemens

Katherine A:
By Ron Offlin

Mia Sollis, Edwige A:
By Luca Helios

Night A:
By Ingret

Peaches A:
By Majoly

Lorena B:
By Luca Helios

Diana I:
By Luca Helios

Ashley Doll:
By Emslie

Michelle H:
By Goncharov

Fleur A:
By Tony Murano

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Naked Girls of Femjoy

Alannis FemjoyAlannis

Mitzie Femjoy Jennifer M Femjoy Emily A Femjoy Chantal Femjoy
Christa Femjoy      

Carisha FemjoyJosephine Femjoy
Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Iwia A ‘Presenting’ by Luca Helios

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Iwia A Presenting by Luca Helios Met Art

Iwia APresenting‘ by Luca Helios

The first impression. The thrill of discovery. That very first glimpse of a fresh face. If you have an eye for and an interest in feminine beauty, there are few experiences to compare with setting eyes on a beautiful girl for the very first time. I believe this is central to the success of Met Art, because no other site can match seemingly endless parade of new erotic models, year in and year out! We all have our cherished favorites, to be sure, but what MetArt member doesn’t look forward to the arrival of new models in the galleries?

Which brings us, conveniently, to Iwia A. Under the guidance of Luca Helios this dark-eyed beauty performs admirably in her first appearance at Met Art. Her styling and presentation are natural and understated, and the bright white lingerie set she’s wearing flatters both her figure and her coloring and complexion. Likewise, the style of the room and the lighting is natural and comfortable. And, apart from the slightest hint of stiffness in her hands, Iwia appears to be comfortable whether clothed or completely, explicitly exposed.

While Helios does suffer from a bit of Lost Horizon Syndrome – the dreaded tilting camera disease – off-kilter shots don’t out-number the plumb and level compositions, and he includes everything from full-length portraits, to some beautiful headshots (#045 and #049 in particular) as well as close-up details of feet and other enticing anatomical attractions.

There’s not a great deal of drama here, but Iwia A has a pleasing energy to go with her appealing appearance. It’s hardly a blockbuster, dramatic debut, but ‘Presenting’ Iwia A certainly provides an enjoyable introduction.

Iwia A Presentings by Koenart Met Art
Preview Gallery: Presenting Iwia.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 16, 2012

Pretty Erotic Nude from Two Sites

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By Leocont

Milena B:
By Oleg Morenko

By Slastyonoff

Chiara M:
By Dmitry Maslof

Subil A:
By Albert Varin

Beata B:
By Paul Black

Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon

Monta A:
By Higinio Domingo

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Gillian A ‘Rander’ by Leonardo

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Gillian A Rander by Leonardo Met Art

Gillian ARander‘ by Leonardo

This is the first time I’ve seen this particular model, but I’m quite familiar with the work of her photographer, Leonardo, so I assume she is in capable hands. This photographer has a particular knack for lighting design, and he has impressed me with his skill and artistry time and again. But after viewing only a handful of images in this series I realize the man is not infallible!

The set design is a chaotic collection of patterns and colors. Black and white striped curtains are flanked by gaudy, outsized floral tapestries. A couch is upholstered in a patchwork parti-colored fabrics. A cut glass table lamp adds a bit more visual clutter, and then odd and unexplained light throws diagonal shadows across the body of the hapless model who must somehow take center stage surrounded by this visual chaos.

Gillian B does her best, but she’s working at a distinct disadvantage. She is a pretty girl, with a curvy body and a winning smile (see #019), but despite her concerted efforts I can never “tune out” the distracting background and devote my full, relaxed attention to her attributes and performance. The sheer blue blouse is sexy, yes, but it’s not nearly dramatic enough to compete with the kaleidoscopic visual assault she must contend with here.

Perhaps “Rander” is a stylized variation on the word “random,” because there’s an arbitrary, haphazard quality to the art direction and execution here. The work of an inexperienced artist? That I’d understand. But from a seasoned and accomplished professional like Leonardo? Well, even the master has an “off day,” or so it seems.

Take Gillian B, in the very same blue blouse, and put her on white sheets on a white bed in a white room — that kind of simplicity would both flatter and showcase this model in simple and effective fashion. Make no mistake, I had a strong reaction to this set. But I do welcome other points of view. Is there something I’ve missed in coming to my conclusions? Please feel free to share your points of view, below.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 15, 2012

Valerie ‘Vicious Power Pack’ &;amp Triple Tropical Orgasm Massage

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Hegre Art Kiki is stunning.


Petite Mort. Kiki is looking for the ultimate sensation. Now she is going for total wipe-out.

Gallery: Pleasantry

Nu Dolls

Fever Pitch. I know you are getting over-heated by me. Take a dip right here where I show you.

Gallery: Fervor

Valerie Hegre Art Mean Machine
Valerie can take on anything she wants. There’s nothing can beat a body like this. Gallery: Vicious Power Pack

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Presenting Kristel A by Rylsky

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Presenting Kristel A by Rylsky Met Art

Kristel APresenting‘ by Rylsky

Met Art members have a vested interest in and seemingly insatiable appetite for new models. But consider the photographer for a moment, in this specific case, Mr. Rylsky. When he photographs an experienced model he knows what to expect, both visually and behaviorally. His challenge is to make something familiar feel fresh and new. But when he works with a new model he is starting with a clean sheet, a blank canvas – a model he has never seen, and who may have little or no experience. When Kristel A. entered Rylsky’s studio, it was an opportunity brimming with potential, and I’m pleased to say that both participants — model and photographer — took full advantage of it.

In my notes I’ve called out over half a dozen headshots – #0097 is but one stellar example – this is a testament to Kristel’s beauty. But a wide selection headshots are just one element of this broad, varied and exquisitely detailed photo essay. There is a shot, #0003, of the model’s hands as she unbuttons her blouse. Yes, just her hands. And it is a truly beautiful image. There are several pictures of Kristel A. holding her braided ponytail that are both playful and stylish at once. Explicit poses and body shots provide all the expected views, and each image is subtly enhanced by the clever composition and pastel colors of the set design – see #0038 for instance.

An arresting premiere appearance by a talented new model as captured by the skilled lens of a talented photographer.

Kristel A Presenting by Rylsky Met Art

Preview gallery: Presenting Kristel by Rylsky
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 14, 2012

New Nudes at MPL Studios

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Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia I Want You 2

Katsia MPL Studios Model

Katsia Strawberry Blond

 MPL Studios Model

Paola Inspiration

Kara MPL Studios Model

Kara Elysium

Elsa MPL Studios Model

Elsa Nubile

Tamara MPL Studios Model

Tara Forest Beauty

Elisa MPL Studios Model

Elisa Simply

 MPL Studios Model

Tara Intuition

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Eternity

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Presenting Taylor A by Alex Iskan

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Taylor A Presenting by Alex Iskan Met Art

Taylor APresenting‘ by Alex Iskan

Although I’m certain it has happened in the past, this new model debut is notable in that it’s a Met Art HD erotic movie, and not the far more typical first time pictorial. And the format of this premiere appearance is but one intriguing feature that make this relatively short film long on viewing pleasure.

For one, the entire production takes place on a sail boat as it plies the waters of a broad river. Poised on the bow, with the wind in her short, stylish blonde hair, Taylor A is wearing a floor length dress, but gravity – assisted by the telepathic wishes of the viewing audience — pulls it down in short order and the leggy beauty is totally nude for the rest of the voyage. Taylor is completely at ease and uninhibited, and even waves cheerily to the crew of a passing vessel just after the two minute mark.

This appears to be the end of a day on the water and the sun is low in the sky. If I have a single complaint with Alex Iskan‘s production it can be attributed to the time of day – I’d prefer to get my first look at this beautiful new Met Art model at midday, when the details of her tan, long-limbed and elegant body would be revealed with greater clarity and detail.

Even so, “Presenting” Taylor A is a pleasure to watch, and combined with the water, the surrounding scenery, and the evocative soundtrack, this brief video voyage accomplishes its goal skillfully and successfully. I look forward to seeing more of Taylor A, whether it’s at sea, on dry land, in still photos, or in more movies.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 13, 2012

Beautiful Nudes from Evas Garden

Caprice Evas Garden Marta Evas Garden Andy Gerriken Evas Garden Tess Lyndon Evas Garden
Vanessa Cyrus Evas Garden Rebecca Evas Garden Rebecca Evas Garden Mina Evas Garden
Sarah Evas Garden Belicia Evas Garden Jani Evas Garden Mina Evas Garden
Olivia Evas Garden Andy Evas Garden Lola Evas Garden Sarah Evas Garden
Belicia Evas Garden Sarah Evas Garden Olivia Evas Garden Mina Evas Garden
Betty Evas Garden Betty Evas Garden Lola Evas Garden Katty Evas Garden
Sarah Evas Garden Eufrat Evas Garden Mina Evas Garden Lola Evas Garden
Katy Evas Garden Katty Evas Garden Angelina Evas Garden Sarah Evas Garden
Tatiana Evas Garden Sarah Evas Garden Joan Evas Garden Angela Evas Garden

Caprice Evas Garden

Art Nude Models: Evas Garden information.

Presenting Pammie Lee by Tony Murano

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Pammie Lee Presenting Met Art

Pammie LeePresenting‘ by Tony Murano

This is one of those Met Art erotic photo galleries that hooked me after a single, casual glance at the cover. Say what you will about big, splendidly shaped, stunningly symmetrical breasts, but there’s no denying that Pammie Lee has them. And the perfection of her bosom is complemented by the intriguing expression of her undeniably beautiful face. And when I notice that this set was shot by Tony Murano I anticipate a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

“Presenting” Pammie Lee more than lives up to the promise of its cover, and it also brings up some interesting points about erotic art photography and the entire Met Art experience.

In yesterday’s post I evaluated a set that I quite liked. What I find interesting is that yesterday’s set and this one could not be more dramatically different. Yesterday it’s a girl-next-door type, shot by day in natural light, in a casual, natural style. Today it’s an exotic bombshell, styled to the nines, photographed in the controlled environment of the studio. These two sets have very little in common, but this diversity, this range, this type of variety is makes them both fit perfectly at Met Art.

There’s a steamy, dreamy, late night feel here, with perhaps a hint of New Orleans (or is it Amsterdam?) in the mood, style, décor, and costuming. Dressed, but only barely, in black lingerie, Pammie Lee presents a truly striking figure. #035, framed from the neck down and the thighs up, captures the superb curves of that hourglass shape masterfully. I also like the mood conveyed in #008, the formality of the pose in #027, the implied action in #028, the relaxed stance and smile in #049, and several of Tony Murano‘s signature explicit images, including #097 and #122. The moody, stylish presentation makes a fine showcase for this impressive new model.

Pammie Lee Met Art
Preview Gallery: Presenting by Pammie Lee
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 12, 2012

Zemani Nude Models

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Dasha Zemani

Elize Zemani Alla Zemani Lenusya Zemani
Gloria Zemani Valeri Zemani Evzha Zemani Biti Zemani
Katarina Zemani Lusya Zemani Danielle Zemani Rima Zemani
Anta Zemani Rita Zemani Anita Zemani Alla Zemani
Kira E Zemani Cherry Zemani Kate Zemani Hannusya Zemani
Evzha Zemani Anta Zemani Alena Zemani Kati Zemani
Masha Zemani Lika Zemani Leni Zemani Alla Zemani
Jasmin Zemani Kasana Zemani Lenusya Zemani Pamela Zemani

Art Nude Models: Zemani information.

Indiana A ‘Actina’ by Luca Helios

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Indiana A Actina by Luca Helios Met Art

Indiana AActina‘ by Luca Helios

Indiana is quite breathtaking. I’ve mentioned her exquisite body and sweet facial features a few times now but again I feel I have to!

One of the less obvious pleasures that Met Art provides me are the numerous opportunities to view distant and varied locations. And the fact that these locations are generally not identified or recognizable only adds to their allure. Put an appealing young girl in a shadowy forest, on a windswept dune, or on a country road and the actual geographic location doesn’t matter — I take in the beauty of the subject and scene and my imagination takes flight.

“Actina” perfectly illustrates my point. Indiana A, wearing only a metallic belt around her trim waist and a wisp of sheer yellow fabric (an improvised bikini top), stands barefoot among gnarled conifers. She appears to be on a cliff top or promontory and the still blue waters of a lake or inlet provide a truly picturesque backdrop. Is she a wood nymph, a water sprite, a siren? The combination of the setting and the model’s lively and energetic spirit invites this type of fanciful speculation, and this only adds pleasure and enjoyment to the pictorial as it unfolds.

While I always strive to maintain some sense of objectivity, this model obliterates it. I love this girl! She’s something approaching physical perfection – her complexion, her proportions, her lithe yet shapely physique. And her face is exceptionally attractive, and is made more so by the lively, kittenish spirit that animates it. The plump-lipped pout, those glittering, toying, eyes, her waist-length hair, a subtle spray of freckles across the bridge of her adorable nose. Yeah, I’m a fan of Indiana A.

And it appears that photographer Luca Helios is, too. He uses the rustic, natural setting in wonderful ways that accent the model’s natural, earthy beauty while also imparting an undeniable glamour (see #028 for a wonderful example). As is to be expected in a series in which the model is virtually nude throughout, there are numerous shots of Indiana’s intimate bits, and some impressive figure studies (#048 is one particularly nice one), but I find myself drawn to the exceptional headshots in the collection (#026 is a gem, as is #067, and #090, as well). Then again, #058 is great, I love both smiles in #042, the light on her breasts and the look on her face in #114, and the wild hair and single visible eye adds magic to #117, another headshot.

Indiana A Actina by Luca Helios Met Art

Preview Gallery: Actina by Luca Helios
Her profile: Indiana A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 11, 2012

Sophia E ‘Veranta’ by Koenart

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Sofia F Veranta Met Art

Sophia EVeranta‘ by Koenart

While I well remember Sophia E’s MetArt debut photo series, I had forgotten that it was also photographer Koenart’s first contribution to the site. In the time that’s passed since that impressive double-debut, the model has added 12 sets to her portfolio, and the artist has compiled a grand total of 108 galleries.

Koenart shot all of Sophia E’s MetArt pictorials, and he’s taken care to photograph her in a variety of settings with differing presentations. In “Veranta” he takes a natural approach to the design of the series that is particularly suited to the girl-next-door beauty of his subject.

In an image like #062, a headshot, the soft, natural light fully captures the pleasing details of Sophia’s face — notice how the right side of her face is softly defined and highlighted, while the left side is silhouetted against the dark backdrop of her hair. This photo is casual, almost a candid, and yet there’s a subtly controlled artistry evident, as well.

Sophia E has a somewhat subdued mood in much of the set that’s fully in keeping with Koenart’s style and art direction, and that makes several bursts of energy and enthusiasm — her warm smile in #111, for example — all the more notable.

Most of the set has Sophia framed in a doorway — she’s inside, he’s outside the room — but plentiful variety in terms of both poses and compositions is provided. And when the angle is reversed — shooting from inside to outside — the result is quite striking (see #091 and #092). Koenart mixes things up — he shoots from high angles (#059) as well as just off the floor (#068), and full-length figure studies are balanced by detailed, explicit close-ups. “Veranta” proves that a talented photographer needs nothing more than a beautiful subject and natural light to create artful images.

Sofia F Met Art
Preview Gallery: Veranta by Koenart
Her profile: Sophia E
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Clover ‘Medical Fetish’

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Hegre Art Clover
Open Wide. Say ‘Ah!’ Caprice stimulates everyone’s interest in anatomy. Now she’s offering advanced practical study. It’s fascinating. Go deeply into it.Gallery.

Hegre Art Clover

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Femjoy Model Nudes

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Milena E Femjoy

Kendra Femjoy

Denisa Femjoy

Tanja K Femjoy

Chiara Femjoy
Inda D Femjoy Holly M Femjoy Marga E Femjoy Megan E Femjoy
Jacie Femjoy      

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

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