Jenna C ‘Premiere’

Jenna C Femjoy
Jenna C Femjoy

Jenna CPremiere

Please welcome the gorgeous, the elegant Jenna C. This week’s exclusive photo set features the sultry, sexy premiere of Jenna C. There is a deep current that runs through this exquisite beauty, and thankfully we were able to capture it on camera. Not everyone gets a glimpse like this into a woman like her. We were not sure what would happen during the photo shoot, but we were very pleased with what did happen.

We’re so glad Jenna chose to make her debut with us, and based on all the positive comments we’ve received, our members seem to feel the same. Here’s what some of them had to say about this latest Femjoy addition;

"Wow!! What an incredibly beautiful girl! Wonderful premier – lots more please Jenna!"

"Welcome Jenna. I love your beautiful dark eyes and lovely long hair. Thanks for showing us your pretty bottom. Your buttocks are beautiful and I love the little creases at their base. You are brave and so beautiful."

"Jenna is gorgeous. Such a very beautiful face."

"Lovely and sexy pose with natural and firm breasts."

"Oh yeah… Jenna is smoldering hot. I really like her attitude. So coy. So sexy. Right on Jenna. Welcome and hope to see you soon again."

"Jenna is an exquisite addition to Femjoy. What elegant and beautiful nudes of her in this introductory set. What an amazing naturally sculpted body. "

"How fitting it is to meet Jenna atop a piano. She is to the eyes what a piano composition is to the ears: a bit moody, reflective, mysterious…all of these good things. Always given to a certain shimmering grace… and, ultimately, exhilarating to experience. It’s all in the overtones."

"Hello and welcome to Jenna. I hope that this beautiful young woman makes herself at home. She’s most certainly welcome here."

"My new favorite girl on FemJoy! Wow, what a natural beauty!"

"One word WOW!! Please come back soon Jenna you a real honey."

"Elegant and unhurried, Jenna is fascinating."

"Amazing beauty."

"Jenna C is why I keep my subscription active. She is gorgeous!"

If you haven’t already, please visit Jenna, on top of her piano, and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. Enjoy!



Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jul 26th, 2012

Nikia A ‘Fekunta’ by Rylsky

Nikia A Fekunta by Rylsky Met Art

Nikia AFekunta’ by Rylsky

Well, in the case of this MetArt erotic photo series – the third I’ve reviewed of this particular model it’s a bit of a mixture. I was quite pleased by her debut. And the second set I evaluated also earned high marks. But “Fekunta” is a bit frustrating.

I love the way she keeps changing, She started out blond last year and has slowly morphed to this darker color which I like much better. Rylsky has done all of her shoots and I think they have all been very nice but for natural coloring and a wonderful setting for her the last shoot “Briser” is one of the best.

What is wrong is that he has filtered out most of the color depth making it rather stark and cold so it looks very sharp and the pastel tones are missing. This might be due to his lighting or editing and is partially due to the stark black tiles of the mantle where many shots are staged. Hard to tell. Rylsky is one of my favorite photographers but he does miss the boat on occasion.

Nikia A on he other hand is a very delightful young woman and Rylsky did a great job on the intimate closeups and spread shots. I think she is very pretty and has a great body and the sweet parts are as perfect as they get. I really didn’t get the feeling she was lacking in expression at all. Maybe it was the cold hard coloring that gave that impression. I really loved the dressed section. That dress looked great on her and she used it quite effectively. #19 is a favorite because of the playful image. I also like the cute expression in #27. As for intimate #62 really grabbed me, #119 also was quite titillating. And for a wonderful climax #119 in those tight jeans is every bit as sexy as the nude shots…

The set opens strong, and both Nikia A and photographer Rylsky can share the credit. The six introductory images in the collection present the model outdoors, in street clothes, in muted, natural light. Some have a candid quality, others are more self-consciously posed, but all qualify as pretty pictures of a pretty girl.

We then move indoors after a costume change and a session with the stylist. The dress is cute, the décor of this particular interior is interesting, but there is something about the quality of the photos that is unsettling. Part of it may, indeed, be cosmetic — the color and style of Nikia’s hair and make-up is different and less natural than the introductory shots (as well as the two previous sets I’ve mentioned).

Although my experience with and knowledge of image editing software is extremely limited, I suspect that is what is bothering me here. Some of these shots (074 and 082, to cite a pair of examples) have an almost airbrushed quality — or perhaps too much of an airbrushed quality to suit my tastes.

To be clear, I don’t object to image editing technology. I consider it simply another tool at the artist’s disposal. Lenses, filters, lights, are all tools — it’s how they’re utilized and the results they create that I’m concerned with.

So, quite a few of these images have an unnatural look. And a certain stiffness in some of the poses and a similarity in the facial expressions might also be considered weaknesses. “Fekunta” does have its moments, to be sure, and admirers of the model will find much to enjoy. Several teasing up-skirt shots are nice (016, 035, and 043). Nikia’s body is beautifully presented in 022 with her dress pulled up around her breasts. And for in-your-face explicit impact, 062 packs a considerable punch.

Nikia A Fekunta by Rylsky Met Art

Preview Gallery: Fekunta by Rylsky
Art Nude Profile: Nikia A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 26th, 2012

Kristel A ‘Corasida’ by Alex Sironi

Corasida Kristel A by Alex Sironi Met Art

Kristel ACorasida’ by Alex Sironi

With hair that hangs nearly to her waist, a trim and long-limbed physique, and a flawless complexion, Kristel A is certainly a pretty girl. I said this when I commented on her Met Art debut. But the second time I critiqued one of her pictorials I was disappointed. She was (and is) still quite pretty, but the flaw that marred her performance remains firmly in place in her most recent erotic gallery.

Those first two pictorials were both lensed by Rylsky, and even though they were quite different in style and approach, they were both beautifully executed. “Corasida,” however, places Kristel A in the able hands of Alex Sironi. I am on the record as an admirer of his work, and I’m hopeful he can bring out the best in this model.

Well, he certainly makes a valiant effort! He shoots her clothed, he shoots her nude, he shoots her standing, climbing on the single piece of furniture, and spread out on the floor. Sironi moves in close for delicious explicit close-ups, he throws in shots of fingers, feet, and toes, a headshot here, a portrait there. He puts his camera right down on the floor, he cajoles and coaxes his subject into intricate and abstract poses. But no matter what he does, Kristel A can’t seem to change her facial expression.

It really is vexing. The pretty lips of that pretty mouth seem to be cemented together and locked into a benign semi-smile. After a while it takes on a mask-like quality. So tightly and relentlessly clenched are those lips that I’d bet cash money that she’s struggling to hide a mouthful of orthodontic appliances. Whatever the reason, I only wish Kristel A would grin, frown, stick out her tongue, blow a raspberry — offer something, anything, in the way of an alternative facial expression.

As mentioned, Sironi works considerable stylistic and technical magic with this model. And, despite the mouth thing, Kristel A delivers some particularly interesting poses. Numbers 076, 078, and 079 are variations on one unusual, almost abstract composition. #009 is a classical, painterly topless still life. #126, eyes closed, is a fine, floor-level figure study. There’s some truly skilled modeling on display in “Corasida,” but much of it is marred by the locked look of the model’s lips.

Kristel A Corasida by Alex Sironi Met Art

Preview gallery: Corasida by Alex Sironi
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 25th, 2012

Laila ‘Wild Thing’

Laila Femjoy
Laila Femjoy

LailaWild Thing

Laila is back and better than ever. This is the always beautiful, sexy and sultry Laila in "Wild Thing". And she is that, and much more. Funny and full of life, this brunette beauty is the entire package. Having worked with her for some time now, we have come to really know and love this woman, inside and out – as if what’s on the outside were not enough. :) Laila is more than enough though, and that is why we have chosen her to be our "Best of Femjoy" model this week.

But enough about how much we love her? here’s what some of our members had to say about this favorite Femjoy Beauty;

"Wow! Laila, as always, is just smokin’ hot! Beautiful gallery….I love the lighting and texture of the photos."

"Laila competes very well for the title of Femjoy Top Model!"

"Almost too much for even a healthy heart! Her butterfly lips are so inviting, and so is the other pair."

"Ah, Laila. She never, ever fails to enchant. And it’s certainly not just about her physical beauty. As subjective as it may be, some women just manage to connect on every level imaginable: in beauty, warmth, intelligence, wit and emotional depth. Laila has always done so for me, and always will. One of the most beautiful women. Not just on Femjoy, but in the entire world."

"simply beautiful.."

"Simply sensational!!"

"SO Sexy Wonderfull"


"Beautiful image as a whole and in parts. The lower third of the photo- the red nails, tanned powerful lower leg, toes almost gripping the mossy shoreline spins a nearly mythological fantasy. What did Clapton say, "Laila, you’ve got me on my knees"."

"Laila sets a high bar, but this is her best yet. Mr. Rodgers did a fantastic job."

"Laila’s beauty is always supported by an undeniable warmth, and Tom reveals her so well. Of course, Laila sets expose her comedic flare as well."

"I have only one comment WOW Laila Wild Thing"

Her Art Nude Models Profile: Laila
Preview Gallery: Wild Thing
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jul 25th, 2012

Violla A ‘Topaz’ by Matiss

Violla A Met Art

Violla ATopaz’ by Leonardo

One image in and I can say, with mathematical certainty, that this set will be polarizing. Some will love it, others will hate it — there won’t be much of a middle ground between those extremes of opinion.

Why? The color, or should I say the color, specifically, of the model’s hair. Met Art has built its reputation and empire on a natural, unembellished type of feminine beauty. And while Violla A is a natural beauty, there is nothing at all natural about her hair color. The closest and most descriptive analog might be “Lamborghini Orange,” that vivid, radiant shade that is so arresting on an exotic automobile, and so glaring on a young woman’s head.

And there’s the divide. I can praise the model, the styling, the location, the technical and artistic aspects of the photography, to the skies. But if you can’t get over that hair color, you’re not going to get into this set.

Oh, I had a moment of doubt at the start. But I got over it. And by the time I was through I loved the set, loved the model, loved the choices made by the photographer. And I even came to love that outrageous hair.

Of the many clever choices Matiss has made here the location is the most important. It’s a rolling meadow, surrounded by a line of trees in the distance, a verdant carpet of tall grass dotted with flowers in a vivid shade of (entirely natural) purple. It’s so pretty that one wouldn’t mind looking at landscape photos of the location, even minus a model.

He’s placed Violla A in this beautiful setting, totally nude, and hung a necklace of large, glossy, purple and blue beads around her neck. The colors here — both natural and synthetic — work extremely well together.

And, having noted all that, perhaps the most striking aspect of the set is Violla’s expressive face. This girl has a lot of looks, and her emotional and expressive range is truly impressive. Between the smile in #027 through the “crouching tigress,” nearly hidden in the tall grass of #058 I found a dazzling array of exceptional headshots — too many to list, in fact.

You’ll also find figure studies, explicit and enticing (and moist) detailed close-ups, and additional compositions among the generous selection of images “Topaz” contains. If you love the hair you’ll love the set. If not? You won’t.

Violla A Met Art

Her profile: Violla A
Preview Gallery: Topaz
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 24th, 2012

Nude Beauty at MPL Studios

Amelie MPL Studios Model

Amelie Princess Amelie

Yulianna MPL Studios Model

Yulianna Lake Perspectives

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia I Want You 2

Mischa MPL Studios Model

Mischa Puffy

Tara MPL Studios Model

Tara First Things First

Arianna MPL Studios

Arianna Promises

Elisa MPL Studios Model

Elisa Wild & Free

Tamara MPL Studios

Tamara Magical

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Eternity

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Gracy Taylor ‘Dexiosi’ by Luca Helios

Gracy Taylor Sponda Met Art

Gracy TaylorDexiosi’ by Luca Helios

What a fine little body Gracy Taylor has. One can almost imagine her as a saucy little Mexican lady who would dance to mariachi music. There’s something about the furnishings of the room and the style of the model’s costume in “Dexiosi” that brings to mind a saloon in the Old West. Perhaps she’s a waitress in a sporting house on a lawless frontier that’s been subtly updated. Whether others get the same impression isn’t precisely my point, let’s just say that, between the girl and the setting, there’s plenty of visual interest in this MetArt erotic gallery.

Toned, trim in the torso, long limbed, and with her dark hair and darker eyes, Gracy Taylor is every bit the “cool drink of water.” Her pink and black lace lingerie ensemble, complete with garters and black stockings, definitely has a theatrical flair, but I think taking it all off makes a distinct improvement. After she’s fully disrobed a shot like #033, totally nude, standing, with her arms up and hands behind her head, the lines, shapes and contours of her sleek physique can be fully appreciated.

The rough and rustic shape of an exposed brick wall adds graphic as well as sculptural interest to the set Luca Helios has styled here. And several antique chairs, lacquered to a high, modern gloss provide options in terms of placement and pose (and also help create the atmosphere of a dark and stylish tavern). Lighting strikes a pleasing balance between mood, clarity, and artistry — see #016 for one sassy sample.

My ordering advice in this imaginary roadhouse? #030, topless, with hair temptingly tousled. #060 and #061 for a pair of shots of intimate spots. #075 hands down, literally, and for the facial expression. And #116, where that shapely body and the various design and lighting elements all come together.

Gracy Taylor Dexiosi Met Art

Preview Gallery: Dexiosi.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 23rd, 2012

The Life Erotic Beauty

cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Adriana D:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Vivien A:
By Ratmir Aliev
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Nicca R:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Gabi B:
By Dolce
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
By Xanthus
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
By Sebastian Michael
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon
cover newsletter The Life Erotic Beauty
Monta A:
By Higinio Domingo

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Natalia A ‘Deos’ by Leonardo

Feeona A Met Art

Natalia ADeos’ by Leonardo

The location employed in “Deos” would be striking under any circumstances. A rugged stretch of shoreline studded with massive concrete tetrapods melds the natural and manmade worlds. And it gives a photographer and his subject a splendid backdrop as well as dramatic and interesting options in terms of pose and placement.

The model here is striking, dramatic, and interesting in her own right. I’ve critiqued three of her previous contributions to MetArt — a single still set and two (one and two) HD erotic movies – and enjoyed them all. A natural redhead, Natalia A’s coloring and complexion are exceptionally appealing, her facial features are elegant and refined, and she has a sultry, seductive presence that is both complex and undeniable. When she smiles, which isn’t very often, she can be sweet. But her default demeanor is far more subtle and textured. This model has an intriguing attitude and she can speak volumes with an arched eyebrow or a sidelong glance.

The weather makes its own contribution to “Deos.” Although Natalia A maintains a professional’s poise throughout the set, I suspect it was chilly that afternoon. And the wind whips and teases her hair with some interesting results — see 008, 057 and 060 for three examples.

The wind also propels clouds across the sky and the changing light adds an unpredictability and variety to the set. Sometimes the sudden dimming results in a less than idea exposure, but overall the vivid lighting is one of the set’s real assets. Numbers 077 and 078 capture the blue of the sea and Natalia’s coloring with truly painterly skill. And Leonardo also crafts several wonderful portraits — the light in her hair in 004, and the topless 019 (note the slightly muted lighting) are lovely shots of a lovely subject.

Natalia A Egadian by Leonardo Met Art

Her profile: Natalia A
Gallery Preview: Deos
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 22nd, 2012

Candice ‘Sunny Shower’

Hegre Art Candice Mirabell
Sparkling droplets. When Candice is in this mood a few drops can very quickly turn to a hot surge.

Nu Dolls

Do as I say. It’s such a satisfying feeling when I am totally in control. Watch what I want. Gallery: The Robot

FM Teens

Warm and wet. I want to feel it pour down all over me. The harder it gets the better I like it. Gallery: Straw Play

Hegre Art Candice, Valerie, Mirabell

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Jul 21st, 2012

Feeona A ‘Qualite’ by Rylsky

Feeona A Met Art

Feeona AQualite’ by Rylsky

An enchanting and foxy lovely nude model now. I’ve had the pleasure of commenting on two previous Met Art pictorials starring Feeona A and she never fails to impress me (first impression, impression the second). And it’s not simply because of her physical beauty — this girl has an utterly charming and disarming personality that really comes across in photographs. Do you have ice water in your veins? You’ll need it if you choose to resist this model or this set!

The series is composed of three basic segments. This isn’t always an effective approach, I must say. Sometimes one section stands out and the additional material seems weak in comparison. But in “Qualite” the three separate sections combine to create a unified whole that is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Rylsky‘s photo essay begins in the make-up room as Feeona A prepares herself for the work ahead. Topless but wearing a tight pair of jeans, the model works with powder and a brush as well as a curling iron. These casual images are a delight, and there are some truly beautiful photos here. #034, for example, is as beguiling a headshot as one might want. Feeona also displays her playful side here, and whether she’s sticking out her tongue (036) or having impure thoughts about her curling iron (029) she delivers a natural and spontaneous performance.

The second section reveals the results of the pre-show preparation. Here her appearance is polished and more formal, but her spirit is still sweet and lively. Seated, quite gracefully, on a banister in #039 she gives the photographer all he needs to create a beautiful image. There are a few explicit shots in the mix, as well as two beautiful butt-shots (101 and 102) as well as an absolutely angelic headshot (095).

“Qualite” concludes with a group of shots taken during a mid-day meal. These are the least erotic images in the collection, but they’re enjoyable nonetheless because they allow us to see Feeona A in an entirely different setting and style, which gives us a finer sense of her enchanting personality.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 21st, 2012

Sensual Met Art Nudes

cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Violla A:
By Matiss
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Divina A:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Jenya D:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Toxic A:
By Arkisi
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Luiza A:
By Catherine
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Miela A:
By Luca Helios
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Sharon D:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Jenni A:
By Leon
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Mia D:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Oliwia A:
By Antonio Clemens
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Janice A:
By Antonio Clemens
cover newsletter Sensual Met Art Nudes
Karen B:
By Koenart

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Showy Beauty Russian Nudes

Milagres Showy Beauty

Milagres A Amourous Glance

Zemfira Showy Beauty

Zemfira Blue

Nastya Showy Beauty

Nastya Grace

Kiki Showy Beauty

Kiki Piano

Sofira Showy Beauty

Sofira Personal

Nikki Showy Beauty

Nikki Urban

Sabrina Showy Beauty

Sabrina Charming

Kira Showy Beauty

Kira Sun Flower

Maggy Showy Beauty

Maggy Rosy

Nikki Showy Beauty

Nikki Yummy

Jessie Showy Beauty

Jessie Pinky


Art Nude Models: Showy Beauty information.

‘Petite Naturelle’ by Roy Stuart

Met Art Met Art Met Art

"Petite Naturelle" by Roy Stuart

Roy Stuart photographs his models in a certain style and they are mostly described as amateur. I wonder if can identify this mademoiselle? This totally natural French amateur invites you into her boudoir and shows you her many secrets.

Do you like your girls real? Do you like to see naked the kind of girl you might actually date instead of some amazing untouchable beauty? Do you like to feel like the girl-next-door, or the babysitter, or some French exchange student is inviting you to watch her strip? Then Roy Stuart’s Petite Naturelle is a series you will absolutely adore.

This model is totally real world. There are photos of her cracking up because she’s shy. There are photos of her stumbling to get her panties off. There are photos of her between poses. Looking at this series is like being present at a nude photo shoot for your best friend’s hot sister.

Only the best part is she’s French! So she’s got amazing long curly hair, a delicious petite body, naturally sensuous looks, and an unbelievably tempting little pout. She loves to be doing what she’s doing – turning you on, teasing you, showing you all her charms, yet ever so slyly and slowly.

Finally, there are photos in here like have never been seen on Met Art before. As she bends over and pulls her panties down, you really see that she’s not shaved. And you can see her freckles, and her goose bumps, and her tiny blemishes. This girl is totally natural and cute.

Check out this photo set and get real with her.

Jul 20th, 2012

Sexy Nudes by Skokoff

Frances Skokoff Janetta Skokoff

Kira Skokoff

Iva Skokoff

Tasha E Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

Jul 19th, 2012

Holy Nature in Russia

Met Art Met Art Met Art

I didn’t know until today that Met Art has photos from Russia’s nude colony Holy Nature.

This may be a slight detour for Art Nude Models but it is relevent to those who like the site or Russian nude girls generally.

Previously, these images were only known by those who had found the obscure site for this bastion of young feminine nudity and spiritualism. Now, with recurrent updates, millions enjoy what are arguably some of the most pristine and perfect erotic nude photos ever taken outdoors.

And now for all the fans of Holy Nature, there’s a book celebrating the beauty of this amazing movement. Holy Nature is based on a group of people in St. Petersburg, Russia, who call themselves "The Free Body Culture Society." This book, filled with large color photographs of the people who make up this "Society," brings the unique group to life for the reader.

Concerned with the health of their environment, the Free Body Culture Society Members are also the founders of the Russian Green Party. They spend their social time enjoying ancient ‘Rus’ festivals, sunny days at the beach and Russia’s famous ‘white nights’ around the bonfire. There are extensive photos of the naturists and interviews of the photographer, Mikhail Rusinov.

The philosophy of Holy Nature is that nudity is always beautiful and never dirty or shameful. They practice what they preach, living year round in a natural pure setting without any clothes, even in the harsh Russian winters.

According to the book itself, "Holy Nature is a ‘healing force’, a revitalized and intelligent movement that looks backwards for its roots while looking forward toward its independence. And who would not wish to share in that? What could be better than to bask beneath the warm summer sun among friends and neighbors, share a family picnic and watch children at play, the long somber night far behind and cool, refreshing waves of a crystal clear lake lapping at one’s feet? We should all be so lucky.”

And Met Art members can be that lucky, because inside there are hundreds and hundreds of photos of the Holy Nature movement, with emphasis on the young female members. Yet if you are longing for a total look at this incredible place and movement, there’s no better way to get it than through this book. Buy it, live it, love it.

Jul 19th, 2012

Yara ‘Astonishing Austrian Anatomy’

Hegre Art Yara
The Hills Are Alive. These are some of Yara’s favourite things. They will become yours too. Climb every mountain and you are sure to find your dream.

Hegre Art Tereza

Hot Oil. Mirabell gives herself the treatment. She feels so good when she is having it.

Hegre Flims

Hegre Shop Who said money can’t buy happiness? Obviously they hadn’t seen our fabulous offers. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Hegre Art Caprice

Wild Thing. Candice is always looking for ways to push it to the limits – and then beyond.

Hegre Art Yara

Hegre Art Candice

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Jul 18th, 2012

Erotic Nude Beauties Update

cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Zhanna B:
By Ron Offlin
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Renata B, Maja:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Carla V:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Melisa B:
By Dolce
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Mia C:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Emily J:
By Paul Black
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon
cover newsletter Erotic Nude Beauties Update
Monta A:
By Higinio Domingo

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

New avErotica Russian Nudes

Angie avErotica Dominika avErotica

Kesy avErotica

Mimi avErotica

Barbara avErotica  

Art Nude Models: avErotica information.

Jul 17th, 2012

Beautiful Zemani Nudes

Franchesca Zemani

Darinka A Zemani Sasha Zemani Loren Zemani
Liza Zemani Darinka Zemani Ziza Zemani Wincenza Zemani
Kate Zemani Hunter Zemani Janne Zemani Katrin Zemani
Alionka Zemani Pricha Zemani Lena Zemani Assole Zemani
Franchesca Zemani Mila Zemani Lola Zemani Lubasha Zemani
Anna Zemani Svetka Zemani Nika Zemani Turka Zemani
Alena Zemani Marsel Zemani Libretto Zemani Tanita Zemani
Inga Zemani Pricha Zemani Bana Zemani Natasha Zemani

Art Nude Models: Zemani information.