Candice, Caprice, & Valerie ‘Sex’

Hegre Art Lynne Time for Bed. Candice, Caprice & Valerie truly have not intention of getting a good night’s sleep.

Hegre Art Kiki Engelie

Into each Other. “What’s mine is yours” is their motto. They mean it in every way you can think of. With: Kiki & Engelie.

FM Teens

Bridge. All the Way. There’s going to be some fantastic sights along the way. Come along for the ride.

Hegre Art Caprice Valerie Candice

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Femjoy Membership


I became a member at Femjoy a long time ago as I knew it gave me access to one of the finest collection of nude images and movies on the web. Since then I have found the member features have been enhanced positively and all these perks help navigate and make the most of all the beautiful art nude models. Among them are:

Comments Feature – Here you can post comments to all our photos, and read other members’ comments.

Favorites – Here you cane make your own Favorites Page so you can always find your favorite photos and videos, and you can show them to other members.

My Collection – This is the private favorites page, just for you, which is for photos and videos.

My Photo Favorites – This is a private favorites page for photos only.

Random Selection – Here you can click a button and be presented with a random selection of content, much of which you might not have noticed otherwise!

Now that’s the Femjoy difference!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jun 19th, 2012

Irina J, Paloma B & Liv A ‘Coresmos’ by Rylsky

Jenya D Coresmos by Rylsky Met Art

Irina J, Paloma B & Liv ACoresmos’ by Rylsky

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to spend time with these three girls? If their personalities are even half as engaging as they appear to be, even mundane activities in their company would certainly become fun-filled, memorable events. Or spend some time considering the erotic possibilities. Yes, it’s almost overwhelming, but just think how much pleasure would be possible with these three vixens offering themselves for your personal enjoyment. Finally, picture what would ensue if this trio were to engage in explicit Sapphic sex acts for their own gratification – and for your viewing pleasure.

The strengths of this erotic gallery are its three stars. In their own right, each of these models are delicious, delightful individuals. Irina J has perhaps received the most extensive blog coverage. But Paloma B and Liv A, have also earned favorable mentions.

But when frequent and talented contributing visual artist Rylsky takes on the triumvirate he may have bitten off more than he can successfully masticate. And when intimate sexual contact is not permissible his hands are tied. So he tries a variety of approaches, some are more successful than others. But the overall effect is a bit of a jumble and doesn’t come close to matching the potential these models present.

There are odd bits. Several images of Paloma B, fully dressed, are included in the series, for no discernable reason. There are a few outdoor, fully dressed shots of Irina J and Liv A, but there is no logic to their inclusion here.

The bulk of “Coresmos” finds the trio posing and preening in geometric and faux-erotic tableaux. Not a lot of this makes much sense. Individual bodies and faces are appealing, and there are pleasing images sprinkled here and there, but nothing truly compelling. My favorite shots are probably those that present the threesome seated at a coffee table, topless, like three giddy girlfriends staging a sexy tea party (see #021 through #025). Cute? Oh, yes! Erotic? Not so much this time apparently.

Their profiles: Irina J, Paloma B & Liv A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 19th, 2012

New Hegre Art Nudes

Valerie Hegre Art

Valerie Shower & Shave

Tasha Hegre Art

Tasha Cognac

Candice Valerie Caprice Hegre Art

Candice Caprice, Valerie Triple Pleasure

Clover Hegre Art

Clover Gyno Chair

FM Teens

‘Jump to the Water’ FM Teens

Nu Dolls

‘Long Pleasure’ Nu Dolls

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Nude Evas Garden Models

Angelika Kitten Evas Garden Abbie Cat Evas Garden Tess Lyndon Evas Garden Courtney Case Evas Garden
Cindy Elliott Evas Garden Katy H Evas Garden Missy Nicole Evas Garden Susie Carina Evas Garden
Alexis Evas Garden Kate J Evas Garden Susie Carina Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden
Missy Nicole Evas Garden Irenne Evas Garden Adrianna Evas Garden Suzie Evas Garden
Katy Evas Garden Katy Evas Garden Tania Evas Garden Eve Evas Garden
Alexis Evas Garden Andrea Evas Garden Kate J Evas Garden Andrea Evas Garden
Bridget Bianca Danielle  Evas Garden Adriana Evas Garden Danielle Evas Garden Victoria Evas Garden
Kate J Evas Garden Natalie Shark Evas Garden Iris Evas Garden Bridget Evas Garden
Deni Evas Garden Danielle Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden Danielle Evas Garden

Art Nude Models: Evas Garden information.

Presenting Surime A by Koido

Surime A Cover by Leonardo Met Art

Surime APresenting’ by Koido

This erotic photo gallery marks the arrival of two new talents. This is 19-year-old Surime A’s debut appearance here, and while photographer Koido isn’t completely new, this is only his second contribution, and the first I’ve seen. Short story: two impressive “new” talents.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Surime A is just 19, and only recently graduated high school. As I went through the set I was struck by the model’s natural and spirited expressiveness. While she is lively and energetic, she also has a knowing, worldly quality that implies a certain maturity — certainly more maturity than we expect from a 19-year-old. Her performance is that much more impressive when one considers her youth and (presumed) lack of experience.

An expressive and physically impressive model makes any photographer’s task easier and more enjoyable, and Koido demonstrates his own considerable artistic ability both in his design of the set and the wide variety of compositions and poses he manages to include with only a minimum of set decoration. I’m particularly impressed by how the slate gray floor blends seamlessly into background. It’s a slightly unusual color choice — strong yet still neutral — and it flatters Surime A’s natural coloring.

A simple, light gray stool makes an effective prop, particularly in the sequence of shots spanning #020 through #030 — whether standing next to it, her back to the camera, in #027, or seated on it, in a playful pin-up pose, in #022, model and artist get maximum effect with minimal décor. Even knocked over, as it is in #049, the stool adds a hint of graphic interest to an already interesting figure study.

Two more favorites from this series dispense with props entirely. Totally nude, curling her body up off the floor and eyeing the camera, in #062. And #063, flat on her back, eyes closed, face relaxed, hands above her head, is another beautifully posed and composed image from this talented new twosome.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 18th, 2012

Sensual New Nudes

cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Sandy B:
By Majoly
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
By Nicolas Grier
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Ralina A, Paloma B:
By Ron Offlin
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Lapochka A:
By Ingret
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Rilee Marks:
By Kent Hepburn
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Nadezda A:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
By Oliver Nation
cover newsletter Sensual New Nudes
Tanusha A:
By Natasha Schon

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Malena ‘”Expressio’

This sample movie features Russian model Malena. Here we see her showing off her lovely prominent breasts. They are erect as she rubs an ice cube around her large areolae. It is perhaps quite an explicit video but still falls under the art nude category don’t you think?

Born: 1990
Height: 170 cm
Measures: 90-60-90
Country: Russia

Her Page: Malena.
Art Nude Models: Pretty 4 Ever information.

Jun 17th, 2012

Fresh Nudes from Met Art

cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Adele B:
By Tony Murano
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Veronika I:
By Egon Schneider
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Kira J:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Marjana A:
By Peter Guzman
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Nella A:
By Tim Fox
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Milana F:
By Antonio Clemens
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Peggy A:
By Ron Offlin
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Katerina H:
By Peter Guzman
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Leona D:
By Alex Sironi
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Lili F:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Angel E:
By Ivan Harrin
cover newsletter Fresh Nudes from Met Art
Michelle H:
By Goncharov

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Laila ‘Fun’

Laila Femjoy
Laila Femjoy


Want to have some fun? You’ve come to the right place…and Laila is the right girl. This set features the ever so beautiful and always sexy Laila in "Fun". We’ve certainly had fun working with her, as well as getting to know her. One of the best things about working with such a wide diversity of beautiful women is finding out how real they are. laila is one of those gals. She’s not only beautiful, but super smart and has many talents as well. She’s a great cook and an excellent tennis player too!

Needless to say, we really like Laila, which is why she was chosen as this week’s best of Femjoy. But don’t take our word for it only – here’s what some of our members had to say.


"I think I am in love!!"

"I just love Laila’s cute pigtails with the ribbons and the pink socks. Looks like a naughty little lolita. A very sexy look :-))"

"Fun? Yes. A few more adjectives: Beautiful (of course)... adorable… sweet… charming… genuine… smart… sexy… thoroughly engaging… and so dearly beloved."

"Laila, you are an angel, as stated by one other member. And I also think this set is perfect simply because you are in it! I love all your sets."

‘Laila is having so much fun with this photo shoot…I think I just stepped into eye candy heaven."

"In Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, under the entry ‘perfection’, is this picture of the perfect angel."

"Laila does it to me every time with her sexy mouth, inviting smile, uninhibited posing, and that pretty little ass – it’s like someone just injected me with Viagra."

"Scorching hot set of pictures, love those pig tails, and when Laila gets up on the chair like this showing off her sweet tight bare bottom, I lose all my composure…..."

Well said, and thanks for all the comments. "Eye candy heaven" seems to sum it up pretty well. We hope you enjoy this latest set by one of our favorite models? and check out all her others as well – they’re always fun! Enjoy!

Laila’s Profile: Laila
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jun 16th, 2012

Three Flavours: A Triple Teen Treat.

Ashanti Met Art Ashanti Met Art Ashanti Met Art

Three innocent, willing girls – What’s a man to do?

First, you choose your favorite.

Maybe you like the skinny brunette, her classic Russian cat’s-eyes, her tiny succulent button breasts, her spindly fawnish legs are so inviting! Or maybe you like the plump brunette, her round innocent face, her large magenta nipples, her soft love pillows making it easy on a man. Or maybe you go for blondes, with her sassy pigtails, her small roundish tits, and that awesome yellow coochy. Then again, why choose? Enjoy them all!

But where do you begin?

Let the girls enjoy each other awhile. Have them all stand up in front of you and slowly remove their clothes. Then, tell the skinny brunette to kiss the tasty blond until she hums with erotic passion. Tell the plump brunette to arouse the skinny brunette with her teasing erotic touch. Tell the blond to open her candy canes and let the brunettes play. Then again, why let them have all the fun? They need a man.

But how do you love them all?

Now, that’s the easy part. Your tongue probes the blonde’s delicious belly. You’ve got your hands on the plump brunette’s fine, firm titties. And the skinny brunette offers you her pert peachy pleasure. You move your way through paradise like a crazy smiling snake. They are there to pleasure you, like good Russian girls. But they need pleasure too. And you’re the man for the job.

Jun 16th, 2012

Dori K aka Tamara F ‘Teach Me How to Do It’

Dori K Femjoy
Dori K Femjoy

Dori K "Teach Me How to Do It"

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you. OK forget Human League lyrics! (Don’t you want me baby?)

Actually it was more of a smart restaurant than a cocktail bar as it is in that song. The photographer was smitten with her immediately and asked if she would be interested in being photographed. Extremely luckily, she seemed eager to try this as she wanted to do more than just wait tables for a change.

When it was time for her first shoot she displayed a lack of inhibition that was quite surprising but no the less of a treat. Her presence was obvious and she felt comfortable naked in front of the camera very quicky being cute, becoming playful and then purely sexy. Her nipples were pointed and erect on top on her smooth breasts. She proved a pleasure to work with not to mention a pleasure to look at.

Dori’s Profile: Dori K
Gallery: Teach Me How to Do It
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jun 15th, 2012

Sharon D ‘Sebille’ by Rylsky

Sharon D Sebille by Rylsky Met Art

Sharon DSebille’ by Rylsky

I am not one of those with a foot-fetish. When it comes to a pretty girl’s feet I am neither repulsed or attracted. I maintain a strict neutrality on the general subject of pedal extremities. All I ask is that they are neither too big or too small (I suppose), that they are well formed, groomed, healthy, and firmly attached to a pair of shapely legs.

Either by accident or design, the feet featured in this Met Art erotic pictorial seem determined to attract my attention. They creep in from the edge of a frame. They pop up, arched or pointed, in the background. They hover in the general vicinity of other far more intriguing pieces of anatomy. Sharon D is the main attraction here, but her feet seem to be demanding equal time in the spotlight.

Now, if you are a “foot guy,” this has got to be a very good thing! Not only do you get a beautiful, playful, uninhibited, and engaging model, you also get an extra emphasis on her tempting tootsies.

While photographer Rylsky may have consciously decided to put additional visual stress on Sharon’s feet here, he hasn’t done so at the expense of the rest of her body. Her trim physique is showcased in full length portraits (#054 is one fine example), as well as explicit, detailed close-ups of her moist and succulent femininity. We have beautiful headshots like #112 (and a variation with more body in #077). And, as mentioned, no matter how pretty the face, how warm the smile, or how explicit the pose, Sharon D’s feet are ready for their close-ups. In #075 Sharon’s head and upper body fill the right side of the frame with glowing beauty…even as her right foot occupies the other half of frame begging for (and perhaps receiving) attention. I think Sharon D’s most fetish-worthy feature lies roughly halfway between her head and her toes, but no matter what you prefer, you’ll find it in “Sebille.”

Sharon D Sebille by Rylsky Met Art

Her profile: Sharon D
Gallery Preview: Sebille
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 15th, 2012

Nude Models from Argentina

Ana Walter Bosque Art
Ana in "Wooden Table"

Lola Walter Bosque Art
Lola in "Rustyka"

Aixa Walter Bosque Art
Aixa in "SunBeams"

Avril Walter Bosque Art
Avril in "Rocks"

Art Nude Models: Walter Bosque Art information. Some more of his beautiful Argentinian art nude models.

Jun 15th, 2012

Skokoff Nudes

Arina Skokoff Iva Skokoff

Dominika Skokoff

Andrea Skokoff

Arina Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

Jun 14th, 2012

Lana I ‘Melisi’ by Leonardo

Lana I Melisi

Lana IMelisi’ by Leonardo

At first glance she is similar to Jenya D. The shapes I reference in the title of this post belong to the exceptionally voluptuous star of this erotic photo series. While she may not be to everyone’s taste, if you have a preference for abundantly endowed and beautifully busty models, Lana I really is a striking specimen. When I first encountered this lavishly sculpted siren I was thunderstruck. And she’s every bit as impressive here.

The shadows I reference in the title were created by Leonardo, and the artist’s manipulation of light in this pictorial is particularly effective. Earth tones predominate and the lighting brings out the honeyed glow of the walls, floor, and furnishings, and flatters Lana’s coloring in the process (see #002, for one example). Elsewhere, by subtly adjusting the lighting, Leonardo suggests trees blowing in the moonlight and adds drama to the images while putting the emphasis where he wants it. An interesting example of this can be found in #061 and #064. The pose in each shot is similar, but in one the shadow falls on her face, in the other it falls below her waist. And the result is two entirely different images.

In terms of different images, “Melisi” provides a wide and varied range, compositionally, as well as in terms of poses, moods, and emotions. Early on we have some tamer offerings — of these, #007 conveys Lana’s sweeter side. I love the hint of a smirk on her face as she begins to unveil her bosom in #013. In #084 we get an eye-filling, standing, rear three-quarter view with extra pin-up flavor. On her knees and fully exposed in #075 she radiates vixenish attitude. And in #108, curled up on pillows on the floor, Lana I projects a relaxed, effortless allure.

Lana I Melisi

Her profile: Lana I
Preview Gallery: Melisi
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 14th, 2012

Kiki ‘Mind Blowing Beauty’

Hegre Art ValerieHaving a Good Trip. Kiki will take you on a magical mystery tour. It’s a mind-expanding experience you won’t forget. You’ll see things in a whole new way.

Hegre Art Tereza

Velvet And Ebony with Valerie.
What’s the softest and smoothest you can imagine? See it meet gleaming hardness.

Hegre Art

Handle With Care. It’s a new twist on manipulation. First build the tension. Then give total release. Hegre Massage

Hegre Art Caprice

Wonder Worker
Tantra can change your life in so many amazing ways. Check out Fabi’s page here.

Hegre Art Kiki

Hegre Art Kiki

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Jun 14th, 2012

Pretty Femjoy Nudes

Julieta Femjoy

Lena R Femjoy

Zoey Femjoy

Victoria K Femjoy

Sofie Femjoy Simona Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. The girls in the movies above are Sofie & Simona.

MPL Studios Nude Art

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Young & Fun

Candice MPL Studios

Candice Pink Nighty

Alissa MPL Studios

Alissa Super Smooth

Andrea MPL Studios

Andrea Just a Test

Tara MPL Studios

Tara Bubblicious

Kara MPL Studios

Kara Wonderful World

Arianna MPL Studios

Arianna Down Home Girl

Emma K MPL Studios

Emma K First Meeting

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Patina

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Anton Volkov Nudes

Liana avErotica Selma Brigitte avErotica

Tracy avErotica

Gloria avErotica

Rita avErotica  

Art Nude Models: avErotica information.

Jun 13th, 2012