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Tracy avErotica Rita avErotica

Brianna avErotica

Chloe avErotica

Liana avErotica  

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Jul 14th, 2012

Presenting Ashley Doll by John Emslie

Ashley Doll Presenting Met Art

Ashley DollPresenting’ by John Emslie

I inspect and then sometimes review a great many Met Art erotic photo series and I do try to be objective and arrive at an honest opinion based on what I see in the photos. I never review a pictorial’s rating before I’ve looked at it, I don’t peruse the various descriptive tags other members have given a set or a model, and I don’t look at member comments or e-mails regarding a set before I write my review.

But, even though this is Ashley Doll‘s first appearance, and my first time seeing her, I couldn’t help but make the smallest of prejudgments before opening the set. And that prejudgment is based on her name. While it isn’t always the case, when a Met Art model uses a first and last name it implies two things: she is likely, but not necessarily, an American; and it is also likely that she has embarked on, or is considering a career in other forms of erotic entertainment. I don’t know if Ashley Doll is going to follow a career path similar to Malena Morgan or Rilee Marks, but if she does, she certainly has the beauty and the name for it!

A petite and exotic brunette, Ashley Doll receives a extensive and stylish introduction in this John Emslie pictorial. The set is big — it contains a bumper crop of 185 images. And the set is, on the whole, very nicely executed. The lighting is natural and flattering, and the colors of the set are particularly complimentary to Doll’s complexion and coloring. My only gripe with Emslie’s work here is a tendency to tilt the camera for no obvious reason. When he’s framing his subject tightly it’s hardly noticeable, but when he pulls back it can be distracting.

My gripe aside, there is much to like and a lot of variety to be found here. The lighting, wardrobe, poses and Doll’s subtly steamy attitude make even a clothed shot like #014 sizzle. There’s an almost retro/Playboy magazine quality to #067, a pretty prone pose. Of the many explicit shots #157 is both moody and inviting. And, as “Presenting” winds down, #177 and #181 are two finely rendered standing body shots of this beautiful and promising newcomer.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 14th, 2012

Met Art Pretty Nudes

cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Malina A:
By Alex Iskan
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Adelia A:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Rita H:
By Egon Schneider
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Simone B:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Penelope B:
By Ingret
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Kessie A:
By Catherine
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Denisa Heaven:
By Koenart
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Helen H:
By Angela Linin
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Demi A:
By Tim Fox
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Firebird A:
By Erik Latika
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Michelle H:
By Arkisi
cover newsletter Met Art Pretty Nudes
Elvira E:
By Maestro

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Amour Angels Nude Russian & Ukrainians

Veronika Amour Angels

Veronika Get Lively

Albina Amour Angels

Albina Curly Girl

Veronika Amour Angels

Veronika Light Blue

Xu Amour Angels

Xu Sunny Fields

Leona Amour Angels

Leona Appetizing

Adriana Amour Angels

Adriana Red Berry

Amily Amour Angels

Amily Sexy Student

Kisa Amour Angels

Kisa Impassioned

 Amour Angels

Polly Fantasia

Art Nude Models: Amour Angels information.

Candice & Mirabell ‘Pussy Show’

Hegre Art Candice Mirabell
Greatest Show On Earth. Roll up! Roll up! for one thrill after another. There has never been a spectacle like this before. Be sure to get your ringside seat for Mirabell vs Candice!

Hegre Art Tereza

Sweet Spot. She goes to the heart of the matter. She gets right to the point and stays on it.

Hegre Flims

Hegre Shop Who said money can’t buy happiness? Obviously they hadn’t seen our fabulous offers. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Hegre Art Valerie

Hot Tub. Valerie’s favourite relaxation will get you super-heated. Immerse yourself in her. Gallery

Hegre Art Mirabell Candice

Hegre Art Valerie

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Zlatka A ‘Kitrino’ by Cloud

Zlatka A Presenting Met Art

Zlatka AKitrino’ by Cloud

Zlatka is a truly beautiful art nude model with enormous potential in my opinion.

I’ve never seen any work by the Met Art contributor known as Cloud. The artist is a new arrival on the site and only has two sets, including “Kitrino,” in his (or her) portfolio as I write. But based on this set alone I think Cloud will prove to be a valuable addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Cloud exhibits a variety of technical and stylistic strengths in this pictorial. The location, a landscape of large, jagged boulders, is interesting in its own right and provides the model with a variety of platforms and backgrounds to work with. And the colors of the stones mesh pleasingly with the model’s outfit — a simple yellow dress, brown leather sandals, and several pieces of wooden jewelry. Cloud shoots from a distance as well as close up, and displays a knack for composition at any range. It is interesting, considering the artist’s name, that he (or she) has chosen to blow out and slightly overexpose the sky so that any clouds in the atmosphere are rendered invisible.

Interesting setting, plenty of visual style, what of the model? Zlatka A, also a newcomer to Met Art, works well with her surroundings. There isn’t a hint of discomfort visible and she seems perfectly at ease. I like the fact that, when she’s nude, she doesn’t bother with a towel or a cushion while seated on the rocks. Yes, she uses her dress as a seating surface, but it’s natural and spontaneous.

One thing I was struck by as I viewed the set, and then reviewed my notes afterward, was how many fully clothed shots made it to my favorites list. For example, #010, #012, #027, and #030, are all stylish, sexy images. They capture and convey Zlatka’s beauty, and they are beautiful photos in their own right. And when that yellow frock comes off we’re treated to many views of Zlatka’s appealing assets. In “Kitrino” photographer Cloud and his (or her) subject prove themselves to be a skilled team. I look forward to seeing more work from both of them, either together or apart.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 13th, 2012

Argentinian Nudes

Juana Luna Walter Bosque Art
Juana Luna &Lucuma in "Meet"

Consuelo Walter Bosque Art
Consuelo in "Thistle"

Angel Walter Bosque Art
Angel in "Twilight"

Aldana Walter Bosque Art
Aldana in "Golden"

Art Nude Models: Walter Bosque Art information. Some more of his beautiful Argentinian art nude models.

Victoria K ‘Premiere’

Victoria K Femjoy
Victoria K Femjoy  Femjoy Femjoy

Victoria KPremiere

Adorable, sexy, and new… it’s Victoria K. This exclusive photo set features the debut of the unbelievably adorable and extremely sexy Victoria K. When we first met Victoria, she, like many, was working in an office and looking for something exiting to do. One of her friends told her about Femjoy so she checked us out and actually contacted us to see what the requirements were for posing. So, we set up an interview and, needless to say, she fulfilled all our requirements? and then some. This girl is so pretty, and so sexy, it’s astonishing.

But enough about what I think. Here’s what some of other members made of Premiere:

"superb – just superb"

"Great debut. Need to see more of Victoria."

"You must bring us more of this goddess as soon as possible."

"OMG OMG that is all I have to say."

"Oh my lord… so cute and so hot… geez… I can hardly stand it. Victoria, welcome. I hope to see you a lot more in the future – the very near future… : )"

"Oh yeah.What a perfect rear end. How will you surpass this in your next set? I hope to see you again in the near future."

"Yes! A work of art indeed! :) Nothing like a good foot… and this is one. Thank you for not ignoring such a sexy part of a woman’s body! Thank you all! :)"

"that’s what Femjoy is all about: natural young women the way they are. Oh, Victoria you are a queen of the beauty-queens. ;-)"

"Gorgeous girl, and lucky to be working with the BEST artist. What a great gallery!"

"Victoria is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous premiere! She has a perfect natural body. Just a wonderful debut in which to appreciate every lovely aspect of her fabulous body. Outstanding! Hope Victoria becomes a regular."

"What a great addition to the Femjoy group of gals! Keep the Victoria K. Pics coming."

"Oh my, what an absolutely stunning young woman! Her features are flawless…high marks all around."

"Hell yeah! Victoria is absolutely smashing. I have not even looked over this shooting, I am mesmerized by this first shot!...I have a hunch Victoria will surpass all others!"

"There are not enough stars in heaven to give to Victoria K."

"Oh the eyes of love that can conquer a heart. Victoria my imagination captured. Truly beautiful. Wow."

Wow indeed. Thanks for the comments members. We’re so glad you feel the same about Victoria as we do. We hope to bring you much more of her. Until next time, please enjoy this debut set of our newest Femjoy Beauties. Enjoy! :)

Preview Gallery: Premiere

While Femjoy specializes in erotic nude photos, you will find no lack of explicit shots inside their massive collection. Just because it’s art doesn’t mean it can’t turn you on. That’s a mantra that many "adult content" viewers who lean toward the higher class erotica, like Femjoy offers, have been saying for years, and it seems they are listening.

Fact is, when you come into Femjoy, you’re going to find plenty of "art," but you’re also going to find that it has an amazing power to get you excited. Why? Because Femjoy’s photography is not only erotic, it’s explicit. There’s very little of the female anatomy you won’t see. The models go "all the way," if you know what we mean. So if you like explicit shots of beautiful erotic girls, they will what you’re looking for.

Another thing I like about being a member there is that they are a female-positive site, which means we pay our models the highest degree of respect. This means the models are comfortable enough to show us everything they’ve got. And as a member I appreciate that!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Jul 12th, 2012

Sofie ‘Sports Woman’

Sofie in ‘Sports Woman’

Another voluptuous Ukrainian girl I have had some messages from readers about is Sofie. It’s so nice to see her featuring in movies as well as photo sets.

Ready for a workout? Sofie is!This week’s exclusive video features the ever so sexy Sofie in "Sports Woman". Let’s face it, we know that Sofie is? healthy, but who knew she enjoyed working out this much? We sure are glad that she does though! Watching her bounce around, all full of energy, is really sexy. Sure, she’s sexy no matter what she does, but seeing this side of her is a real treat.

Here’s what some of Sofie’s adoring fans had to say about her latest energetic video;


"I haven’t watched the video yet, and I already know its going to be great."

"Sofie, you the kind of girl that makes a human wish physical beauty is eternal. Or at least that I find someone that looks like you some day :)"

"Wow, we need more of those aerobic dance video’s !!"

", Your a natural In everything you do! I’m a ex-hardwood floor Installer/sander and you really make a hardwood floor look great!. I can see now just what keeps you In such beautiful shape!. Sofie you are the greatest model to every be on Femjoy!. Every photo set you do Is a work of art Sofie Sports Woman."

"Sofie is magnificent in this video, so much more fun watching a beautiful woman work out than dance self-consciously."

"What a wonderful video! So full of spunk and energy! And Sofie. What a doll. Sexy from any angle. Would love to work out with her! :)"

"Oh yeah… Sofie in any position is sexy and wonderful, but to have her in so many positions is just extraordinary. I love her beautiful breasts and her bright smile. She makes my day whenever she’s around. Thank you Sofie for returning and fj for bring her back."

"Sofie is perfection!"

"Sofie is a star that burns eternally in my soul…"

"Wow, Sofie continues to amaze me with her sweetness and beauty. What a wonderful film exhibiting every aspect of her beautiful body as she works out in the nude. It is the best way to work out and Sofie does it perfectly. I love the great shots of her wonderful butt. I can’t get enough of that unforgettable smile and those adorable dimples. She is such a vision and I can never get enough of this special young woman."

Thanks for the comments. I know Sofie appreciates them all. Femjoy enjoy working with her whenever they get the chance.

Sofie Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Jul 11th, 2012

Pretty Evas Garden Nudes

Courtney Case Evas Garden Tracy Lyndsay Evas Garden Cynthia Santory Evas Garden Angel Piaff  Evas Garden
Amely Guerriken Evas Garden Alisson Evas Garden Irenne Evas Garden Thalia Evas Garden
Ennie Evas Garden Alisson Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden Jani Evas Garden
Lola Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden Ennie Evas Garden Katty Evas Garden
Janette Evas Garden Katty Evas Garden Thalia Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden
Sandra Sanchez Evas Garden Kelly Evas Garden Jani Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden
Thalia Evas Garden Ennie Evas Garden Gina Evas Garden Jani Evas Garden
Rebbeca Evas Garden Katy Evas Garden Susie Evas Garden Belicia Evas Garden
Susie Evas Garden Lizzie Evas Garden Samantha Sanchez Evas Garden Lola Evas Garden

Annely Gerritsen Evas Garden

Art Nude Models: Evas Garden information.

Presenting Adriana F by Koenart

Adriana F Presenting Met Art

Adriana FPresenting’ by Koenart

My reactions to this Met Art gallery are mixed and contradictory. For instance, I like the way the model looks, but I’m not crazy about how she models. I like the simplicity of the set design, but I don’t much care for how certain elements of it are employed. There is genuine skill and polish to the photography, yet there are some curious, almost comical, compositions and angles. As I said, mixed.

I’ll start at the beginning. In image #001 Adriana F is standing, barefoot, clad only in sheer black panties and a black bra. She’s got long, thick hair in a rich, natural shade of red, a pretty face, a trim, appealing build, and smooth, pale skin. She’s standing next to a low, swooping, white chaise lounge, in front of a wall or windows covered by drapes in pleasant, neutral tones. Her raised right hand is positioned, rather stiffly, on the arching neck of a metal floor lamp. Viewed as separate, discrete elements, there’s nothing wrong — pretty girl, nice lighting, a couple of props. But there’s a subtle lack of harmony.

In number 020, however, hands on her torso, with a relaxed expression on her pretty face, Adriana strikes a more appealing pose. In 028, looking as if she’s preparing to put the metal lampshade on her head and wear it like a hat, I can’t understand what she, or photographer Koenart, are hoping to achieve.

And it’s like that, for me, throughout the entire series. We go from #040, a very nice detail shot of a hand slipping into her panties, to #098, a full nude shot that captures her body beautifully, but which makes it appear as if she’s about to fall off onto the floor. Curious.

When it’s good — I like #110 for Adriana’s expression and the pose which differs from the bulk of the set — it’s good, but “Peridot” doesn’t always hit the mark. Of course, I could be off-target, too. Please share your thoughts in the comments, below.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 11th, 2012

avErotica Russian Nudes

Nivetta Skokoff Luba Skokoff

Nivetta Skokoff

Leka C Skokoff

Bettina Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information. Profiles of girls above: Bettina, Leka C.

Jul 10th, 2012

Jenya D ‘Reprise’ by Leonardo

Jenya D Reprise by Leonardo Met Art

Jenya DReprise’ by Leonardo

I have always marvelled at Jenya since her very first appearance. She currently has 112 sets and videos in her portfolio. I never fail to be impressed by her confidence and skill as a model, and her beauty and body are stunning.

But she’s been appearing on the site since 2005, and other longtime Met Art members may have fallen in and out of love with her over the span of her career. There was a time, in 2007 through 2009 that Jenya D was a fixture at the top of the Top Models list. But while her popularity may have diminished in recent years, what made her so popular then is still very much in evidence, and “Reprise” is filled with the eye-pleasing proof.

Jenya poses on marble staircase backed by stone-tiled walls. She’s wearing black stiletto pumps and a sheer black body stocking that is particularly flattering to her spectacularly curvy body. As he so often does, Leonardo lights his subject and set to perfection — there’s just enough darkness to create drama and enough light to bring out and emphasize the details. We see this in #068, to cite but one example. Jenya has pulled her garment up around her neck. She arches back, resting her head and shoulders against the wall — the way her frontal aspect is revealed here offers a lesson in anatomical excellence.

Jenya D models up a storm throughout. In a less talented model her performance might verge on “over-doing it,” but here it works splendidly. Let me mention some of my favorite images. #003 and #004, two “fully clothed” shots, both beautifully lit, that showcase that stunning shape. #072 for the pin-up style and her exquisitely sultry expression. #093 for the pose and the refined features of her face. #122, totally nude but for her shoes. And #119 for a radiant, spontaneous, and completely unexpected smile. Spectacular.

Jenya D Reprise by Leonardo Met Art

Her profile: Jenya D
Preview Gallery: Reprise
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 10th, 2012

Pretty Nudes of Met Art

cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Milana G:
By Tony Murano
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Kitana A:
By Alex Sironi
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Milena D:
By Erik Latika
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Malena Morgan:
By Jason Self
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Flavia A:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Virginia Sun:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Kate E:
By Catherine
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Melisa A:
By Luca Helios
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Martha A:
By Antonio Clemens
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Milana F:
By Antonio Clemens
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Nichole A:
By Arkisi
cover newsletter Pretty Nudes of Met Art
Violla A:
By Matiss

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Sexy MPL Studios Nudes

Amelie MPL Studios Model

Amelie Banya

Yulianna MPL Studios Model

Yulianna The Lake House

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia I Want You

Alisa Karine MPL Studios Model

Alisa Controlling Interest

Kara MPL Studios

Kara Heavenly White

Arianna MPL Studios

Arianna Pictures on the Wall

Zoe MPL Studios

Zoe House of Mirrors

Tamara MPL Studios

Tamara Wild Ivy

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Parts Girl

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Lana I ‘Archeia’ by Leonardo

Lana I Archeia

Lana IArcheia’ by Leonardo

Once I posted about Lana I pretty much immediately was asked if I would again. Hence this post! I strive to maintain a certain detachment, an aesthetic objectivity, when I sit down to evaluate a photo series. But the moment I opened “Archeia,” starring Lana I., any attempt to maintain cool sophistication flew straight out the window. I felt like a cartoon character, my eyes are on stalks, my jaw has dropped, my tongue is hanging out of my mouth, and my pulse is pounding.

Holy moly, is this babe built, or what?! That hourglass shape and that prodigious pair of breasts grab my pleasure centers by the nerve endings and don’t let go! In the words of the ancients: Hubba, hubba! Va-vooom! And yowza!

There, I think I can now proceed with some semblance of objectivity. Wearing only a white, Turkish towel bathrobe and slippers, Lana I. sits on the edge of a bathtub. The lighting is subdued. The model’s spirit is anything but. There is a light dancing in her eyes and she takes obvious pleasure in sharing her buxom beauty with the viewer. She is a tease and a flirt, but always with a lively sweetness. Oh, and when she steps out of the robe and turns on the water? Photo. Graphic. Magic!

Lana I Archeia

Her profile: Lana I
Preview Gallery: Archeia
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 9th, 2012

Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic

cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Lana I:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Anjelika C:
By Natasha Schon
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Emily A:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Polly B:
By Dolce
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Gisele A:
By Ingret
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
By Oliver Nation
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
Lana V:
By Natasha Schon
cover newsletter Beauties of Erotic Nudes & The Life Erotic
By Oliver Nation

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Toxic A ‘Favor’ by Arkisi

Toxic A Favor

Toxic AFavor’ by Arkisi

This is a very good set. That’s the short version of my initial impressions, and if it’s enough to get you to take a close look at the Met Art erotic gallery titled “Favor,” then I consider my job here complete! For those who require further persuasion, however, I will elaborate.

When this model made her MetArt debut I was immediately smitten. It was a beautifully shot gallery, to be sure, but what won me over was the model’s beauty and personal warmth. My only difficulty with the set was the model’s name — I still don’t know why she’s named Toxic A, and I doubt I ever will. “Favor” her sixth series, offers ample proof that my “love at first sight” was no fluke.

And when I say that “this is a very good set” I’m referring to more than the model, much more, in fact. Arkisi photographed “Favor,” and it is a rich, varied, and truly impressive demonstration of artistry. It falls, roughly, into two segments. The first of these takes place before large windows looking out on tall trees. The lighting is complex and tricky, but Arkisi masters the challenges it presents. Notice, for example, how the backlighting in #021 brings out the details of Toxic’s slender body while shrouding her sex in darkness. Another, entirely different effect is achieved in #050, where bright light shines on her hand and hip while her smile radiates softly from the shadows.

In the second section, Toxic A moves away from the windows and into what we now learn is a bedroom. Here the rich, warm colors of the furnishings and subdued light create a romantic and inviting setting in which Toxic’s charms — both physical and emotional — bloom vibrantly. An eager and inventive poser, Toxic A delivers and energetic and lively performance. In a calm, pensive mode she helps Arkisi create a painterly gem in #058. In #097, her body striped by vivid light and shadow her smiling face fairly glows. And in more than a few of these diverse and delightfully artistic images Toxic A‘s luscious intimate anatomy is fully and explicitly revealed.

On further thought, “this is a very good set” seems to be a bit of an understatement. In considering the model’s natural beauty and ability, and the photographer’s technical skill and artistic talent, I have to say that “Favor” is fine, indeed.

Toxic A Favor

Her profile: Toxic A
Preview Gallery: Favor
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 8th, 2012

Nude Girls from Showy Beauty

Kiki Showy Beauty

Kiki Sexy Orange

Valentina Showy Beauty

Valentina Summer Day

 Showy Beauty

Marjana Sweet Girl

 Showy Beauty

Kisa Another Day

 Showy Beauty

Rebeca Sly Fox

 Showy Beauty

Marianna Biker Babe

Samantha Showy Beauty

Samantha Sweet Illusion

 Showy Beauty

Laura Colored Accents

 Showy Beauty

Marjana Lady in Red

 Showy Beauty

Kira Ardent

Marisa Showy Beauty

Marisa Siesta

 Showy Beauty

Aneta Golden

Art Nude Models: Showy Beauty information.

Jul 7th, 2012

Presenting Janice A by Antonio Clemens

Janice A Presenting Met Art

Janice APresenting’ by Antonio Clemens

I have written before of the charms of this young model. On the day this set debuted at Met Art, the model received so many high rankings from the membership that she temporarily held the title Top Model. Janice A has dropped back, slightly lately but the strength of her performance is still impressive, and not at all surprising.

She begins in underwear that shows she needs no nudity to look seriously stunning; she uses the single prop of the chair to reveal every inch of her body. She suggests in her bio that she has been an artist’s model which would explain why she shows so much confidence for her age in this series of poses.

This blonde sweetheart radiates a cheerful, youthful energy and vitality wholly appropriate in an 18-year-old. And for a model so young and, presumably, inexperienced, she appears to be completely at ease in front of the camera. She delivers formal, complex poses that are truly impressive, as well as spontaneous, off-the-cuff stances that seem entirely unrehearsed. Although she is smiling in many of the images, her happiness isn’t forced, and she also exhibits a wide range of expressions and moods. Impressive.

Working with a natural beauty with such well developed modeling instincts must surely be a pleasure for a photographer, and Antonio Clemens has kept the session simple and free of distraction. A vivid background color, an unobtrusive chair, and a black bra and panties for the model. A noteworthy debut, a very enjoyable series, and a model with a bright future.

Janice A Presenting Met Art

Preview Gallery: Presenting.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jul 7th, 2012