Ariel ‘Pergula’ by Luca Helios

Ariel Met Art


Here is an art nude model from the Czech Republic that will almost certainly need no introduction from me. Her profile speaks for itself and shows how popular she is. One glace at her sweet features and crimson hair from afar and one knows exactly who this is.

Perhaps some do not like her artificial colouring but equally many simply adore her regardless.

Her slim waist, full lovely bosoms and bright hair framing her pretty facial features truly make her a sight to behold as she poses outside near the lush verdant background. Love her or not one must admit these are striking images of a beautiful girl.

Ariel Met Art

Her profile: Ariel
Preview Gallery: Pergula
Art Nude Models: Met Art information

May 18th, 2012
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MC Nudes Girls

Jennifer MC Nudes
Chikita MC Nudes
Daisy MC Nudes
Nessa MC Nudes
Satin MC Nudes
Marjana MC Nudes
Isabell MC Nudes
Linda MC Nudes
Kaylee MC Nudes
Bailey MC Nudes
Carina MC Nudes
Elvira MC Nudes

Satin MC Nudes

Tereza MC Nudes

Lorena MC Nudes

Justyna MC Nudes

Jazz MC Nudes

Petra MC Nudes

Evelina, Sarah MC Nudes
Nicole MC Nudes
Kaylee MC Nudes

Art Nude Models: MC Nudes information.

Ganna B ‘Cordella’ by Slastyonoff

Ganna B Met Art

Ganna BCordella’ by Slastyonoff

Met Art do seem to be taking movie production seriously these days and this sees a welcome return for photographer Slastyonoff. Of course, their photo sets will always be the primary focus and what made the site what it is but I think the films are getting better with time.

Slastyonoff isn’t a photographer I really associate with films though. Not yet anyway.

This is an erotic motion picture and really doesn’t pretend to be anything else and this in itself is refreshing. It is simple, creative and artistic.

Ganna is lovely and to start with is wraped in a cobalt blue satin sheet. The sheet is parted and opens up as a theater curtain might revealing the naked beauty in all her glory.

Then she begins to move her body with grace and elegant fluid form. This is actually as much a dance as it is a figure study and to see her swaying nude is a lovely sight.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

May 17th, 2012

I Like Femjoy!


Art Nude Model admirers always really appreciate the fine beauty of the girls at the best of site. Femjoy is a prime example and have some exquisite models.

Let’s face it. Great photography is important. Lots of updates are important. A good mix of photos and videos is important. And a nice setting can help as well in terms of making a photo set or video something to really drool over. But if the model isn’t beautiful, none of it really matters.

That’s a primary reason why I suggest taking a good look at Femjoy. They find only the most beautiful girls and give them direct (and totally nude) to the art nude aficionado. I am a member and can tell you other members love it too. Fresh, happy, luscious, and ready to show off their incredible feminine beauty.

Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

May 17th, 2012

Lorena G ‘Tell Me What To Do’

Lorena G Femjoy
Lorena G Femjoy

Lorena G ‘Tell Me What To Do’

Lorena is very open to suggestions. This Spanish model is one the most beautiful, and popular models Femjoy have ever had the joy to work with. Yes, it’s the one, the only, Lorena G. and her latest photo set "Tell Me What To Do". Thankfully, we never need to tell her what to do? but she is always open to suggestions. : ) Take this set for example. The photographer wanted to get a little playful, and Lorena was ready and willing, as always. But enough about what we think about her? here’s what some of the happy members had to say about one of their favorite Femjoy Beauties;

"Ahhhhhh?..sweet Lorena. She is just the most gorgeous thing I could imagine! Thank you lovely lady for continuing to share your gorgeousness!"

"Lorena has got to be one of the most beautiful women alive and it is my great pleasure to see her whenever, wherever, clothed, naked, whatever. She is joy to look at always. Thank you Lorena for continuously posing for us and thank you fj for continuously bringing her back! : )"

"Some of these images are deliciously sensuous and I am delighted to confess to being gorgeously aroused."

""Tell me what to do", you say? How can I possibly tell you what to do when my jaw is dropping toward the floor, my eyes are staring out of their sockets, my hands are shaking, and my frame is trembling??? My beloved Lorena, you are the epitome of beauty. "

"So many wonderful shots in this set, but this is my fav at the moment. I don’t know why… her gaze, her skin, her body, hair… all of it I guess. Well done and thank you to all involved."

"This is hands down one of the hottest, sexiest and classiest women in the World!. Her video Stolen Beauty is sublimely innocent yet smolderingly hot."

"Sweet Lorena, welcome to 2012—and you’re looking as delicious as ever… A month without seeing you is far too long; I was afraid that you’d left us. Darling, don’t stay away for so long again; I’d miss you far too dearly…"

"Thank you, Lorena, for being so good-natured and just so beautiful."

"Black stockings, gloves and frippery, sophisticated tones defining an elegant aesthetic. And delicious erotic nuances excite the senses. Stunning…"

"Erotic – love it! Fabulous Lorena."

"Lorena = Perfection!!"

Well said members, and thanks for all the comments. We know Lorena appreciates every one of them, and every one of you for writing them. We totally agree. She is perfection and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to call her a Femjoy Beauty. If you haven’t already, please take the time to check out this latest set from this beautiful gal and tell her what you think of her. Enjoy!

Preview Gallery: Tell Me What to Do
Lorena’s Profile: Lorena G
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

May 16th, 2012
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Fresh Hegre Art Nudes

Kiki & Engelie Hegre Art

Engelie & Kiki Sexual Attraction

Caprice Hegre Art

Caprice Double Vision

Silvie Hegre Art

Silvie Bushy Days

Dominika Hegre Art

Dominika Labia & Leather

Tereza Hegre Art

Tereza Body Rock

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Red Soap’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Piquancy’

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘In Bed’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Rolling’

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Firebird A ‘Presenting’ by Erik Latika

Firebird A Met Art

Firebird APresenting’ by Erik Latika

A lovely new model is presented on a sand dune and her body is lit by sunshine in the bright blue sky. She plays and jostles with a long single piece of fabric which at times is wrapped around her waif like body. It is most erotic and sensual. It is all very minimalistic and rightly so as it gives us our first glimpse of this wonderful girl whom I hope will be photographed much more. When she is I shall add a profile page for her.

Firebird A Met Art

Preview Gallery: Presenting Firebird by Erik Latika
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

May 16th, 2012

Candice, Kiki, Engelie & Valerie ‘Thailand’

Hegre Art Kiki
Candice, Kiki, Engelie & Valerie Thailand. Garden of Delights. Nature showers rich gifts. There is everything here to pleasure all the senses. Similar gallery: Girls Together

Hegre Art Candice, Kiki, Engelie & Valerie

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

May 16th, 2012

Sofi ‘Trening’

This sample movie features the luscious Russian blonde model Sofi. She wanders through the woods topless in a denim mini skirt. She smiles cheekily as she hikes up her skirt to give us a view of her intimate area. Then we see her from behind glimpsing her pert derriere and she then sits to move her hands seductively over her nubile body.

Thanks for your comments so far.If you’d like more movie samples like this from this site please let me know.

Born: 1990
Height: 167 cm
Measures: 88-60-90
Country: Russia

Her Page: Sofi
Art Nude Models: Pretty 4 Ever information.

May 15th, 2012

Free Femjoy Galleries

Arina Femjoy

Alexis V Femjoy

Mira M Femjoy

Sofie Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Ulya I ‘Chamber’ by Leonardo

Ulya I Met Art

Ulya IChamber’ by Leonardo

Time for another old favourite. It’s been some time since I last posted about Ukrainian sexbomb Ulya. In this set, ‘Chamber‘, Leonardo has directed his muse into many and varied startling and dazzling poses which she seems to carry off with ease. She is effortlessly elegant and her moody allure has never diminished in my view.

Her voluptuous is equally inescapable for one’s eye and her lovely shape is captured wonderfully in these stylized images with the photographer’s use of light and shadow giving a film noir feel.

Her profile: Ulya I
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

May 15th, 2012

Oliwia A ‘Scene’ by Antonio Clemens

Oliwia A Met Art

Oliwia AScene’ by Antonio Clemens

Natural Russia beauty Oliwia again appears seductive and versatile as a nude model with her delicious puffy nipples atop her ample breasts prominently on display.

One might argue that some of her poses are contrived and don’t all look natural but this was only her second set for this site so one can’t complain! After all she is beautiful, inviting and utterly charming.

Oliwia A Met Art

Her profile: Oliwia A
Preview Gallery: Scene
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

May 14th, 2012

Sofie ‘Ready For Love’

SofieReady For Love

This exclusive video features the lovely, the sexy, the voluptuous Sofie in "Ready For Love". One of the things we love most about Sofie – other than her obvious and wonderful attributes – is that she is ready for anything. Whatever the location, or the scenario, whatever we ask of her she does willingly and with a smile? and what a great smile it is. : ) She really does enjoy what she is doing and it shows.

Here’s what some other site members had to say about this latest video featuring this Ukranian beauty;


"I definitely need to vacation where Sofi goes frolicking in the nude."

"Sofie, I gave your video a 5 star rating. If there were more I would have given you all of them!. A woman of your beauty deserves all the stars. Please make more video’s. I cannot get enough!."

"Sofie, you’ve done it again! You’ve stolen my heart! This video is so sensuous partly because there are other people seen in the background, suggesting that you were naked in public on a beach. I would love to know where it is. I’m glad that you do so many videos, sweet lady. Please keep doing it."

"The best of Sofies Video."

"Sofie never ceases to tease my emotions. Impossibly gorgeous and utterly tempting…"

"Sofie’s as beautiful as ever, and seems so completely, undeniably happy. Who couldn’t love her for that My favorite of her videos to date, easily."

Well said. I agree 100%. We love Sofie as much as you do and we plan on sharing her with you as much as we can. For now, please enjoy her latest video "Ready For Love". She’s ready? are you?

Sofie Femjoy

Sofie only models for Femjoy

May 14th, 2012
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Walter Bosque Art Girls

Lola & Mia Walter Bosque Art
Lola & Mia in "Amazonas"

Amelia Walter Bosque Art
Amelie in "Virgin Sand"

Martina Walter Bosque Art
Martina in "Nature"

Josefina Walter Bosque Art
Josefina in "Rocks"

Ainara & Camelia Walter Bosque Art
Ainara &amp: Camelia in "Return"

Roxio Walter Bosque Art
Roxio in "Window"

Abril Walter Bosque Art
Abril in "Old Century"

Charo Walter Bosque Art
Charo in "Animal Print"

Kira Walter Bosque Art
Kira in "Winds"

Liz Walter Bosque Art
Liz in "Adobe"

Anetta Walter Bosque Art
Anetta in "Rarity"

Art Nude Models: Walter Bosque Art information. Have a look at his beautiful Argentinian art nude models.

Clarissa ‘Missing You’

Clarissa in ‘Missing You
Shot on the rocky shores of eastern Greece, this new video, starring the luscious Clarissa, is truly an intimate look at a young woman in a state of profound sensual longing. As Femjoy continues to increase the pace at which it posts new videos, we are excited to take a look this week at our newest addition, a moving picture entitled "Missing You" and featuring the lovely young model from Greece, Clarissa. Spend a few minutes with Clarissa on the rocky eastern shores of her native country, and you’ll be swept away by the power and beauty of this exotic feminine flower.

This video is of a very intimate nature. Clarissa is poised on the rocks as the sea behind her splashes and rears, yet she seems unphased, innocent and calm in the sun. And the camera is also quite calm as it rolls over her body, going in close for the most intimate shots you can imagine of every secret delicate aspect of Clarissa’s physique.

The name of this moving picture is "Missing You," and it’s clear why once you watch the video. There’s a longing in Clarissa’s eyes. She is desiring something she doesn’t have. A companion, a touch, an experience of sensual release. The ocean behind her is alive with wonder and might. Her heart longs for the same thing in her life.

Join her in this longing as you enjoy this very moving picture.


May 13th, 2012

Nude Zemani Beauties

Lika Zemani

Melisa Zemani

Alla Zemani

Elize Zemani

Noemi Zemani

Ivana Zemani

Alissa Zemani

Darinka Zemani
Kosha Zemani Alexandra Zemani Emanuel Zemani Lanna Zemani
Lesya Zemani Erica Zemani Kila Zemani Byelka Zemani
Katya Zemani Julietta Zemani Ziza Zemani Lena Zemani
Frances Zemani Lyuda Zemani Alexandra Zemani Zhanna Zemani
Iren Zemani Mila Zemani Luka Zemani Yaga Zemani
Katia Zemani Sonya B Zemani Nadya Zemani Olya Zemani

Art Nude Models: Zemani information.

Laura ‘Happy’

Laura in ‘Happy
Come along with Laura as she reclines in an old wooden boat on the edge of a lovely blue lake, and join her in the dream of innocence. O if only everything were like it is in a Femjoy moving picture!

Download this amazing movie and you’ll see what we mean. The world depicted here is so perfect, so beautiful, so inviting, your fantasies are immediately sparked and your mind races off to regions of sensual dreaming hitherto unvisited.

Her name is Laura, and the movie’s name is Happy. Why? Maybe because Larua is so happy to be posing naked for you; or, perhaps, because Laura’s posing naked makes you so happy. Either way, the feeling is mutual. You come along with Laura, joining her in her joy. She is a sumptuous, passionate, innocent woman, and she wants someone there to appreciate her. After all, that’s why she does it.

The world that Laura inhabits in this video is endlessly arousing. The colors are light and relaxing, the scenery is lush and beautiful, and Laura, well, she’s the very image of feminine mystique. Her full breasts, her beaming smile, her delicious body come together to give you the sense of power and tenderness combined.

Watch this video and come with Laura to the lake of make believe.


May 12th, 2012
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New Naked Girls by Hegre

Nikola Hegre Art

Nikola Bed Gymnastics

Lynne Hegre Art

Lynne Pretty Princess

Maya Hegre Art

Maya Mmmh

Clover Hegre Art

Clover Gyno Chair

FM Teens

‘Join Me’ FM Teens

Nu Dolls

‘Cookie’ Nu Dolls

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.