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Little Caprice Watch 4 Beauty
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Fitness Center
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Turn Me On
Little Caprice Watch 4 Beauty
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Play My Passion Strings
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Naughty Angel
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Perfect Ride
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Mia Manarote Watch 4 Beauty
Mia Manarote:
Playtime For Pussy
Gracy Tailor Watch 4 Beauty
Gracy Tailor:
Fashion Show
Kala Ferard Watch 4 Beauty
Kala Ferard:
Only For You

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Diva A ‘Grifos’ by Rylsky

Diva A Grifos by Rylsky Met Art

Diva AGrifos’ by Rylsky

I have always said that this girl is something special and her sweet type of beauty is always striking to me. Now we get to see her in motion in this movie and I’m happy this has finally happened.

Watching her work every inch of this entire set was mesmerizing. This is very erotic and it is artfully done. There is no question that this little lady is made of spring steel. Throughout this video she twists, bends and flows with such fluid grace that I am in awe. One could say that she didn’t move throughout this set she flowed from one sensual pose to another. Employing those well tuned muscles to make even seemingly impossible twists and bends flow from one to another with an ease that totally belies the physical strength and balance required to do them. She is so flexible and smooth I am left shaking my head in wonder again and again.

This combined with Rylsky’s prowess with a camera and the snappy music turned this set into a smokin hot seduction video that rates at the top of the videos I have seen here. Key to all this is her ability to tease.

The young woman doing the teasing here is a gifted expert in this erotic art form. Diva A can be more suggestive with a look in her dark eyes or a pout of her luscious lips than lesser talents can accomplish with their entire bodies. Consider this: the lingerie-clad Diva A doesn’t reveal so much as a breast until the 3:30 mark — a full third of the way into the movie. This girl, to employ the technical term, is hot — clothed or nude, or anywhere in between.

Director Rylsky employs an interesting set and some clever blocking. As “Grifos” begins, Diva A is descending a staircase. If you’re ever wondered if walking down a flight of stairs could possibly be sexy, you’re find your answer here. Once she’s reached the ground floor Diva is in a rather compact space. A slat-back chair occupies the foreground, and a gold column, which serves as a symbolic stand-in for a brass stripper pole, is off to the left of the frame.

First Diva works her way to a wall. Legs spread wide, she gracefully lowers her lithe body to the floor — I can’t adequately describe this move, but you’ll find it at 1:58, and it’s worth finding. She spends some time in the chair, something of a lap dance without a lap, then briefly and effectively “works the pole,” and winds up on the floor. There’s a moment, at 4:46, where she rises to stand and the lighting captures the elegance and physicality of her body absolutely beautifully.

The teasing continues. Diva works her magic with sultry confidence. And Rylsky, through clever pans, cut-aways, and lap dissolves, heightens the effect masterfully. Of course, a tease without a pay-off can be annoying, to say the least, and when Diva A ditches her panties the pay-off is well worth the wait — explicit images and erotically-charged action fills the final third of the production.

While much of the sexual energy here is generated by Diva’s body — have a look at the section right around 9:00 as she “works the floor” — much attention is paid to her face, and it’s no less sexy. “Grifos” is a real star turn for Diva A, and a wonderful piece of erotically-charged cinematic art from director Rylsky.

Her profile: Diva A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 7th, 2012

Naked Erotic Beauties

cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Rima B:
By Los Angeles
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Cristina A, Angel C:
By Ingret
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Danielle Maye:
By Majoly
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Alice Kiss:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Milana O:
By Lena Vilinas
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
Mila F:
By Aztek
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
By Sebastian Michael
cover newsletter Naked Erotic Beauties
By Aleksandr Obyknovennyj

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Mary C ‘Volico’ by Leonardo

Mary C Volico by Leonardo Met Art

Mary CVolico’ by Leonardo

She is new to me and has a cheerful adorable face. Perhaps the fact that she is fairly new to modeling her posing is not as fluid as other models but I’m quite sure this will change in her following sets.

Another good erotic set here all in all. The set design is bright and colorful, Leonardo‘s photography was direct and free of gimmickry, Mary C’s beauty was obvious, and her energy and spirit was quite engaging. In short, I fully expected to enjoy the pictorial and consequently write a glowing evaluation.

But, as I worked my way through “Volico,” several flaws made themselves apparent, two I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, and one that I may have never had occasion to mention.

Mary C has a type of accessible beauty that is easy to appreciate. She has the ability to project a wide range of moods — she does give us a hint of that here. But only a hint. Mary has a habit of holding her face in the same cheerful semi-smile from shot to shot, pose to pose. Additionally, she has some difficulty relaxing her hands that compromises many of her poses (see #031, for one example) and gives them a stiff, unnatural quality.

Both those problems I’ve experienced with other models. But, as I thought about it, I realized that they might be part of a larger problem. And I think it comes down to motivation and purpose. Actors address the issue regularly — “What’s my motivation?” — to give their performances realism. And what is the purpose of this performance?

“Volico,” like all MetArt pictorials, is an erotic photo set. “Erotic: of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.” Her purpose here, her motivation, is, on a fundamental level, to arouse sexual desire. And in many of these images, even the most explicit ones, I feel that Mary isn’t quite clear on this point. She poses earnestly, she’s fully engaged, and she isn’t uninhibited physically. I’ll cite just one example. In #088 she couldn’t be more completely exposed. But what is that beautiful face expressing? I couldn’t even venture a guess.

I have never seen any of her other sets, so I will give her the benefit of a doubt. And there are some absolutely beautiful images here — in #132 I love the innocent (and different!) expression; #136 captures the slender perfection of her body (again with a slightly different facial look); and #137, a torso and headshot, has a spontaneity that’s (sadly) missing from much of the series. A girl this beautiful is certainly capable of arousing considerable amounts of sexual desire or excitement. If she gives her motivation and purpose some careful thought, future sets will realize her full potential.

Of course, as always, I could be completely wrong! Please feel free to share your opinions, below.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 6th, 2012

Sumptious Nudes by Met Art

cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Evilina A:
By Leonardo
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Angela D:
By Catherine
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Suzanna A:
By Goncharov
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Kami A:
By Samo Mervar
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Diana G:
By Koenart
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Avia A:
By Ken Tavos
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Darina B:
By Dmitry Maslof
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Belinda A:
By Alex Sironi
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Peaches A:
By Majoly
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Sinia A:
By Arkisi
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Grace B:
By Catherine
cover newsletter Sumptious Nudes by Met Art
Kat A:
By Sergey Akion

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Nude Girls by Skokoff

Kira Skokoff Larisa A Skokoff

Ariel Skokoff

Katy Skokoff

Leka C Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

Jun 5th, 2012

Edwige A ‘Dinamita’ by Koenart

Edwige A Dinamita by Koenart Met Art

Edwige ADinamita’ by Koenart

This model’s gifts are plentiful, powerful, as well as particularly pretty. She’s got an easy, natural, girl next door charm, but it’s not at all difficult to imagine her dressed to thrill and knocking ‘em down in the big, sophisticated city.

If I have one complaint about Edwige A it is simply that she sticks to a rather narrow range of facial expressions. She has a pretty face — I only wish she would explore more of its innate expressive potential. Here she’s mainly in studious, serious, model-at-work mode. When she steps away from that safety zone she generates far more interest.

What has no trouble generating interest here are her physical gifts. From the texture and color of her smooth skin, to the shapely curves of her legs and ass, to her generously proportioned and artfully shaped bosom, she offers an enticing array of bodily beauty. As luck would have it, she doesn’t appear at all shy about showing it off.

Koenart doesn’t let the opportunity escape his lens and, while the set begins on a somewhat demure note, by the time it’s finished we’ve been treated to a broad assortment of explicit shots, including many wonderfully detailed close-ups.

The lighting and set design are clean and stylish. Edwige, barefooted from the start, is wearing a figure-hugging little black dress over pleasantly provocative black lace panties. Even when nothing much is exposed, as in a detailed figure study like #017, her ripe curves are irresistible.

‘Dinamita’ concludes with ten shots of Edwige A, dressed down in faded jeans and a printed T-shirt — and, yes, that message is true in my case, and countless others, I don’t doubt. It’s a nice way to end the set. It gives a greater sense of who Edwige is as a person, and leaves us hungry to see more.

Preview Gallery: Dinamita
Her profile: Edwige A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 5th, 2012

Nella A ‘Opus’ by Tim Fox

Nella A Opus by Tim Fox Met Art

Nella AOpus’ by Tim Fox

Nella is a popular art nude model who has an unique sultry, cheeky appearance. She looks like she is very feisty and it is clear this is no act. I think this look makes it clear she genuinely loves to be nude in front of the camera. This natural feel helps make her irresistible.

So, knowing full well that countless admirers may consider Nella A to be a sweet angel, I find her predominant trait to be quite devilish. While she can undeniably project sweetness, this is not her natural state. In this pictorial she radiates raw sexuality. She may be wearing lingerie in a virginal shade of white, but there is nothing at all virginal about her presentation or attitude in these photos.

I’m tempted to use words like “hard” or “severe” to describe Nella A. She definitely has a frank, animal appeal. And I also think her overtly sexual, provocative attitude here is underscored by her hairstyle, which brings to mind (to my mind, anyway) Bettie Page. Her piercings – tongue and navel – do nothing to soften her image. And the way she’s styled her eyebrows also contributes something sultry and suggestive. While some models put one in a romantic mood, Nella brings to mind nothing short of raw lust.

As a result, my favorite shots in “Opus” are the unashamedly explicit, blatantly sexual, and completely uninhibited images, and there are many to be found among the 164 photos Tim Fox has provided. In #087, although her face is in soft focus in the background, the flesh in the foreground ensures that Nella’s message comes across lusty, loudly, and clearly.

There are times in “Opus” when things go a bit too far. Things get a touch too dramatic in #072 as she faux-struggles with her panties, for example. And the panty-chewing in #077 seems similarly over the top. She’s certainly cute in #151, but I much prefer what she’s offering in #107: raw sex and a lewd attitude.

Her profile: Nella A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 4th, 2012
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Naked Amour Angels

Verona Amour Angels

Verona Delicia

Amily Amour Angels

Amily Funny Cleaning

Marina Amour Angels

Marina Riddle

 Amour Angels

Sonia Revealing

Lesya Amour Angels

Lesya Savage

Marjana Amour Angels

Marjana Fine Morning

Xu Amour Angels

Xu Danger

Dace Amour Angels

Dace Furry

Ksenia Amour Angels

Ksenia Inviting

Art Nude Models: Amour Angels information.

Catherine A ‘Candidat’ by Dolce

Catherine A Candidat by Dolce Met Art

Catherine ACandidat’ by Dolce

‘Candidat’ is her sixth series, and it provides a welcome chance to revisit a promising talent, and to evaluate both her development as a model, and the accuracy of my initial observations.

Catherine A. impressed me with her eager expressiveness in her debut. That quality is still very much in evidence in “Candidat.” This model has a natural ability to project a truly impressive range of emotions and moods, and she’s a gifted and inventive poser, as well. Her ability to transform her appearance from shot to shot is almost uncanny. And I’m talking about something far more complex and subtle than simply putting her hair up, or letting it hang free to achieve different looks (she does both here, by the way). Compare #005, for example, with #021 – two almost eerily different looks.

Catherine A. can be composed, formal, and deliver highly stylized poses. And she can be unpredictable, spontaneous, and entirely natural. Photographer Dolce – the creator of all of Catherine’s pictorials – manages to capture her many moods and attitudes quite adeptly. The photographer does have a weakness for tilted compositions, however, and the off-kilter images here seem an unnecessary distraction. Images #097 and #098 provide instructive examples. Catherine’s pose is unusual and extremely interesting (as is her facial expression) in both shots. The first is tilted, creating a queasy feeling that the model is at risk of sliding out of the frame. In the second image, now on the level, the pose and composition achieve something approaching perfection.

I like the simple set design here. The rich color and texture of the walls, the dark planks of the hardwood floor, and a single potted plant provide interest without distracting detail. And the upholstered armchair makes a versatile platform for Catherine A.’s creative posing. Two favorites illustrate my point: #036 seems destined to decorate many desktops with its particularly effective composition. And in #041 Catherine gracefully forms a bridge between the arms of the chair with her beautiful body. This “Candidat” easily earns my most enthusiastic vote.

Preview Gallery: Candidat
Her profile: Catherine A

Catherine A Candidat by Dolce Met Art
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Jun 3rd, 2012

Anna S “On The Kitchen Table”

Look what we have served up for you this week! It’s Anna S. No trimmings needed! just her pure natural beauty in all its glory! Enjoy Anna as much as she enjoys herself in this sensual new movie from Hegre Art. Watch and be seduced as she caresses her firm breasts and plays with her pussy with slippery wet fingers. Some girls don’t have to try to be sexy they just are and we are sure you’ll agree that Anna S is one such girl. So sit back, relax and enjoy this visual feast!
Her Art Nude Models profile: Anna AJ

Naked Femjoy Beauties

Cathy S Femjoy
Ella S Femjoy
Karen E Femjoy
Sofiya R Femjoy

Tamara F Femjoy

Lena R Femjoy

Sarah D Femjoy

Olina D Femjoy

Sofie Femjoy Simona Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. The girls in the movies above are Sofie & Simona.

Naked Models of MPL Studios

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Angelic Beauty II

Lidija MPL Studios

Lidija Naked Paradise

Yulianna MPL Studios

Yulianna Bravo

Mischa MPL Studios

Mischa Rio Verde

Maya MPL Studios

Maya Dream Maker

Iveta MPL Studios

Iveta Different Strokes

Sarah MPL Studios

Sarah Bamboo Sauna

Louisa MPL Studios

Louisa Garden Minx

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Naked Innocence

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Sofie ‘Brightest Star’

Femjoy Sofie
Sofie certainly should have a profile on this site. Her gallery: ‘Brightest Star’ is but one example of why that is the case.

Perhaps the most obvious observation to make is her voluptuous bosom. No doubt this is an asset but is far from the only one she has as a model. She has a sweet somewhat exotic look that appeals to many fans of the art nude genre. Her sense of humour and grace also seem to shine through in her photographs.

She is at times pictured with another model but I feel the best sets are of her alone where you can focus more on her as she has a more subtle appeal that should be savoured and given time to be appreciated.

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Jun 1st, 2012
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Valerie ‘Body Brilliance’

Hegre Art ValerieThe Light Of The Sun. Valerie brings the hot glow of the tropics. Bask in her splendour. She brightens everything around her with her dazzling beauty.

Hegre Art Tereza

In Full Flow with Kiki.
When the pressure builds up she has to find release. The outcome is sensational.

Hegre Art Kiki

Girl Girl. Candice & Mirabell
Friends United. This is their moment. When they entwine in each other’s arms they feel as one.

Hegre Art Caprice

High Definition. Tasha has lavished loads of attention on her perfect body. Now it’s our turn.

Hegre Art Valerie

Hegre Art Tasha

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

May 30th, 2012

Miette and Avida ‘Back and Forth’

Miette and Avida in ‘Back and Forth
Two beautiful young women, two dazzling naked bodies, and one absolutely sensual moving picture Femjoy experience. This moving picture is called "Back and Forth," but you’ll have to download it to really get a sense for what that phrase means. Suffice to say that the "back and forth" we’re speaking of involves the adorable Miette and the sizzling Avida, and that going "back and forth" between the two models is about as alluring an experience as a man could have.

This video is staged largely as a photo shoot, though it’s one that takes place in the world of fantasy…your fantasy, that is, and your fantasy’s desire to see Miette and Avida strutting their stuff and showing off what is so excellent about them – their young, beautiful, naked bodies.

As the camera hones in on Miette, she bites her lip and stares into the lens. Running her hands through her hair, then over her breasts, she seduces the viewer with her girlish innocence masked by womanly eroticism. You cannot look away. Then comes Avida, the sassier of the two, striking a pose, facing forward and letting her female flower come in full view, then turning quickly and giving her ass a slap.

Back and forth is where your desire will be going after you view this incredible moving picture.


May 30th, 2012

Presenting Orvelia O by Arkisi

Orvelia O Presenting Met Art

Orvelia OPresenting’ by Arkisi

In her debut erotic gallery Orvelia O is totally nude from start to finish. To her credit, she seems quite at ease in this completely exposed state. And she isn’t at all reluctant to present her most intimate attributes in a selection of revealing close-ups.

Without a costume to strip out of, variety must necessarily be achieved through a diverse selection of poses, the photographer’s choices in terms of composition, and the model’s position in and around the set. As it happens, this is a key to this particular series.

In the first shot, which I quite like, Orvelia is leaning against a stylized column of wood and metal, a bed and a softly glowing lamp occupy the background. Later, in wider shots, we see that the column marks the junction of two sliding panels that can be shut to enclose the bedroom. This may seem like a needlessly detailed description, but it is important.

The first portion of Arkisi‘s pictorial takes place outside the bedroom. While there are flattering, pleasing images among this group — #032, for example, in which Orvelia spreads out on the dark wood floor — the indirect light here isn’t exceptionally flattering. It’s a subtle defect, some might not consider it a defect at all, but when the model moves into the bedroom — either on the bed itself, or on the floor next to it — the lighting is without question far more flattering to Orvelia’s coloring.

I noticed this dramatic shift when I got to #075, and the set gains strength from there until its conclusion. “Nice light” is a term that recurs repeatedly in my notes. #087 is one lovely example (a dreamy and inviting rear view). #095 is a nicely lit headshot. In #118 Orvelia O moves closer to the table lamp which brings out the color of her hair and the beautiful details of her face. #100 is another charmer, as is #119, an expressive and unique headshot. When the light is right this debut delights.

Orvelia O Presenting Met Art

Preview Gallery: Presenting.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

May 29th, 2012

Caprice ‘Public Beach’

Hegre Art Caprice Everybody’s Coming. What makes this beach the stand-out place to be? It has to be the unique Caprice.

Hegre Art Kiki

Overwhelming Force. From deep within comes something irresistible. It makes a spectacular display. Kiki is just beautiful.

FM Teens

Come My Way
There’s plenty of room for both of us here. We just need to get the right position.

Hegre Art Caprice

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

May 29th, 2012

Caprice ‘Turn Me On’

Thank you for your comments so far about Caprice. This Czech model is both popular and seems to work quite prolifically.

Gorgeous teen Little Caprice… she loves to be in front of the camera! She is slim and very sexy model.

Birthday: October 26, 1988, Astrology: Scorpio, Birthplace: Czech Republic, Hair Color: Brown, Tattoos: None

Born: 1988
Height: 168 cm
Measures: 86-60-89
Country: Czech Republic

Her Page: Little Caprice.
Her Profile: Caprice.
Art Nude Models: Watch 4 Beauty information.

May 28th, 2012

Pretty Hegre Art Models

Kiki & Engelie Hegre Art

Kiki, Valerie, Caprice & Candice Postures

Mirabell Hegre Art

Mirabell Open Shower

Valerie Lynne Hegre Art

Valerie & Lynne Intimate Massage

Clover Hegre Art

Clover and Fiance

New Nude City

New Nude City Bed Buddy

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Pretty Doll’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Join Me’

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Am I Hot’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Play GF’

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.