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August 25, 2012

Amour Angel Nude Beauties

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 Amour Angels

Daniella Sporty Girl

 Amour Angels

Sunny Indiana

 Amour Angels

Amina Hunt

 Amour Angels

Leona Impressive

 Amour Angels

Alexa Kayak

 Amour Angels

Amily Tender Passion

 Amour Angels

Laura Sensuality

 Amour Angels

Avrora Blow Kiss

 Amour Angels

Alise Day Dreams

 Amour Angels

Lisa Sexuality


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Izabelle A ‘Aphinome’ by Oleg Morenko

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Izabelle A Aphinome by Oleg Morenko Met Art

Izabelle AAphinome‘ by Oleg Morenko

There is something amazing and almost inexplicable going on in this Met Art erotic photo gallery. And it is present and obvious throughout the entire set. This model, Izabelle A, can look innocently youthful in one image, and in the very next shot she can suddenly appear knowing, worldly, and mature. The difference is striking — night and day. How she accomplishes this I can’t even guess, but it is truly something to see!

Part of this can surely be attributed to her slim build. Izabelle has a compact, trim little body, with pert breasts and deliciously delicate details. She has, I think, rather narrow hips, but there is nothing boyish about her build in the least. Her ass, while petite, is also round and wonderfully ripe. In some poses – standing in #088 and #090 – she displays the athletic build that I associate with female gymnasts. She’s undeniably fit, but also undeniably, exquisitely feminine. What a remarkable specimen!

It has been over a year and a half since I had the pleasure of viewing this model, and after revisiting my first post about her those happy memories came back in a flood. That set was also shot by Oleg Morenko. I like both pictorials very much, but here he’s taken a somewhat more naturalistic approach to the style and lighting of the set. Izabelle is completely and gloriously nude throughout, and spends most of her time posing on white sheets.

Morenko manages to include a broad range of images and Izabelle strikes interesting and unusual poses. We go from pure, nothing-showing, cuteness in #004, with the model on her belly, to #016 a steamy, but still rather demure pose rolled over onto her back. We find in #029 a lovely headshot (beautiful breasts included); and elsewhere the artist includes detailed shots of feet and other inviting attributes.

If I must find one thing to complain about it is simply that ‘Aphinome’ is relatively brief! A scant 106 images feels like a bit of an appetizer when the main course is so amazingly appetizing.

Izabelle A Aphinome by Koenart Met Art
Preview Gallery: Aphinome by Oleg Morenko.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Kiki ‘Sunset Shower’

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Hegre Art Kiki is beautiful. Night Scented. Kiki blossoms at night. Here she is getting herself ready for the hours to come. Gallery


Soft Glow. Yara brings two different kinds of beauty together. It’s a display of perfect harmony.

Another of her Galleries: Sensuous

New Nude City

See Clearly. I’ll open your eyes to some things that are well worth looking at. Stare hard.

Gallery: Thinking Hard

Kiki Hegre Art

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

August 24, 2012

Stunning Beauty at Met Art

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Olga M:
By Leonardo

Ilona B:
By Angela Linin

Nataly F:
By Leonardo

Cassie A:
By Alex Iskan

Lusi A:
By Leocont

Laura I:
By Leonardo

Karina N:
By Koenart

Avia A:
By Ken Tavos

Romina A:
By Rylsky

Mari D:
By Goncharov

Surime A:
By Koido

Bettina B:
By Majoly

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Presenting Maria N by Ingret

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Maria N Presenting by Ingret Met Art

Maria NPresenting‘ by Ingret

Photographer Ingret‘s set design for this Met Art new model debut series is sweetly feminine. The walls are papered in shades of pink, and two French doors, the floor, and other furnishings are white which ties in nicely with the model’s white necklace, stockings, and garter belt.

This sweet, girlish, youthful setting provides a fine backdrop for a sweet, girlish, young model. Despite the fact that Maria N is topless and bottomless from the first shot, there’s a hint of innocence here, and the wreath of delicate flowers in her hair in the introductory shots ads a pleasantly angelic touch. The stylized presentation has an almost greeting card flavor, and I mean that as a compliment — see #012 for a perfect illustration of my point.

This is a generally confident performance for this lean and well shaped 21-year-old. Certain telltales – stiff hands, for example – give away her presumed lack of modeling experience, and I think she works a touch too hard at projecting a calm, serious mood when something more spontaneous and energetically girlish would be more in keeping with the design of the pictorial. But she is a charming and pretty girl and I offer these minor complaints in the spirit of constructive, encouraging criticism.

Ingret does suffer from the tilting frame from time to time, but he also delivers some extremely pretty images in this collection. The lighting is soft and effective in #047, a subtly moody shot. The absence of pink design elements in #056 adds a feeling of mature sophistication than the more girlish compositions in the set contain. I like the backlight and the bold, seated pose (but could do without the tilt) in #098. And with #114, her beautiful body partially hidden by an open door, model and artist arrive at absolute perfection. “Presenting” Maria N is a very pretty premiere, indeed.

Maria N Presenting by Koenart Met Art
Preview Gallery: Presenting Maria N.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 23, 2012

Nubile Nudes of MPL Studios

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Amelie MPL Studios Model

Amelie Better Than Ever

Elena MPL Studios Model

Elena Sexiness

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Flourish of Color

Mischa MPL Studios Model

Mischa Green Lake

Tara MPL Studios Model

Tara Playtime

Elsa MPL Studios

Elsa Real World

Gina MPL Studios

Gina Fill Me Up

Kara MPL Studios

Kara Room To Move

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Bodyscape

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Eva E ‘Polaines’ by Fenix

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Eva E Polaines by Fenix Met Art

Eva EPolaines‘ by Fenix

I refer, in this post’s title, not only to the model’s stature, but to the qualities of this Met Art HD erotic movie. It’s a tasty visual confection, not much over six minutes in length, that is as easy to enjoy as a piece of sugar candy.

Eva E, the beautiful bonbon at the center of ‘Polaines’ does happen to be short and sweet — standing a relatively petite 5-foot-3, and tipping the scales at a distinctly dainty 99 pounds. And that petite frame is both beautifully firm and toned as well as exceptionally shapely. Her proportions are such that I would have guessed she was much taller had I not peeked at her model bio.

Another fact I find interesting about this model is that she’s appeared in ten Met Art erotic videos in addition to twelve still pictorials – she’s had a lot of experience in moving pictures, and that’s amply evident in “Polaines.”

There is nothing elaborate or overdone in this production from director Fenix. The mood is casual and carefree, and it’s really nothing much more than a pretty girl interacting with the camera. Eva starts out wearing a blouse and what I can only describe as ankle warmers. She moves with playful grace, often walking on tiptoe, and both performer and director take advantage of large mirror-finished windows that allow for some interesting visual effects.

But, again, not much happens, there’s nothing to speak of in terms of narrative, art direction, or cinematic trickery. It’s just a few enjoyable moments spent in the company of a beautiful naked girl with a particularly pleasing personality to match her inviting body. Much like its star, “Polaines” is a short and sweet little visual treat.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 22, 2012

Latest New Nudes from Hegre Art

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Mercedes Hegre Art

Mercedes A Wet Dream

Mirabell Hegre Art

Kiki Sunset Shower

Caprice Hegre Art

Valerie Like Hand in Glove

Candice Hegre Art

Candice Pleasure Princess

FM Teens

FM Teens Pranky Girl

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Saturation’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Power of Water’

New Nude City

New Nude City ‘Thinking Hard’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Jauntily’

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Semmi A ‘Kladie’ by Alex Iskan

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Semmi A Kladie by Alex Iskan Met Art

Semmi AKladie‘ by Alex Iskan

I happen to have written a critique of this model’s first MetArt pictorial. While I found no fault with the model’s performance, I did note several peculiarities in the design and execution of the photo series.

Now I have the opportunity to revisit Semmi A, this time working with a different photographer, and I quickly discover we’ve moved from the simply peculiar to the downright perplexing. This is a truly odd artistic effort.

The strangeness in Alex Iskan‘s photo essay isn’t fully apparent in the first handful of images, but it is there, make no mistake. Here we find Semmi A on a long staircase leading up to what is either a Soviet era housing project, or perhaps a minimum security prison. The weathered concrete surrounding the model is cracked, weedy, and litter is scattered about. Semmi is cute and appealing, however, wearing sunglasses on this sunshiny day and a figure-hugging dress in an eye-catching shade of turquoise. But compare #006 with #007. In the first, framed in a way that suggests she’s nude in this public place, there’s a beautiful, natural spontaneity. In the second, her face nearly obscured by her hair, what are we to think? My guess: a curious error perhaps caused by a sudden, unexpected gust of wind. Odd that it’s included.

But the oddness has only just begun! The bulk of the set takes place in a backyard. There is an air of disrepair to the setting, and the lawn is unkempt, coarse, and dieing in patches. Semmi is positioned on a chaise lounge, wearing a black and white cocktail dress. To add to the building incongruity, these images are strangely underexposed, perhaps deliberately. A large ceramic frog is present in some shots, and a flower and other foliage is often present, out of focus, in the immediate foreground. It’s not easy to describe, nor is it easy to comprehend. Examine #035 and see what conclusions you can come up with.

Semmi A and Alex Iskan are definitely up to something in “Kladie.” I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but there’s an intriguing quality in the overall strangeness of the set. #033 and #051 make a curious pair, for example. #063 has an almost David Lynch feel. And the poses and day-for-night lighting in #100 and #118 add mystery to the prevailing inscrutability. For those seeking the unusual, this set provides a ray of surreal sunshine on a “Kladie” day.

Semmi A Kladie by Alex Iskan Met Art
Preview Gallery: Kladie.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 21, 2012

Fresh from Amour Angels

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Veronika Amour Angels

Lisa Boho Style

Sunny Amour Angels

Sunny Teen Party

 Amour Angels

Liza Idyllic

Sveta Amour Angels

Sveta Delicate

 Amour Angels

Alexa Marino

 Amour Angels

Kisa Neon

Magdalena Amour Angels

Magdalena Innocent

Amanda  Amour Angels

Amanda Sunlight

Veronika Amour Angels

Veronika Sea Star

Art Nude Models: Amour Angels information.

Ralina A ‘Possibility’ by Ron Offlin

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Ralina A Possibility Met Art

Ralina APossibility‘ by Ron Offlin

Sweet Russian nude model Ralina gets very excited about the prospect of every one of her nake modeling shoots. That is something I and other admirers share with her frankly!

In this set she conveys an inviting and extremely provocative allure that is suggestive and most erotic.

An unmade bed in what might be a suite in a luxury hotel. The soft light of a leisurely afternoon. A dark eyed girl, nude from the waist down, wearing only a glittering necklace and a pink nightie. True to its title, this setting is ripe with “Possibility.”

Ralina A. is subtly expressive as the set unfolds. She is pensive, thoughtful, happy, and sometimes the slightest bit sly. In #0068 I get the suggestion she may be looking at a lover, off-camera.

Behind the camera, Ron Offlin exploits the “Possibility” before him. Considering that the model is bottomless throughout, he manages to include several beautiful non-nude images – #0032, a lovely pinup, and #0066, a wonderful headshot.

And, of course, the necklace comes off and serves to embellish Ralina’s intimate architecture in Offlin’s signature style. Evocative and confidently erotic (I refer both to the model and the pictorial), “Possibility,” provides ample pleasures.

Ralina A Possibility Met Art

Her profile: Ralina A
Gallery Preview: Possibility
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 20, 2012

Sofi A ‘Kilemian’ by Fenix

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Sofi A Kilemian Met Art

Sofi AKilemian‘ by Fenix

Here the fabulous Sofi A gives new meaning to the term ‘sexual athletics’. To take up the offer suggested by the soft cushions and open laid back poses when Sofi leaves the roof beam and appears to open herself, and her legs, to the viewer; one gets the impression one would have to be pretty athletic oneself to satisfy her!

The word ‘Gymnast’ often conjures up a tense and intense smallish girl with tiny breasts and lean muscular figure competing to do impossible things in an utterly unsexy way. Sofi would win an olympic challenge yet her breasts are full, figure and legs a dream and every one of Sofi’s moves is a teasing dance – Those fine breasts swing tauntingly and her long legs entwine the the roof beam suggesting other activities one might consider! What a girl!

Of the Met Art HD movies I’ve viewed, “Kilemian,” starring Top Model Sofi A, is perhaps the most like a still photo series come to life. It is edited, there are cuts and fades, it isn’t as if a video was taken of a photo shoot. No, it is far more than that! It combines what we all love about MetArt photo sets – stylish art direction, technically superior camerawork, and a stunning, skilled model, in a wide variety of poses. But each different pose flows seamlessly into the next here. This isn’t a stylized product of the editing room, this feels much more organic, more fluid. If you’ve ever wished a photo set could spring to life, “Kilemian,” grants your wish.

Apart from the general style of the movie, “Kilemian,” offers us another chance to enjoy one of MetArt’s most popular models. Sofi A. has been voted into the modeling elite for obvious reasons. And, no, I’m not only referring to her considerable physical assets. In her still sets Sofi projects a warm, inviting personality. And in high definition video that warmth is amplified. A smile, a glance, the arch of an eyebrow, these subtle shifts of expression and the emotions they convey make the movie irresistibly engaging.

Of course having the opportunity to view Sofi in motion is a pleasure in itself, and the model doesn’t disappoint. I was somewhat – and very pleasantly – surprised by the dancer-like athleticism and agility she displays. Whether she’s in dreamy repose, or hanging with a gymnast’s ease from a roof beam, Sofi is simply stunning. The engaging images in “Kilemian” are moving pictures, without a single doubt!

Her profile: Sofi A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

MC Nudes Preview Galleries

Keila MC Nudes
Elvira MC Nudes
Abby MC Nudes
Daisy MC Nudes
Jenny MC Nudes
Nessa MC Nudes
Bailey MC Nudes
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August 19, 2012

Kara ‘Premiere’

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Kara Femjoy
Kara Femjoy Femjoy Femjoy

Kara ‘Premiere’.

Let’s face it. Looking at naked pretty girls is pretty great, but it’s not just the looking that gets you. It’s the intimacy. The closer you can feel to a model, the better it is. You want to feel like she’s not only there with you and for you, but that you’re seeing into her soul, that you have her all to yourself, that she wants to be close to you and is being close to you by showing you herself.

That’s the kind of intimacy you’ll find on Femjoy it’s in every photo. It’s in the look in our models’ eyes, it’s in the kinds of poses they strike, and it’s in the experience you’ll have looking at our images and videos. If you want to get close to ultimate beauty, come into Femjoy.

Cute, sexy, fun, playful… and new. It’s Kara. This week’s exclusive photo series features the fresh debut of the adorable Kara. So many words to describe this girl? cute, sexy, fun, playful? and new. Brand new. We love having fresh young girls pose for us and Kara is just that. She was so happy to find out she had been selected to pose for us that she called her friends right away! We’re glad she was so exited and her photoshoot was a pleasure because of it. There’s nothing like an ready and willing girl when it comes to posing for pictures. Needless to say, we like her, but more importantly, so do our members. Here’s what a bunch of them had to say;

"Amazing body! we need as much of this girl as possible."

"What a pretty smile. I love her sweet breasts."

"Kara, thanks for posing naked for us. It is wonderful to see your lovely bare bottom. Your buttocks are so cute and shapely."

"This is a gorgeous picture. Kara is so pretty and I love her long blond hair."

"Kara has one of best butts on Femjoy. I just love looking at it. Very friendly girl whom I look forward to seeing more of."

"As though I could ever resist a smile this sweet, with just a touch of shyness… Especially for a young woman with such a gloriously curvy figure, and a sense of quiet confidence to her poses. Welcome, beautiful Kara. I hope that we see your sweet smile again soon!"

"Kara, I’m sure you have ALMOST as much fun playing with those beautiful nipples as I would have! And that is saying a lot!"

"Welcome, Kara, on your Premiere. You have such a lovely, sweet face, and your body is SOOOO lovely, dear. Please do POSE AGAIN FOR US REAL SOON."

"More please! I would love to see a set of her on a bed, close up and intimate."


"Very cute girl with a sweet round bubble ass that i would love to thoroughly explore."

"Excellent picture, Kara is incredible. 5 Stars all around for this one. Please come back again soon."

"Kara you have an absolutely PERFECT Bottom and great legs leading up to such a fine piece of female art."

"Kara you are stunning everywhere and I do hope that this set will be one of many. Welcome to FJ and thx for sharing yourself with us."

Well said members. We’re so glad you like Kara as much as we do. We definitely plan on her coming back often. Until then, please enjoy her debut set and stay tuned for more! Enjoy!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Met Art Discount & Free Cam Show

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Free Met Art Cam ShowFree Met Art Cam Show

33% Off Met Art & Free Cam Show

Art Nude Models readers will hardly need me to extol the virtues of Met Art again.

However, whenever such a great Art Nude site is offering any membership deals or special offers I shall bring them to your attention. Thank you for your feedback about this – I shall continue to post them for you.

The cam show stars Jasmine & Charlotte starts at 12.00 Noon PST on Tuesday 21st August. Don’t want to wait? Get $5 Free Cam Credits.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Kitty B ‘Reddit’ by Giovanni Galio

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Kitty B Reddit Met Art

Kitty BReddit‘ by Giovanni Galio

Described by another member as a perfect looking teenage girl with a beautiful body, her lovely brown eyes and just everything about her is striking. Giovanni Galio and Leonardo are doing well bringing amazing sets of this luscious creature to admirers of the art nude model.

When Kitty B. first appears in “Reddit,” she’s in front of a red brick building wearing a big, floppy hat and a super-short mini-dress. Five images later she’s totally nude, and posing all around the partially (and picturesquely) demolished structure. The setting is brimming with potential, a wide variety of textures, and visual opportunities abound.

Placing such a fetching female in this cool environment filled with broken bricks and slabs of hard concrete sets up a fascinating study in contrasts. And Kitty rises to the task with serene confidence. She seems completely at ease throughout the set, and delivers pose after pose after pose — yes, there is a stunning amount of variety here — with a relaxed and expressive enthusiasm.

Image #0069 is an easy choice, with the model on her back on a stairway, hanging her head off the edge. And another, considerably more revealing image, #0096, has her sprawling on rough concrete, intriguingly posed and totally exposed. A splendid model in a superior series.

Kitty B Reddit by Giovanni Galio Met Art

Her profile: Kitty B
Preview Gallery: Reddit
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

August 18, 2012

Sharon ‘Wild Cat’

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Met Art Sharon E Met Art Sharon E Met Art Sharon E

Sharon E has graced the pages a number of times on Met Art, but this was her premier movie at the time. And it could not be hotter. Here you can see this incredibly gorgeous model naked on a bed, dancing like a gypsy, and tempting the viewer to join her in erotic pleasure. It couldn’t be better.

This movie, like all movies you will find on Met Art, is at the cutting edge of online digital technology. Crystal clear, sound-tracked with sensuous music, and very long, it’s the perfect viewing experience. And it comes in many formats to fit your viewing needs.

And, of course, it comes with Sharon. This movie is called Wild Cat because that’s what Sharon seems like in this one. The walls are hung with pink silk curtains. Sharon is on the bed, wearing nothing but a white belt and pearls. Coyly, she plays with white silks, rubbing them on and off her body, dancing for viewer and urging him to take his time with her.

What’s so special about this movie, and all the movies on Met Art, is that while they are erotic and nude, and the girls are perfect specimens of feminine perfection, there is nothing dirty or pornographic about them. Sharon is having a wonderful time being wild before the camera. She seems completely natural and aroused by the experience. She is happy to be showing herself to the camera, and her movements and style are a tribute to her innocent integrity and beauty.

I suppose that’s what you can expect in all Met Art movies – beautiful girls in long movies enjoying the act of sharing their innocence.

Susann ‘Whisper of Truth’

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Susann Femjoy
Susann Femjoy

The one and only Susann is back with a ‘Whisper of Truth’.

This week’s Best of Femjoy features the one, the only, Susann in "Whisper Of Truth". What can be said about this voluptuous beauty that hasn’t already been said? She is a true natural beauty and seems to get more and more radiant every time we photograph her. A pleasure to work with and always 100% ready and willing to do her best for us, and you. We love Susann, and based on all of the comments over the years, so do our members. So rather than go on with what we think of her, here’s what some of them had to say about one of our – and their – favorite Femjoy Beauties;

"Beautiful set. Beautiful woman. You don’t need much to make her look beautiful but placing her in nature is the perfect way to do it. She fits right in. her beautiful creamy milky white skin and dark brown hair are perfectly complimented by the natural green back round. It looks as if she is emerging from it. Just beautiful. Thank you and well done to all involved."

"More pictures please!!!!!She’s simply wonderful!!!"

"Great set of photo’s. She is my favorite model here."

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!" Stefan has delivered another beautiful vision of Susann. She is gloriously sensual and at ease in this natural environment, a goddess of all she surveys. More Susann soon!"

"Godess.. totally entranced! What a beautiful pussy."

"A quiet afternoon out on a lake somewhere in southern Germany, some wilderness so lush and green that it seems to have been forgotten by time. Calm waters, a warm day and all of the time in the world to spend with my so beautiful, so beloved Susann. No place where I’d rather be. And no one, with whom I’d rather share the time."

"Beauty, grace and intimacy personified. Susann, photographed by Stefan Soell. This is Femjoy at its best."

"One of the nicest models on femjoy! I wish more photographers would take more photographs of all the models in everyday normal poses and let the natural beauty of models speak for themselves."

"always classy susan – love her."

"Wonderful pictures of a beautiful girl. Nice to have Susann back after long time."

"Glorious. Enchanting. Candent. Angelic."

"Susann hard at work—enchanting and magnificant."

"Susann is always a joy to behold. Her body is so beautiful. She is truly a nude work of art."

"With her piercing blue eyes main of tousled hair and that fantastic figure, Susann is the best and THIS is why I joined femjoy great thing to see on a Sunday morning."

I know that she appreciates these comments. I’m glad you like her as much as we do. That’s why I keep bring her to you, and will keep doing so as long as I can. For now, please enjoy the latest set of this stunning beauty and look forward to more in the future. Enjoy!

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

August 17, 2012

Met-Art Nude Models

Katya AC:
By Leonardo

Taini A:
By Rylsky

Milana F:
By Antonio Clemens

Katherine A:
By Ron Offlin

Mia Sollis, Edwige A:
By Luca Helios

Night A:
By Ingret

Peaches A:
By Majoly

Lorena B:
By Luca Helios

Diana I:
By Luca Helios

Ashley Doll:
By Emslie

Michelle H:
By Goncharov

Fleur A:
By Tony Murano

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Naked Girls of Femjoy

Alannis FemjoyAlannis

Mitzie Femjoy Jennifer M Femjoy Emily A Femjoy Chantal Femjoy
Christa Femjoy      

Carisha FemjoyJosephine Femjoy
Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

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