Rubie Femjoy aka Chloe B

Rubie Femjoy
Rubie Femjoy

In the pics above we have Rubie known on her main profile as: Chloe B.

‘You Got Me’ is the set from which they are taken and, like most of her previous photo shoots I have seen, she is pictured in lush natural surroundings.

This brings to the forefront her nubile frame punctuated as it is by her long blonde hair and puffy large nipples crowning her pert breasts.

Unsurprisingly she is becoming quite a popular model and I shall make sure her new galleries are in her profile for her fans here.

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Dec 28th, 2011

Rylee A ‘Presenting’ by John Emslie

Rylee A Presenting Met Art

Rylee APresenting’ by John Emslie

This model from the USA is bewitchingly sweet and has a lovely innocent look about her with big brown eyes and gentle attitude. She also, as we see when she smiles, has braces. Some have a bit of a fetish for this but whether you do or not, it is certainly not detrimental to the set.

John Emslie has found a few nice art nude models from the USA. I think Rylee might be the finest example yet. What do you think?

She is perpetually fresh-faced and this is great start to what I hope is a busy career in nude modeling. Her outfit is a little strange I have to say although sexy. The shiny red hot pants and bikini top certainly get one’s attention pretty quickly

Her body is very attractive and her breasts are quite large for such a petite girl and this may be part of the allure. Her skin is pale and her intimate area delicate and appealing. Her hair is wavy and seem to compliment her sweet facial features perfectly.

Rylee A Presenting Met Art

Her profile: Rylee A
Preview Gallery: Presenting
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Dec 27th, 2011

Femjoy Sumptious Nudes

Mira Femjoy
Anika Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information.

Dec 27th, 2011

Domenica A ‘Presenting’ by Domenic Mayer

Domenica A Presenting Met Art

Domenica APresenting’ by Domenic Mayer

Here we have another great example of a very feminine, youthful and erotic art nude model. Her eyebrows are pronounced and strong which make her facial features and eyes even more striking. Her smooth nubile body is neither too thin nor too large and seems just right for her.

She seems to be on the cusp between girlie and womanly and this is captured well by Domenic Mayer just as it has been by David Hamilton, Jacques Bourboulong and others. Her breasts are petite, her nipples puffy and her lips seem warm, inviting and full. She is blossoming and positively glowing with a vital, primal sexual sparkle.

This first set sees her lying on crisp white sheets of what is perhaps a hotel room. To begin with she wears matching camisole and panties and she is maybe a little shy but soon warms to the camera and directs her substantial gaze toward us. Her smile is bright and does seem to light up the shots and as she does so she seems somehow naughty and this is most erotic.

This is a fine figure study of a really delightful model who is utterly engaging. Bravo!

Domenica A Presenting

Her profile: Domenica A
Preview Gallery: Presenting
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 26th, 2011

MPL Studios Previews

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Holiday Cheer

Maria MPL Studios Model

Maria Tie One On

Alissa MPL Studios Model

Alissa Simply Divine

Sasha MPL Studios Model

Sasha Day Glow

Raisa MPL Studios Model

Raisa Show Girl

Helena MPL Studios Model

Helena Encore

Elena MPL Studios Model

Elena Relaxed

Sienna MPL Studios Model

Sienna Enchanting Debut


Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Hegre Art Offer

Hegre Art

The Season of Joy and Hot Chicks! All over the world people are celebrating and we are too! To all art nude fans we wish the best of the season – peace, goodwill, and blessings.

If you are not already a member of Hegre Art, make the New Year extra-special with their 10th Anniversary 2-years-for-the price of 1 subscription!

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Dec 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Art Nude Models! Here are some Festive seasonal galleries for you and an a potential gift for a friend!

Watch 4 Beauty Free

Verunka Merry Christmas

Rea Rich Merry Xmas

Divinity Love Xmas box

Verunka Merry Christmas

Ashley Bulgari Snow brake disaster

Katie Snow Field

Zoe Snowball.

Art Nude Models: Watch 4 Beauty information.

Irina J & Virginia Sun ‘Ask Me’ by Rylsky

Irina J Ask Me

Irina J & Virginia SunAsk Me’ by Rylsky

In my view this is a truly inspired and delightful pairing for an art nude shoot. Both of these girls are supremely sensual, appealing and unique.

As you can see even by the picture above, both are seriously sexy fully clothed in their summer dresses. They have just come from the carnival where they have been putting their heads through cut outs of funny cartoon figures. In this case the cartoons were of a Russian man and woman in domestic setting. It is quite bizarre!

Next we see the girls wander the countyside to a nice old building which could be a spa or bath-house. They do seem flirtacious and to thouroughly enjoy each other’s company and they peel off their dresses to become totally naked and immerse their limber nubile bodies in the water and gently explore each other. None of this is in any way lurid but rather tender and purely highly erotic.

Irina is quite dark whereas Virginia is pale in complexion and many great shots paint this contrast in a pleasing way. Ryslky does very well to do this and keep the erotically charged atmosphere at the forefront. To finish they are back out and about in other dresses hugging, beaming smiles and looking at vendors stalls.

Irina J Ask Me

Her profile: Irina J
Preview Gallery: Ask Me
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 25th, 2011

Zemani Girls

Hloya Zemani

Juli Zemani

Veronica Zemani

Anita Zemani

Dasha Zemani

Terra Zemani

Lyuba Zemani

April Zemani
Juanita Zemani Ursula Zemani Rita B Zemani Malvina Zemani
Katarzhina Zemani Emma Zemani Anka Zemani Alexandra Zemani

Art Nude Models: Zemani information.

Divina A ‘Evias’ by Peter Guzman

Divina A Evias Met Art

Divina AEvias’ by Peter Guzman

Looking at the picture above you can see quite what we are dealing with already. Clearing stunning and curvaceous, what a joy to see her clad in sexy lingerie and no panties. I like the way that she is actually very modest despite the overtly erotic tone of the set. This in turn actually adds another dimension to her that endears her to us further.

The stockings and suspenders (or garter belt depending what you know it as in your country!) set is unusual and extremely sexy. They seem to blend in to each other over her smooth supple olive skin. Her nipples are fairly big for her breast size and this give them more sensuality. As she poses with these stockings and suspenders and bends her legs and moves on all fours the suspenders stretch and create a beautiful symmetry.

She deliberately and effortlessly shows us the flexibility she has as a trained dancer and this is very very appealing. Her smile is radiant thoughout and from the first moment she discards her initial clothing the tone is distinctly erotic. Divine Divina!

Divina A Evias

Her profile: Divina A
Preview Gallery: Evias
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 24th, 2011

Errotica Half Price!

Have you read the my page about Errotica?. If you have or you want to check out membership for that site now is the ideal time. Yes, it’s time for another special offer for Art Nude Models regulars!

Errotica is another fantastic site and I love offers like this. It is one of the memberships I enjoy and recommend. This offer ends on the 15th January 2012.

Or just to read more about the site first check this page: Errotica

Dec 23rd, 2011

Alina H ‘Myself’ by Leonardo

Alina H Myself

Alina HMyself’ by Leonardo

Well, this is an unusual art nude set I must say. Alina is none the less beautiful or alluring because of the departure though and the results are highly erotic.

Perhaps it is best described as an 80’s or even 50’s concept at work here by Leonardo. Alina is initially dressed in a red bikini with white polka dots, red and white bracelets and red high heel shoes.

Naturally the bikini is discarded quite early on and we see her ample luscious breasts and that she is unshaven in her intimate area. This won’t be to everyone’s taste these days but I’d suggest to them to rather look at her body shape, lovely bosom and sweet facial features as they are all impressive.

Whilst I don’t like overly manicured eyebrows, hers suit the concept style here and so it is the perfect match. Retro fetishists might find much to marvel at here as it has a certain pin-up quality.

Alina H Myself

Her profile: Alina H
Preview Gallery: Myself
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 23rd, 2011

Kiki, Caprice & Silvie at Hegre

Hegre Art Caprice
Flash Crowd. It’s the perfect number. Three gorgeous girls are in their prime and great company. They are Kiki, Caprice & Silvie.

Hegre Art Caprice Cold Hands. Warm Heart. Nothing can resist when Caprice’s body heat is close. Even something hard and smooth will turn soft and wet when Caprice holds it.

Hegre Art Dominika Play With Your seXbox. Dominika has popped up like a Jill in the Box. Making things pop up is what she does very well. She’s ready to spring into action.

Hegre Art Kiki

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Dec 23rd, 2011

Alina F ‘Secreto’ by Antonion Clemens

Alina F Secreto

Alina FSecreto’ by Antonio Clemens

I am fond of this model. She has an incredibly adorable sweet face and has the ability to tease and tempt with very little effort.

Here in ‘Secreto’ we have her initially dressed in elaborate old fashioned lingerie and this is something really special. A frilly pink and white top that is loose and give tantalizing glimpses of her tiny hips and belly aswell as her perky nipples underneath. White stockings with floried lacy tops and pink and white panties and suspenders. All of which render the onlooker amazed and dazzled by this young teasing natural beauty.

Just imagine being with her in this ornate bedroom with her dressed for you in this finery. Truly the stuff of erotic fantasy. I strongly suggest a closer look at this set of Alina.

Alina F Secreto

Her profile: Alina F
Preview Gallery: Secreto
Art Nude Models: Met Art information

Dec 22nd, 2011

Femjoy Nude Models

Vika D Femjoy
Lena O Femjoy
Ossana Femjoy

Sofie FemjoyZelda B., Stacey Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. The above two movies include favourites Sofie and Stacey.


Girls by Hegre

Nikola Hegre Art

Nikola Macro Magic

Dominika Hegre Art

Dominika Black Pussy Box

Tereza Hegre Art

Tereza Perfect Ten

Tereza Hegre Art

Tereza Hood Ornament

FM Teens

‘Shy or Not’ at FM Teens

Nu Dolls

‘Kitty’ Nu Dolls

It’s been a while since I posted any new Hegre Art preview galleries so I hope enjoy this little batch. Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Sofi A ‘Waiting’ by Goncharov

Sofi A Waiting Met Art

Sofi AWaiting’ by Goncharov

This may be an unusual set of this Ukrainian girl but it is one I like quite a bit. She is a favourite for many art nude fans and has a unique beauty and personality. I don’t think she requires any make up at all although she uses a little to enhances her features.

Her nether regions are trimmed short and her full bosoms are pronounced as she poses teasingly with her limber slender legs clad in black stockings with florid tops. To see her in sexy lingerie and long necklace dangling down brushing her ample cleavage is a joy to behold. She poses with an antique telephone and in front of a mirror. We are treated to some truly marvellous shots of this adorable girl from many angles. Lovely!

It isn’t an exagerration to say that the combination of this delightful girl and the skill of Goncharov as a photographer makes this set quite a work of art.

Sofi A Waiting Met Art

Her profile: Sofi A
Preview Gallery: Waiting
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 21st, 2011

avErotica Girls

Dominika avErotica Mimi avErotica

Valeria avErotica

Sofi avErotica

Yara avErotica  

Art Nude Models: avErotica information.

Dec 21st, 2011

Eva I ‘Placidus’ by Fenix

Eva I Placidus Met Art

Eva IPlacidus’ by Fenix

As you can see in her profile I admire a lot of what this model has done so far, especially the set by Goncharov where she is a naked archer. This is the first movie I have seen featuring this fine willowy beauty though.

It is a joy to see her nude but for her sparkly necklace, cavorting through the lush green meadow interspersed with yellow flowers. It is a lovely natural scene.

It all begins with her topless in a billowing skirt, her necklace and a straw hat. Her pert breasts are looking sumptuous as always and she is completely at ease and relaxed, enjoying the day. Periodically we see enticing views of her shaven nether regions as she lifts the hem of her billowy skirt.

Just when you think this couldn’t be more sweet a tiny puppy appears from her straw hat! What a delightful sight to see her tenderly playing with the little dog.

Her profile: Eva I
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Dec 20th, 2011
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Skokoff Nudes

Leila Skokoff Vera Skokoff

Valery Skokoff

Jemmy Skokoff

Viktoria Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

Dec 20th, 2011