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Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Apr 6th, 2012

Kami A ‘Firefly’ by Samo Mervar

Kami A Firefly Met Art

Kami AFirefly’ by Samo Mervar

She knows well how to ignite flames of desire in her audience and her seductive eyes are the focus in the headshots in this set. She is expert at slying smirking without giving too much away urging you to hope for more.

She poses on farm tracks amongst fields of greenery, her sparkling eyes and luscious red locks of hair contrasting marvellous with the lush flora. This is all aesthetically pleasing and stirringly erotic.

It also gives us a little insight into this sweet Czech model’s personality. She removes her filmy blouse and panties in such a pleasing way and is relaxed and inviting as she does so.

Kami A Firefly Met Art

Her profile: Kami A
Gallery Preview: Firefly
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Apr 6th, 2012

Belinda and Fiva ‘Morning Games’

Belinda and Fiva in ‘Morning Games

Two beautiful naked girls play some games in the morning. And you have a front row seat. It’s just so captivating what girls will choose to do. For instance, take Belinda and Fiva in this new Femjoy erotic video. Showing their true girlish nature, they give us a display that is both adorable and arousing. Who knew games could be so much fun?

The sun is up, it’s morning, and Belinda and Fiva have yet to put on their clothes. Oops! That’s okay. The cameras are nearby, and there’s a board game out on the veranda. So, let’s go play, and hopefully all the boys will watch.

We will, girls, we will!


Apr 5th, 2012

Ganna A ‘Idoni’ by Antonio Clemens

Ganna A Met Art

Ganna AIdoni’ by Antonio Clemens

Her first set that I posted about was moody and had a sense of impending drama and it’s good to see that Idoni breaks that pattern to see her in a different light.

Her willowy shapely young body is striking and what she lacked in confidence in her introductory set has been made up here. Again, her sophistication shines through again and I feel the photographer is good at getting her to be at ease nude in front of the camera lens.

Her natural sweet smile as she laughs occasionally is marvellous. This breaks her control which otherwise is present and allows us to see another side to her character. She is very engaging, physically attractive and the basic backdrop and props serve to draw our attention to her (as if additional motivation is required!)

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 5th, 2012

Katalin and Anne “New Rules”

Katalin and Anne in ‘New Rules
Two beautiful young women stroke and massage atop and beside a pool table. Cue up. Everybody loves pool. But how much nicer would it be to have a couple beautiful naked girls posing on your pool table just to get you in the mood for the game?

Now you can have it, thanks to Femjoy’s exclusive moving pictures. Katalin and Anne have stripped down, and they’re posing – and petting and stroking and kissing – upon the velvet. Then they climb down for some fun beside the table, just so you can start knocking the balls.

Keep your sticks steady, gentlemen!


Apr 4th, 2012

Nude Evas Garden Girls

Angelika Kitten  Evas Garden Angel Piaff  Evas Garden Alexa Evas Garden Tracy Lindsey Evas Garden
Lolla  Evas Garden Agnes Evas Garden Missy Nicole Evas Garden Perla Evas Garden
Alexis Evas Garden Iris Evas Garden Andy Evas Garden Tina Evas Garden
Janette Evas Garden Cindy Hose Evas Garden Sadrine Evas Garden Mina Evas Garden
Iris Evas Garden Perla Evas Garden Vanesa Evas Garden Missy Nicole Evas Garden
Agnes Evas Garden Perla Evas Garden Andy Evas Garden Peaches Evas Garden
Cindy Hose Evas Garden Agnes Evas Garden Iris Evas Garden Andy Evas Garden
Kate J Evas Garden Missy Nicole Evas Garden Iris Evas Garden Kate J Evas Garden
Alexis Evas Garden Lizzie Evas Garden Missy Nicole  Evas Garden Peaches Evas Garden

Art Nude Models: Evas Garden information.

‘Presenting’ Elona A by Catherine

Elona A Presenting Met Art

Elona APresenting’ by Catherine

Many times I have posted how I feel that photographer Catherine lends a certain feminine empathy with her subjects and thus enables them to open up and lose some of the inhibitions they may otherwise have should they be photographed with a male behind the lens.

I stand by that and feel that, yet again, Catherine and by extenstion we have reaped the rewards because of this dynamic.

Elona was 18 years old and wanting to make her erotic modeling debut and as a first time model I must say the results are bewitching. Her youth and lack of modeling experience are far from detrimental to the set; in fact they enhance it. Her new found confidence and serenity bely her youth and inexperience. She is composed despite being exposed and calm and supremely sexy throughout. Here’s to seeing more from her soon!

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 4th, 2012

Angelina “Time Stands”

Angelina in ‘Time Stands
The limber, provocative, and frequently giddy young model, Angelina, is the subject of this beautifully lit and lusciously performed video. Not long ago we posted a new photo set entitled "Introducing Angelina." It was a big hit with our members, and now we’re glad to give you a new moving picture starring this lovely young blonde.

This Femjoy moving picture takes place in a chair in a warmly lit attic. It’s clearn and white and inviting, just like Angelina. Completely nude, Angelina sits on a chair and slowly shows off her delightful young body. Striking a variety of poses – some explicit, others less so – she teases the viewer into her world and never lets him go.

What do we love so much about Angelina? Well, to begin with, she’s got that way cute school girl haircut with the one little clip on the side. Her body is tan and firm and so fresh. And she is not too shy to open up her legs nice and wide for her lover to join her there for pleasure.

Thanks, Angelina, for being so free and beautiful!


Apr 3rd, 2012

Indiana A ‘Anemos’ by Luca Helios

Indiana A Anemos by Luca Helios Met Art

Indiana AAnemos’ by Luca Helios

Indiana is quite breathtaking. Her body exquisite as ever and her sweet facial features were actually not immediately recognizable to me on first glance only because she appears more brunette than her distinct red hair of previous sets.

Her sweet smile and general aura of happiness is what makes her sets so good. She poses in a variety of ways in the windswept shoreline landscape in the sunshine.

Her lightly freckled nose and her kittenish youthful spirit that she radiates at all times make me pleased to see her again. Her personality seems effervescent to me.

As we see her lovely breasts, long legs and hair blowing in the wind its safe to say that she is only getting more delectable.

Her profile: Indiana A
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Apr 3rd, 2012

Hegre & New Nudes

Engelie Hegre Art

Engelie Showergasm

Caprice & Valerie Hegre Art

Caprice Self Stimulation

Mercedes Hegre Art

Mercedes Deep Pleasure

Clover Hegre Art

Clover Summer Time

New Nude City

New Nude City

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Mask’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Hot Girl’

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Make Up’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘In Private’

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Beautiful Femjoy Nudes

Lahela B Femjoy

Luna Femjoy

Fiona Femjoy

Gina D Femjoy

Lena S Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. The above movie is of Sofie.

Presenting Alysha by Rylsky

Alysha A Met Art

Alysha APresenting’ by Rylsky

This was Alysha’s erotic movie debut. We’ve seen how she amazes in her photo sets but it’s good to remind oneself now and again how she opens up and blossoms in a movie set aswell.

This movie is certainly sexy and seductive in her special way. She begins wearing a glittering dress and high heels. Here she presents herself alluringly entering the bathroom and her slowly disrobing and bending over as she gets into the tub. She playfully turns knowingly showing off her wet derriere and labia.

I love to watch her movements as her petite breasts, slender body and long blond braided hair provide alternative focal points. Her long braids do nicely frame and accentuate her lissome physique. She knows how to strut and preen but this svelte blond knows how to take us along for the ride.

Her profile: Alysha A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 2nd, 2012

Anna-Leah ‘Private Moments’

Anna-Leah in ‘Private Moments
Filmed on location on the Island of Mallorca, this intensely intimate moment takes you into the mind and beauty of sexy young German student, Anna-Leah. It is dark. The setting seems to be a bungalo of some kind, nestled into the primeval forest of the Island of Mallorca, Spain’s largest island and a very popular destination for European tourist. The tourist with whom we’ll be spending our time in this video is European – German, to be exact – and her name is Anna-Leah. O, and did we mention she happens to be one of the sexiest, sweetest young ladies ever captured naked on film?

Stroking her budding breasts, rubbing lotion into her long, sultry legs, Anna-Leah talks and whispers her way through an intimate interview on the life of a young model. What’s it like to be a model? What brought you to it? How long have you been doing it? Anna-Leah opens up, and strips down, as she answers these probing questions.

If you plan on downloading this video, be ready to take your breath away. There are many ways to achieve intimacy through video on the web, but this movie takes intimacy to a whole new level. As the camera pans over Anna-Leah’s burgeoning body, you can feel the heat rising and her arousal increasing. It truly is like you’re there in the room with her.

And all you have to do is imagine. Femjoy certainly are helping us with this!


Apr 1st, 2012

Yanika A ‘Formular’ by Alex Sironi

Yanika A Formular by Alex Sironi Met Art

Yanika AFormular’ by Alex Sironi

Yanika A continues to impress in this set in which Alex Sironi uses clean, minimalist set design, white surfaces and soft colors. This time rather than the warm pastel backgrounds or white he has gone for an inky black one. This really does help accentuate the assets of the model in question.

Yanika wriggles out of her dress in the teaseing initial shots which, although posed quite deliberately contrast very well with the aforementioned backdrop. The dress slides down her lean, shapely body and her lovely curves just look delicious. Her supple body and warm flesh tones against the upholstery make a good figure study and ranges from demure to quite explicit. Angelic in places.

Yanika A Formular by Alex Sironi Met Art
Profile: Yanika A.
Preview Gallery: Formular.
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 1st, 2012

The Pool Photoshoot


What is it about nude models in the pool?

In the shots above we have Sarah and Sabrina as I feel there is a certain something about nudes in the pool on a hot summers day or tropical location.

The glow on their smooth skin provided by the reflection of the bright sun shining onto the water as it laps their nubile bodies. This emphasises the beauty of the whole scenario and brings to prominence the subtleties and contours of the beautiful woman in question.

The be all and end all? No. Certainly a favourite though and I’m sure in many cases it adds to the fun of it all for some of the models. So I say viva the Pool Shoot. Dive in!
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Apr 1st, 2012

Showy Beauty Nudes

Natasha Showy Beauty

Natasha Pastel

Lisa Showy Beauty

Lisa Apple Pie

 Showy Beauty

Lisa Flowering

Violetta Showy Beauty

Violetta Fresh

Kitana Showy Beauty

Kitana A Cherry Road

Sunna Showy Beauty

Sunna Play Of Fancy

Sofi Showy Beauty

Sofi Delight

Maya Showy Beauty

Maya Botanica

Maya Showy Beauty

Violetta Pretty Joy

Alina Showy Beauty

Alina See Saw

 Showy Beauty

Red Fox Posing


Art Nude Models: Showy Beauty information.

Avida ‘Sitting Low’

Avida in ‘Sitting Low
We love Avida for her sweet, playful demeanor, but in this moving picture it is her graceful, generous flexibility that is so captivating. Avida sits in a wooden chair in a rustic, spare cabin. It seems like this place is new to her as she gracefully makes her way around the room. Yet she appears content to be naked in this place with the slowly setting sun shining through the window, warming her fit, coltish body. She displays her youthful innocence when she swings around the bedposts. She shows us the tip of her pretty pink tongue while making a funny face.

Balancing on her firm ass, she curls her knees to her chin, and comfortably balances there. Later, she will frame her face with her legs and run a finger down her inner thigh. The views we get from these (and several other) positions in this moving picture are not to be believed. The camera pans slowly up her body and then moves between her legs. Mercifully, it stays there and captures every delicate fold of her flower before she effortlessly adjusts her body into another equally mind-blowing position.

This Femjoy video is not to be missed. You will not believe the treasure that awaits.


Mar 31st, 2012
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Jenni, Angelina “White Dreams”

Jenni & Angelina in "White Dreams"
What could be better than a gorgeous blond in a bed? Two gorgeous blonds in a bed. In this video, we find Jenni and Angelina, two stunning blonds, and become mesmerized by their sweet and playful ways. We meet them on a large bed with fluffy white blankets. The girls stretch and roll, flirting and teasing one another, enjoying the way the sun streams in and warms them and the soft feel of the fabric on their smooth naked skin.

The video opens with the models removing their bathrobes and tossing them aside. Jenni twirls Angelina’s hair between her fingers, and the girls laughingly push and flirt, using one another’s long athletic bodies and shapely limbs as props and pillows. To watch Jenni and Angelina interact brings to mind a high school slumber party or a college dorm where girls are blissfully unselfconscious of their bodies and feel free to touch one another in love and friendship.

It is this sense of freedom that allows each girl to move and stretch, showing off her own and her friends’ most intimate places. They luxuriate in the bed and in the silkiness of one another’s skin, arching their backs and entwining their limbs. This Femjoy video is the perfect study of the innocence and eroticism of two beautiful young women.

Mar 31st, 2012

Sandra D ‘Verbena’ by Leonardo

Sandra D Verbena Met Art

Sandra DVerbena’ by Leonardo

I realize I mostly post about photo sets but it’s important to note that increasingly art nude models are shooting nice erotic nude artistic movies too. This was Sandra’s first video and it’s quite enjoyable.

She is very sexy dressed in casual tight jeans and a red and white ski sweater. She is a picture of wholesome prettiness but it is obvious that she is also projecting a deliberate but natural sense of powerful erotic allure.

Her sweater is then removed and as she discards her clothes her strong sexuality is increasingly obvious. She seems to sway, writhe and undulate and it is clear she is becoming aroused. This is a voyeuristic fantasy for our pleasure but she is definately enjoying every moment.

The sultry beauty then heats things up further looking directly at us and coming very close to the lens and also providing us some lovely explicit close-ups.

Her profile: Sandra D
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Mar 31st, 2012

Bony A ‘Presenting’ by Ivan Harrin

Bony A Presenting Met Art

Bony APresenting’ by Ivan Harrin

Bony has a lovely body with sultry refined features and long luscious hair. She we surely gain admirers and hopefully this is the first of many sets from her. ‘Presenting Bony’ is a good figure study by Ivan Harrin and I believe this the first set by this photographer that I’ve seen.

From all accounts she is new to modeling and you could argue that her inexperience is showing slightly by the poses struck. Obviously being at ease naked in front of the camera and adding a broader variety of expressions is something that comes with time. Having said that, let’s not forget the innocent charm one sees when the model is a novice.

There are some good contrasts in the background to Bony’s body and all in all it is aesthetically pleasing. I can see how she would suit pensive, brooding but sexy shoots and I look forward to new sets with her.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Mar 30th, 2012