Presenting Katherine A by Alex Sironi

Katherine A by Alex Sironi Met Art

Katherine APresenting’ by Alex Sironi

I remember being stunned when I first saw Katherine. She was modeling online in other ruder sites and her beauty astounded me. I am very pleased to see her shooting as an art nude model.

She is 18 years old, nubile, graceful and utterly compelling. With her long blonde hair and lithe willowy frame she appears always graceful and quite at ease modeling naked. As I mentioned she has some experience recently with explicit poses but here she is lovely and natural and with a charming smile aswell.

She has beautiful smooth skin and and achingly attractive body. I sincerely hope she does more art nude sets in the near future. When she does I shall bring them to your attention!

Katherine A by Alex Sironi Met Art

Preview gallery: Presenting by Alex Sironi
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 27th, 2012

Mirabell ‘Tub Games’

Hegre Art Mirabell

Boiling Point! Now at last there is a hot tub that lives up to its name. Mirabell gets up a head of steam. Soon she’ll want someone to plunge in. Gallery: Tub Games

Maya Hegre Art

Self Esteem. Now’s the time for Maya to give herself a special treat. It’s because she’s worth it.

Maya Hegre Art

Venus Ascendant. The love signs are favourable. Valerie makes sure she is not the only one rising.

En Hegre Art

Smouldering Hot. All it needs is a spark and En will be ablaze. She needs to be dampened down.

Hegre Art Mirabell

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Apr 26th, 2012

Mia D ‘Cyan’ by Leonardo

Mia D Cyan Met Art

Mia DCyan’ by Leonardo

It’s wonderful to have the chance to see Mia D in an erotic HD movie and I love the fact that more and more of these art nude model are featuring in movies aswell.

The somewhat theatrical smile to which I have previously alluded is absent and in this film she is happy but with a more genuine heartfelt smile. Her facial bone structure is wonderful allowing her to express herself easily with her wide and appealing smile. In this movie perhaps she is free from the constraints that may have stifled her slightly on her photoshoots knowing that she can flow freely without the rigidity of composure one must maintain when the subject of a stills photography session.

The setting is that of a hot maybe tropical location with sea and a swimming pool with little blue tiled edges about which she relaxes and poses in the bright sunshine. She removes her bikini and she teases her stiff nipples atop her petite breasts whilst engaging us utterly.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 26th, 2012
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Caprice ‘Pool Girl’

CapricePool Girl

Caprice is a nude model from the Czech Republic who works quite prolifically. In this film she is naked by the pool and this really does bring out her beauty. She is stunningly attractive, very pretty with a beautiful body and her sensual charm has attracted many admirers. More of her is forthcoming I’m pleased to say. She has the power to entrance and captivate with her delicate beauty, body tone and allure. She started in Lolita-esqe sets and her sets have only got better.

Caprice Femjoy

Art Nude Models Page: Femjoy

Apr 26th, 2012

Suzanna A ‘Sculpte’ by Goncharov

Suzanna A Spietato Met Art

Suzanna ASculpte’ by Goncharov

Suzanna is fairly tall but unlike other models of similar height I might be tempted to refer to her as an amazon since she seems to exude a powerful aura and that effects her stature. It is very feminine and attractive and as I mentioned previously somewhat at odds with other model discoveries brought to us by Goncharov. None the less beautiful or intriguing though.

This is a fairly hap hazard set but those who were waiting for her next appearance will not mind this one bit.

She does seem to appear more experienced and mature than others but is equally appealing. She will have many admirers on account of her voluptuous shape and although it is far from her only attribute her curvaceousness is impressive and I suggest a perusal of her sets.

Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 25th, 2012

Previous Femjoy Previews


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Russian Nudes by Skokoff

Lera Skokoff Aurora Skokoff

Sara Skokoff

Dominika Skokoff

Andrea Skokoff Sveta Skokoff
Frances Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.

Liana E ‘Premiere’

Liana E Femjoy
Liana E Femjoy

Liana EPremiere

Liana and her smile could certainly light up a room. Come in and see for yourself. This exclusive photo set features the gorgeous and sexy Liana E in her debut set. Not only is she gorgeous – and she certainly is that – she’s also quite funny, and a bit of tomboy at times. Without getting into specifics, let’s just say? she’s not afraid to get down and dirty. : ) I like that. I also like how great she is to work with. Very easygoing and full of energy. I like that too.

What a delectable and stunningly beautiful work of art she is. She has very well proportioned body, perfect breasts and her full frontal nudity gets comments such as ‘simple feminine deliciosity’ and one can see why.

Her sweet dimples and bright blue eyes oozing confidence as she stands naked in her pumps. Oh boy!

I hope Femjoy continue photographing Liana in the future as much as possible. Until then we have her Premiere.

Liana’s Profile: Liana E
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Apr 24th, 2012

New Hegre Art Nudes

Engelie Hegre Art

Engelie Exhibitionist

Caprice & Valerie & Candice Hegre Art

Caprice & Valerie & Candice 3 Girls Gone Wild

Kiki Hegre Art

Kiki Crush

Dominika Hegre Art

Dominika Public Beach

New Nude City

New Nude City

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Pose’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Black Hat’

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls ‘Hearts’

FM Teens

FM Teens ‘Chocolate’

Art Nude Models: Hegre Art information.

Bogdana B ‘Rusalka’ by Ratmir Aliev

Bogdana B Met Art

Bogdana BRusalka’ by Ratmir Aliev

Art Nude Models is about just that but I have to say that Bogdana looks supremely sensual and lovely not to mention sexy even before she removes her blue and black paid all in one dress. As she poses on the dirty track that leads through the forest one can already see that this set is going to be full of powerful eroticism and sweet delights.

She is looking innocent and pure yet confident in the subdued daylight. The carpet of pine needles and leaves are a backdrop providing a nice contrast with her smooth skin. It is very atmospheric and fantastic in the sense that it would quite a welcome sight should one be walking in the woods.

Later her long necklace is dangling down gently moving over her most intimate area offering explicit yet artistic shots that are delightful. As the breeze moves her hair slightly and she is in all her naked glory her confidence remains and we are given great views of her nubile frame.

When she stands naked one gets to see the gap between her inner thighs and this for me is quite a treat.

Bogdana B Met Art

Gallery: Rusalka
Her profile: Bogdana B
Art Nude Models: Met Art information

Apr 24th, 2012

MPL Studios Nude Girls

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Club Talia

Lidija MPL Studios

Lidija Exquisite Beauty

Amelie MPL Studios

Amelie Love Connection

Marta MPL Studios

Marta Where the Sun Shines

Maya MPL Studios

Maya Poseidon’s Adventure

 MPL Studios

Alla Provocative

Monika MPL Studios

Monika Stars & Stripes

Bianca MPL Studios

Bianca Sun on the Hills

Lilya MPL Studios

Lilya Six String

Art Nude Models: MPL Studios information.

Erotic Nudes

cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Masha C:
By Slastyonoff
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Polina S:
By Slastyonoff
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Anfisa B:
By Rylsky
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Abbie A:
By Pablo Lapiedra
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Alicia A:
By Toby Stone
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Angie N:
By Oliver Nation
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
By Sebastian Michael
cover newsletter Erotic Nudes
Brionie W:
By Sebastian Michael

Art Nude Models: Erotic Beauty & The Life Erotic information.

Aljena A ‘Livadi’ by Dmitry Maslof

Aljena A Livadi by Dmitry Maslof Met Art

Aljena ALivadi’ by Dmitry Maslof

In ‘Livadi’ Aljena returns to a rustic rural setting and I feel this enhances her natural beauty. The rope swing with log hanging from a tree near countryside meadows and hills is all we need as a background. She perches on the swing wearing a simple white dress and floppy hat.

This is erotic art but reminds one of hippy chic or a fashion catalogue shoot (minus clothes of course!).

Her supple young body can then be viewed in it’s glory as she sits and then reclines in the tall grass totally nude other than the hat. Her fresh sweet smile and nubile frame are adorable and some of the headshots have a painter-like composition. Dmitry Maslof has skillfully directed this delightful girl throughout and made this set well worth perusing on the site.

Aljena A Livadi by Dmitry Maslof Met Art

Preview Gallery: Livadi
Her profile: Aljena A
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 23rd, 2012

Sofie ‘Easy To Love’

SofieEasy To Love

It is always a pleasure to view or indeed post about the lovely Ukrainian nude model Sofie.

Her unique beauty and voluptuous frame gains her many admirers. She has a slim waist and prominent buxom chest. ‘Easy To Love’ is a good name for a movie of this lovely girl. She is mesmerizing and this hypnotic allure always surround her in every set I’ve seen.

I love that we now get to see such a beauty in motion. It is sensual and dream-like. Lovely!

Sofie Femjoy

Sofie only models for Femjoy

Apr 23rd, 2012

Pretty Skokoff Nudes

Kira Skokoff Natashka Skokoff

Janetta Skokoff

Vera Skokoff

Janetta Skokoff Bettina Skokoff
Frances Skokoff  

Art Nude Models: Skokoff information.


Domenica A ‘Klimedin’ by Domenic Mayer

Domenica A Klimedin Met Art

Domenica AKlimedin’ by Domenic Mayer

I mentioned in a previous post how much I like this engaging and pretty model and I was eager to write about her again. Her natural youthful beauty and achingly beautiful feminine charm is once more effervescing and surrounding every shot.

Her sexy playful fun spirit is again on display and makes the set equally impressive in my opinion.

The soft downy hair one can make out on the huge pictures available with this set do not detract from her appeal. Some girls have a soft down of fine hair on their arms that actually make them more appealing. In Domenica’s case I think this little imperfection actually enhances her natural look.

She clearly has a great rapport with Domenic Mayer and her poses are from stylish to explicit. The results of pairing this model and photographer is one of potent sex appeal as she playfully invites us to an erotic fantasy.

Domenica A Klimedin

Her profile: Domenica A
Preview Gallery: Klimedin
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 22nd, 2012

Vic E ‘Back To Black’

Vic E Femjoy
Vic E Femjoy

Vic EBack To Black

Time for more of the sexy, the sultry, the amazing Vic E. Femjoy said about shooting her in "Back to Black" that orking with Vic is a dream. She couldn’t be happier to be on set and it shows. I love that. She’s always eager to get, and give the best shot. I love that too. But what I love the most is that she loves every minute of it. She knows she’s beautiful and sexy, and does not hide it. Why would she? She is a work of art, and would never dream of depriving us of her beauty and we couldn’t be happier she feels that way. We are so lucky to be able to call her a art nude beauty.

She has a delightful face, lovely eyes, kissable lips, and gorgeous raven hair and a most marvelously delicious body.

Dori’s Profile: Vic E
Gallery: Back To Black
Art Nude Models: Femjoy page.

Apr 22nd, 2012
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Landysh A ‘Simenia’ by Rylsky

Landysh A by Rylsky Met Art

Landysh ASimenia’ by Rylsky

Perhaps Landysh was destined from the beginning to become a firm favourite for many art nude models admirers. Given the positive comments I recieved about my previous post about her I thought I’d post again about this delighfully vibrant nubile Russian girl.

She constantly appears to be relishing the experience of being naked in front of the camera and knowing that she’ll been admired by an art nude audience. If she has any inhibitions they are extremely well hidden and she looks directly at the camera with considerable allure.

This set sees more head shots than others but I have no complaints there as facially she is so pretty.

The photographer, Rylsky has conducted this set with skill and given just the right amount of direction to this most kittenish seductress. She playfully poses giving us lovely views of her slender delicious body aswell as the many headshots. There are also many non-nude portraits which actually are equally alluring and powerfully erotic on their own.

Landysh A by Rylsky Met Art

Her profile: Landysh A
Preview gallery: Simenia by Rylsky
Art Nude Models: Met Art information.

Apr 21st, 2012

Nude Beauties of Femjoy

Kala Femjoy

Irina Femjoy

Barbora E Femjoy

Lily C Femjoy

Sofi Femjoy

Art Nude Models: Femjoy information. The first movie above is of Sofie.

Sex Art

sexart 300x250 2 Sex Art

Whilst I only post about Art Nude Models, I have lost track of the amount of times I am asked if I can show ‘Met Art hardcore’. Well, something along those lines has arrived.

When Met Art was launched in 1999 there was nothing quite like it, the site created and defined an entirely new form of online erotica. Although Met Art inspired dozens of imitators, it has remained the undisputed leader in artistic photo erotica by constantly adding fresh, new models, new photographers, and hundreds of exquisite new images on a daily basis. And the creators of Met Art are committed to maintaining the site’s quality and standing as the biggest and best erotic photography site in the world.

Now I’m pleased to announce that the creative team at Met Art has developed an entirely new online experience. It’s called Sex Art, and it is unlike any adult entertainment Web site you have ever seen.

Divina A Sasiavis Met Art

Because Sex Art is the first site of its kind there’s nothing to compare it to. And because it’s brand new I haven’t fully experienced everything it has to offer — nobody has, in fact! But I have had a chance to look “behind the curtain,” and what I’ve seen is extremely impressive.

As you well know, Met Art’s signature specialty is exquisite erotic photographs of fresh and natural women and girls. Sex Art takes Met Art’s sensibility and applies it to the entire range of erotic entertainment. Full length, big budget adult movies (directed by the likes of legendary filmmakers like Zalman King) are just one part of Sex Art’s programming. The site also offers sexual reality shows, erotic documentary films, as well as episodic erotic original series, and explicit photo sets, as well. And all of this content is of the highest quality and was created for and available only from Sex Art.

Just as Sex Art goes beyond still photography, it also goes beyond soft-core. Sex Art offers sophisticated, completely uncensored, hard-core erotica. But one thing Sex Art most definitely does not offer is cookie-cutter X-rated fare. The widely varied offerings on the site all combine sex with art in unique and entirely new ways. And Sex Art is designed to appeal to everyone who enjoys erotic entertainment — Sex Art will appeal to women, to men, to couples, to adventurous singles, to anybody who appreciates the beauty, power, passion, and limitless pleasure of eroticism, sensuality, art, and completely uninhibited sexuality.

When it was launched Met Art changed the world of photographic erotica forever. Now Sex Art is poised to do the same for filmed erotic entertainment.

First Met Art. Now Sex Art. The future of erotic entertainment starts now! Let me know what you think.

Apr 21st, 2012