MPL Studios

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Luxury

Sarah MPL Studios Model

Sarah Extra Special 2

Monika MPL Studios Model

Monika Indie

Iveta MPL Studios Model

Iveta Soft Spoken

Maya MPL Studios Model

Maya Touch & Go

Nastia MPL Studios Model

Nastia Represent

Fleur MPL Studios Model

Fleur Fleur Allure

Valentina MPL Studios Model

Valentina Venus Rising


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Dominika ‘Smooth’ by Luca Helios

Dominika Smooth Met Art

DominikaSmooth’ by Luca Helios

This beautiful art nude model from the Czech Republic has a lovely warm personality and engages us with her mesmerizing eyes that seem to bewitch many art nude fans. Even when they are closed they are magical. Take a look as they emit a kind of subdued ecstacy.

Aside from this there is obviously much more to look at. Her long shapely legs and overall figure entices the viewer and her smile all serve to make her beauty radiate ferociously for all to see.

Her bronze skin aswell as her firm erect nipples and total ease with being naked forces the art nude fan to pay close attention. I feel unsure about mentioning the next facet here but as others have pointed out she has large sumptuous labia that have made her appealing to others too. A bit rude but still!

Dominika Smooth Met Art

Her profile: Dominika
Preview Gallery: Smooth
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Jan 2nd, 2012

Ilona A ‘Waiting’ by Natasha Schon

Ilona A Waiting Met Art

Ilona AWaiting’ by Natasha Schon

As I’ve said before, this girl’s profile is certain one of my bookmarked pages. Take a look as she is wonderful!

I also have mentioned in the past how I like it when she is photographed by Natasha Schon as I feel she interacts a very well in an uninhibted way with a female photographer.

Here we have a lovely set with soft focus and quite low lighting and this gives a somewhat retro feel. It’s not quite the vaseline filter as David Hamilton may have done but it reminds one of this style somehow. It is pure erotic art and as it features one of my favourite models I am a little baised.

Having said that there are an awful lot of photos in this set and it takes quite a while for her to disrobe. Quite a tease and adds to the suspense I suppose. At times she is on tip toes and my goodness she is beautiful! I shall keep her profile up to date for fellow fans!

Ilona A Waiting Met Art

Her profile: Ilona A
Preview Gallery: Waiting
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Jan 1st, 2012

Hegre Art Nudeness

Hegre Art Kiki

Kiki Princess In Bed

Caprice Hegre Art

Caprice Study Of Beauty

Valerie Hegre Art

Valerie Wonderful

En Hegre Art

En Black Sea

Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls Reflection

FM Teens

‘Touching Myself’ FM Teens

New Nude City

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Sexy Zemani Nudes

Hannusya Zemani

Alexandra Zemani

Gerda Zemani

Allana Zemani

Gracia Zemani

Nata Zemani

Darinka Zemani

Lesya Zemani
July Zemani Kristina Zemani Malvina Zemani Snezhka Zemani
Bernardetta Zemani Ana Zemani Masha Zemani Dina Zemani
Druida Zemani Kate Zemani Yuliya Zemani Alissa Zemani

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Caprice A & Melisa A ‘More’ by Luca Helios

Melisa A Caprice A More Met Art

Caprice A & Melisa AMore’ by Luca Helios

Seeing these two extemely popular art nude models from the Czech Republic together in a movie is a real treat for those who wait for their photo sets.

There is not need for elaborate backdrops here. The two girls sip wine together and peel off their little bikinis whilst looking like they know each other fairly well. Just watching them do this is enjoyable as they are a truly beautiful pair. It was a wise move by Luca Helios to shoot them together.

This movie, as with many others of these modes, provide an insight into the lives of these wonderful girls as we get to see different aspects and dimensions of how they behave and, in this case, interact with one another. Melisa’s body is as usual toned and extremely attractive. Caprice has her trademark sweetness. Together it is a highly erotic sight. Have a look how nice their bodies really are when Caprice massages Melisa after having some wine.

Fortunately if you are left wanting More, you have only to have a look a the corresponding photo set taken of all this. Have a look at it below:

Caprice Melisa More Met Art

Their profiles: Caprice A & Melisa A
Preview Gallery: More
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Dec 31st, 2011

Femjoy New Nudes

Gina D Femjoy

Lina B Femjoy

Samantha M Femjoy

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Yuta A ‘Simas’ by Rylsky

Yuta A Simas Met Art

Yuta ASimas’ by Rylsky

Here is a set with some considerable variety.

It’s nice to see her in tight jeans that fit snuggly around her sexy hips and a coat that all help show that she is a girl you may meet out walking but one with colossal sex appeal and natural beauty. She is well clothed at one point as she is outdoors on snowy streets.

Later she is in a studio setting in her yellow sheer stockings, white lace panties and white blouse and Rylsky does a good job capturing her sexuality. It may be more clinical than outdoors but the lighting is well done and highlights her lovely contours and curvature.

I am not a fan of anatomical close-ups usually. Here we do have quite a few such shots and she is clearly happy to give us the chance to see absolutely everything. This is however, not a crude display and remains erotic and she is clearly enjoying the art of seduction.

Yuta Met Art

Her profiles: Yuta A
Preview Gallery: Simas
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Dec 30th, 2011

Sofia E ‘Vimasia’ by Koenart

Sofia E Vimasia Met Art

Sophia EVimasia’ by Koenart

Her eyes are a stunning blue/green colour and combined with her brown shoulder length hair and sumptious body it is a heady mix for the art nude fan and much to enthrall. Her gaze is piercing and draws one’s attention to her immediately.

This was a very early contribution to Met Art by Koenart and I think he has done some great work. His lighting and direction is excellent.

Her body look so fresh and smooth it is startling and she seems to be looking right as you via the camera. She is obviously very relaxed in front of the lens and her warm personatlity attracts us instantly. Her poise is fine and makes me think of her as a lovely muse. All this adds a certain something to the eroticism and I like it.

Sofia E Met Art
Preview Gallery: Vimasia
Her profile: Sophia E
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Dec 29th, 2011

Sexy Hegre Nudes

Nikola Hegre Art

Nikola Purple Hotpants

Caprice Hegre Art

Caprice Melting Ice

MayaHegre Art

Maya Perfect Ten

Yoko Hegre Art

Yoko Yoni

FM Teens

‘Gloss’ at FM Teens

Nu Dolls

‘Sexy Red’ at FM Teens

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Dec 29th, 2011

Jayla ‘I Love My Breasts’

Jayla ‘I Love My Breasts’

Again I think that having a female photographer brings out a total relaxed uninhibited beauty you can’t often see. Tatiana Novak has done a good job capturing this models innate beauty. She has an alluring feminine womanly quality and beautiful golden tan.

What better way to frame her supremely sexy bosom than to have her open up these wooden windows? Lovely!

I don’t often like it when the focus is primarily on a certain part of a model as I’m not sure it’s fair but I have to admit that her breasts are mesmerizing in this movie and Jayla really does love to squeeze them together and move her hands over them well knowing the effect this will have on her audience. She is beaming a big smile while doing this and the title is very apt!

How nice to also hear Jayla speak to us in the movie.

Jayla breasts Femjoy

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Dec 28th, 2011
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Rubie Femjoy aka Chloe B

Rubie Femjoy
Rubie Femjoy

In the pics above we have Rubie known on her main profile as: Chloe B.

‘You Got Me’ is the set from which they are taken and, like most of her previous photo shoots I have seen, she is pictured in lush natural surroundings.

This brings to the forefront her nubile frame punctuated as it is by her long blonde hair and puffy large nipples crowning her pert breasts.

Unsurprisingly she is becoming quite a popular model and I shall make sure her new galleries are in her profile for her fans here.

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Dec 28th, 2011

Rylee A ‘Presenting’ by John Emslie

Rylee A Presenting Met Art

Rylee APresenting’ by John Emslie

This model from the USA is bewitchingly sweet and has a lovely innocent look about her with big brown eyes and gentle attitude. She also, as we see when she smiles, has braces. Some have a bit of a fetish for this but whether you do or not, it is certainly not detrimental to the set.

John Emslie has found a few nice art nude models from the USA. I think Rylee might be the finest example yet. What do you think?

She is perpetually fresh-faced and this is great start to what I hope is a busy career in nude modeling. Her outfit is a little strange I have to say although sexy. The shiny red hot pants and bikini top certainly get one’s attention pretty quickly

Her body is very attractive and her breasts are quite large for such a petite girl and this may be part of the allure. Her skin is pale and her intimate area delicate and appealing. Her hair is wavy and seem to compliment her sweet facial features perfectly.

Rylee A Presenting Met Art

Her profile: Rylee A
Preview Gallery: Presenting
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Dec 27th, 2011

Femjoy Sumptious Nudes

Mira Femjoy
Anika Femjoy

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Dec 27th, 2011

Domenica A ‘Presenting’ by Domenic Mayer

Domenica A Presenting Met Art

Domenica APresenting’ by Domenic Mayer

Here we have another great example of a very feminine, youthful and erotic art nude model. Her eyebrows are pronounced and strong which make her facial features and eyes even more striking. Her smooth nubile body is neither too thin nor too large and seems just right for her.

She seems to be on the cusp between girlie and womanly and this is captured well by Domenic Mayer just as it has been by David Hamilton, Jacques Bourboulong and others. Her breasts are petite, her nipples puffy and her lips seem warm, inviting and full. She is blossoming and positively glowing with a vital, primal sexual sparkle.

This first set sees her lying on crisp white sheets of what is perhaps a hotel room. To begin with she wears matching camisole and panties and she is maybe a little shy but soon warms to the camera and directs her substantial gaze toward us. Her smile is bright and does seem to light up the shots and as she does so she seems somehow naughty and this is most erotic.

This is a fine figure study of a really delightful model who is utterly engaging. Bravo!

Domenica A Presenting

Her profile: Domenica A
Preview Gallery: Presenting
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Dec 26th, 2011

MPL Studios Previews

Talia MPL Studios Model

Talia Holiday Cheer

Maria MPL Studios Model

Maria Tie One On

Alissa MPL Studios Model

Alissa Simply Divine

Sasha MPL Studios Model

Sasha Day Glow

Raisa MPL Studios Model

Raisa Show Girl

Helena MPL Studios Model

Helena Encore

Elena MPL Studios Model

Elena Relaxed

Sienna MPL Studios Model

Sienna Enchanting Debut


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Hegre Art Offer

Hegre Art

The Season of Joy and Hot Chicks! All over the world people are celebrating and we are too! To all art nude fans we wish the best of the season – peace, goodwill, and blessings.

If you are not already a member of Hegre Art, make the New Year extra-special with their 10th Anniversary 2-years-for-the price of 1 subscription!

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Dec 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Art Nude Models! Here are some Festive seasonal galleries for you and an a potential gift for a friend!

Watch 4 Beauty Free

Verunka Merry Christmas

Rea Rich Merry Xmas

Divinity Love Xmas box

Verunka Merry Christmas

Ashley Bulgari Snow brake disaster

Katie Snow Field

Zoe Snowball.

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Irina J & Virginia Sun ‘Ask Me’ by Rylsky

Irina J Ask Me

Irina J & Virginia SunAsk Me’ by Rylsky

In my view this is a truly inspired and delightful pairing for an art nude shoot. Both of these girls are supremely sensual, appealing and unique.

As you can see even by the picture above, both are seriously sexy fully clothed in their summer dresses. They have just come from the carnival where they have been putting their heads through cut outs of funny cartoon figures. In this case the cartoons were of a Russian man and woman in domestic setting. It is quite bizarre!

Next we see the girls wander the countyside to a nice old building which could be a spa or bath-house. They do seem flirtacious and to thouroughly enjoy each other’s company and they peel off their dresses to become totally naked and immerse their limber nubile bodies in the water and gently explore each other. None of this is in any way lurid but rather tender and purely highly erotic.

Irina is quite dark whereas Virginia is pale in complexion and many great shots paint this contrast in a pleasing way. Ryslky does very well to do this and keep the erotically charged atmosphere at the forefront. To finish they are back out and about in other dresses hugging, beaming smiles and looking at vendors stalls.

Irina J Ask Me

Her profile: Irina J
Preview Gallery: Ask Me
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Dec 25th, 2011

Zemani Girls

Hloya Zemani

Juli Zemani

Veronica Zemani

Anita Zemani

Dasha Zemani

Terra Zemani

Lyuba Zemani

April Zemani
Juanita Zemani Ursula Zemani Rita B Zemani Malvina Zemani
Katarzhina Zemani Emma Zemani Anka Zemani Alexandra Zemani

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