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Jeff Milton Metart
  • Name: Bambi Joli
  • Age at Debut: 24
  • Measurements: 31/24/34
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Country: Russia Russian Model

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The stunning Russian model Bambi Joli is a real blackhaired beauty with an awesome face and body. I like her little handy breasts best. Exactly my style. And then those incredibly dark, stiff nipples with the tiny areoles. Wow, how cool. Also Bambis buttocks are premium class. As crowning there are the soft and smooth feet of this beauty. Perfect formed with silky soles and tiny tender toes. Incredible sexy. I want to eat these feet immediately.

She says: ‘You know I eat all the time, I just never, ever put on weight. I am constantly eating. But then again, I am constantly going too. I go working out, dancing, and all sorts of physical things. But still, as much as I eat, I should put on some weight. And I love Art, the sea, literature, cats and classical music.’

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Asano with Bambi Joli by ErroPresenting Bambi Joli with Bambi Joli by Erro

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