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Gallery Carre

Gallery Carre

The Power of Perfection.Gallery Carre – The passion of Didier Carré for photographing women led him to focus on his models at the very center of his research. They are proud to show aspects of themselves not seen anywhere else, and after visiting his galleries, the perception of so-called "cover-girls" will be changed forever.

Didier Carré lives in Paris, a stone’s throw from the Moulin Rouge. After studying classics and photography, he became an assistant to the official photographer of the French National Opera in Paris, and was manager of a black and white photographic laboratory for several years. His passion for photographing women developed so strongly that he decided to devote himself full-time to his art. His models are at the very center of his research, and they are proud to show aspects of themselves you won’t see anywhere else. After visiting his galleries, your perception of so-called "covergirls" will be changed forever. Very explicit black and white erotic photography: many photos of women with their legs spread wide, some penetration with toys.

Several books by Didier Carre are now available.

So welcome to the sublime world of Carré. In this exalted gallery the girls are exotic, unihibited and divinely sensual. Every image is a work of art that will live in the mind long after you have moved on.

Didier Carré is a master of his craft: an artist, a technician, a philosopher, and a lover of all things involving gorgeous women. An image for Carré begins in the imagination and, like a painting in oils, the shot is constructed intellectually a step at a time. Through this painstaking process, Carré creates hand-crafted black and white photos of peerless quality and his subjects are among the sexiest women you will ever lay your eyes on. Join Gallery Carre today and feast your eyes on what could quite possibly be the finest erotica you have ever seen. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Didier Carre is a man who understands the delicate skills required to photograph gorgeous women. That is one of the reasons why Gallery Carre is so unique, it is a virtual paradise where women are nothing less then goddesses; strong, beautiful, and of course totally nude! If you like your erotica to be of the highest quality, appealing to both your intelligent side and to your thirst for gorgeous women then Gallery Carre is the place for you. Updated with new gallery’s everyday as well as exclusive tickets to backstage material, model profiles, and special promotions on one of a kind photographic prints, Gallery Carre is truly an erotic paradise!

As an exclusive member of Gallery Carre you are entering a world of high quality erotica full of some of the world’s hottest women photographed by the delicate eye of Didier Carre. For less than $1 a day you will have access to thousands of photos that can be described as nothing less then breathtaking as well as backstage insights into the mind of one of the world’s top photographers working with the nude.

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