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FTV Girls

FTV Girls

FTV, First Time Videos, FTV Girls was inspired after years of research and design as to ‘what makes a great site’. Tired of poor generic photography, poor quality images, infrequent updates, fake airbrushed images, boring action, and lackluster website design? We were. So this site was developed to push quality to the max and produce content that meets our demanding criteria.
Image from FTV‘s Tour back in 2002

Image from FTV Girls‘s Tour back in 2002 Real personality, videos with ‘adventure’, and intimate ‘you are there’ feel in which the model is genuinely enjoying her experience, and so will you.

We shoot all original content, and do not buy content from other sites and poor quality ‘feeds’ to beef up our members section.
Notice most if not all sites airbrush the Models’ faces in their photos till they look plastic? Its become a common trend that is sickening. We dont feel it is erotic to look at a faked image. So 95% of our images are not airbrushed in any way.

In this time where everyone has access to webpages and digital cameras, a new site needs to cater to a specific niche, or stand on quality to survive.

Popular Alison in Maui This site has not been made to make a ‘quick buck’, but to stand on itself and become a major force in this over saturated internet adult industry.

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Since its public opening in September 2002, FTV Girls has already gained far more popularity amongst members than anticipated, and respect from its models. Since its opening, over 320,000 individuals have signed up… Making it the worlds’ largest softcore site in membership.

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