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Metart Alena I 'Deolisia' by Alex Deonisius

Alena I‘s appearance in this gallery highlights her distinctively supreme feminine form. This popular Met Art model’s figure is lithe and extremely slender. She has the body of a graceful ballerina. She’s a master at striking poses that accentuate the flowing contours of her slight frame.

The attire worn by Alena I for this early morning photo shoot is ultra-feminine. She wears a lacy white blouse that covers only her shoulders and arms – her bosom and flat abdomen are bared from the outset of the series. Coordinating thigh-high stockings and panties are also part of the model’s provocative ensemble. Luxurious strands of beads, crystals, and pearls rest against Alena’s exposed flesh. Tiny pearl earrings adorn her ears.

The model’s long thick hair is untamed. Deonisius captures a lot of movement within the photographs of this gallery. Alena’s free-flowing tresses are windblown in many of the pictures. The model’s body positioning is part of the feelings of movement transmitted in many of the still photos. Her astute modelling talents are definitely on display in ‘Deolisia‘. It’s evident why Alena consistently ranks among the top models at Met Art.

The cover photograph introducing this collection offers an image of Alena I taunting viewers. She gives them a glimpse of the darkness crowning the ultimate femininity lying beneath her panties. She lowers her pristine white underwear just enough. A countenance of mischief graces her gorgeous face. Those who have followed Alena’s many appearances at Met Art will surely agree that she has honed her skills as a temptress.

Alena poses conservatively with her hands covering her pert breasts in the first picture featured from this gallery. The backdrop of rolling hills and open meadows prominent in many of the pictures of this series offers a neutral background. The natural lighting of the outdoor setting of ‘Deolisia‘ compliments the loveliness of this top Met model.

This model has an absolutely astounding derriere that’s framed perfectly in the next showcased image. Alena is photographed from the back while she surveys the landscape that’s spread out before her. Her long hair grazes the middle of her back. The model’s hands rest on each of her curvaceous hips. The whiteness of Alena’s blouse blends seamlessly into the colourlessness of the morning sky.

The sun illuminates the meadow more intensely as the photo session continues. The final photo is a testament to this progression. Alena has shed her blouse and flaunts confidently her nude form. The model faces Deonisius’ camera directly while pulling strands of her hair off one of her shoulders and away from her face. Her arm crosses her tapered waist and she rests one of her hands on her hip. Alena’s gaze is engaging.

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