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Alina G 'Electrica' by Voronin
Met Art Nude Models

Alina G is an experienced nude model and it certainly shows in this series. She is bold and unreserved in offering viewers the opportunity to enjoy every facet of her presence. The title of the gallery perfectly correlates with the exiting energy created by this sultry female. It’s not wonder that Alina is happiest in the city where she has easy access to dance clubs and shopping. This is a girl who enjoys staying busy with friends and activities.

The cover photograph introducing Electrica gives viewers a hint of the quality of the pictures included within the gallery. The model is seated on a glossy floor with a window behind her. Her long hair is secured into a pony tail except for two strands of bangs that frame her sculptured facial features. Alina’s eyes are riveting and charged with their own electricity. A hint of a smile is discernible upon her lips. The picture is blatantly enticing.

Voronin provides a head shot of Alina that is heart-stopping. The blue-eyed vixen gaze is direct and unapologetic. Her heavily arched brows highlight her mesmerising eyes. The contours and lines of Alina’s facial features are utterly refined. She epitomises classic timeless beauty and it is this photo that perhaps demonstrates these qualities most dramatically.

Alina poses in a standing position with her hands resting upon her curvaceous hip and thigh in the next featured photo. Her nails are natural and elegant. The model’s head is cocked slightly giving her an almost demure appearance. The smoothness between Alina’s thighs is eye-catching almost immediately. Her breasts are proportioned perfectly with her slender waist and toned abdomen.

The final picture reviewed from Electrica focuses on Alina’s amazing backside. The model’s parted legs offer an unobstructed view of the flesh that lies between them. Traces of a thong bikini remain on Alina’s bottom in the form of ivory tan lines. The model’s white pastel striped thigh high stockings cling to her tanned legs and add an element of texture to this tastefully explicit photo.

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