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'Presenting Alsa' by Andre Le Favori
Met Art Nude Models

Le Favori sweeps viewers away to a remote beach side location to present the fair beauty of model Alsa A. This blonde temptress has a vivacious personality that shines through in her first erotic photo shoot. Alsa is clearly a natural and the unspoiled geography of the beach is a perfect locale to underscore this model’s attractiveness.

Alsa invites viewers to slip away to a place of beauty and erotic fantasy.

The locale chosen for Alsa’s debut appearance at Met Art compliments the vivacious on-the-go nature of this young woman. Alsa revels in extreme sports and challenges. She’s like the ocean she immerses herself in throughout this series… constantly in motion. Alsa rises early each day so she can jog while the day is new. Her long wavy hair flows freely during this photo shoot, but the model most often pulls her locks into a pony tail so it doesn’t distract her from her active lifestyle.

Alsa is the kind of girl who, when she awakens, washes her face, puts on a dab of lip gloss and a baseball cap and still turns heads. Her favourite attire is a pair of yoga pants and a tight little t-shirt. Don’t think for a moment, though, that this sophisticated young woman isn’t equally comfortable in a form-fitting cocktail dress and pair of stiletto heels. Alsa has an inner confidence that allows her to dazzle in any situation.

The introductory picture for this series presents Alsa completely nude. The model’s hair is damp with seawater and trails down her suntanned back. The blonde poses atop a sand-coloured boulder. The roughness of the terrain surrounding the ethereal creature contrasts sharply against the smoothness of her flesh. The direct sunlight emphasises the flawlessness of this creature’s seductive presence.
The first photograph featured from Alsa’s initial photo shoot with Le Favori focuses on the loveliness of the model’s face. She’s clad in a white linen blouse tied in a knot at her abdomen. The model pulls her long wet hair away from her face. The gesture offers an unhindered view of the model’s sweeping arched brows that frame a pair of sea blue eyes. The model’s symmetrical lips are tinged with a gentle hue of rose. Her smooth cheeks glisten with youthfulness.

Alsa poses at the water’s edge in the next picture. She still wears her crisp white shirt but it’s opened enough to reveal a glimpse of her bosom. The model’s sun-streaked hair is tousled by the sea side breeze. Her face is slightly upturned and a smile graces her angelic face. A turbulent tide simmers in the backdrop of this picture. Alsa rests her bottom on the backs of her heels. Le Favori had a difficult time keeping up with the high energy of this model. Her liveliness and vitality definitely translate through the medium of still photography.

Alsa’s exquisite derriere commands the attention in the last picture from this series. The models full round buttocks are positioned in the direction of the camera. A landscape of sand-coloured rock surrounds the seductress. Alsa’s nude image harmonises flawlessly with her surroundings.

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