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Ashanti 'Alata' by Ingret
Met Art Nude Models

Popular model Ashanti A is photographed as you’ve never seen her before. She is photographed by Ingret wearing a pair of feathery burgundy wings and white thigh high stockings. A vibrant yellow light-filled background boldly heralds Ashanti’s captivating presence.

Ashanti is clad in a pair of burgundy feathered angel wings and a pair of white thigh high stockings in Alata. Photographer Ingret has chosen a light-filled sunny yellow background against which to highlight the natural charms of this model. The lighting conjures imaginings of a day newly dawning. Ashanti’s long chestnut-colored tresses are styled naturally and compliment her girl-next-door appeal.

The angelic model is pictured with her stocking-clad legs crossed Indian style in the introductory photograph for this series. Ashanti’s face is turned at an angle that accentuates the contours and lines of her precious face. The model’s eyes reflect an erotic hunger that contradicts the innocence of her youthfulness, however. It also belies the angel garb she’s costumed in for this photo shoot. This is part of the intrigue conjured by this erogenous offering by Ingret and Ashanti.

Ingret photographs Ashanti with her arms crossed over her breasts and with her dark wings opened at her back. The shapeliness of Ashanti’s figure is impossible to ignore in this presentation. The model’s face is again captured in profile. Her gaze is coy and demure. The well-groomed femininity between the model’s slender thighs is revealed without reservation.

There are several pictures within this collection that showcase the gentle sweep of this model’s lower back, hips, and thighs. The meeting of all of these parts results in a well-formed derriere. Ashanti’s thick mane of hair parts the wings set upon her back and brushes the small of her back. Her face is turned in the direction of Ingret’s camera but is partially occluded by the curve of one the wings set upon her back.

The final photograph highlighted from ‘Alata‘ is a close-up image of Ashanti that presents her image slightly off-center. This positioning adds interest to this enthralling photo. The model poses on bended knees with her thighs parted. This reveals the darkness between the celestial being’s shapely legs. Ashanti’s hair tinged with auburn highlights covers her bosom but a glimpse of her pert bosom is discernible. The teen’s taut abdomen and toned torso are also notable in this bright picture.

Ingret incorporates a lot of motion in this collection of still photographs. Ashanti’s expressions are varied throughout the photo shoot. Her countenance vacillates between sultriness, playfulness, and contemplation.

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